May 20, 2015

DA charges Island Mountain home invasion suspect with burglary, tear gas and shooting in an inhabited dwelling

Bret Swortzel will be arraigned this afternoon for his jury trial at 2 p.m in Courtroom 4. He is one co-defendant charged in the Island Mountain invasion. The alleged victims are Deborah Morton and her partner Douglas Eversole.

The District Attorney is charging Swortzel in Count 1 with first degree burglary. There is a special allegation that he was allegedly armed with tear gas or a tear gas weapon. Count 2 is shooting at an inhabited dwelling.

DDA Stacey Eads is prosecuting the case. Mr. Michael Acosta is representing Swortzel. Mr. Acosta is the attorney who got the murder charge dismissed against Benjamin Carter. Swortzel held to answer on all charges after his preliminary.

Carter's wife and other friends were there to support Swortzel at the preliminary hearing.

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