Mar 4, 2017

Surprised our leftie "journalists" let this opportunity to diss Mercer Fraser pass

Suprised that our local "self proclaimed investigative" leftie " journalists" and environmental activists" let this one pass.

Excerpt from Mendo Voice:

MENDOCINO Co., 1/18/17 — After more than a year of negotiations between the now-closed Grist Creek Asphalt plant and the Mendocino Air Quality Management District over public the plant’s public health and emissions violations, the Mendo Air District is asking for help from the state to ensure plant owners comply with air quality rules. On January 5, they officially requested aid from the California Air Resources Board, in the effort to force the owners of the plant to follow all county and state regulations and address the required equipment and operation improvements.

"Why didn't any of the applicants raise this issue (about panel) while being interviewed? Why wait five weeks after not getting the job to bring this up?

(Photo Lassen County Times)

Is there really a controversy about the hiring of  the new Humboldt Public Defender David Marcus? Or an effort to stir up one by some?

This is a code given to me by a local attorney. It is also the code mentioned in a potential litigation against the County, unless the County can prove Mr. Marcus is qualified.

2016 California Code
Government Code - GOV
CHAPTER 13 - Public Defender
Section 27701.

Universal Citation: CA Govt Code § 27701 (2016) 

27701. A person is not eligible to the office of public defender unless he has been a practicing attorney in all of the courts of the State for at least the year preceding the date of his election or appointment.

Since the poorly written County Press Release has no middle initial or more details about the last employment on Mr. Marcus' resume; maybe that information could be provided so proper research can be done.

Is Humboldt Public Defender David Marcus the same as Florida's David G. Marcus?

Here is some research I did.

(Since none of the articles mention his middle initial and neither does the County Press Release, the links to David G. Marcus may or may not be the same.)

Link to Lassen County Times article on David Marcus.

No David Marcus.

Solution to crime in Humboldt? The disappearing door knob

If they could develop this for car doors, even better. Knob disappears when locked.

Bonus, if the criminal is drunk or high, they might just get caught while figuring out another way to enter or they would simply walk away.

Mar 3, 2017

Kidnap code on scanner, location Humboldt Honey Wine

Location 723 Third Street "Unknown male entered", reporting party says male "grabbed 25 year old daughter" and allegedly put his hand under her shirt.

Fortunately, she was not alone, her mother was there, who told me her daughter warded off the suspect with a wine bottle and yelled for her to call 911.

The owners are friends of mine. I just spoke with them. They are okay. The daughter is okay.

I just went over briefly to see them.

EPD officer is there. There is surveilance so video; in the process of being retrieved.

Update: Suspect is  5'8", white male,  brown hair,  wearing tan cargo pants and long light blue thermal top.

Lollipop bandit waived his right to a preliminary hearing; arraignment for jury trial on March 16

Intervention was scheduled on February 21 for David Aumiller, the lollipop bandit. His preliminary hearing was scheduled for February 22.

That preliminary was rescheduled for March 2. Yesterday, Aumiller waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

He will be arraigned on information for a jury trial on March 16.

Aumiller is now represented by a private attorney, Ms. Kathleen Bryson.

Supervisor Rex Bohn and Southern Humboldt Credit Union give input at Cannabis Banking Hearing in D.C.

(Patricia Neighbors CEO Southern Humboldt Credit Union speaking at the Cannabis Banking Hearing.)

Last Thursday, Supervisor Rex Bohn was at an Assembly hearing in Sacramento which discussed the effects of cannabis, specifically what counties can do since the passage of Prop 64.

"I want to make sure that hardworking families, farm workers, their families and children are safe to go to work and school without being hassled"

I went to Supervisor Rex Bohn's office this morning to talk to him about his trip to D.C. last week to advocate for Humboldt County;on issues such as roads, forests and cannabis.

While I was in his office, Supervisor Bohn was on the phone with Congressman Jared Huffman's office. Supervisor Bohn was asking for clarification on President Trump's executive order on immigration and deportation.

"I want to make sure that hardworking families, farm workers, their families and children are safe to go to work and school without being hassled," Supervisor Bohn told me.

Supervisor Bohn said he had been getting calls from concerned employers and school counselors that "children are scared."

