Jul 22, 2017

HCSO in Salyer interrupt alleged burglary in progress

HCSO sees a burglary in progress in Salyer.

Trying to confirm if arrest occured and get more details.

When you have a BOLO for an armed and dangerous suspect, a tattoo can be very helpful

An arm tatoo cannot be disguised or altered by growing a beard or shaving facial hair.

Elijah William's arm tatoo and another photo below, (as a recent as in the last two weeks):

Copters in Arcata, law enforcement in Samoa, who or what are they looking for?

Two helicopters flying around in Arcata this morning.

Five law enforcement vehicles parked in Samoa, still there around 5 p.m. Tip had no specific location or more information.

Contacted both APD and HCSO to see if this is anything major. HCSO's Lt. Mike Fridley responded back, still waiting for APD.

When Elijah Williams is taken into custody, maybe APD could question him about his stab wound reference on April 15 2017

Caption on Elijah (Eli) Wiiams' facebook profile on April 15, 2017 at 3:24 a.m above this photo:

"Getting stabbed and still going to a concert to meet a couple real ones ! #remedy # roachgigz:"

"Do the right thing brotha. Self defense or Mexico. " Advice to Elijah Williams

This is a post on Elijah Williams' facebook page today, an hour ago from Dillon Nelson:

"Do the right thing brotha.
    Self defense or Mexico.
Chin up blu."

Jul 21, 2017

Busy night for law enforcement, report of teen with firearm near Lucas and possible assault on trail near Zoo

Busy night for law enforcement.

Kate Newton of Hum Co Alert first reported that a 14-17 year-old with large firearm last seen westbound on Lucas St. Attempting to locate.

Elijah Williams is "at hustling my way to the top"

Fortuna resident Elijah Stonebear Williams identified as suspect in Arcata 12th and C shooting

On July 16, 2017, at 2:45am the Arcata Police Department responded to a shooting call at the corner of 12th and C Streets in Arcata.  Officers located a 17-year-old male with a single gunshot wound to his upper thigh.  The victim was transported to Mad River Community Hospital where he was treated and subsequently released.

EPD Interim Chief Steve Watson is attending a two week Executive Leadership Institute

EPD Interim Chief Steve Watson is attending a two week Executive Leadership Institute at Drucker (Claremont Graduate University).

He will be back in Eureka after August 4.

Jul 20, 2017

Hey media and zealots, instead of fake Caitlyn, try highlighting true trans bravery

(True trans bravery is the lady in the above photo)

Regardless of your social or religious opinion; "Civil Rights Uniformity Act" is discrimination couched with language like "subjective self identification." It is also dismissive of medical and psychological studies .

While radical activists have a made a mess with too many umbrellas and definitions (the LGBT alphabet keeps growing), so have conservatives who cannot differentiate between the LG and the T.

Texas Rep. Pete Olson, some people are trans, get over it

I read this column by Times-Standard editor Ruth Schneider.


Very revealing that our Democratic representatives in California don't think this is an important issue and necessary to call TS back.

Public Service Announcement to all "anon" and "not so anon" online local trolls

HCSO clarifies policy regarding enforcement of illegal marijuana cultivation

The Sheriff’s office has fielded many questions over the past several months regarding how the changes in the law will effect enforcement of illegal marijuana cultivation in the county. Proposition 64, the adult recreational use of marijuana, allows any adult age 21 and older to grow 6 plants on their property, possess up to an ounce of marijuana, and possess up to 4 grams of concentrated cannabis.   No persons can smoke marijuana in a vehicle or in a public place.   

I'm giving you the Dan Kitchener guarantee his mural will be done today by 12:59

Eureka Councilmember Austin Allison gets it and shows guts in tacking Eureka public safety issues

Councilmember Austin Allison has shown that he can govern fairly and in a non partisan manner on issues. When it comes to public safety in Eureka, he gets it.

His comments about Food not Bombs getting a permit took guts. Now his calling out for also arresting "johns" in the prostitution sting.

By joint request Chad Smith's preliminary hearing continued to July 27; six hour estimate if alleged victims testify

Chad Smith's preliminary hearing is scheduled for today. Deputy Public Defender Jennifer Dixon is representing Smith. Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads is prosecuting the case.

After defense withdrew their motion to continue at the last court hearing on July 18; today Ms. Dixon told Visiting Judge Robert Crone that bith sides are requesting a joint continuance with a special set on July 27.

Smith is charged with 13 counts. Except for Count 1, 2, 10-13; all other counts have special allegations.

