In an area where there are other established computer related businesses, Rizkowsky works to be accessible and visible as the newest guy in this business. Rizkowsky has a webpage,, a Facebook page, is a Eureka Chamber of Commerce member.
”I offer the most affordable price for quality and professional service,” said Rizkowsky. “My clients get tremendous value for what they are paying. Anyone can fix a computer. What I offer is personalized IT support. To me every customer is important.”
Rizkowsky specializes in both small business and residential clients. Services range from fixing computers to setting up and maintaining your network. Details and certifications are available on his Facebook page and website.
After he got his associate's degree in computer science, Rizkowsky did warranty work for different vendors including Dell. When he moved here, initially he looked in the Yellow Pages and was looking to work for someone but decided to go into business for himself. “I like the job security of working for myself,” he said.
His business is a mobile, onsite affair. With no storefront, he has reduced overhead. This allows him to keep his prices affordable.
Many of his customers have given him feedback that he explains things to them in language that they can understand and relate to so they know what was the issue was and what got fixed.
”Humboldt is a great place to build a business,” said Rizkowsky, “People here are very personable and this is a great community.”
Redwood Tech guy is offering a free one-hour session from 6-7 p.m. on Feb. 7. During that time, he will answer 10 questions chosen from submissions on his Facebook page. The deadline to submit these questions is Jan. 31. The location for this free event will only be available to people who have joined his page.
For general information on the Redwood Tech guy, call 267-7705 or visit