Mar 17, 2014

Miller and Arriaga appointed counsel, future dates set, Miller was suspect held for mental health evaluation

Misty Dawn Miller and Brian Anthony Arriaga  were in court today were appointed counsel. Judge John Feeney presiding in Courtroom 1. Luke Brownfield for the People.

Please see previous post "Attempted burglary arrest results in mental health evaluation" for background information.

Both looked cleaner and healthier and definitely appeared sober.  They sat apart, although that was probably on instruction by the baliff.  See them today, other than the prison garb, they are no different than people you encounter on the streets of Humboldt every day. 

I am not making light of their situation. It is hard to see the effects of drugs and mental health issues and people's lives and in Humboldt, these faces don't disappear in a crowd of people.

Conflict Counsel's office with Kaleb Cockrum representing Arriaga. Not guilty pleas. He was charged with Count 1 residential burglary, Count 2 grand theft, Count 3 public intoxication, Count 4 Misdemeanor vandalism. Today the court set bail of $60,000.

Misty Miller had 2 cases. Public Defender Heidi Holmquist representing her. As Ms. Holmquist got the complaint and was on her way to talk to her client, Ms. Miller attempted to address Judge Feeney about custody credits and Ms. Holmquist had to hush her so she didn't mess her own case up before talking to an attorney.

Miller charged with 1st degree residential burglary and misdemeanor vandalism. Bail in 1 case $60,000 and second case $55,000. 

Both requested a Bail OR hearing which is on March 19; Intervention on March 24 and Preliminary hearing on March 27. Same court dates for both.

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