Sep 27, 2012

Humboldt Young Republicans

Humboldt County’s new group of the California Young Republicans held a reception for registered Republicans between the ages of 18 and 40 at 5:30-7:00 p.m. last night at the Sea Grill in Eureka. A new chapter is in the process of being formed.

The new chapter will be a focal point for young Republicans to socialize and create their own programs to advance the party and aid its candidates according to the organizers.

I attended the event and it was great to be with like minded peers, knowledgeable about the issues and those  interested in making a difference in the community.

Adam Ellison, northern regional vice-chair from the California Young Republicans Federation , Peter Hannaford, Chairman of the Humboldt County Republican Party, and Joe Bonino, candidate for Eureka City Council spoke to the group with brief introductions from the event organizers, Darus Trutna and Blaine O'Shaughnessy.
Joe spoke about public safety, jobs, clean environment and fiscal accountability and responsibility. I liked how Joe explained how these issues impact us locally and how his experience as a resident and business owner relate to his insight and what he will bring to City Council. He also was very eloquent about young people getting involved and gave an excellent analysis of how local politics impact the average citizen compared to large cities.

Peter spoke about the Humboldt GOP and how people can be involved. Adam provided information on what support his organization provides and how being involved in such chapters has benefited him.

All age-eligible Republicans are invited to attend the next meeting which will be held at the same location on October 17, 2012 and there is no charge. If you plan to attend, please send  an e-mail at or go to the group's Facebook page for further information.

Sep 24, 2012

Gabriel's new bar

Last Friday, Gabriel's in Old Town was packed with the opening of their new bar. This week help them celebrate with happy hour specials all week.

Sep 14, 2012

For owner, Latte Love a labor of love

John Chiv/For the Times-Standard

Shanell Beyzade opened Latte Love, located at 2228 4th St. in Eureka, in May. Operating successful businesses is something she has been doing for over two decades.
She and her husband own Kebab Cafe in Arcata, which has been around for 15 years. For the past 20 years, Beyzade, an interior designer, has also run the home-based business Creative Decorating & Design, which specializes in custom window coverings and custom draperies.
Beyzade purchased Latte Love's location in December of 2011. “My vision was to decorate the interior with the skills that I have and to make it as unique and comfortable as possible,” she said. “I choose very nice colors and colorful photos of peacock feathers to achieve the effect you see at the coffee shop.”
Then Beyzade began searching for a coffee supplier. Her choice was Strawhouse, in Junction City. “They have the finest coffee that I have ever tasted,” said Beyzade. “It is all organic, fair trade and they roast their beans at their shop. The coffee is delivered fresh weekly, and we are the only coffee shop on the North Coast that serves Strawhouse.” Many customers have commented on the uniqueness of the flavor. Besides coffee, Latte Love offers chai tea and fruit smoothies which are 100 percent fruit with no preservatives, artificial flavors or sweeteners. You can customize your smoothie by adding fresh ginger or mint.
”My signature drink is Latte Love,”said Beyzade. “It is basically a latte with a hint of lavender. My daughters helped me invent this while I was setting up the shop. Another specialty of ours is Lavender Love, which is cold black tea with ice, a splash of half-and-half and lavender.”
All of the food served is prepared locally. Choices include Kebab Cafe pita bread served with baba ganoush or hummus, Los Bagels' bagels with cream cheese and a variety of toppings and Rita's burritos. The muffins, scones and bread are all purchased from local stores. Latte Love strives to be as vegetarian-friendly and as accommodating of customers' needs as they can be. Milk options include almond milk, soy and rice milk.
”It makes me very happy when people comment on how much they enjoy our coffee shop,” said Beyzade. “When I hear this and see them smile, my soul smiles and I am content. I just want to share this business with everyone and especially with people in Humboldt County because this is my home and where I was born and raised.”
Latte Love is open Monday through Friday. 6:30 a.m to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Check them out on Facebook or call 707-442-1200 for more information.

Sep 12, 2012

Eric Martin at the Ironside Gallery for Arts Arcata

Eric Martin says his goal with his photography is to challenge the viewer to take a second look and try to notice hidden subtleties in his work, and figure out what he is trying to convey. The name of his business, 2ndsights Photography, came about as a result of this goal.
He graduated from HSU's Studio Art Department in 2007 and has been a photography enthusiast since his first black-and-white film class at HSU with well-known photography professor Don Anton. While he was always interested in photography, Martin didn't know much about the medium. In fact, as a teenager he dreamed of becoming a career potter, having used the potter's wheel since he was 14. At HSU he focused on ceramics, but since he graduated, he started devoting more time to developing a style with photography.
Now 29, Martin aims to create visually striking work by overlapping multiple photos of common objects, places, textures and quiet phenomena, things and people one might pass by every day and may not appreciate.
His work references a common darkroom technique often called sandwiching, which he first learned about and tried during a beginning black and white film class at HSU. While several other ways to achieve the same effect using film, Martin works digitally to create the final product the viewer sees.
Sometimes his subject matter is easily identified, but often it is not on purpose. The layered imagery that results from his process could be said to hold a mysterious and even dreamlike quality, with a familiarity that draws the viewer to explore deeper.
Since he graduated, Martin and his partner have lived in Grass Valley, where he worked for an Americorps program, then Chico, where she received a teaching credential and he worked as a professional picture framer. They moved back to Humboldt in June 2010 because, he said, they missed the nature, ocean, family and friends who live here.
Martin says his biggest challenge has been figuring out the right career path to follow.
”I'm married now and we want to be able to purchase a home and raise a child, so I need to have consistent, reliable employment,” he said. “For most people that precludes being a career artist. I'm still working towards a career that can help provide us all these things. So I do my art at night and on the weekends.”
Once he moved to Old Town in 2011, Martin started displaying his work often in the local shops and says he has received positive responses.
”For now, my goal is to just keep displaying locally, so my work becomes recognizable,” he said. “Eventually I would like to market my photographs in the Bay Area and some of the places in between here and there. My goal is to have my photography generate a more substantial part of our income. Since we live in a globalized economy, I look forward to expanding my customer base to include people from the East Coast and even different countries.”
Martin can be reached through his online shop, or 845-9479.

Sep 10, 2012

Kay Recede is Texas bound

My favorite local reporter Kay Recede is Texas bound. Her last day with Channel 3 is on Friday. Kay covering local news for TV is not an easy task. You did it with style, you kept it fair and balanced in a community that is passionate about issues, and I will miss seeing you around.

I wish you the best.