May 5, 2017

Justice for Josiah being held at the Arcata Plaza tonight?

Just heard a Justice for Josiah rally is being held at the Plaza. The DA is continuing the investigation, the Arcata Police Department is as well; so what is the point of this protest?

According to this link to a Times Standard video, it is a protest. The video must have been removed by TS so I am deleting the link. They declined to be filmed by another media outlet which I learned after TS had posted the video. I have not linked any other media video.

Sheriff William Honsal will be sworn in this Monday at 8:30

Sheriff William Honsal will be officially sworn in Monday at 8:30. Ceremony will be held in the Board of Supervisors Chambers!

DA keeps investigation open on Lawson case; future charges will be determined by available evidence

The recently completed preliminary hearing concerning the tragic death of David Josiah Lawson did not result in Kyle Zoellner being held to answer for the charge of murder. In the hearing, the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office presented all the information available, including testimony by seventeen witnesses with distinct accounts of key events. 

"The result of the preliminary hearing does not change the vigor in which we will continue to pursue this case. The men and women of the Arcata Police Department are committed to justice for Josiah"

After five days of testimony, this afternoon a Superior Court Judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to hold Kyle Zoellner in the death of David Josiah Lawson.  

The following are statements from Arcata Vice-Mayor Sofia Pereira and Police Chief Tom Chapman:

Submitted a complaint against this guy who just snapped a photo of me after ruling on Zoellner case on 2nd floor, then says this to me outside on 4th Street

I have already documented and submitted complaints against Mr. White Guy who continued his harassing behavior, even today as I covered the David Lawson case.

Thanks to the internet found the name of Mr. White Guy but only this article with name and  photo, that man is Michael Fennell.

Complaint against Kyle Zoellner dismissed; not held to answer on charges

Judge Dale Reinholtsen explained what the probable cause is and that "the evidence needs to establish sufficient cause that the defendant committed every element of the cause."

After reading legal definitions, Judge Reinholtsen said, "I have reviewed the evidence submitted. It has been somewhat confusing and contradictory."

"This event took place April 15, approximately 16 days ago. That is not adequate time for testing all the physical evidence; only a handful of approximately 100 people were interviewed."

"We have been in this hearing for five days and there hasn't been a single bit of evidence that Mr. Zoellner had a knife and even stabbed anybody."

"There have been so many assumptions in this case from the very first witnesses; Paris Wright, Elijah Chandler," said Deputy Public Defender Luke Brownfield. "Everyone is assuming Kyle stabbed Josiah. The police department is doing an investigation with one assumption; that Mr. Zoellner stabbed Josiah. The DA's office gets a case and charges it based on assumptions"

"We have been in this hearing for five days and there hasn't been a single bit of evidence that Mr. Zoellner had a knife and even stabbed anybody."

"Each witness has slightly different vantage but we think we can piece together enough for probable cause"

"We would ask that the Court hold Mr. Zoellner to answer on charges," said Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees.

Mr. Rees acknowledged "There's a lot of conflicting" versions of events that occurred that night. "A series of confusing events."

"Each witness has slightly different vantage but we think we can piece together enough for probable cause" that "Mr. Zoellner committed this crime."

People and defense rest, ruling on Zoellner case at 2 pm today

Excellent oral arguments by both Prosecution and Defense.

Judge Dale Reinholtsen wants to review his notes after the attorneys presented their oral arguments before he issues a ruling at 2 p.m. today.

Zoellner's paring knife that was allegedly missing after APD searches the knife bag last night, again

APD Sgt. Todd Dokweiler took the stand again and was questioned in redirect by DDA Roger Rees and recross by Deputy Public Defender Luke Brownfield.

Last night, upon request by Mr. Brownfield, Sgt Dokweiler did further investigation.

A paring knife that was part of the set of three knives was found in a compartment in Kyle Zoellner's bag that was alleged to have been missing was discovered in a hidden compartment.

May 4, 2017

Will there be Justice for Josiah? If not, these people should be ready to accept some of the blame

There are a lot of angry people and claiming they want Justice for Josiah but their actions speak otherwise.

