Feb 15, 2017

Manila homicide suspects cases joined; motion for discovery granted

Win for People today in the Manila homicide case. All five suspects will be tried at  one preliminary hearing. Two day estimate.

Three defendants withdrew the motion for discovery since they received some right before case was called in court.

Preliminary for all the five is set same day as Marci Kitchen's preliminary, March 20.

Visiting Judge Douglas Mewhinney
said Aranda Bruton rule did not apply to preliminary hearing in granting People's motion.

Judge also agreed with Deputy DA Luke Bernthal, who said "investigation is ongoing", discovery is being provided by DA "as best they can" and not all discovery will be available or needs to be for the preliminary hearing. Judge cautioned the defense that all discovery be provided before the preliminary is not good cause for continuance.

All defendants have now entered a 60 day waiver.

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