Jul 15, 2014

Yet another delay in Timothy Littlefield retrial

Disposition and reset was put off another two weeks in the Timothy Littlefield case at the request of his attorney Russ Clanton. Paul Gallegos agreed. Mr. Gallegos also mentioned the appeal of the verdict. The same thing about the appeal was said when the hearing was continued the last time.

The reason was that Mr. Clanton needs time to discuss a resolution with Mr. Gallegos  proposed in emails. Judge Marilyn Miles granted the defense's request.

Could this be the deal I posted about?


So if we are waiting on an appeal, why the rush to "let's make a deal?" Could it be that the deal may not be available when the new DA takes office?

The next court date is July 29 at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 2.

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