Sep 10, 2014

Thanks to Jon and HCDCC members but Linda Atkins needs to learn basic civility

I took Jon Yalcinkaya up on his invitation to attend a HCDCC meeting. I had expressed some concern to him in my comments that he might want to check with his fellow HCDCC members about me attending. The HCDCC, like the local Republican group, has by laws.

The HCDCC meeting is only open to Democrats. I found this out last election cycle. At that time, the rest of the HCDCC members were polite, it was Linda Atkins who pitched a fit. I was registered as independent at that time. I left voluntarily.

Fast forward to today. The members politely inquired whether I was a registered Democrat. Jon invited me, stood up for me, explained I was his guest and he just wanted me to observe a meeting. He wasn't aware I am a registered Republican. I was there as his guest, not for political purposes. The members graciously agreed to let me stay for this one meeting. I checked before I went into the meeting. Linda Atkins raised objections after the meeting had started. When she did not get her way to get others to get me to leave, she stomped out and threw a hissy fit. Rather than cause a scene, I left.

I was planning to leave but Linda had to press the issue and cause dissension.

I have barely said a few sentences to Linda over the years. Whatever her beef is with me has to do more because I do not fit in her little box and I support people in elected office she opposes due to her own issues.

This is the same woman who has screeched at fellow Council members at public events for no reason. Until now Linda, I haven't called you out. You deserve to be exposed for the prejudiced, petty drama queen you are.

 What you are Linda is a bully. On a technicality, you tried to exert power.

You have attacked me in print when I have expressed my opinion. Nothing personal against you. You chose to make a scene today because you did not get your way.  You break rules. As Lisa Ollivier's treasurer, you had a My Word published yet I have been told I cannot on any topic just for the appearance of neutrality. The local media has double standards when it comes to publishing views.

Linda, you disrespected your fellow Democrats today. This would have been a entire post on how today the HCDCC showed real democracy. They did. It is you Linda and your personal agenda of exclusion and vindictive actions where you have used the local Democratic party for your personal gain.

It is tainted only by your self centered actions, Linda.  I am more Democratic than you. Unlike you, I am not afraid of diversity and I do not box people into labels I define and approve.

I have volunteered on many Democratic campaigns because I liked the candidate as a person. Today, I got to see some of the people who supported Susan Adams.

I gained respect today for Jon Yalcinkaya and a few other HCDCC members. The local elections could have been different Linda, if you would let true Democrats and progressives in the local parties be the voice.

Other than sound bytes against the Chamber of Commerce, what have you done Linda that had a practical impact for the poor or working people? You blew off many events for the Betty Kwann Chinn Center until a photo opportunity was conducive. I had an acquaintance, a business client in your Ward, whose calls you did not return for months until I emailed and cced the entire City Council. Other council members responded before you. That is one example.

Since the local media gives you a pass, Linda, from now on, every opportunity to show your true colors that I let go because of decency, I will provide that information and example to the public. You complain about being outnumbered at City Council? Isn't stacking up opponents to run against your fellow City Council members and working on their campaigns, the pot calling the kettle black?

And let those reading see how you will respond. Will you now attack or do you have the manners Linda and the maturity to apologize and admit you were wrong. You like to point out other's flaws. Look in the mirror.


  1. I'm sensing a personal bias John before you even confronted Linda. Just saying.

    1. Geoff, you are entitled to your opinion.

      Once again, you ignore facts, just take a swipe at me because you cannot dispute facts, only spin.

      Speaking of personal biases, would that be similar to you commenting on only selective posts of mine, always when I point out the truth against certain liberals?
      Is Geoff your real name?

      I have published your previous comments. You may have found a way to circumvent blogger but only a Jeff, Geoff and couple people have the same pattern you display. So send me an email verifying you are who you are or I will not publish any further comments.

  2. Thank you for this posting John. Isn't it sad that as an educated woman Linda behaves as she does? That kind of behavior takes the pride of being intelligent, an advanced thinker and throws it right into the round file, doesn't it? I often wonder why, instead of talking about a given issue of concern that would stand on its own, Linda takes the lower road. . .