Jun 3, 2017

$2.65 million bail for 8 charges of alleged sexual abuse of a minor, his own teenage step daughter, filed against Chad Smith, owner of Humboldt Longboard and former owner of Surfside Burger Shack

Chad A. Smith, former owner of the Surfside Burger Shack and present owner of Humboldt Long Board was arrested on Friday at 1:40 p.m. for 8 counts of PC 288.7 (b)

He is still in custody. Bail is $2.65 million. This information is from the Humboldt County Jail.

Very nice tweet about LGBTQ pride from EPD Chief Andy Mills

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills tweet:

From the Stonewall Riots of the 60s to a blue line in the LGBT flag. Police now support the LGBTQ community. #LGBTQMONTH #ABOUTTIME https://t.co/G2axCk6S0r

Chief Mills has marched in the local Pride Parade. Most places in the U. S. have their pride parade in June.

Cause of fire at 2nd and Commercial still undetermined; transients seen by EPD leaving the building

Just got a brief update from HBF Chief Bill Gillespie:

There will be a press release later today. Units are still at scene putting out hotspots. Cause currently undetermined. Transients were seen by epd leaving from behind the building prior to fire department arrival.

Second time EPD officer has spotted building on fire in the same area

(photos Humboldt Bay Fire)

Early morning fire at 2nd and Commercial (old Eureka Ice building) units have been there for several hours.

An EPD police officer on patrol saw flames from a distance and when she arrived at the location, the building was completely engulfed in flames.

Jun 2, 2017

"Pain manifests in different ways and that we should be taking this opportunity to educate and open a dialogue on issues, including racism"

"I interpreted the letter as a request to resign," Liz told me. " I drove to Sacramento last week to review NAACP bylaws with our chapters cluster director and he talked with Donn who said he did not intend for me to take his letter has a resignation request. Regardless. I'm communicating with my chapter's executive committee through the cluster director. Like you, I trust him."

There are very few people she trusts right now. In journalism, she said KHSU's Lorna Bryant "used to be that person but she has failed me phenomenally." Bryant is also a NAACP member.

With each organization she was involved with locally or in an area, she has a key person;  "in journalism, that is you," she told me.

"Boys and Girls broke my heart but NAACP showed me what the term sellout means"

"Boys and Girls broke my heart but NAACP showed me what the term sellout means," Liz Smith told me.

Liz Smith, who is the President of the local NAACP recieved on May 19 from NAACP's first Vice President, Donn Peterson.

"Greetings Liz,

I received a call yesterday from Captain Smith.  He referenced the news about you and wanted to be sure you were well.  He also indicated that he has been trying to get in touch with you.  If you have not already, I think you should give him a call and talk with him.

On a personal note, I hope this finds you well.  I’m concerned about you, worry, and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  I know you are going through a difficult period of time and, through experience, know that I understand very little, only a fraction really of what is actually happening.

K 9 vests for Mendocino Sheriff deputies' best friend

Chris Pugh:
New K9 vests protect @MendoSheriff pawed partners from bullets, knives https://t.co/24tujWvdez https://t.co/NemP8SbSYW

Still no resolution in Nicholas Leigl case, it is still a go for Monday pending courtroom availability

Still no resolution in the Nicholas Leigl case in which he is charged with one count, accessory after the fact, for the homicide of Jesus Garcia.

Unless courtroom availability is an issue, it is a go for this Monday. Jury trial is scheduled to start Monday at 9:45 in Courtroom 2.

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"I will file a motion for reconsideration prior to appeals. " Floyd Squires responds to Judge Cissna's rulings

(Photo credit KRCR)

Mr. Floyd Squires responded to me just now about Judge Cissna's ruling yesterday in the lawsuit filed against him by neighbors of 1625 and 1635 G street.

"I will file a motion for reconsideration prior to appeals. "

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Jun 1, 2017

EPD responding to a call about a woman attacking a car; reporting party inside the car

EPD responding to the 2000 block of Truesdale; code 3; caller claims a woman is attacking a car with a kitchen knife.   The reporting party is inside the car.

6/2: According to EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell: "It appears this was some kind of disturbance between a male and female who knew each other.  I’m not clear on the relationship.  Male reported female was attacking his car with a kitchen knife.  No arrests have been made at this time." 

Road blocked at Avalon and Walnut, traffic backed up, water flowing down the street

North Coast News is live from the scene Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie was putting on his equipment and he told KAEF's Nazy Javid that they responded to report of a garage fire. When HBF arrived, there was smoke. They secured the scene. No injuries or cause of fire determined yet.

Humboldt Bay Fire  was fine with North Coast News  getting a closer look but the property owner declined permission.

Link to North Coast News video:


"It is my fervent hope that the Squires will pay attention to the words in the judge's ruling and operate, manage, and maintain their properties so as to not constitute a public nuisance."

Statement from Ron Kuhnel, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the Squires:

"I am pleased my wife and I, along with all our neighbors prevailed in our suit against the Squires for their nuisance properties. The judge found, and I quote from his order, “Substantial, credible evidence was submitted that supports that 1625/1635 were nuisances”. He also found, “...the properties at 1625/1635 were negligently operated, managed, and maintained by defendants and constituted a nuisance.

