City Attorney and D.A's office offer no comment on Laird Case and political overtones?

After this Tuesday's Council hearing, I contacted the City Attorney's office for a comment. No response. Deputy DA Roger Rees, declined comment on an ongoing case.

I appreciate Patrik's fairness in talking to any one covering this case.

Patrik is a brilliant lawyer, been recognized and honored by his peers. In his defense of Sgt. Laird, he is alleging selective prosecution. Larry Glass has been there for every hearing. Garr Nielsen already did a My Word and the case has not even gone to trial. Not strange given the defense theory. But interesting given the political tones.

I have a positive view of the EPD. I have no issue with the City. I don't know Sgt. Laird. I look forward to hearing the evidence if this case goes to trial. Rumor is that there may be a settlement.

 I do find it very interesting that Paul (who has been alleged to have covered up for Larry Glass's indiscretions although this was never proven had the same people him who also supported Garr and Larry) assigns a rookie DA to a case against a lawyer of Patrik's calibre.

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