May 13, 2017

Unknown male breaks into Mckinleyville residence; reporting party locked themselves in back bedroom

1950  Elmwood  in Mckinleyville, unknown male subject broke down front door residence; rp locked themselves in back bedroom; man is screaming in the front of the house in living room, according to scanner call

Arcata dad alleges "I was assaulted by Lawson, Chandler, Bobodilla and others January 16 this year. I filed a police report at the time, but learned the identity of my assailants as a result of media coverage of the stabbing."

Will APD investigate this? Will Arcata Vice Mayor Sofia Pereira reach out to this citizen?
I have contacted both the DA and APD about this comment.

From LOCO comment section:

  • I was assaulted by Lawson, Chandler, Bobodilla and others January 16 this year. I filed a police report at the time, but learned the identity of my assailants as a result of media coverage of the stabbing. I incurred a concussion and about $3000 in hospital bills, missed many days of work and felt unsafe in my neighborhood for months later. I have followed up recently with the DA and APD. It's unlikely that any charges will be filed, but there were witnesses.

    Drunk bum in Old Town yells obscenities while being passed out on private property

    (image from You Tube)
    A drunk bum yelling obscenities on Second Street in Old Town near I street, and yelled "Fuck you" when a property owner told him to leave where he was passed out.

    Headed towards Third Street. Blue shirt, scraggly beard.

    Thanks a lot City of Eureka, Old Town was always like this; has become worse after the marsh eviction.

    Police presence on L street between 9th and 10th

    Large police presence on L st between 9th and 10th. One man detained in handcuffs.

    EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell: "Joseph Conn was arrested for a felony warrant for parole violation."

    May 12, 2017

    Why was this Justice for Josiah poster up before the complaint against Kyle Zoellner was dismissed?

    This poster up at CR is time stamped May 1.

    The complaint against Kyle Zoellner was dismissed May 5.

    Josiah's family and the community deserve answers & justice despite the actions of Elijah Chandler, HSU, most BU members and protestors

    Kudos to David Josiah Lawson's mother and brother, who are conducting themselves with such grace in the aftermath of unexpectedly losing a family member.

    Pastor Phil Griggs spoke eloquently about healing, justice and showed an example to the protestors by his words on the meeting with Humboldt County District Attorney DA Maggie Fleming.

    Yesterday's protest was peaceful, however, there are reports of people engaging some motorists and courtgoers in a negative fashion that were personally told to me. Kudos to Ms. Lawson, Josiah's mother, as well as his pastor letting those who have chosen to protest know that they want justice but peaceful protests.

    Note the absence of Barbara Singleton and Tina Sampay yesterday and the peaceful protest.

    I do have some questions not for Josiah's family, but others.

    1. Michael Fennell certainly seems to have adjusted his attitude and words since last week. Is this for real or show?

    2. Why is Elijah Chandler involved everytime he can get more media coverage and why is he including himself in this meeting with the DA? He is not family.
    Everyone at that party, including Elijah Chandler could be considered a potential suspect. He was a witness, why is he tainting this investigation by being involved? Was he present at the meeting with the DA? As a key witness for the preliminary hearing, he had no business talking to the media. That did affect the People's case. If he is interested in Justice for Josiah, he needs to stop seeking so much attention for himself and actually do something to help the investigation.

    Starting Monday, Humboldt Superior Court offer more services on the second floor for the public

    As already reported on this blog, a while back, the public information computers and certain services like paying fees, copies of complaints and records and general court information are going to be offered on the second floor of the courthouse, starting Monday, from 8 a.m to 3 p.m..

    May 11, 2017

    "This is bullshit, he is not guilty? "; most of Courtroom 1 clears after Eric Lively's arraignment

    After the arraignment of Eric Lively was completed, most of Courtroom 1 was empty.

    Lawson's family meets with DA, will return at 4; will there be another protest or rioting?

    Less than 20  "Justice for Josiah" protestors gathered outside the courthouse this morning shouting slogans like "The People are rising, no more compromising."

    They arrived around 9:20 a.m. and left around 12:20 p.m. this afternoon. While they were protesting outside, David Lawson's family was meeting with the DA.

    Spring sale at Barry Smith Construction and Carbonneau Ceramic Tile; items at discounted rates

    Barry Smith Construction and Carbonneau Ceramic Tile are having a spring sale. Tiles, windows and other items at discounted rates.

    Further arraignment scheduled for Eric Lively, suspect in the murder of Jesse Earl Simpson

    (image from
    Eric Lively, the suspect charged with the murder of Jesse Earl Simpson has a hearing for further arraignment scheduled this afternoon at 1:29 in Courtroom 1.

    Jury trial confirmed for Bryan Ross Main, suspect charged with unlawfully touching a minor at the Sweet Spot

    Bryan Ross Main had a trial confirmation hearing scheduled this morning.  Jury trial confirmed for May 30.