If this was Josiah's family, his girlfriend, I'd understand. But it is not. They are too grief stricken to create drama and be interviewed by the media on a regular basis.

Merry men and maids? EPD goes medieval !

" He said he'd rather take a beating than stab somebody."


APD Sgt. Todd Dokweiler is the lead investigator for the David Josiah Lawson case. He was the last witness to testify today.

Sgt. Dokweiler formally interviewed Kyle Zoellner on April 15 after his arrest.

According to Zoellner, he first approached two men about Lilla Ortega's lost cellphone. He told Sgt. Dokweiler the men were angry because they felt they were being accused.

"Regrettably, I wrote the name Zoellner"; Det Losey admits error; Lawson cause of death "stab wound to chest"

After Officer Jacob McKenzie, Officer Devin Nielsen, the officer, first to arrive at the crime scene and put Kyle Zoellner in handcuffs testified.

Officer Nielsen described that when he first arrived, "approximately 100 subjects were outside, yelling and screaming." He described the crowd as "agitated, angry, chaotic."

"It was not Kyle who stabbed the victim; that Kyle never had a knife."

After the ambulance had left with Josiah, Officer Jacob Mckenzie, who was focused on "subjects being aggressive", said that Angelica McFarland approached him and said she needed to tell him something. " She said she had seen the stabbing, she didnt see who because there were so many subjects around. It was not Kyle who stabbed the victim; that Kyle never had a knife."

APD officer does not remember wearing gloves; describes knife found on scene as "kitchen knife"

(Lawson )
Arcata Police Officer Jacob Mckenzie, second police officer to arrive at Spear Avenue and the officer who applied pressure to David Josiah Lawson's wounds, corroborated what APD officer Krystale Arminio testified to earlier this week.

New information given in his testimony was that he described the knife found under the Red Ford Mustang as a "kitchen knife". It was found "more towards the driver's side of the Mustang, near the rear tire, on grass side of the vehicle."

Elijah Chandler stares down Zoellner in court; says he did not state court testimony to Detectives due to lack of trust

Elijah Chandler, David Josiah Lawson's friend testified after Lawson's girlfriend this morning. He is the one that has said on interviews with other media that he tried to give Lawson CPR immediately upon finding his friend.

Dressed in jeans, black shirt with a large Ankh symbol, Chandler stared at Kyle Zoellner pausing in between responses. Zoellner keeps his head down throughout testimony.  "If looks could kill" is what came to mind watching Chandler look at Zoellner.

Key testimony this morning in Zoellner preliminary from Elijah Chandler and APD officer who collected the knife found on scene

Day 4 of Kyle Zoellner's preliminary hearing, in which he is charged with the murder of HSU student David Josiah Lawson, started with Lawson's girlfriend Renalyn Bobadilla taking the stand for cross examination by Zoellner's attorney.

Today, during cross examination, she revealed she wore a long sleeve shirt to the party; that she smoked a bowl of marijuana at Josiah's house before they went out partying that night, that Josiah and she did 5 shots of Smirnoff each at his house and she had a sip of wine "out of soneone's bottle" at the party they attended before the Spear Avenue party.

Records from Redwood Memorial subpoenaed by District Attorney for Marci Kitchen preliminary

As of today, the preliminary is scheduled for May 8 at 9:45 in Courtroom 2. Five full day estimate.

DA amends one charge for jury trial in Jon Goldberg's 2017 case; wife alleged victim

Jon Goldberg was only held to answer on two out of three charges after his preliminary in the 2017 case where his alleged wife is the victim and refused to

The conplaint for arraignment on information for the jury trial has two counts, one felony with a special allegation. Count 2 is a misdemeanor and a different charge than those in the complaint for preliminary hearing.

Please click on photo below for details on charges.

May 3, 2017

"Oh shit, he has a knife"; a member of Brothers United kicked out , he thinks "because of the events on April 15"


Day 3 of Kyle Zoellner's preliminary and more conflicting versions continued in the afternoon.

