Jul 15, 2014

The court tech department needs to get it's act together

I told the TS about the Littlefield  hearing and would like to thank Will Houston for making sure another reporter attended since Will was covering the Board of Supervisors this afternoon.

The reason coverage by TS is significant is that this is the second time this case has not been on the calendar.

I think the backroom strategy in this case and other "special deals" deserves scrutiny and not just always from me.  It's not about who gets the scoop, it is about the public getting information.

Why this date never made it from the minutes and computer to the digital court calendar. They need to have a paper copy because months later, their tech upgrade is a disaster.

The digital calendar is never accurate even though it is supposed to be up to date, the public access computers are less than user friendly and this hearing is not a last minute change. With several cases of interest, having to spend time tracking down if a case will be on calendar is not the best use of time.

People wander all morning and afternoon trying to find out in which courtroom their cases are being heard.

Maybe some of  the court tech department employees can spend a little less time pacing the court floor every two minutes, doing nothing, every morning besides looking unfriendly. They could  try and keep the digital court calendar and the public access computers up to date. It is what they are paid to do, isn't it?

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