    Mar 22, 2017

    Jury trial confirmed for Bryan Ross Main charged with failure to register as a sex offender and unlawfully touching a minor; alleged incident happened at the Sweet Spot

    Jon Goldberg to be arraigned on 2017 case this morning; also motion to consolidate both his cases on today

    Both of Jon Goldberg's cases were scheduled this morning in Courtroom 5. The 2016 case, in which he is charged with the death of Tim Smith and the 2017 case in which his wife is the alleged victim.

    May 10, 2017

    Flyer urges people to call DA to subpoena Tina Sampay's phone

    "She put her own needs well before the girls she left behind. The failure to accept responsibility was consistent."

    "The court has ample evidence Ms. Kitchen was driving a jeep; she was driving while she was intoxicated."

    Marci Kitchen held to answer on all charges

    Deputy District Attorney submitted on the evidence but reserved the right to rebuttal. The defense oral argument by Mr. Griego was brief. Ms. Eads gave a very powerful rebuttal.

    CA Dept of Justice criminalist testifies and People rest their case; defense presents no witnesses

    DOJ criminialist Kristina Rosenfield testifies briefly about processing Marci Kitchen's jeep and physical evidence found.

    Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads has been very careful when she shows photos to witnesses. This afternoon, she was showing a photo of Faith's legs to Kitchen's attorney, Mr. Patrik Griego.

    CHP viewed video from Riverwalk Lodge and Eel River Brewery before they located Marci Kitchen's Jeep

    CHP Officer Paul Kraft took the stand at 11:30. In the morning session, he described how law enforcement located Marci Kitchen's Jeep Wrangler, obtained a search warrant and identified photos.

    Marci throws her son under the bus in court; right after he says: "I believe a little bit of me was still trying to protect my mom. Don't want her to leave. What is done is done. What is right needs to be done. This is right."

    Day 3 of the preliminary hearing for Marci Kitchen started with Jevin Kitchen back on the stand being cross examined by her attorney, Mr. Benjamin Okin.

    Jevin Kitchen was on the stand from 9:22 a.m to 11:24 a.m. Out of this time, Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads only did about 10 to 15 minutes of redirect.

    Josh Pearlston expected to testify after lunch today

    If you are interested in seeing what Josh Pearlston has to say, just heard outside the courtroom that he will be testifying this afternoon.

    Jay Zoellners asks APD : "Was Renalyn Bobadillo stabbed at the party and if so by whom? "

    Kyle Zoellner's uncle asks Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman these questions in a letter he sent to me:

    1) Was Renalyn Bobadillo stabbed at the party and if so by whom?  
    2) If not why did Elijah Chandler make his public statement that she was and why did Police Chief Chapman publically state “It looks like it”?

    May 9, 2017

    In previous documents, it was alleged that Marci Kitchen tried to dissuade Jevin Kitchen from talking to the police

    Here is a link from a restraing order Joe Kitchen obtained against Marci Kitchen, that was later dismissed.

    Want a preview of the search warrant issued for Marci Kitchen's residence?

    I don't know if the search warrant will be discussed in detail at the preliminary hearing for Marci Kitchen.

    Here are a few photos as well as the link to a post I did last year on the search warrant issued for Marci Kitchen's residence.

    Brian Bickerstaff aka Memphis to some arrested on numerous charges including alleged posessions of weapons and probation violation

    Over the sound of the game, I heard my name and believe it was calling for my help so I paused the game. It said again, Jevin come and help."

    Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads prepared Jevin Kitchen as she switched gears from getting him comfortable on the stand asking him about school and his hobbies to questioning him. "So, we are going to step into the events of July 12, 2016."

    Jevin responded, "Yes."

    Ms. Eads" "Do you recall seeing your mom that day?"

    Watching Jevin Kitchen testify today was heartbreaking; at one point even Marci Kitchen dabbed away tears

    (Kiya Kitchen, Faith Tsarnas, and Marci Kitchen; a picture given to use only on my blog by a family member)

    It was heartbreaking to watch Jevin Kitchen testify. I have covered many cases, including several homicides, but this is the first time, it was very hard for me to sit in court. I came close to tears listening to Jevin Kitchen testify in court today.

    "Do you recall arriving at the Kitchen residence and telling Jevin Kitchen that we hit 2 hoochies in bikini's?

    William Trent Stewart was on the stand for an hour and half in the afternoon. He denied making the above statement as well as saying no, when Deputy District Attorney asked him, if he corrected Marci Kitchen when she said she hit a deer.

    Stewart said on the stand the word hoochies is not in his vocabulary.

    Stewart also denied saying the statement. "It's like two vehicular manslaughters. Like this is not good."

    Marci Kitchen placed in Jeep that evening; she laughs with her attorney and glares at prosecutor

    While still showing no emotion when testimony was being given about the collision and her own daughter's injuries, Marci Kitchen was talking at times with one of her attorneys, Mr. Benjamin Okin, during cross examination and for most of the morning. She smiled at times during the morning break while chatting with Mr. Okin.

