Jul 8, 2017

Retaliation or conspiracy? San Diego lawyer representing canna biz charged with felonies

(Jessica McElfresh)
Retaliation or conspiracy?


"Six people face felony charges stemming from an illegal hash oil manufacturing and distribution operation in San Diego, prosecutors said Wednesday.

From the streets to having a room made all the difference in this guy's life

Twice in the last week, got to walk around and enjoy peace and quiet in Old Town and watch families, couples and community enjoy the day.

If this is  a result of the fence at 3rd and Commercial, then 👍

Critical Incident Response Team looking into man's death on South Depot Road

On 07-08-17, Humboldt County Sheriff Deputies contacted several subjects on South Depot Road in Fields Landing due to complaints of trespassing and illegal dumping. While speaking with these subjects an uninvolved person began impeding the investigation.

Jul 7, 2017

EPD out 1500 block of F Street for report of shots fired inside a residence."

Operation Safe Streets posted around 5:45:

"EPD out 1500 block of F Street for report of shots fired inside a residence." According to OSS, "suspect left the scene, after allegedly firing gun in house. "

There are no police cars here as of 7 p.m.

I contacted EPD for more information.

Update 8:20 p.m. "It was reported as unfounded after we responded,", said EPD Captain Steve Watson.

Vehicle pulling a trailer with no wheels and fire at the foot of T street, just another day in Eureka

EPD officer responding to the area by Samoa Bridge after dispatch received a call of a vehicle pulling a trailer with no wheels, creating sparks.

Humboldt Bay  Fire is at the foot of T Street responding to a fire that maybe related to a transient camp.

"The law does not provide a blanket license to grow as much marijuana as you want, where, when and how you want."

EPD Captain Watson and Sgt. Sanchez provided the more information regarding the POP bust on the 3200 block High Street yesterday.

An arrest was not made (yet) as the suspect was traveling out of state.

POP executed at a residence on the 3200 block of High Street yesterday, after conducting follow-up on a complaint of “strong odor of marijuana” emanating from that address.

"Sword balancing, veil spinning, cymbal clapping and booty shaking, the ladies of Sassafras intoxicate spectators with alluring presentation and sultry sass"

"The fence is a temporary situation with a currently indefinite end date that will depend largely on the behavior of the transients in the area, as well as the success of other strategies being worked on. "

It has been two days since the temporary fence was erected across from the St. Vincent Dining Facility on Third Street.

I followed up today with EPD Captain Steve Watson.

"The fence is a temporary situation with a currently indefinite end date that will depend largely on the behavior of the transients in the area, as well as the success of other strategies being worked on. "

Jul 6, 2017

Nearly 400 plants taken during a bust of an indoor grow on 3200 High Street

The initial tip came from  a reader of my blog.

Several EPD cars were at a house on the 3200 block of High Street around 4 p.m. today and the officers were "carrying out several plants".

POP found nearly 400 plants in an indoor grow. The bust was a result of complaints from neighbors.

"It is a privilege to honor John Marceil and his heroic actions"

Right now,  an award ceremony is taking place at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility Jail Briefing Room.

The presentation by Sheriff William Honsal is to honor John Marceil, the brave citizen who helped save a child’s life at Centerville Beach.  Marceil was given the Sheriff's Citizen's Distinguished Service award.

"I'm handcuffed, you can search me"; Michael Grant held to answer in the shortest preliminary I have covered

In the shortest preliminary, I have covered so far (lasted 10 minutes, starting at 10:50), Michael Grant was held to answer on charges for one of his 2017 cases.

People's motion to consolidate both of Jon Goldberg's cases granted by Judge Wilson

Motion to consolidate both of Jon Goldberg's cases was scheduled for July 6. After hearing from both attorneys briefly, Judge Wilson granted the People's motion to consolidate.

Jul 5, 2017

Read a Bear River Tribal Council letter for yourself regarding two incidents

Here is a screen shot of an official Bear River tribal letter sent to me. It addresses two incidents, including a suspension of the Vice-Chair for one tribal council meeting without pay. That part was not addressed in the email sent to me.

I cannot enlarge it on blogger but I will post it on facebook.

Imagine if CA held drug dealers accountable like this Judge

(Photo credit: W. Virginia Record)


"This was the deal: A West Virginia drug dealer was going to plead guilty to a single count of distributing heroin and in exchange prosecutors would drop the five other counts against him, including a couple counts of peddling highly addictive fentanyl.