New signal lights installed on Fern and Walnut a go on June 19

An update from First District Supervisor Rex Bohn "on the new Signal lights that are installed on Fern and Walnut in Cutten. All the pressure loops are in and everything looks to be a go. There will be a testing of the system Monday and then they are scheduled to be lit and running on the 19th of June. We have decided to wait till school is out and all the end of the year distractions for parents and students are over. The County appreciates your patience on this long overdue safety project for the Cutten area. Nice work by Wahlund Construction and Spencer Electric."

Neighborhood citizens vs Floyd Squires in court; victory for neighbors

(Photo : courtesy KAEF)

No response from Mr. Floyd Squires, yet. He did respond to me Friday morning.

From Councilmember Kim Bergel via Facebook (around 3:50):

"This just in-
In the case of the neighbors suing Floyd Squires-- the neighbors prevail!!"

Humboldt drug bust of the day : heroin; this one by HCSO

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 K9 Handler Colby Henson and his narcotic dog Louie were conducting routine searches of an outside work area where inmate work crews are located. K9 Louie made a positive indication in the work area. Upon further investigation of the area Deputy Henson located 68.8 grams of chewing tobacco and 12.1 grams of suspected heroin. This appeared to be an attempt to leave contraband for the inmate work crews to smuggle back into the Correctional Facility. The contraband was booked for destruction under HCSO Case #201702570.

Eureka resident gets himself busted for allegedly smoking meth and heroin dealing charges

PGE gives HCSO $141,951.24 to get a new radio software system

In early April Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Supervisor Morgan Schlesiger began communications with PG&E staff to seek funding to acquire a new radio software application to enhance communication between the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center and PG&E Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) staff who work directly with one another on a daily basis. The current system has been in place since 2001, and has become antiquated and obsolete.

May 31, 2017

Sleeping in a stolen Subaru in February; arrested in May for allegedly stealing a Toyota

EPD Press Release:

On May 30, 2017, at about 5:07 p.m., the Eureka Police Department received information that a stolen Toyota 4Runner was parked in the Walmart parking lot on the 3300 block of Broadway.  Officers responded and located the vehicle parked and occupied by two male passengers.  

Apellate Court rejects Michael Youravish's claim that "his sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole violates the Eighth Amendment."

Apellate court rules Michael "Youravish’s sentence is not disproportionate and does not violate the Eighth Amendment."

Defense hopes pysch evaluation will lead to a resolution in case of Arcata woman charged with death of her baby

Ewa Misztal, is the Polish citizen, charged with the death of her baby. She had a trial setting scheduled this morning at 10:15 in Courtroom 5. It was continued to June 21 at 8:30 in Courtroom 2 at the request of the defense.

"We were unable to reach a final resolution"; Leigl refuses people's plea offer; trial scheduled for June 5

A hearing was set for 8:30 a.m today in Courtroom 2 to see if Nicholas Leigl would accept the plea deal offered by the People.

On May 24, Leigl's bail was set at $100,000; prior to this he was being held in custody; and had a no bail status. Leigl is one of four suspects charged in the homicide of Jesus Garcia.

May 30, 2017

Help APD locate this truck seen leaving the scene from the Alliance Road gas station

On 5-30-17 at about 5:58 pm, the Arcata Police Department responded to a reported robbery at the 76 Gas Station located at 2205 Alliance Rd in Arcata.

Officers contacted the employee, who said a male subject entered the business, displayed what appeared to be a handgun wrapped in a bandana and demanded money.  The suspect left the business with an undisclosed amount of cash and fled to the rear of the business. 

The investigation for David Josiah Lawson's case remains open and active

On May 5, the preliminary hearing concluded for the David Josiah Lawson homicide case.

Charges against the man charged in that preliminary hearing, Kyle Zoellner were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

I contacted APD today to check the status of the investigation.

APD Chief Tom Chapman responded to me:

"Hi John, the investigation remains open and active."

995 motion to be filed in McCullens motel shooting case, trial setting continued to August 2

Trial setting for McCullens motel shooting suspect, Maxx Robison was scheduled for this morning in Courtroom 3.

Deputy Public Defender Ms. Jennifer Dixon is representing Robison. Ms. Dixon requested a trial setting in two months since she needs time to file a 995 motion and to determine expert witness availabilty.

Deputy District Attorney Carolyn Schaffer is prosecuting the case.

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May 28, 2017

" I think LOCO comment section sheds a lot of light into why Josiah was killed by one of YALL LOCALS. You guys are intolerant, racist and ignorant ..."

Tina Sampay does have a selective memory. She was not there the entire time from 9. a. to 5 p.m. every day. There is at least one day she arrived later. As previously reported, even when she was there, she walked in and out, clicked her pen more than taking notes.

If it is an opinion or coverage Tina Sampay likes, it is real; if it is not, she screams racism and judges people she does not know.

“The Service International Employee Union – their chief, their CEO makes north of $600,000 a year with [perks] and benefits and you compare that to the $15 per hour [they want],” he said.

Supporters of a $15 minimum wage are about to get a heaping helping of reality.
Self-service kiosks will be made available to the more than 6,000 Wendy’s franchises in the United States, the company announced on Thursday. 

"I aint fit to live"; suspect tells reporter his intention was suicide by cop

This reporter talked to the suspect.

"I aint fit to live," the suspect said. In the video, he talks about suicide by cop; that his pain was not directed at the law enforcement; "he was just there."


This is a video which describes what led up to the shooting. Not selective clips by amateurs that just fuel emotions.