Mar 11, 2017

Reports of armed man, possible 5150 on Herrick; EPD looking for kidnapping suspect

Scanner had all this but Operation Safe Streets has the best recaps.

Update: Couple of sources tell me kidnapping suspect name is known to EPD so maybe victim knows him.

OH's then Nocturnum, now what will that location be?

A reader was curious about equipment being moved into the former OH's location.

One source asked if this was going to be cannabis related. Another source just called and said they have heard the location will be a dispensary, the owner is out of LA. I am looking into price details.

The former OH's morphed into Nocturnum. When that closed, it has been empty but not any more.

The property sold back in December last year. The buyer is from out of town.

I will be updating this post. Have a few calls in and will check records Monday, if needed.

Marin taking steps to address inordinate amount of mentally ill incarcerated and delay in services; when is Humboldt stepping up?

Covering Humboldt County courts on a regular basis, this problem is exacerbated
because NAPA is, often the only option. Local public defenders have to file contempt of court to get any action on transport for inmates that need to be transported to state hospitals.

Previous posts (I did):

It has been a year since these posts, we have had Supervisors and County staff travel for conferences, out of town. So what's the hold up?

Mar 10, 2017

Little Eagle Moon back at the Humboldt Hilton again

On Friday March 10th 2017, at about 2:26 pm, an officer with the Arcata Police Department attempted a traffic stop on a blue Ford Explorer in the 600 block of F Street.  The suspect vehicle fled northbound on F Street and then collided with a chain-link fence in the 1300 block. Two occupants ran from the vehicle and one threw a loaded handgun as he ran. 

A smug Jon Goldberg shows no remorse for taking a life; sticks it again to the Smith family by wanting a closed courtroom

The preliminary for the 2017 case against Jon Goldberg  would be an opportunity for the public to get facts and information. It is unclear if the motion for a closed courtroom is just for the evidentiary hearing or also the preliminary hearing. Computer records indicate etc.

Jon Goldberg preliminary delayed yet again by a last minute motion by Public Defender to close the courtroom

The preliminary for Jon Goldberg's 2017 case was rescheduled from Wednesday to this afternoon at 2:30 p.m., which due to the court calendar did not start until 3:20p.m.

It was continued yet again due to a last minute motion in court by Goldberg's attorney for a closed courtroom for an evidentiary hearing.

Fresh from the Pineda victory; DDA Luke Bernthal has no time to rest; got Jon Goldberg's preliminary right away

Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal won't have much time to take in the victory in the Pineda case since he is due at 2:30 this afternoon to appear in the preliminary for Jon Goldberg.

Larry Nielsen, suspect charged in yesterday's hit and run was never booked or brought into the jail, so what's up CHP?

Larry Nielsen, suspect in yesterday's hit and run, was never booked into Humboldt County jail yesterday or brought in.

I just checked with both the Humboldt County jail staff, who also checked with the Sgt. on duty.

Have contacted CHP for comment. Sgt. Abshire sent this response:

"The press release was written in anticipation of booking into jail. And then, there was an unexpected medical emergency during the evaluation at the hospital, and he was released to the hospital. I realize that was not in the press release."

"This is a public interest lawsuit to protect the public's right to a qualified Public Defender "

This morning, as expected, Mr. Patrik Griego filed a writ in Humboldt Superior Court against the County of Humboldt this morning. The writ is in response to the Humboldt County's hiring of a new public defender, Mr. David Marcus.

The entire writ is 10 pages long. The points outlined on the writ have been referred to in previous coverage, in the links below so I am not going to upload the document.

Mar 9, 2017

"The pre trial history of this case is hard to fathom" DA Maggie Fleming responds to concerns I raised about Marci Kitchen case

Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming did get back to me today about the questions I raised about Marci Kitchen's case.

'I appreciate your concerns.  The pre-trial history of this case is hard to fathom.
I am concerned that my discussion of the case, even discussion of issues concerning the pre-trial behavior of the defendant, could harm our ability to obtain a just outcome.  I hope you understand."

Warrant served on Lost Coast Research after complaint about a suspected illegal Butane Hash Oil lab concern

Do what you are permitted for and you won't get raided; EPD and North Coast News get the facts right unlike LOCO's fluff spin piece

LOCO had all day, you think they could manage to pretend to write a news piece. Just like the Green Road Consulting "article", which is one of LOCO's advertisers, LOCO did another scare, spin piece about the Lost Coast Research raid today.b

Also as usual LOCO is days late, in reporting on concerns in extraction alley, North Coast News did that weeks ago.

DUI not a factor in traffic collision today, female victim identified as Shirley Hoyt

DUI not a factor in traffic collision near McDonalds today. Female victim identified as Shirley Hoyt, according to a CHP release.

EPD releases armed robbery stats, increase in 2016

In 2016, the Eureka Police Department experienced a significant increase in commercial armed robbery reports compared to 2015.  Eureka Police detectives worked tirelessly behind the scenes to solve each case and make arrests.  During a 13 month span, February 2016 through February 2017, EPD's Criminal Investigation Section (CIS) solved 29 armed robberies, 9 of which were from other agencies.  In total, 10 were arrested and 1 is wanted on four counts of robbery.

