Mar 9, 2017

"The pre trial history of this case is hard to fathom" DA Maggie Fleming responds to concerns I raised about Marci Kitchen case

Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming did get back to me today about the questions I raised about Marci Kitchen's case.

'I appreciate your concerns.  The pre-trial history of this case is hard to fathom.
I am concerned that my discussion of the case, even discussion of issues concerning the pre-trial behavior of the defendant, could harm our ability to obtain a just outcome.  I hope you understand."

I did not back from either of Kitchen's attorneys and I don't expect to. For probably, the same reasons DA Fleming, Judge Joyce Hinrichs may not respond. I appreciate DA Fleming replying.


  1. Where is Marci Kitchen?


    2. Listen you POS, this is the last warning I will give you. First of all, use your real name and verifiable contact information for any response. Second, you don't pay me for information. The blog is a service I provide. Third, I am not Marci's keeper. You want to know so badly, hire a private investigator. And if you continue with this tone of harrassment and constant abusive comments, not only will you be blocked but I will report you to the authorities. Can your dumb brain understand that?

  2. This case is going to another jurisdiction for sure. Its gotten so much attention (stall stall stall), there's no chance for a "fair and impartial jury" locally. I'll bet you we never saw this coming. Flemming is stalling to find another county to take this case.

  3. Corruption is the word of the day! Hang her thats fair!