At The Silver Lining restaurant in McKinleyville, you get more than just a dining experience, you are a guest of the Lakeys.
Mandala Lakey owns the restaurant with her husband Damian Lakey and his twin brother Josh Lakey. What can you expect when you walk into The Silver Lining? This is how Mandala described their customer philosophy: “When someone walks into our restaurant, we want them to feel completely taken care of, so they can relax and have fun. When I train my staff, I ask them to imagine planning a dinner party for your family and friends. The care you put into the details of planning the menu, making your house beautiful and preparing everything meticulously, create a heightened desire to achieve a magical experience for everyone.”
The Lakeys have owned The Silver Lining restaurant for nine years. Damian worked as a server, bartender, prep cook and line cook for seven years for the previous owners and has extensive experience in the hospitality industry. All three of the Lakeys can recall dining at The Silver Lining before a McKinleyville High dance, and often joke that the restaurant has always been a part of their lives.
The Silver Lining offers a casual menu for both travelers and locals in a beautiful atmosphere overlooking either the runway or the ocean. In addition to great food, they have recently added Tuesday Night Karaoke and live music on Friday and Saturday nights. The Lakeys have enjoyed a warm reception from the public, who appreciate the addition to McKinleyville's nightlife.
In September they lowered their prices, expanded their lunch menu and transitioned from fine dining to a more casual cuisine in an attempt to reach out to a community hurt by the recession.
Although the Lakeys have a passion for fine dining, Mandala said this change resulted in tremendous support from their regular customers, and this new vision has created a renewed feeling of excitement around the restaurant for the owners and the staff.
The Lakeys feel fortunate raising their children and running their business in the town they all grew up in. “We have always felt supported by the locals, and hope that we offer them an excellent experience in return, and that as we grow and change, and adapt with the times, that we may offer them much more to come.”
To stay up to date on events and discounts, “like” them on Facebook at or call 707-839-0304.