Sep 16, 2014

In 30 days, it will be a misdemeanor to steal shopping carts in Eureka

Today was the second reading of the abandoned shopping cart ordinance. Since August 5, City Attorney Cyndi Day Wilson and City Manager Greg Sparks met with many of the retailers which included Grocery Outlet, Eureka Natural Foods, Winco, Costco. The retailers are in support of the ordinance.

It passed with an unanimous vote. Mayor Jager was absent today so Mayor Pro Tem Melinda Ciarabellini presided over the meeting.


  1. Most of the people who push shopping carts around are homeless. In what world does the Council think the homeless can pay a fine? They will end up getting arrested for failure to pay and released due overcrowding in the jail due to AB 109

  2. Agreed, but I'll make my own post on this. Sorry to hear they passed that ordinance.