Mar 25, 2017

Liz Smith, executive Director of the Boys and Girls of the Redwood placed on administrative leave

Liz Smith, executive director of the Boys and Girls of the Redwoods, who received awards and under whose leadership the organization grew was just placed on administrative leave, just now.

Last year Ms. Smith was awarded the biennial Peacemaker Prize by the Eureka InterFaith Fellowship for her work with Humboldt County Youth for the past 20 years.

Two arrested in Fortuna for alleged burglary at Fortuna High

On March 25, 2017 at approximately 8:00 am, officers responded to a building located on the Fortuna High School Campus (379 12th Street) for a burglary alarm.  Upon arrival, officers determined that entry appeared to have been gained through a roof access.  The department K-9 Officer “Nordy” was requested and responded to assist with checking the interior of the large building. No one was located inside at that time. 

Self defense as good cause to get a concealed carry weapon permit, it could be law soon in California

California Assemblymember Melissa Melendez (67th Assembly District) introduced legislation in February to reform California’s strict “may-issue” concealed carry licensing practices.

The next vote on this is on April 4. For Bill status, history and text, click on link below.
The bill, AB 757, would amend state laws so those applying for a permit could use the desire for “self-defense, defending the life of another, or preventing crime in which human life is threatened” as sufficient reason without having to show further good cause.

Mar 24, 2017

Patrik Griego wins motion against Humboldt County in lawsuit regarding Public Defender

Visiting Judge Dowling granted Mr. Griego's motion for discovery finding good cause this morning, despite County's objection.

Mr. Griego asked in his motion that the process be expedited to determine whether newly hired Humboldt County Public Defender David Marcus meets the state qualfications required under Government Code 27701.

Eat delicious cookies from MJ's Courthouse Cafe and support a fundraiser for Deputy Charlie Lamb

MJ's Courthouse Cafe, located on the third floor of the Humboldt County Courthouse is holding a fundraiser on April 5 for HCSO Deputy Charlie Lamb, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma.

Charlie's favorite cookies are chocolate chip and if you have tried the Cafe's cookies, all are delicious.

100% of the cookie sales on that day will be donated to Charlie's medical expenses.

CHP provides details of Brian Mello's last arrest; he is obviously not in prison anymore

CHP PIO Cy May provided more details about Brian Ray Mello's arrest.

Brian Ray Mello out of Hoopa
DOB 10/10/1977
Date of incident 03/11/2017
Time of Arrest 1023 pm
Broadway at West Clark Street

EPD still waiting on test results for Third and P death investigation of young female

Remember the Third and P death investigation from last December of the young girl at this location?

I have been following up with EPD. I was told twice by one detective who had been involved in the investigation told me toxicology reports. This was a while back.

Yesterday, I followed up with EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell. She said, "I checked with Detective Cosetti who is the lead on this.  We are still awaiting test results.  I’m not clear on what kind of test but I can say it is not toxicology. 
It is a lengthy process.  We will release more information on this when we are able. "

Mar 23, 2017

"The Correctional Deputies are underpaid and they will bargain this year for a pay increase which the Sheriff and I both FULLY support. "

Response from Undersheriff William Honsal:

"The Correctional Deputies are underpaid and they will bargain this year for a  pay increase which the Sheriff and I both FULLY support.  "

"The Sheriff has spent more money in the past two years trying to hire correctional deputies than any other recuitments.  We have exhausted all resources trying to recruit within the county.   There are not a lot of people locally that want to work public safety jobs. "

Please suport one of our own, Deputy Charles Lamb, Go Fund me page created for medical expenses

This is a link to a Go fund me page for one of the nicest HCSO officers and bailiffs I know.

In March 2017, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. The Go Fund me page is well written, explains why it was created.

With so much of this rhetoric going around about whose lives matter the most I wish people would step back and realize all lives are equally valuable and recognize those in Public Safety..."

First District Supervisor Rex Bohn responded to the post about correctional officers' concerns.

"Staffing in our Corrections facility is getting better but there is still a ways to go, The Sheriff and Undersheriff have dispatched senior Jail Command officers to Junior Colleges with corrections curriculum across the state doing recruitment and where this has not solved the issue they have been successful in getting new officers with this expanded recruitment efforts. "

We get paid just a little bit over minimum wage, to get in fights, spit on, have feces throw on us and deal with the effects passing of AB109, prop 47 and prop 57."