EPD's first female police chief is looking pretty comfortable in your seat Chief Mills!

Flippy, a robot takes over cooking burgers at Caliburger; with technology like this how much longer will minimum wage be an issue?

Will minimum wage even be an issue for much longer with robots taking away jobs that pay bills for many?

Technology has caused attrition in jobs and will continue too; only question is how rapidly will such jobs be automated?

 Ill concieved push by liberals for unrealistic minimum wages has just hastened the process;  hurting the very people it should protect.

Mar 8, 2017

Some AT & T customers cannot call 911 from cell phones, so far in Texas, FL, TN

Marci Kitchen getting the kiddy glove treatment compared to Littlefield and Meserve & this is coming from me

Anyone who has read my coverage on Kailan Meserve or Timothy Littlefield knows how I feel about them. They also had a private attorney, Russ Clanton, and managed to stay out of custody and delay their cases; but ultimately justice was done.

Kade Chandler, another case, in which Mr. Benjamin Okin is co-counsel, is free to be out while the families await justice.

Yet, no case has received kiddy glove treatment like Marci Kitchen, who also has Mr. Benjamin Okin as co-counsel.

San Louis Obispo votes to repeal rental inspection program passed; Eureka should pay attention

"I want a realistic date. There have already been two continuances. I am not going to do this again", Judge Wilson to Marci Kitchen's attorneys

Defense filed yet another motion to continue Marci Kitchen's hearing which was scheduled for March 20. That motion was heard this morning in Courtroom 5.

Intervention was scheduled for March 16. Preliminary was scheduled for March 20. Those dates were vacated.

Intervention is now set for April 20. Preliminary on May 8.

There was lengthy discussion and a passionate objection to the continuance by Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads on behalf of the families of the victims.

After the Magney debacle, you think County Counsel would have learned their lesson, apparently not

(Patrik Griego)

The issue of the hiring of the new Public Defender is not going away. The public is passionate and I have received comments, emails and feedback that varies with opinions, pro and con.

Since this issue was brought up, County Counsel did not respond to local press, sent out a press release, did not even call Mr. Patrik Griego.

Before filing writ regarding Public Defender hiring, Patrik Griego called County to see if this could be resolved informally

"County Counsel did not call me to inform me of the decision.  I saw the press release and called County Counsel and clarified that they did not want to resolve informally and that we would need to file the writ. They confirmed that was the case, " Patrik Griego.

Mr. Griego will be filing a lawsuit, as he has indicated previously.

DA and defense agree to two week continuance on arraignment for jury trial

Maxx Robison was scheduled to be arraigned for jury trial this morning in Courtroom 3.

There are a total of five charges in the complaint filed, including special allegations.

Continued to March 28 at 8:30 a.m.

Motion for brief continuance in new case against Jon Goldberg requested by District Attorney granted until this Friday afternoon

A preliminary hearing is scheduled this morning for a 2017 case against Jon Goldberg.

However, the DA  filed a motion to request a continuance yesterday, for a brief continuance, until next week.

Defense objected. Both attorneys presented arguments. Judge Dale Reinholtsen continued the preliminary until this Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m.

Deputy District Atorney Luke Bernthal is asking for a brief continuance because he is in trial and PC 1050 ( g) (2)

Mar 7, 2017

"Okay how many times has he been arrested today?" Carson Phoebus wins # of arrests in a day

Carson Phoebus is the subject in question. On a scanner call, third arrest less than 24 hours.

EPD responded last night to a call. Phoebus was booked on the charge of HS11364 at 12:43.

He is a regular in jail reports.

PC 647 (f), PC 148,PC 240, P 211, are only some charges mentioned; for some of these he has been arrested three or four times. He is on summary probation.

"187 suspect from NYC in custody by POP and CIS." Don'tvisitgrows, tweets Chief Mills

EPD Chief Andy Mills:

187 suspect from NYC in custody by POP and CIS. #Don'tvisitgrows #callBrittany

Press Release will be out shortly but I got this much from EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell.

"POP and CIS detectives were working following up on an unrelated case and a male fled out the back of a residence.  Turns out he has a hormicide warrant out of New York. "

Someone has a more than a sick sense of humor; this discovery following the dead body found on Hammond trail

This is a post today from Mckinleyville Community Watch that a member alerted me to:

(I have edited out the person's name. It is a closed group).

"My kids found a dead puppy tied up in a plastic bag under the Mad River Bridge on Hammond Trail. Pretty messed up whoever did that."

It was suggested by someone that this person contact HCSO, which I think is a good idea.

On Saturday, a male was discovered dead on the Hammond trail with a plastic bag over his head.

Not everyone sees an issue with David Marcus; opinions divided on the new Public Defender

After my posts on David Marcus, I received the following email from one attorney stating I would find some mistatements by Marcus.

"He said he was at Lassen Public Defenders until 2012. He actually left in 2011.  

He then said he was with Cella, Lange, and Cella from 2012-2017, but he said he was unemployed and getting unemployment in 2012 in his bankruptcy filing.

