Aug 6, 2012

It's Official, Rex Bohn Sworn in today

Rex Bohn was sworn in at noon today by Hon. Judge Watson and the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor Chamber was packed with family and friends.

Former 1st District Supervisor Jimmy Smith was one of the many elected officials and personal friends that showed up to congratulate Rex. Rex's speech was short, simple, and humble. He thanked his family and wife, Jimmy Smith, long-time friends, fellow supervisors and staff.

"I look forward to protecting people's rights" and "We need to take off the handcuffs from small businesses. We need jobs, not just for young people but everybody" are two subjects Rex mentioned in his speech. The last is one that rings very true and is a concern close to me. It is one of the many reasons I supported Rex. He gets what the daily struggle is for someone like me. He gets to the point.

Kay Recede of Channel 3 asked him "what issues will you tackle first?" After humorously referring to the field drainage issue in Fields Landing that he got a call about at 8:05 AM this morning, Rex responded with "General Plan issues". He said he wants to do what is best for the citizens of Humboldt County and that the Plan getting published and distributed was a great step. He also added that when he was out walking during his campaign, this was not the biggest issue.

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