May 28, 2015

Safeway taser suspect shoots his mouth off about his case despite Judge's advice, Hippy Hill frying pan suspect arraigned today

Safeway taser suspect expressed disbelief at his charges and kept interrupting and shooting his mouth off about his case today in Courtroom 4. Judge Cissna very patiently had to tell him three times to not talk about his case as everything is on the record.

Robert Cordero clueless babbled on three times before a sterner warning from the Judge.

It is a good thing IQ is not the determining factor in whether bail or supervised release is granted. People get a clue, you are in cuffs and in jail. Maybe, silence should be golden unless your lawyer tells you to say something.

Hippy hill frying pan suspect, Joseph Dewitt, was in Courtroom 2. He just sat shell shocked.

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