Jul 15, 2017

Leslie and William Osborne arrested on various charges including possession of stolen property

On 07/14/2017, at approximately 0946 hours, a HCSO deputy was on patrol in the area of Big Lagoon County Park when he conducted an investigation on a vehicle that was parked at that location.  Leslie Osborne (AKA Leslie McCovey) and William Osborne were contacted and subsequently detained. 

This is how disrespect of the police should be handled, take note California, especially Humboldt

This teen was "crashing" in the tenant's apartment with his older sister, he was not a tenant, headline is misleading."


Inmate attempted suicide last night, was transported to hospital and received treatment

Heard that an inmate attempted suicide by hanging at Humboldt County Jail last night.

I attempted to confirm directly from the jail and could not get confirmation or denial from Sgt. Griffin, who was on duty. "If something like that happened, and it warranted a press release, we would put out a press release," he said.

I contacted Sheriff William Honsal. "There was a suicide attempt in the jail last night. The subject was transported to the hospital and received treatment. He should be back in custody now. A press release will be coming out this morning. "

HCSO Deputy Sheriffs placed on administrative leave after officer involved shooting in Weitchpec

On July 14, 2017, at 2157 hours, Deputies with the Sheriff's Office were on patrol in the area Highway 169 North of Weitchpec.

The Deputy Sheriffs observed a suspicious vehicle in the roadway on Martins Ferry Bridge.   The Deputies contacted the driver and solo occupant of the vehicle. He was later identified as George Robbins from Hoopa, CA.   During the course of that contact an officer involved shooting occurred, wounding Robbins.   

Jul 14, 2017

Vigil to be held in Arcata Plaza tomorrow to note three months since the death of David Josiah Lawson

From Justice for David Josiah Lawson:

"Tomorrow a vigil will be held for David Josiah Lawson on Arcata's Plaza. July 15th marks three months since his murder and no one is currently in custody. Starting at 6:00 p.m. Please feel free to bring children and flowers #JusticeForJosiah"

Shoes and clothing of pedestrian hit on 4th street still in lane; another accident on 4th required roof of car to be cut to get people out

John Michael Stolpe pleads no contest to domestic violence charge but with DEJ, no conviction maybe entered

At trial confirmation for John Stolpe, the jury trial date of July 17 was vacated. Stolpe was charged with domestic violence.

A disposition and reset hearing for that case was scheduled for July 13. At that hearing, John Stolpe plead no contest with a deferred entry of judgement.

Mark Wheetley paid his fines in full, completed HART classes but was on probation when CHP arrested him yesterday for an alleged DUI

Mark Wheetley paid his fines in full, completed his HART classes for his 2016 DUI case but was still on probation until 2019.

He was arrested by CHP on alleged charge of a DUI yesterday.

Public Defender files motion for continuance in Chad Smith case

The Public Defender filed a motion for continuance of the preliminary hearing in Chad Smith's case. That motion will be heard on July 18 at 9:45, at the same time intervention is scheduled for this case.

Fortuna City Manager Mark Wheetey arrested for DUI yesterday, not in custody

Mark Wheetley, Fortuna City Manager, arrested by CHP yesterday at 7:37 on charges of DUI.

He was released to self and is not in custody.

I have contacted Mr. Wheetley, and Mayor Sue Long for comment.

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"California Supreme Court ruling limits harmful effects of Prop. 47"

From Association of Deputy District Attorneys blog:
By Michele Hanisee
Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature steadfastly refuse to address even the most egregious flaws in their beloved soft-on-crime initiative, Proposition 47. But despite their obstinacy, a droplet of positive news has trickled out of Sacramento.
The California Supreme Court has ruled that judges have wide discretion to refuse to shorten the sentences of third-strike inmates.

Jul 13, 2017

Report of fire at Tri Counties Bank in Henderson Center

Report of fire at Tri Counties Bank, 2844 F street in Eureka. Humboldt Bay Fire unit, first on scene, saw smoke but no visible fire. Firefighters checking to see cause and checking to see if possible electric fire.

World's first robot lawyer, Do Not Pay, now available in all 50 states

(Image from lawyerist.com)

Would you use the world's first robot lawyer?

EPD prostitution sting results in three arrests including a woman from Florida and one from Redding

On July 12, 2017, between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., Detectives with the Eureka Police Department's POP team conducted an undercover operation in the vicinity of the 1300 block of 3rd Street.  The operation was in response to multiple citizen complaints regarding the on-going and blatant criminal activity perpetrated by prostitutes.

Humboldt DTF and EPD POP officers arrest 2 for heroin, meth and weed in Maple Lane bust

On July 13, 2017 at approximately 0900 hours Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force and Officers with the Eureka Police POP Unit served search warrants in the 2300 block of Maple Lane in Eureka.

McMullens motel stabbing victim knew his alleged assailant

EPD is still investigating the stabbing at the McCullens Motel this morning.

Preliminary information indicates stab to the lower abdomen. The alleged assailant was known to the victim.

