May 17, 2013

Those who can do, do; those who cannot sue

Eureka attorney Peter Martin finally revealed the true agenda behind the lawsuit filed against the City of Eureka and invocations by saying he hopes that his motion to dismiss Superior Court Judge Dale Reinholtsen will better his odds for a favorable ruling.

In a May 17 Times-Standard article, Martin was quoted as saying that he decided to request the dismissal of Reinholtsen  because he feels that the judge is “on the right flank of the political bent.”

Kim Starr must be kicking herself for not thinking of this brilliant and objective strategy in Occupy Eureka’s lawsuit against the City. In the last 2 years, the mantra of those who only know how to blame and create drama has been: “If I don’t get my way and if my mud slinging does not work, I will just sue” has backfired both at the ballot and with the public.  Nevertheless, they continue to employ the same tired tactics. It has hurt any legitimate cause and sincere people Martin and Starr claim to represent.

This same week TS printed the most vitriolic letter against the homeless and Betty Chinn. Mr. Berriman, your having “interests” in Eureka does not qualify you to give an opinion about a place you don’t live in or have a clue about what people who live here face. Especially when that misguided opinion is based on assumptions and stereotypes.

You assumed your misfortune was perpetrated by someone homeless. You talk about all these crimes and headlines in other Humboldt cities. Are there no crimes or homeless in Arcata? If you lived in Eureka or ever attended a City Council meeting here, you would know that Sue Bradenburg does not represent all of us or “speak the truth.” She has an issue with anything that the City of Eureka does and a complex about being surrounded by those less fortunate.

What Betty Chinn does is help people who have no one get a break and a hand up in a society filled of Berrimans and Brandenburgs who feel they are entitled because they lived here before and are fortunate to never know what it feels like to go without the basic necessities.

Besides filing an idiotic lawsuit that cost time and money and holding signs, what has Occupy Eureka and those of you attacking Christians done for the homeless that actually made a real difference? Christians don’t need to brag or do what they need to in front of others.

The real common theme in all these attacks against the City and Christians and Betty Chinn is a group of people who feel that there is no need for personal growth, accountability or surrender to a higher power. They rather blame rich people, the government, Christians, and anyone trying to help others under the guise of free speech, freedom of religion and misuse of civil rights.

Whether you believe in God or not, you did not create this world. And you are not entitled to anything at the expense of other's basic human needs and rights. Instead of a lawsuit, perhaps Martin, Starr, Berriman and others should address their fears about God, homeless people and actually do something to create jobs and an environment locally where all people can earn and contribute and live with dignity.

The difference between an atheist and me is that when the world challenges me, I know I am not alone. What helps me cope better is knowing that God always provides and God gives me the strength to pick up myself and survive when all seems hopeless. Believing in God also makes me look within to see what I can change to improve my lot in life.

Instead of trying to get a legitimate job, the rest of us who are struggling should form a non-profit or file a frivolous lawsuit and then sue public officials and any private business we disagree with; no more resumes, no more need to get a paycheck. It’s worked for Occupy Eureka, Baykeeper and EPIC.

May 14, 2013

Judge Rules In Favor Of City and EPD Officers in Occupy Eureka Lawsuits


                The lawsuits filed against the City of Eureka, Chief Murl Harpham, Sgt. Michael Guy, Sgt. Patrick O’Neill and Officer Terrence Liles concluded on Tuesday morning with a judgment in favor of the City and the officers. The lawsuits were filed by Ms. Kimberly Starr alleging violations of her civil rights for her detainment and arrests at the Occupy Eureka protests on November 7, November 10 and November 30, 2011.  The matter was heard by Judge Johnson, a visiting judge from Sacramento.  In making the ruling, Judge Johnson was very complimentary of the EPD Officers and how they handled themselves during the Occupy Eureka protests.  Judge Johnson stated several times during his ruling that he found them to have acted very professionally  despite the fact there was a “clear and immediate danger”  due to the protest and the attempts by the Occupiers to deliberately elicit a reaction from the Officers.
                In an earlier lawsuit filed by James Decker, Commissioner Eannarino also ruled in favor of the City and the Officers that there was no violation of Mr. Decker’s constitutional or statutory rights with regard to his detainment at the Occupy Eureka protest on November 30.
The City and the Officers wish to extend their thanks for all of the support and assistance they received during the trials. Chief Harpham states that he “is happy that these ridiculous lawsuits are behind us.  Good job everyone you make us proud!”