Jan 21, 2015

Crowd breaks into applause for Chief Mills, Virginia, Maggie and Natalie at Operation Safe Streets Forum

While the crowd clapped for all speakers, Elan Firpo and Chief Andy Mills received a welcoming applause. Others popular with the crowd were Maggie Fleming, Virginia Bass and Natalie Arroyo who were in the audience.

Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass, District Attorney Maggie Fleming, City Eureka Councilmembers Kim Bergel and Natalie Arroyo, local attorney Allan Dollison, Sequoia Park Zoo's Jeff Lamoree, Eureka Main Street's Charlotte McDonald, Measure Z Committee member Mike Newman, local business owner John Fullerton and LOCO columnist Matthew Owen were in the audience. About 250  people attended the event. Some were standing in the hallway

As part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness and help prevent crime, Operation Safe Streets, Eureka held  a community meeting this evening from 6pm to 8pm at the Eureka Veterans Building located at 1018 H Street in Eureka.

Operation Safe Streets was formed by a group of concerned local citizens to help local crime prevention groups by offering training and guidance.

Speakers included Eureka Police Departments Chief Andy Mills and EPD Division 1 Captain Steve Watson.  Captain Watson discussed law enforcement’s response and limitations to commercial trespass complaints along with current information about the departments Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP). Private attorney Elan Firpo of Zwerdling, Bragg, Mainzer and Firpo discussed private property legal rights and liabilities.  Eureka Police homeless liaison Pamlyn Millsap discussed issues relating to homeless, transient and mental health concerns.  Eureka City Attorney, Cyndy Day-Wilson discussed the nuisance abatement and social party host ordinances.  Joe Filgas with the Eureka Main Street Watch group spoke about the groups ongoing efforts in Old Town.

The public was asked to submit questions they would like addressed ahead of time by emailing operationsafestreets@gmail.com or submit questions at the event.

Due to time constraints, speaker times and question answer periods were limited to the set agenda.


  1. First of all, thank you for the info., John. However, I admit I wouldn't be writing if it weren't to say that although I'm sure you didn't mean any disrespect... it oozes a patronizing vibe that in the headline you refer to all the women by first name-only, and to the one man by his professional title and last name ("Andy" would sound inappropriate to your audience?...why?). It's early on in our new landscape. I hope you will afford our female leaders and male leaders dignity alike!

  2. MCG, I would like to thank you for being honest about your motivation in wanting to make a comment.Unlike you, I won't make assumptions. I could claim you are someone who knows of me and wants to get a rise out of me. You definitely are a blog voyeur who likes to jump to conclusions. I referred to Chief Mills by his title because I know him through his work and have always addressed him as such. When and if I start calling him Andy, then your claims would be valid. Virginia and Maggie I have known for a very long time and call them by their first names. Natalie, I haven't known for long but I do address her by her first name. So the only one trying to make an issue out of this is a PC liberal like you. You don't know me yet you called me John, that is irony. You are the one demeaning these women by thinking they need you to to defend them. Does not matter whether you are male or female, it is PC liberals like you that feel they need to speak for others women, people of color about when they are offended. That is patronizing.

  3. Maybe I don't understand your blog? Is it a news blog, or more like notes to yourself? If it's a news blog for the community to stay updated, which was my initial assumption, it seems how people are identified when reporting to the readers does have significance. It's a common journalistic standard to keep things like use of titles (or use of last names) consistent when a group readership is the intended audience. I think it actually came about to promote a respectful climate...just good manners. It's ironic that, in this case, being old-school and being PC converge! ;-) Btw, I'm definitely not attempting to speak for anyone else. And, now you know at least one person took your blog seriously enough to comment on something you posted.

    1. MOLA, you know very well it is a blog that provides news and information. Often information that other media ignores and does not provide. The snide remark regarding notes to myself was uneccessary.

      Both you and MCG instead of focusing on the issue at hand are nit-picking. This is a blog, not a newspaper. The style, sometimes, can be informal. This is a small town. To many people, Virginia, Maggie and Natalie are not their titles.

      I do adhere to many standards. Facts are checked, I don't print libel. Out of thousands of posts, I have used first names in 2 posts. I am not going to get into further debate to detract from the issue.

      I fund my blog, I do not have special interests and benefactors. Financially, there is a cost to my business and me individually. I put in a lot of time. I know that is appreciated.

      More than 1 person takes my blog seriously. I get several emails and comments on a regular basis in person.

      Instead of a pettycomment, the same person could have taken the time to attend the event or any meeting. I see this same kind of nit picking in the LOCO comment section.

      We have a lot of people criticizing others yet doing nothing to improve this community. I think a lot of commenters on certain blogs are biased. And do nothing but stir the pot.