Mark apologizes to Virginia and Rex at today's Board of Supervisor's meeting

At the start of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting before any business was conducted Mark apologized to Virginia and Rex and the community for his actions at the CSAC conference.

To be fair to both Mark and Virginia, if you want to see what Mark said and hear the entire response by Virginia see the broadcast for yourself. The meeting is filmed live and shown again on Access Humboldt and a video is available on the County website.

In addition to his personal apology in private, Mark said that while trying to explain his frustrations, some of his remarks came across as justifying his actions. There is never any justification, he said, for such behavior. Mark added that in the last week he had seen his actions through the eyes of others.

He concluded by saying that he hoped both Virginia and Rex and the community would forgive him and he promised that "it won't happen again."

Rex was quiet. Virginia did respond. She said she appreciated the apology, especially to the community. She commented that kids are taught not to use violence and as role models and elected officials, "we are held to higher standards." She pointed out that if this behavior was by an employee, there would have been an investigation, perhaps even a dismissal. Virginia concluded her remarks by saying "that this was not the time to talk about it" but that she looked forward to a discussion perhaps in the future and suggested anger management to Mark.

The meeting then proceeded as normal. Heidi Benzonelli was recognized by the County and given the EPD Valor of Service award. Virginia who read the proclamation mentioned the same recognition given recently to Heidi at a Eureka City Council meeting.

For the next calendar year, the Board unanimously voted Rex as Chair and Estelle as Vice-Chair. Ryan was thanked by community members and fellow board members.

It is great to see Estelle back. Best wishes for her continued health.

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