 According to EPD Captain Steve Watson , "the victim was alert when he was transported to the hospital."

EPD and ambulance at McCullens Motel for an alleged stabbing

An hour ago, EPD responded to a call about an alleged stabbing at the McCullens motel. Alleged victim is a male. Incident occured in or near Room 7. Ambulance also responded. Alleged victim transported to hospital.

Mckinleyville citizens, especially parents, may want to avoid Hiller/Ocean until vulgar graffitti is cleaned up

Hearing this morning on motion for subpoenaed medical records in Marci Kitchen case

A hearing on a motion for subpoenaed medical records in Marci Kitchen's case is scheduled today at 10:15 in Courtroom 5. The records were requested by DA.

Jul 12, 2017

Exactly a year ago, law enforcement found Faith Tsarnas' body and airlifted Kiya Kitchen to a hospital out of the area

(Kiya Kitchen and Joe Kitchen)

(Faith Tsarnas)

Today is July 12, exactly a year ago,  law enforcement responded to Eel River Drive and discovered the body of Faith Tsarnas and found Kiya Kitchen nearby, still alive.

Kiya Kitchen succumbed to her injuries hours later.

"Why is taking so long? I don't understand what you are saying. Yeah fine."

Michael Grant's preliminary hearing for attempted murder was scheduled today at 9:45 a.m  in Courtroom 3.

Count 1 is attempted murder with a special allegation of discharging a firearm. Count 2 is felon in possession of a firearm.

Due to 132 pages of discovery received last night, Michael Grant preliminary continued to September 13. Intervention September 11.

Defense made an oral motion, also told Judge Dale Reinholtsen, time was needed to prep because there was audio and video from jail.

People did not object. Ms. Myers said they provided discovery as soon as they received it from law enforcement.

Mr. Kaleb Cockrum spoke with Grant in courtroom. No family present today.

First Grant said, "Why is taking so long? I don't understand what you are saying. As Mr. Cockrum showed him discovery and explained again,  Grant said "Yeah fine."

Fifteen greenhouses, seven outdoor grows in Hyampom bust

On Tuesday 07/11/2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served a search warrant to investigate an allegation of illegal cultivation of marijuana. The parcel in question had no application on file with Humboldt County Building and Planning and no permits issued for the cultivation of commercial marijuana. 

"California Supreme Court strips the Committee of Bar Examiners of its authority to decide the minimum score needed to pass the exam"

"The state Supreme Court amended its rules to specify only the court has authority to set the passing score on the exam."

Jul 11, 2017

Criminals giving LE a break but then there are always bears and goats

First, a bear, now a goat, Humboldt law enforcement life is never dull.

Humboldt scanner call:

Just heard over the scanner that a black goat is head butting neighbor's front door. RPs afraid to leave the residence. LE attempting contact with goat's owners to inform them. Location: Little fairfield in Eureka.

"The bottom line is that the more money the state government takes from taxpayers, the worse it handles it."

Take a guess which list has California listed.


Californians found innocent will no longer have to reimburse the cost for court appointed counsel

Californians accused of a crime but found innocent will no longer have to reimburse for the cost of court appointed counsel, after Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 355 into law on July 10. This takes effect on January 1, 2018.

For more information on Senate Bill 355 and other proposed criminal justice bills, read this press release from Senators Mitchell and Lara:

Jul 10, 2017

Grateful bear did not hang around to thank HCSO after they helped free him from being stuck in a car

Deputy Crotty, Corporal Borges and Lt. Fridley responded this morning to a call for a bear stuck in a vehicle. This was in Greenwood Heights.

They tied a rope to a tree and from a distance opened the door. The bear got out and ran off.

Owner of the car had no idea how the bear got into the car.

50K bail set for William Koenig charged with threatening Humboldt GOP volunteer

William Koenig had a OR/Bail court hearing this afternoon in Courtroom 2. He was not released today.

 Koenig was arrested by EPD on July 4 after making threats to a Humboldt Republican volunteer and trying to steal a donation jar. Koenig was arraigned on July 6, entered a not guilty plea and his bail was set at 50K.

Jul 9, 2017

"Attempts to contact Coast Seafood Company’s Southwest Operations Manager Greg Dale since June have not been returned."

"Attempts to contact Coast Seafood Company’s Southwest Operations Manager Greg Dale since June have not been returned. Attempts to contact Coast Seafood Company’s Oregon-based parent company Pacific Seafood Group were not returned by Saturday afternoon."


Not getting back to Times-Standard since June? Is this what a local business owner and Harbor Commissioner's idea is of transparency and professionalism?

Humboldt's image could use a makeover regionally and nationally

(Photo credit: Carolyn Ford)
Humboldt's image, regionally and nationally, could use positive spotlight by featuring Humboldt business leaders like Larry O. Doss, Barry Smith , Dale Maples, Kyle Visser who also help others succeed and give back to the community, regularly without wanting recognition.

Same for Supervisors Ryan Sundberg and Rex Bohn. Very accessible, pick up the phone and get things done for constituents, across party lines.