Autopsy has been scheduled for dead body pulled out of the bay this weekend

Lt. Dennis Young told me today that an autopsy has been scheduled and more information will be available, pending the outcome of the autopsy.

HCSO's only involvement in assistance was the Deputy Coroner responding to the scene.

Clayton Lasinski jury trial rescheduled for August; DA files amended information

Clayton Lasinski, who led CHP and EPD through a chase in Old Town had his jury trial of July 10 vacated; a motion to continue the trial requested by the defense was granted on 6/15. The DA's office filed a motion to amend information which was also granted on 6/15. Original information had 15 counts, amended information has 16 counts. Trial confirmation was scheduled for August 3. Jury trial for August 21.

Previous post:


HCSO detectives and evidence techs did follow up on Sheila Frank new information; no body was found

HCSO detectives and evidence technician did follow up on the information on my blog regarding Sheila Frank on "Sarge's property", just returned minutes ago. No body was discovered in the cistern, according to Lt. Dennis Young.

Bruce Owens Glass sentenced to prison as part of his plea deal; original charge lewd act upon a child

Bruce Owens Glass was sentenced to 10 years in prison this morning by Judge John Feeney in his 2015 case in which he was charged with PC 288 (b) (1), Lewd Act Upon a Child.

Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads prosecuted the case. Deputy Public Defender Owen Tipps represented Glass.

Trial setting for Ewa Misztal continued to see if she will also enter a plea of not guilty by insanity

Trial setting for Ewa Miztal, the Polish citizen and Arcata woman, charged with the death of her baby, was continued to this morning, then to this afternoon.

Information was amended in court to add a subdivision to the charge after Judge Marilyn Miles had a discussion with attorneys at the bench.

Tyler Lemmons booked for alleged vehicle theft, criminal threats in Oregon Street incident


On July 4, 2017, at about 7:00 a.m., officers responded to the 3500 block of Oregon Street for the report of neighbors holding down a male suspect.  The suspect, 18 year old Tyler Lemmons, had attempted to steal a truck and collided with a parked vehicle while trying to drive away.  Lemmons brandished a knife while neighbors attempted to detain him.  Officers arrested Lemmons and booked him into HCCF for vehicle theft, driving without a license, hit and run, criminal threats, and possession of a dirk or dagger.  

Indian male wearing dark baseball hat and gray hooded shirt sought in 3rd street incident

EPD Press Release on 3rd street incident reported on this blog yesterday:

On July 4, 2017, at about 5:51 p.m., officers responded to an apartment on the 1600 block of 3rd Street for the report of a stabbing.  The male victim reported that he had been stabbed from behind by an unknown male.  The victim was transported to the hospital by ambulance with moderate injuries.  Witnesses described the suspect as an Indian male in his 40's, 5'7", 160 pounds wearing a dark baseball hat and gray hooded sweatshirt.  Officers checked the area and followed up on a few leads but were unable to locate the suspect.  

EPD provides description for robbery suspect in incident on Sequoia Park trail

EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell gave me details about alleged robbery on the Sequoia Park trail yesterday, reported in an earlier post.

"On July 4, 2017, at about 3:49 p.m. EPD was notified of a robbery that had taken place on a Sequoia Park trail.  It was reported that the suspect jumped out of a bush and brandished a knife at the victim, demanding his belongings.  The suspect then fled on foot with the victim’s wallet and phone.  The suspect was described as a white male, 20’s, 5’9”, thin build.  Suspect was wearing a flat bill camo baseball hat with a gray star and green hooded sweatshirt.  Anyone with information is asked to call EPD. "

Jul 4, 2017

Man threatens to cut Humboldt Republican volunteer with a knife, grabs donation box, at 4th of July Festival

A man was arrested by the EPD today at the 4th of July Festival in Eureka and taken to jail.

This happened after he came up to the Humboldt Republican booth, he was on a bicycle, drove by and grabbed the donation box and then threatened to cut one of volunteers with a knife. At this point, other volunteers and crowd stepped in, tackled him. He called them fascists.

When word spread about this, people came by to donate.
(Photo by a community member who called 911)

Adult male stabbed 4 times; BOLO out for a robbery suspect with a knife

From Operation Safe Streets:

Incident 1:

According to scanner traffic, an adult male has been stabbed 4 times and is being transported to St Joseph Hospital by Ambulance.  Early indications appear victim was transported from Third St in Eureka.    Officers are out at the Laguna Inn ivestigating the incident though it's not clear if it occurred there or not.

