Jul 24, 2013

Firpo for DA?

In April, I was the first to report that Arnie Klein would run for Humboldt County DA. The Times Standard reported today that he has filed an intention statement. Rumor has it Elan Firpo is considering a run as well. As my friend Eric said there will be more candidates.  Takes a lot more to run for DA than filing a statement and criticizing the incumbent. I campaigned for candidates who ran against Paul in the last 2 elections. I believe in the candidates I support. So far, the rumors allege that some past candidates and former Humboldt County DA employees and prosecutors may run against Paul in the next election. Will have to wait and see who the contenders are.

It would be nice to see someone who isnt a former Humboldt County DA employee and just promises change. The Humboldt County DA's race is different compared to other local races. Assuming one can get endorsements and money on their own, a candidate would need to prove they will be someone who can get the respect of defense attorneys, law enforcement support and unite a cross section of diverse constitiencies. In a small county like ours,  personal character, who a candidate associates with and whether they can handle power without abuse is something they will have to prove before getting my vote. Paul's views and management style is known. He has campaigned well and has shown he can handle the politics this job entails. This election, simply saying "I am going to bring change" and only criticize Paul is not good enough for me.