Jan 7, 2014

Chamber agreement and extension of Measure O

At today's Eureka City Council meeting,  a services agreement between the city and Chamber of Commerce and providing city staff direction regarding placing an extension on Measure O on the November 2014 ballot were decided as follows:
The services agreement with the Eureka Chamber of Commerce had a termination clause this year. After service of non-continuance funding still has to continue for a year. Councilmember Ciarabellini asked why a year and not 90 days? The termination is final. Chamber Chair Greg Williston and Executive Director responded why a year would be helpful. Another change was flat rate for TOT.  The City Council voted to pass the agreement 4 yes Atkins dissenting.

Extension on Measure O vote was to give staff go ahead. All councilmembers wete in favor.

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