Dec 15, 2016

Recent Manila homicide suspects charged with murder and carjacking

The two suspects arrested in connection with the Manila homicide, Cesar Octavio Valenzuela-Campos and Tamara Thomson, are scheduled to be arraigned by this afternoon.

Both are charged with PC 187(a) and PC 215 (a) with the same special allegation of having firearms.

Bail was raised to 1.25 million for each suspect by Judge John Feeney. Deputy District Attorney David Christensen was present for the People.

Public Defender's office was appointed fir Valenzuela-Campos. Mr. David Nims, of Jannsen and Malloy is representing Thomson.

Intervention is on December 27. Preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 28 at 9:45.

HCSO Update:

Update (12/16/16):
On December 12th, 20 year old Tyson Claros was murdered in the Manila area.  Through the course of the investigation, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Investigators determined there were five suspects involved in the murder of Tyson Claros.  Three of the five suspects have been arrested.  Two suspects, Cesar OctavioValenzuela-Campos and Tamara Nicole Thomson, were arrested the day of the homicide.  The third suspect, 22 year old Brandon James Mitchell turned himself in to Investigators on Thursday, December 15th after learning he was wanted by law enforcement.  
21 year old Hector Godoy-Standley and 18 year old Catherine Suzanne Lynn Fode are currently still wanted for the murder of Claros and warrants have been issued for their arrest.  The Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Godoy-Standley and Fode.    

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