    "There were buttock prints determined to be by Faith Tsarnas on the front bumper. Lettering and numbering was implanted on the back of Ms. Tsarnas' legs."

    Testimony on Day 2 of the of the preliminary hearing for Marcia Kitchen started with CHP Officer William Chase Adams still on the witness stand. Kitchen's attorney, Mr. Patrik Griego, cross examined Officers for almost three hours.

    The most crucial part of Officer Adam's testimony was during a brief redirect by Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads.

    Fire in an apartment on 9 th and H in Eureka results in five Humboldt Bay Fire Units responding

    About half an hour ago, North Coast News, was live on scene and the only ones to report on a fire at 9th and H in Eureka.

    May 8, 2017

    Want to get caught up on previous Marci Kitchen posts? Check out the search warrant details and more

    There are too many posts on this case to link but here are some previous posts that will get you caught up. These are not in chronoligical order.

    "She noticed the Jeep was badly damaged. She started exclaiming, "Omg Omg Marci."

    The most dramatic testimony came towards the end of the day, when Officer Adams testified about interviewing a family friend, Rhonda Rex on July 22. This included two alleged incriminating statements or "confessions."

    "She described herself as a close family friend," said Officer Adams. "She learned of Kiya's death the morning after the collision via telephone from Ms. Marci Kitchen."

    "I was personally taken aback when she said, "Oh, that's not my daughter."

    DCHP Officer Adams testimony took up all afternoon. From going over diagrams to identifying photos, Officer Adams testified about escorting Marci Kitchen at the location where Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas were found; what Duane Asbach,  the man who called 911 told him about who he saw on Eel River Road in the Jeep in the driver's seat and the vehicle he saw leaving the scene and his assessment of how intoxicated Marci Kitchen was, when he first saw her and later, again at the hospital.

    We take courtroom break in middle of CHP Officer's testimony as he wipes tears testifying about identifying Faith Tsarnas' body

    CHP Officer William Chase Adams teared up on the stand right before he testified about Marci Kitchen being led to a body covered by tarp and described her reaction going from almost hysteria to a cavalier attitude when she discovered it was not her daughter but Faith Tsarnas.

    Court took a 15 minute break before he resumed the stand.

    "The legs of the victim #1 were deformed. They appeared twisted. "

    (Kiya Kitchen, Faith Tsarnas and Marci Kitchen)

    Sgt. Jason Kadle of the Fortuna Police Department was only a  minute away from the location when he received a dispatch call at "approximately 9:16 p.m. in the evening" on July 12, 2016.

    He was dispatched to the "Eel River area" for  a collision with possible deceased female lying in the roadway."

    Finally, the Marci Kitchen preliminary starts today with graphic testimony of the Fortuna officer discovering the two victims' bodies

    Marci Kitchen's preliminary hearing finally started today in Courtroom 1. Judge John Feeney presiding over this hearing.

    The courtroom was packed with family and friends of Joe and Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas. They took up almost 4 rows in the courtroom. Also present were Mr. Zachary Zwerdling for Joe and,Jevin Kitchen and Ms. Elan Firpo for Jeff Tsarnas.

    Is Brothers United still a HSU club? Has there been any fall out after the Spear Avenue party testimony in court?

    David Josiah Lawson, was the president of Brothers United. He was stabbed to death in April at an off campus party.

    At the preliminary hearing last week, a few members of Brothers United testified.

    In response to a question by a reader, I contacted Randi Darnall Burke, Tay Triggs and Molly Kresl.

    Standing ovation for Sheriff William Honsal's swear in


    Sheriff William Honsal was sworn in just now by Supervisor Virginia Bass.

    His wife Jody Honsal pinned his badge. Except for Supervisor Mike Wilson, all other Supervisors were present standing with Sheriff Honsal.

    May 7, 2017

    Thanks Slauson Girl for more good documentation on your true colors and material for possible legal action

    Thanks Tina Sampay aka Slauson Girl for providing me with more good documentation to pursue legal action against you, and others, if I chose to.

    "Baelani! The world is watching you Humboldt #Justice4Josiah"

    From Slauson Girls Facebook page:

    Caption above poster (May 6 2:47 p.m.)

    Baelani! The world is watching you Humboldt #Justice4Josiah

    APD and the DA's office should get craigslist to turn the name over of the idiot who posted this

    Whoever posted this; the death of Josiah is not a joke. If you are a witness, go to law enforcement. If you are not, you need to be traced and held responsible for this stupid post/scenario.

    Thank you to the blog readers  and the commenter who sent me this link.

    "Elijah accidently stabbed Josiah (murder scene scenario) 

    Community run yesterday to support our men and women and their families who sacrifice every day for our lives and safety

    EPD Captain Steve Watson:
    Officer Down 5k law enforcement-community run/walk yesterday at Sequoia Park supporting fallen officers & families. #OD5K #bluelivesmatter