Aug 28, 2013

In politics, little people matter

Arnie Klein just sent this over. He considered the idea of running, met people he felt could give insight, then filed his intention statement. Completed the paperwork so he is set to operate and receive donations and has a way for constituents to contact him. Arnie has a plan and a goal. He has shown he is savvy enough to know that in politics, there are no big people or little people, just voters.

He is known for his presence in the courtroom and has won jury trials. I look forward to learning more about Arnie and his positions.

Elan Firpo has been making the rounds. Has been to a couple Eureka Chamber mixers, was seen at the HCDCC headquarters with Paul Gallegos. Both Arnie and Firpo supported Paul in the last election.

I have heard Paul may run and he may not. Is his presence with Firpo just politics or mentoring? Got to tell Elan that just the party machine, just certain names don't win elections. A winning team and humility go a long way in courting voters. So far, I am not impressed.

This isn't an endorsement for anyone, just an observation.

Aug 20, 2013

Obama and GOP agree? Now that is a miracle!

I wonder what the locals who have a bee in their bonnet about prayer at Eureka City Council meetings think about the Obama administration supporting and agreeing with Republican lawmakers about allowing Christian prayers at council meetings. This debate will soon be heard in the landmark case involving the town of Greece, N.Y. at the U.S. Supreme Court level.

Will the present Supreme Court Justices have the same view as those who decided
Marsh v. Chambers (1983)?

Not all non-believers, atheists and agnostics feel threatened by prayer. In Humboldt County, personal experiences may vary depending on the town you live in; most people do respect other’s faith, even Christians. Many have varying opinions but this recent lambasting in the media and a lawsuit against the City of Eureka is a vocal minority with double standards.

Having an invocation before a public meeting does not instantly convert anyone or force beliefs on anyone. If anything, it is a humbling experience where those in charge acknowledge that given the position they have, they may need help in making objective decisions that are for the best for those they have been elected to govern. No decision is going to please everyone. I would rather have an elected official who realizes they are not perfect make a decision than an arrogant one, who thinks they know it all.

Faith is a very private thing. Luke 1:37 is often paraphrased as: “Faith. It does not make things easy, it makes them possible.” Even someone non-religious can relate to that statement. Why is that some people are so bothered by positive and inspiring words? Is my right and others right to practice our faith to be dismissed because some people have ascribed their agenda, interpretation and fear as absolute dogma.

What is proper use of city resources? Would people who are so troubled because a letter was typed about one prayer breakfast be just as outraged if the event was something they supported?

This last week I had conversations with several individuals. Some I share a common faith with; some of various religious beliefs, others who self identify as atheist, agnostic, secular humanists and of the latter, there were several who privately support the City of Eureka and Mayor Jager. We had spirited discussions on religion and yet we were able to respectfully express ourselves and at times disagree.

It amazes me that some people blindly accept theories and facts by other humans yet have a problem with those of us that believe and accept God. I won’t surrender or submit to another man or woman and that has had its cost for me financially and made my life a struggle sometimes but I have no regrets.

I do surrender to God because unconditionally, no matter what, God has always been there for me and I know he loves me despite my mistakes, the balance of my bank account, the moments when life’s struggles weigh me down. No human can fill the emptiness, no human can heal, no human takes what seems impossible and makes it possible, and unlike another person or thing, God is always there without judgment and conditions. 

Aug 12, 2013

Finally! A candidate for D.A. I would support whole-heartedly

This is the third time you heard it here first. Rumor or fact?  Another name being mentioned as a candidate for the Humboldt County D.A’s race is Cyndi Day-Wilson, the attorney for the City of Eureka .

I hope Ms. Wilson is considering this possibility. 25 years of experience as a lawyer; as a lobbyist and legislative analyst and experience in the public sector with impressive credentials in Environmental Law and Natural Resources on a federal and state level.

Best of all, she was not employed by Paul, did not leave Paul’s office, does not have those small town loyalties with the inner court crowd and  is not indebted to the SoHum underground economy. She can debate on why she should be elected instead of just saying, “I am not Paul or I will change what he does even though I agreed with what he did while being employed by him,” and can run a campaign based solely on merit.

It is time for a change. Time for the people to elect a  DA that does not kow tow to any inner circle. 

I have observed her during City Council meetings. A very calm and classy lady and I believe she is someone who can follow the law, respect law enforcement, yet make sure liberties and rights are respected. Will the local progressive and liberals keep an open mind if she does run?

I don’t expect her to be Wonder Woman or perfect, I just want someone who challenges Paul for the right reasons and wants this job other than to stroke their own ego.