Sassafras, The Hammered Posy, Job's Daughters, and "the Donald" at Eureka 4th of July celebration

Jul 3, 2017

Betty Chinn's warehouse broken into again

Betty Chinn's warehouse got broken into, again. This happened today, "sometime this afternoon", said Betty. "Somebody called me. There were two trucks full of stuff, hidden under the railroad tracks."

"Hank Sims comes across as butt hurt"; best LOCO comment of the day

For years, piss poor mediocrity has passed for "media" in this town with liberal activists passing themselves as "reporters."

The right/moderates in this town could care less about funding decent journalism or the joke that passes as "media" here would be long gone. When it's too late, and when the radical liberal agenda further affects their pocketbook, they may wake up.

Bullying, death threats against California Dems from the left?


We do not need another Sacramento mandate that dictates how we govern our county or that impedes our ability to deliver high-quality and cost-effective services to local residents.”

The County of Humboldt sent a letter recently to the legislature signaling its strong opposition to Assembly Bill 1250 (Jones-Sawyer).  AB 1250, at its core, seeks to stop counties from contracting with community-based organizations (CBOs), nonprofits, local businesses and other private providers of quality local services that counties and their residents rely on. 

Daniel Gurley pleads guilty in another case; charge for Betty Chinn warehouse property dismissed

Daniel Gurley and Brittany Marie Johnson are no longer in custody. Both were charged with one count of Receiving Stolen Property, a misdemeanor.

City of Eureka committed to transfer all City owned property on Indian Island to Wiyot Tribe

In March of 2015, the Wiyot Tribe made a request to the City of Eureka for the transfer of the city owned property on Indian Island.

Another arrest in Betty Chinn warehouse burglary

EPD Captain Steve Watson:

EPD just made another arrest in the Betty Chinn warehouse burglary. Jade Earl, 32-transient, arrested for possession of stolen property etc https://t.co/4mEx0XkZUa

Jul 2, 2017

EPD responding near Highland Park for report of semi conscious subject "wi th a needle hanging out of their neck"

Operation Safe Streets posted:

EPD is responding to the area near Highland Park for a report of a subject sitting in a motor home with "a needle hanging out of their neck". The subject is reportedly semi conscious.

Are two or more Bear River Rohnerville Rancheria board members being federally investigated?

                          (John McGinnis)
(Dakota McGinnis)

(Barry Brenard)
According to an inside source, a couple of  Bear River Rohnerville Rancheria board members were "led away in cuffs yesterday by federal police." The tipster did not say this resulted in any arrest.

They are pulling a dead body out of the bay right now!!

Photo from and the following facebook post from Crystal D:

"They are pulling a dead body out of the bay right now!!"

According to Crystal, "Humboldt Bay, Eureka side, where the HSU row team keeps their stuff. It's across from Woodley Island."

Will update when I hear more from HCSO.

Press Release(July 7):

On Sunday, July 2nd, at about 1100 in the morning, a Humboldt County Deputy Coroner responded to Waterfront Drive regarding the report of a deceased individual floating in Humboldt Bay. An autopsy of the individual, identified by fingerprints as Shane Christopher Barbion (DOB 11/30/1969), was completed today.

There were no signs of foul play observed and the cause of death appears to be drowning. Biological samples have been sent to the lab requesting a toxicology analysis. Barbion appears to have been from Eureka with past addresses in Trinity County and Nevada.

Next of kin has been notified in Nevada.

JD Pitman, "the most arrested" shares his thoughts about EPD and his upcoming album, drunk in public

Some of my best posts are impromptu. Today, I was just walking around in Old Town and downtown marveling at the relative piece and quiet.

Besides the crowd near St. Vincent De Paul dining facility and a few people in Opera Alley, there were no regulars hanging out.

Last surviving member of the 1949 Arcata Fire District crew passed away last night

From Arcata Fire District:

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our beloved  "old timers" Allen Masterson. Allen was the last surviving member of the 1949 crew whose names are inscribed on the dedication plaque at the Arcata Station.

Former doctor involved in New York hospital shooting had a California past

Poverty and tired of struggling with financial issues or mental health issues?

This New York Times article raises that question but does not provide enough information for a clear answer.


Sheriff Honsal interviewed for The Profit regarding the economic impact of marijuana on Humboldt

Sheriff William Honsal was interviewed by Marcus Lemonis for an hour long special on the CNBC show, The Profit. Sheriff Honsal said he had a frank discussion with Lemonis about the economic impact of marijuana in Humboldt County.