One CR student, one former member of Brothers United and David Josiah's girlfriend Renalyn Bobadilla testified. She will be on the stand tomorrow for cross examination.

Joe and Jevin Kitchen at the courthouse? No case on calendar?

Joe and Jevin Kitchen just met with Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads and,DA Investigator Adam Jager briefly in a closed Courtroom 4.

Joe Kitchen is the father of Kiya Kitchen.

The Marci Kitchen preliminary is scheduled to start next Monday, five full day estimate.

Lorence Bailey held to answer to all charges for murder of Cheryl Busell

Lorence Bailey held to answer on all charges after preliminary for the murder of Cheryl Bussell.

HCSO Press Release:

On November 25, 2016 at approximately 3:05 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a disturbance at a residence on lower Cal Pac Rd in the Hoopa Valley.  Deputies and Medical personnel arrived on scene and located a female victim in the residence with multiple wounds.  The victim succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

Ambulance a and fire department at jail

At 2:23 ambulance and fire engine at courthouse.

Typing this and few other posts during a 15 minute break. Will check with PIO Hanson tomorrow.

Deputy Public Defenders representing Kyle Zoellner doing an outstanding job; prosecution job made harder by key witnesses speaking to media



Day 3 of the preliminary hearing for Kyle Zoellner, the suspect charged with the murder of David Josiah Lawson.

While all the evidence is still to be presented, there has not been one eyewitness to the actual stabbing, not one witness seeing a knife or gun, not one witness that has said they heard the racially derogatory statement "I hope that nigger dies" and this includes both Zoellner's friends and Josiah's friends.

Different versions of what happened, people on both sides corrobarating certain statements, contradicting each other which includes two brothers, Kyle and Kristoff Castillo who testified today, both friends of Josiah's.

Courtroom observers or fueling the fire? Read Tina Sampay's own words

If you have not read this blog post, it has the interaction mentioned by me and the comments by one of the women Singleton.

May 2, 2017

Josiah's friend and members of Brothers United testifies that Josiah had Kyle in a headlock

Paris Wright, a friend of David Josiah Lawson and a member of Brothers United presented a different version of events.

He said he saw Josiah and Kyle on the grass and Josiah had Kyle in a headlock. He was concerned that Josiah might choke Kyle so he tried at first to make him let go of Kyle. Then he separated the two, and when he did that he saw Josiah bleeding.

Wright said he asked Zoellner if he had stabbed Josiah and before Zoellner could answer, Wright punched him twice in the face.

If the fingerprint and fibers do not match, you must acquit; Kyle Zoellner not a match

Only one finger print was found on knife;  it did not match Kyle Zoellner. Fibers on knife do not match the clothing Kyle Zoellner was wearing at the time of the arrest.

Both, the prosecution and defense agreed to two stipulations stating the above.

A hostile crowd yells "Fuck the Police" while APD is trying to adminster life saving efforts on Josiah

Arcata Police Department officer Krystale Arminio, who has previously worked for HCSO and the U.S. Army testified about the stress and insults hurled at her and APD officer McKenzie while they were trying to give life saving efforts to David Josiah Lawson on April 15. This

She said Josiah's body was wedged between two spaces, one being a tree and she needed room to give him chest compressions.

They also yelled at University police, firefighters and EMTs, during life saving efforts and towards the end when the ambulance was trying to leave and could not shut the door. EMTs gave the address to people to meet them at the hospital but not even law enforcement was allowed to be in the ambulance, no one except EMT personnel.

A hostile crowd of people gathered around Officer Arminio yelling "Fuck the Police"; "You stupid bitch" "You don't know what you are doing" and "Get an ambulance".

Cody Pitzer who was missing since April 26 has been found!

I don't have many details but Cody Pitzer's girlfriend and friends let me know he has been found.

In the Kyle Zoellner trial all day, will update, if I get more information later.

Previous post:

Naiya Wilkins admits to doing a bump of cocaine in the bathroom with Casey Gleaton

Day Two of the preliminary hearing for Kyle Zoellner started with Naiya Wilkins with brief direct and then cross examination by Zoellner's attorney, Deputy Public Defender Luke Brownfield.