And he has admitted he was living in East Coast for last five years and not practicing criminal law or appearing in California courts.''

County releases statement and stands behind newly hired Public Defender

There has been a lot of misinformation surrounding the Board of Supervisors’ hiring of David Marcus as the Public Defender that needs clarification.

Maxx Robison to be arraigned for jury trial tomorrow gets one extra count added for jury trial

Maxx Robison, who is charged with the death of Rhianna Mckenzie and attempted murder of Elisha Mansell is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow, 8:30 a.m on March 8.

The arraignment on information has 5 counts and the following special allegations:

Former Miss Hoopa's jury trial remains set for March 20, for now

Trial confirmation was scheduled today in Courtroom 1 for Kayla Brown's jury trial, currently scheduled for March 20.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett was present for the People. Ms. Kelly Neel appeared specially for Brown's attorney, Mr. Ben McLaughlin.

Due to weather and road conditions and another emergency, trial confirmation was continued to March 14. Trial assignment is March 17.

Mr. McLaughlin will be submitting a funding request for a "neccesary witness."

Jury trial estimate is three weeks, full days.

Jan 9, 2017

Former Miss Hoopa's jury trial for alleged sexual abuse charges continued again; to March 20

Mar 6, 2017

Real or fake? 5th and T street EPD call about murder threat serious or like the payphone Courthouse threat?

Update: (March 7)

EPD Crime analyst Brittany Powell told me,  "As far as the 911 call yesterday, officers made contact with the male and the threat was unfounded. "

Remember the threat at the Courthouse called in on a payphone that ended up being a guy in need of help?

Operation Safe Streets just posted this:

Eureka Police are checking the area of 5th and T street for a male subject who's calling 911 to state "He wants to murder someone" and "Someone stole his luggage and murdered his son".

OSS just said this call was from a 911 cell phone "aka" not activated."

Tom Vince Jones of Hoopa arrested after allegedly resisting arrest when deputies respond to possible suicidal subject call

On Monday, March 06, 2017 at about 1045am, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies, Tribal Resource Officers and California Highway Patrol Officers were dispatched to Mill Creek Road, Hoopa for a report of a suicidal subject. It was reported a male subject, later identified as Tom Vince Jones, age 34, was walking up and down the road holding a firearm. It was also reported Jones possibly fired a shot in an unknown direction. Prior to law enforcement arriving on scene, family members were able to take possession of the firearm. 

Megan's Law California site down

Just tried checking out a potential name for a post.

Still down. Have not heard back from our North Coast state elected officials.

All evidence found at the scene indicates this was a suicide. Foul play is not even remotely suspected."

Just heard back from Humboldt County Chief Deputy Coroner/Public Administrator about the body found Saturday on the Hammond trail.

"All evidence found at the scene indicates this was a suicide. Foul play is not even remotely suspected," is what Mr. Stewart emailed me.

This news was first reported on my blog Saturday and the only place it has been reported, so far.

Mar 5, 2017

Offering panhandlers work to keep them off streets, would this work in Humboldt?

(Photo credit Good News Network)

Officials in Maine's largest city are considering offering panhandlers work to keep them off the streets.

Four strikes and then you are out; Israel decriminalizes cannabis use

Homicide or not? Anyone else know about a body being discovered yesterday in Mckinleyville on Hammond trail?

A regular reader of my blog from Mckinleyville sent me this:

"My bosses daughter was jogging in Mckinleyville yesterday and found a dead body on Hammond trail kinda by Roger's met. "

Allegedly, this discovery happened yesterday morning. "Apparently the guy had a plastic bag over his head. They had to wait for the sheriff to show up."

Undersheriff William Honsal just told me, "We had what we believe is a suicide in McKinleyville.  Evidence supports it.  But we are still investigating.  Coroners office has the case. "

Undersheriff Honsal confirmed, "He had a sealed plastic bag over his head. "

MLK March, Shop a Cop, arresting 5 K and other 2016 EPD accomplishments captured in EPD video

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills;

Here is what EPD has done this past year, in addition to helping hundreds and arresting 5k. EPD you are awesome. Thank you for your work.

Here is a link to the EPD video from facebook:

Whoever did David Marcus' background check you "got some splainin to do"

Again, County needs to release information on David Marcus' middle initial, but by now the evidence seems to point to only one attorney with that name who practiced in California and Florida.

The following information is from the official records of The State Bar of California.
Bar Number:92248
Address:David Marcus
3395 Marbon Meadows Ln
Jacksonville, FL 32223
Map it
Phone Number:(904) 395-1910
Fax Number:Not Available
e-mail:Not Available 
County:Non-CaliforniaUndergraduate School:Western State Univ; CA
District:Outside California
Sections:NoneLaw School:Western State Univ; CA

The  Lassen County links lists the same Bar Number as that provided in the CA bar listing 

There is more but unlike whoever got paid by the County to do a background check, I only have so much unpaid time to pursue this one issue.

There is only question that needs to be answered. Does Mr. Marcus qualify under the Code brought up by Mr. Patrik Griego. If he does, end of discussion.