Jul 19, 2017

Why don't Humboldt drug dealers take a cue from this guy?

(Photo: Miami Herald)


Guy walks out in broad daylight and fires shots at AT and T truck in Florida

Just hours ago, a guy in Florida walked out in broad daylight and fired shots at the tires of a AT and T truck. Video link below with employee calling law enforcement.


AT & T deploys mobile cell site to provide communications at Detweiler Fire Command Site

AT&T* deployed its Emergency Response Team to assist first responders, and members of the community who have been evacuated from their homes due to the Detwiler Fire. AT&T has deployed a mobile cell site called Satellite Cell on Light Truck (or Sat COLT) to the Mariposa County Fairgrounds to provide communications support at the Detwiler Fire Command Site. 

EPD Captain Steve Watson nabs driver at Coop; will driver be facing a DUI charge?

EPD Captain Steve Watson investigating report of  a drunk woman at the Co op. The woman was fortunately not driving at the time ; car was still in park.

EPD asking for any witnesses who saw traffic collision that led to death of John Edward Williams

On July 18, 2017 at about 10:27 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 3000 block of Broadway for the report of an injury traffic collision involving a vehicle and pedestrian on a motorized scooter.

Chief Mills: Illegal camper & suspect with priors attacks Parks and Rec employee

Chief Andy Mills:

Park and Rec employee attacked for doing his job. #shame #suspectwpriors #illegalcamping

EPD still investigating report of alleged armed robbery on the 1100 block of Sixth Street

EPD detectives are still investigating report of an alleged armed robbery on the 1100 block of Sixth street. Press Release will be out later with more information.

Press Release:
On July 19, 2017, at about 8:20 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1100 block of 6th Street for the report of an armed robbery at an occupied residence.  

Attorneys ask for more time to make Doc recommendatons to Court in Ewa Misztal case

Trial setting for Ewa Misztal was continued from July 5 to July 19 at 8:30 a.m. at the request of the defense time to discuss if Misztal wanted to enter a dual plea.

It was continued againto July 27 at 8:30 at the request of both, Deputy District Attyorney Carolyn Schaffer and Deputy Public Defender Casey Russo. Mr. Russo asked to "approach" for a private discussion at the bench.

Jul 18, 2017

Two Weitchpec incidents involving gun shots and a man named George Robbins

This is the photo of George Robbins from the July 2017 incident:

This is a HCSO press release from May 2014 and a photo:

On 05-27-2014 at about 3:15 pm the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Yurok Tribal Police Department and the California Highway Patrol responded to several gun shots being heard near the Jack Norton Elementary School off McKinnon Hill Road, Weitchpec. 

"This is a slap on the wrist. Old men took him down. He put children at risk. There is no accountability here."

"I always thought people in this community, including children, had the right to be safe. The right to enjoy festivities."

"Because of the reduction of the charges, the message the Court is sending to this community is that it is not safe to go the parade."

"Let go or I will cut you."

Zachary Rotwein, a commercial crab fisherman was a volunteer at the Humboldt GOP booth during the Fourth of July festival in Old Town. He was the first witness to testify today in the William Koening preliminary.

"I was engaged in conversation with people and heard someone yell, 'He is taking our donations'."Rotwein said that he saw Koenig fleeing on his bicycle.

Allright, who did what to bring EPD Police Chief Andy Mills out on foot patrol in Old Town?

EPD Chief Andy Mills is on foot patrol in Old Town.

According to scanner, man down in Gazebo.

Captain Steve Watson appointed interim EPD Police Chief

EPD Captain Watson has been appointed interim police chief of Eureka.

Press Release:

Effective July 21, Eureka Police Captain Steve Watson has been appointed as Interim Chief of the department. City Manager Greg Sparks noted that with the departure of Chief Andy Mills it is necessary to appoint an Interim Chief and to initiate a process for an open recruitment of candidates for the
position of Chief of Police.

HCSO Cpl Max Soeth on admin leave for Robbins shooting is the same as Fortuna officer Soeth being sued in the Jacob Newmaker death

If Cpl. Max Soeth's name sounds familiar, it is because Maxwell Soeth is one of the Fortuna Police Officers in lawsuit filed against him in the fatal shooting of 26 year old Jacob Newmaker.