She denied biting the woman identified as Josiah's girlfriend when questioned by DDA Roger Rees.

During cross, Wilkins said she received a death threat from an unknown number that she reported to APD.

She also said she drank alcohol and did a bump of cocaine in the bathroom with Casey Gleaton.

"Your white boyfriend killed my friend. We need to know where you are because we are going to come find you. You are next."

Man who jumped into the bay after fleeing from EPD booked on outstanding burglary warrant, formerly arrested at Palco Marsh sting operation

According to EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell, "It appears an officer attempted to conduct a stop on a male on a bicycle near the 3500 block of Broadway.  The male on the bike fled and at one point got into the bay near the foot of Truesdale.  It seems the officer was referring to the trail parking lot when he said County parking lot. 
The male, Larry Gibson, was ultimately taken into custody and booked on an outstanding burglary warrant."

May 1, 2017

Murder, voluntary manslaughter or self defense?

So far, only three witnesses have testified and one was Zoellner's girlfriends and the other two her friends. Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees read at least ten names on a list at the beginning of the trial when he made a motion to exclude all witnesses from the courtroom.

David Josiah Lawson's friend, Elijah Chandler, is one of the witnesses for the People.

"What did you do to them? Our eyes are burning?"

There were three new pieces of information in Naiya Wilkins testimony. One that she and Ortega got kicked by people while trying to protect Kyle Zoellner, who was on the ground. The other was about pepper spray being used. The third, an alleged statement made by the guys, who all three witnesses claim hit Zoellner first, after he asked about his girlfriend's phone.

"I hope that guy dies"

Casey Gleaton said she asked one person she claimed was the owner of the house about Lila Ortega's missing phone and if they could do anything."They said it's your fault."

However Naiya Wilkins, who testified later, said people were sympathetic.

Gleaton said the two guys on the porch"were getting upset", when Kyle Zoellner asked them about Lila Ortega's phone and if they had seen it. "They started getting aggressive."

"U're leaking bro", second People's witness testifies seeing David Josiah Lawson bleeding

Casey Gleaton, a friend of Lila Ortega, Kyle Zoellner's girlfriend said that she no longer hangs out with Ortega since "that night."

Gleaton clarified later that this was because she wanted to spend more time with her son. She is a single mom.

Gleaton described Lawson on his back, then turning over, on his fours and someone saying "U're leaking bro."

Gleaton corroborated but also contradicted some statements made by Ortega. Admitted to smoking cocaine with another friend, Naiya Wilkins.

The third witness, Wilkins corroborated some of Ortega'ss testimony and some of Gleaton's testimony. The timeline of events from arriving at the party to the time the police arrived was pretty close in Ortega and Wilkins testimony, with some key times being different in Gleaton's testimony.

There was also testimony by Gleaton that one African American male tried named Quinton tried to help Zoellner and Wilkins testified there were several people who tried to break up the fight where Zoellner was allegedly on the ground and being kicked.

Kyle Zoellner's preliminary starts same day as Lawson's funeral; both sides respectful in court except for 4 Lawson supporters

Kyle Zoellner, the suspect charged with the death of HSU student David Josiah Lawson has his preliminary scheduled this morning.

The case is being prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees and DDA Jessica Watson.

Zoellner is being represented by Deputy Public Defender Luke Brownfield and Deputy Public Defender Kelly Neel.

Today is also the funeral for Lawson scheduled in Riverside.

"A woman ran out of the cul de sac and said someone got stabbed"

The preliminary hearing for Kyle Zoellner, the suspect charged with the death of HSU student David Josiah Lawson got started this morning.

Lila Ortega, his girlfriend testified for almost two hours this morning. At times getting tearing and breaking down when she described Zoellner in a fetal position on the grass outside 1120 Spear Avenue, being surrounded by "about 15 people" kicking him.

Ortega described the events if April 14, arriving at the party, looking for her cell phone,calling Kyle to come pick up her and her friends to the time police got there.

Apr 30, 2017