Jan 22, 2015

Arcata Plaza stabbing suspect: victim of mental health and substance abuse or career criminal?

This afternoon in Courtroom 1, Victoria Shirley Clark had five cases scheduled. Clark, most recently was arrested for allegedly stabbing a victim at the Arcata Plaza.

The cases scheduled today were for other incidents and not the most recent 2014 case. Two cases were for misdemeanors: assault and battery, false imprisonment and battery on a non-cohabitating spouse. From the dates and Penal Code, it seems they are related to the Fortuna incident. Those cases had a pre-trial hearing scheduled. Other cases, which occurred in 2012 and 2010 were for a DUI and Disorderly Conduct under the influence of a Drug. There was a review hearing for all cases for alcohol and drug assessment and mental health. Clark's has several violations of probation.

At this afternoon's hearing, Clark arrived with a younger man. Someone I recognize from the courts or a most wanted poster. They sat right behind me. Before her case was called, both she and her friend smacked gum, tapped their foot impatiently, ruffled paperwork and talked while other cases were being called with complete disregard to all around them.

DDA Brienne Bennett was present for the People, Conflict's Counsel Kaleb Cockrum is representing Clark. Mr. Cockrum said that due to her pregnancy, she was requesting a hold/suspension for her commit jail date to do community service. She is on a waiting list for one program and has enrolled in Healthy Moms.

The next review date for Clark's case is March 26, 2015 at 2 p.m.

Arcata Police Department Press release:

On Tuesday, just before 11 a.m., officers from the Arcata Police Department responded to a report of a physical fight on the Arcata Plaza.

Upon officers arrival, a 35-year-old Arcata woman was located lying on the sidewalk at the corner of 9th and H St. The woman was suffering from multiple stab wounds to her torso.

Witnesses told officers the woman had been involved in a fight with another woman that had culminated with the victim being stabbed. Several witnesses were able to provide the name of the suspect, who had fled the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

Approximately twenty minutes later, the suspect was located several blocks away and detained by police. The subsequent investigation determined the woman was responsible for the stabbing.

The suspect was identified as 38 year old Victoria Clark of Arcata. Clark was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for a violation of 245(A)(1) PC, assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim was transported to the Mad River Hospital, where she remains in stable condition.

From Times-Standard article:

The woman suspected in the stabbing of a woman at the Arcata Plaza on Tuesday morning has been arrested and identified as Victoria Shirley Clark, according to Arcata Police Sgt. Brian Hoffman.

Clark was arrested and booked into the county jail just before noon Tuesday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, Hoffman said.

‘I believe she has a previous arrest for a PC 245 (an assault with a deadly weapon),” he said.

Fortuna Police Dept. Press Release:

On January 10th, 2013 at about 01:45 pm, Fortuna Police received a 9-1-1 call from a resident of the National Nine Motel reporting that a female subject was inside one of the rooms threatening to stab a male subject with a knife.

The first officer on scene could hear the victim yelling for help from within the room and subsequently contacted the subjects who were still engaged in an altercation, causing the officer to prone the female subject onto the ground at gunpoint. After speaking with all parties involved and witnesses on scene officers placed Victoria Clark (age 36) of Fortuna, under arrest for the following charges;

PC 245 Assault with a Deadly Weapon
PC 273.5 Domestic Violence
PC 236 False Imprisonment

Clark was transported to the Humboldt County Jail where she was booked without further incident.

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