Aug 1, 2012

What Makes Eureka Main Street Unique

 You have been on the boat, now meet the goat.

Gelou, a Nigerian dwarf goat is the new mascot for the famous 1910 Madaket and was raised on the boat yard that also housed the famous local ferry.

Gelou is pictured here with Dalene and Leroy Zerlang. Most locals are already familiar with the Zerlang family and the Madaket connection. If you have not yet experienced a cruise or want to know more, visit

The Madaket is the last of seven ferries on Humboldt Bay. The ferry system was the main transportation from the Peninsula to the mills and was closed down in 1971. So what makes the Madaket unique?

It is the oldest certified passenger carrying vessel in continuous service in the Unites States. It has the smallest licensed bar in the State of California, hence the affectionate name, “the booze cruise”.  Besides the cocktail cruise, there are narrated cruises which allow you to see Eureka from a different perspective.

Leroy explained that “instead of looking at the water, you are looking at the city of Eureka from the boat. Views you don’t see when you are normally driving through.”

The day I was talking to Leroy and Dalene, passengers awaiting a cruise were more interested in getting their photo taken with Gelou than local history. Gelou made a rare appearance that day and seems to be a natural for the camera.

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