Mar 26, 2017

Liberals: All lives matter unless you are conservative, Christian, police or a Trump supporter

A very balanced article in the Press Democrat, would not see this in Humboldt.

And rare in the largely liberal media.

Peaceful Trump and MAGA rallies. Who is violent and reported as attacking women?

Anti-Trump protestors.

I cannot stand Milo but this woman who was just there to hear what he had to say and was speaking about being a Trump protesto. She was attacked while on camera by, yes, you guessed correctly.

An anti Trump protestor.

Since President Trump was elected, the violence, the false reporting of hate crimes, the Twitter bashing of his family (including Donald Trump Jr's young daughter) and remarks about raping conservative women is okay by liberals?

I have not heard national or local outrage or condemnation.


  1. I do not condone the violence, and I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I'm starting to view this blog as less news worthy and more like an opinion blog. I appreciate your coverage of the local courts and the fact based articles you write. But if you are going to report on something that seems to be taken strait from Fox news, you should at least cover both sides. Please don't be like so many sensational media sources. Stick to unbiased reporting if you can. The blog would be much better.

  2. I appreciate your respectful response. However, your view of my bias from a partisan perspective. I have a diversity of readers, I cover stories from all perspectives unlike most local and national media. My liberal readers like you always have an issue with a conservative opinion. The sources above are not Fox News. I don't know what bubble you have been living in but news is opinion these days, spun, no matter what the source. You have a local and national media that ignores news that does not fit their perspective. It makes someone like me seem conservative by default. I am conservative and proud.
    Humboldt County is largely liberal, way to the left. What is news or journalism is not dependent on the opinion of locals. I have national and regional readers, I have lived and worked outside Humboldt and am respected for my work, as a journalist outside Humboldt. You should be expressing these views on other so called "news sources", especially those that are nothing but a front to spin an agenda of the left. Mad River Union is the only local source of what used to be traditional journalism.

    Read my court blog, ignore the opinion or other posts you prefer not to read. I do not hide behind the guise (of a dot com on my site address) about what I believe. Nor do I have to give up my right to have an opinion just because I report news.

  3. Where does one start? Liberals support the expression "black lives matter" not "all lives matter" because the latter is a truism. Also, liberals fight for all lives, because they matter, every day as part of their foundational philosophy and politics. imho.

    -Jon Yalcinkaya

    So, yes, in case you had any doubt and to answer to this..."I have not heard national or local outrage or condemnation."...pepper spraying a peaceful gathering is outrageous. It's wrong, it's offensive, it also happens to be political suicide if it was actually a liberal, or if any liberals or Democrats would ever support or condone such an aggressive act.

    I read the article. Is there any indication that the person comes from a liberal point of view and not, say, anarchic? Is there any evidence, any that any local, state or national liberal or Democrat would support such action?

    And if there is anyone out there who happens to be reading this that thinks something like spraying pepper spray is an appropriate answer to any solution, you need to re-think this and include the consequences of your actions. If you are upset about the current administration, as I am, there are an infinite number of constructive measures you can take to change our future. Get to work.

    That's the liberal way John (imho). Please try, at least try, to distinguish those who differ from the way you think. Just because someone is opposed to something you believe doesn't necessarily make them a member of this or that group against whom you have an ax to grind.

    And please don't set up the construct that if someone does not respond to a horrible event that in some way that means a certain level of acceptance. That sets up an impossible task. Not every crime will get condemnation from every person. Silence does not imply consent.

    1. Liberal Jon, silence does imply consent in this case. You should know about an axe to grind, you do it regularly on your blog. Don't project it on me. You have spent all your time attacking conservatives simply because they do not agree with your delusion of reality. You tend to make the same point over and over again, not publishing the endless responses, if that happens. Most liberals fit the above description. It has been four months since the national election, time to grow up and stop attacking the majority of the country for their right and choice to vote. There was no such violence in 2008 or 2012 and Jon, if you deny that, it would not surprise me.

  4. That's not the whole story either...

    "Fighting broke out between Trump supporters and counter-protesters, with videos showing each side giving as good as they got. Two African-American male counter-protesters (let's call them the Twins) were torn away from their comrades, and Trump supporters began pushing them, with one fat guy in an orange T-shirt shoving his portly chest against one of the Twins. Another Trump supporter even tried to jab his flag pole into the face of the other Twin, at which point the other Twin grabbed the flag from his hands and threw it to the ground. Trump supporters kept confronting the Twins, until someone sucker-punched one of them with brass knuckles and another jabbed Weekly intern Tristan in the face. In the ensuing chaos, a middle-aged Trump supporter called one of the Twins "nigger" and another was called a "spic."

    1. Usually, I don't print links but in fairness your comment should be printed. Let the readers see whether this is the "whole story". The entire article reads like a piece strung together with a specific objective. One link, one incident, when there are several instances above about who provoked. Still no one addressing the fact of certain liberals calling for rape that certain liberals called for the rape of conservative women and used Donald Trump Jr's young child as a target in a political agenda. Liberals really do have a problem with saying sorry and admitting facts, always counter with blaming the side targeted.