Jan 21, 2015

Limmie Curry continued again, request by People, new trial Feb 9

Ms. Kelly Neel who is prosecuting the case is also prosecuting another homicide case, set for trial on the same date. The People requested that the jury trial set for January 26 be continued. Casey Russo who is representing Limmie Curry opposed the continuance.

The other case, Ms. Neel is prosecuting is for Matthew Brown, who is charged with the murder of Neil Decker and that case has no time waiver. Curry has waived time. The Brown case is awaiting trial and each week that date cannot be set due to unavailability of courtrooms.

Unavailability of witnesses was also an issue brought up by the People for the Curry case.

Judge John Feeney ultimately granted the People's request. The new jury trial date for Limmie Curry case is February 9 at 8:30 a.m.

Mr. Russo argued that the People had not shown good cause on both issues but Ms. Neel addressed those in her argument. She said that initially an attorney had the ase, then Mr. Gallegos (former DA) had the case. And she took over in the last couple of months. Countering Mr. Russo's argument that it could be handed over to another prosecutor, Ms. Neel said, "This is not the type of case that you can just hand off." She also said that People had done due diligence in "securing the witnesses." She added that it was the People's preference that the witnesses testify in court otherwise the People would have to request their prior testimony be admitted.

Limmie Curry is charged with the murder of William Reid. His alleged co-conspirator, Eddie Lee is a free man. His case was dismissed right before the jury went into deliberations. Eddie Lee's defense attorney cited CA Penal Code. That case was also heard by Judge Feeney and it was prosecuted by former DA Paul Gallegos.

The other key players in the alleged murder are Lee's sister and Lee's former girlfriend, who has been on the EPD Most Wanted poster for months.

You can read extensive coverage of the Lee jury trial on this blog. No other media covered that trial.

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