May 29, 2015

"He took food items from Safeway because his food stamps ran out", Safeway taser suspect denied supervised release and OR based on public safety concerns

Yesterday, Safeway taser suspect expressed disbelief at his charges and kept interrupting and shooting his mouth off about his case in Courtroom 4. Judge Cissna very patiently had to tell him three times to not talk about his case as everything is on the record.

Robert Cordero clueless babbled on three times before a sterner warning from the Judge.
Today, Robert Cordero only tried to speak once. His attorney, Ms. Heidi Holmquist, from the Public Defender's office, motioned him to hush, thankfully, he did.

Today, his second degree robbery case was on for OR/Supervised release on his latest case in Courtroom 1, where he allegedly tasered a Safeway clerk at the Harrison Street location in Eureka and tried to leave with groceries he had taken. He was arraigned on three other cases today, two for petty theft from April and May 2015 and one from 2014 for possession of a controlled substance. 

Ms. Holmquist told Judge John Feeney that Cordero should be released because he is a long time resident and lives in Hoopa and that he had a job waiting for him at Sun Valley Farms. "He took food items from Safeway because his food stamps ran out."

DDA Roger Rees that "when the store clerk tried to stop" Cordero from leaving the store with the items he had stolen, "he tased the clerk." Mr. Rees said Cordero also had a dirk and dagger.

Mr. Rees said that the People opposed Cordero's release out of concern for the public because "in the future if he tries to take groceries", he could taser someone who tried to stop him.

Ms. Holmquist responded that in the discovery she had, there was no tasering. 

Judge John Feeney denied Cordero release on OR or supervised release citing public safety concerns.

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