Correctional officer Lesa Christensen sent an email to Undersheriff Billy Honsal who is expected to take over when Sheriff Michael Downey retires this May.

She told him that she was very happy he will be Sheriff, that this is not personally directed at him and that the COs just want an improvement in working conditions and that she wanted to give him a heads up that this would be going public.

Ms. Christensen told me, "The sheriff has had us on Mandatory overtime for over 2 years. We are working 50-60 hours each pay period."

Mar 22, 2017

Volunteer Firefighter and "model for Victoria's Secret" to challenge 5th District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg

Via Facebook:

"Friends, as you know I plan on running for 5TH district supervisor. I have been doing a lot of homework and staying off the radar out of respect for the current occupant of that seat. I want to congratulate Ryan Sundberg on his new position, and wish him the  best! I'm going to be kicking of my campaign with a listening tour. "

$200,000 arrest warrant for Rocky Karl Keene, help EPD locate him

The Eureka Police Department is requesting the public's assistance in locating the second suspect in a string of recent armed robberies.

Jury trial confirmed for Bryan Ross Main charged with failure to register as a sex offender and unlawfully touching a minor; alleged incident happened at the Sweet Spot

Trial confirmation for Bryan Ross Main was this morning. Jury trial scheduled to start April 3.

Main was arrested for an alleged incident at the Sweet Spot in Mckinleyville involving a female minor. Main allegedly told law enforcement that he had touched the young woman on the "butt" and felt a "rush" while doing so.

Mar 21, 2017

Rajean Achane just arrested in Eureka; another probation "success" and frequent Court "guest"

Update: Rajean Delone Achane was booked into the Humboldt County jail for resisting arrest; knowingly and maliciously attempting to prevent or dissuade any victim or witness from attending or giving testimony at any trial, proceeding, or inquiry authorized by law; and driving on a suspended license.

It is never Marci's fault; it is the damn public and social media putting pressure on DA according to her lawyer, Ben Okin

In his motion requesting continued release on bail for Marci Kitchen, Mr. Benjamin Okin, takes a swipe at social media backlash being the only circumstance that has changed and why the District Attorney's office requested certain conditions on his clients's bail. And that the DA was acting out of this pressure.

It is your damn fault public for daring to question Marci Kitchen and it is the damn media's fault, especially me,  for doing our job. How dare we?

The answer to how Marci Kitchen flies standby, her mom, whose retirement plan, allows for travel for free on standby, according to Mr. Okin.

Mar 20, 2017

Healthcare, immigration among issues to be addressed at Assemblymember Jim Wood's March town hall meeting in Eureka

Town HallPlease join me for a community town hall meeting in Eureka. I look forward to sharing the latest legislative news from Sacramento and hearing about the issues important to you.
Joining me will be representatives from Caltrans, local health centers and immigration experts. During the event, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about state policy, discuss issues impacting our community and learn about services that these agencies and my office can provide.
Friday, March 24
5 - 6:30 p.m.
Eureka High School Cafeteria
1915 J Street
Eureka, CA

Suspects in the Tyson Claros homicide expected to have preliminary hearing this morning

(Tyson Claros)

The five suspects charged in the homicide of Tyson Claros started their preliminary hearing today on March 20 in Courtroom 2.

The preliminary hearing is expected to last a few, full days.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett is prosecuting the case.

I will report on the outcome but I am not covering this case in detail.

Update (March 22): Preliminary concluded today. All five defendants will be arraigned on April 5.

Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal is prosecuting the case.

Previous posts:

He got charges dismissed in 2011, will Rocky Crowl's recent arrest stick?

(Photo from Facebook)

Arrested Friday 1:49 a.m Rocky Crowl by Fortuna Police Department for possession of controlled substance and violation of parole.

In 2011, he got charges dismissed against him.

Mar 19, 2017

Maybe if the City of Eureka did its job, EPD would not have to waste time cleaning out trash in Old Town, and I don't mean garbage

This is the parking lot on H Street between 3rd and 2nd Street. Next to Ray's Auto Cars.

The photo of the guy with the green truck (taken from a distance on purpose) until EPD gets here. They arrived after a second business called them at 7:30 p.m. They talked to him and left. Made him put his pitbull in the truck. He is still here.