"Hot shot Deputy DA" Trent Timm scores another win with Greenspan verdict

The moniker for Deputy DA Trent Timm was what was first said to me by Ryan Hurley when he asked me  about this new DDA and his wins, shortly after being hired. I like to use that nickname in headlines as often as I can

William Koenig held to answer on criminal threat and petty theft charges, gets Count 1 reduced, pleads guilty and is sentenced today, all in an hour and 15 minutes

William Koening's preliminary hearing was held this morning. The victim, Zachary Rotwein was the first witness. The second witness was EPD officer Ben Altic.

Koening looked completely different with a haircut and beard shaved in court.

A 9 year old uses his time off from school to help sweep, clean Eureka with a great attitude and enthusiasm

"I will be cleaning up city parking lots starting today at 3rd and I st. At 11:00am Teresa Dutton and her 9 year old son Tyler will be helping," Robert Tuel told me.

Robert said he is doing this to help beautify Eureka. Teresa said she wants her son to see what  a good person and role model "Bob is and learn from him."

Motion to continue Chad Smith's preliminary hearing on alleged sexual abuse withdrawn

A motion to continue Chad Smith's preliminary hearing currently scheduled for July 20 and intervention was scheduled this morning at 9:45 in Courtroom 5.

Motion to continue was withdrawn. Deputy Public Defender Ms. Jennifer Dixon is representing Smith.

George Robbins was not supposed to be armed on the job and was not licensed to carry a weapon

Sheriff William Honsal is holding a press conference today on the officer involved shooting in Weitchpec.

Robbins thought the marked HCSO vehicle was "just his cousin messing with him"

Jul 17, 2017

Twelve year old Ty Rose finds wallet containing over $2,500, returns it to EPD

EPD Captain Steve Watson:

On 7/13, Ty Rose (age 12) found a lost wallet containing over $2500. He took it to EPD & the very appreciative owner has been notified. https://t.co/c9QWS7Wq7d

Ty was awarded a Captain's challenge coin for excellence.  What a fine young man! I'm proud of him. Maybe he'll join EPD someday. #integrity

Another dispute at another Arcata house party, fortunately victim survived this one

APD Update:

On July 16, 2017 at 2:45am, officers from the Arcata Police Department responded to the report of a shooting at the corner of 12th and C Streets in Arcata. Officers located a seventeen-year-old male, of Eureka, who had been struck one time in the leg by a bullet. The victim was transported to the Mad River Hospital with a non-life threatening injury. It is anticipated the victim will be released from the hospital today.

Witnesses ordered back in Jesus Garcia homicide case which includes future action if Carolyn Snow is uncooperative

The July 17 trial date for the three suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide was vacated. New dates had been set at the last hearing.

Today, all three suspects were on the court calendar at 9:45 a.m. to order witnesses to appear on future dates. Carolyn Snow was a no show. So was Joe Olivio III's private attorney.

William Koening's preliminary for alleged criminal threats to local GOP volunteer to proceed tomorrow

William Koening had his intervention continued from July 13 to this morning. Preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 18. It was confirmed today with an hour and half estimate.

Koenig is charged in Count 1 with criminal threats, a felony. Alleged victim Zachary Rotwein. Count 2 is petty theft from the Humboldt Republican Party.

No other media present in court. A woman with green hair talked to Deputy Public Defender Casey Russo after the case. Mr. Russo was appointed to represent Koening.

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"Hi Baby, I love you, I love you" Kimberly Felder mouths to a man in court

Intervention was held this morning for Kimberly Felder. Her preliminary hearing scheduled for July 3 was vacated. Criminal proceedings have been suspended, for now.

Defense requested a mental competency evaluation. Judge Christopher Wilson signed that order. A hearing to receive Dr. Ramirez's report was scheduled for today.

Dressed in a red jumpsuit, which means administrative segregation, Felder quietly spoke to her attorney.

Extra HCSO staff accompanied Felder to the courtroom.

Felder mouthed "I love you" a couple of times to a man seated in court. He left quietly after the proceedings, with a pained look on his face.

Jul 16, 2017

Drive by shooting, green Honda Civic, three to four Hispanic males described in scanner call; details not in APD release

Thank you to Kym Kemp who actually provided audio of the scanner call on her site. APD Press release did not have these details.

Drive by shooting, green Honda Civic, three to four Hispanic males in white jacket,partial plate 1C.

Suspect flees the scene after shooting a 17 year old in Arcata

On 7-16-17 at about 2:45 am, the Arcata Police Department received a report of a shooting in the 1200 block of C St, Arcata.
Upon the officers' arrival, they located a 17yr old juvenile with a gunshot wound. The juvenile was transported to Mad River Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
Officers learned that the juvenile was shot after an altercation and that the suspect had fled the scene.