Jan 18, 2014

Allan Dollison formally announces his candidacy for District Attorney

The color guard marching in with the flag and the national anthem being played was the start of Allan Dollison's candidacy for the office of Humboldt County District Attorney.

Before the official start while media took photos, Allan mentioned prioritizing and effective leadership as 2 reasons he wants to be your next D. A. When he spoke, these are some of the highlights from his speech.

He addressed the disciplinary issues on the State Bar website by taking responsibility, called it an "error in judgement". He said as a Christian, he asks for forgiveness and has learned from that mistake.

He said under his leadership he will fight to restore funds for postions lost that were dedicated to prosecuting child abuse and domestic violence. He plans to be at Board of Supervisors meetings.

He talked candidly about drugs, safety, the recent murders and how plea bargains and lack of prosecution has let felons out on streets.

Allan explained how his vast experience in the armed forces and his leadership qualities would be useful as a DA.

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