 President Trump has talked about deporting "bad hombres" and criminals; but there is talk floating around that ICE is here in Humboldt. Supervisor Bohn had no confirmation of that and is talking with Congressman Huffman and local law enforcement to get the correct information for constituents.

Last homicide locally was last December?

Lost in the headlines this year is the fact that after 2016 where there were a record number of homicides locally, there have been no homicides since last December. Just remarked on that fact with someone I was informally chatting with from HCSO.

Drug raid on 6th street in Eureka, two people detained for alleged possession of meth and weed

Two people detained, including a woman. Alleged drugs meth, heroin and weed, according to North Coast News.

If you want to watch the action live, here is a link to North Coast News video, on scene:

Nicholas Leigl trial reset for April 17; motion to join his case with the other 3 suspects on April 4

Jury trial is scheduled for only one of the four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide on March 6.

This morning at 9:45, there was a motion for joindet hearing in Courtroom 5 for Mario Nunez, Joe Olivio Jr. and Joe Olivio III, whose jury trials are scheduled for July 17.

It is trial assignment today for Leigl. His March 6 jury trial was vacated and rescheduled for April 17. People requested a motion to continue. Mr. Michael Acosta, Leigl's attorney submitted on the motion.

Leigl's trial confirmation is on April 4, the motion to consolidate will be heard on that day, if granted, all four will have the jury trial in July.

The defense attorneys have until March 17 to file an opposition to the DA's motion to consolidate. The DA's office has until March 24 to respond.

EPD responds to a call at City Barber in Old Town; subject starts having medical issues as he is being detained

EPD responded to a call to an Old Town business, City Barber, located  on 2nd and  J Streets in Eureka.

 The caller told police said a suspicious male in the area had been spotted on remote surveillance cameras and it seemed that suspicious male had covered the camera.

Mar 2, 2017

Only North Coast News had complete coverage of Second and A fire tonight, did the rest forget this location had been on fire before?

Complete, unique and accurate coverage of the second and A street fire tonight.

The newcomers in local media, the only decent local, independent mainstream media.

They even interviewed a transient who claimed to be in that building, at the time of the fire, and the alleged target.

Neither KIEM or Mark McKenna, who reported this for Red Headed Blackbelt, mentioned that this location had been on fire before. Even in the RHBB update ( last I checked at 11:22 p.m.) Kym is a stickler for details and she deserves accurate reporting from the field.

KIEM  did  later in their facebook post (after the North Coast News 10 p.m. newscast).

That is the first thought I had when I heard about the fire.

Transients, again. Remember the fire at this location last October?

A homeless man and his son got a break in Clayton County that is the kind of act we need in Humboldt

This isn't in Humboldt but this man actually made a difference in a homeless man and his son's life.

Armed robbery 700 block of S. Fortuna Boulevard today

Text From Operation Safe Streets;  link has scanner audio and the OSS post:

According to scanner traffic,  Fortuna Police Department responded to an armed robbery that occurred at the 700 block of South Fortuna Blvd at approximately 4:23pm today.  Details released in the original call stated a male armed with a handgun and a female accomplice entered the business and took an undisclosed amount of cash after forcing the employee to the floor.  Both suspects fled the area and law enforcement was searching the area.  No injuries to the employee were reported.

CA Supreme court ruling on public business, elected officials, private devices and public records act

The link is to a tweet from CSAC about the California Supreme Court ruling on public records on private devices.

EPD looking for suspect who allegedly stabbed a female on 14th street yesterday

On March 2, 2017, at about 1:49 a.m., Officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1300 block of Summer Street for the report that a female had just been stabbed.  

Feb 28, 2017

James Merrick jury trial scheduled for June; charges include death of teen pedestrian

James Merrick, charged with the death of a teen pedestrian was arraigned on information for jury trial this morning.

For the jury trial, Merrick is charged with five felonies. Count 1 Murder. Count 2 Gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Count 3 DUI causing injury with prior conviction (2015). Count 4 DUI with blood alcohol 0.08% causing injury. Count 5 Hit and run resulting in serious injury or death.

Trial confirmation is June 1. Jury trial scheduled June 12.

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It is not all internet, massive outage on certain services in the East Coast

Feb 27, 2017

EPD officers Mefta and Linfoot "talked down a woman intent on suicide with a gun"

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills tweeted that Officers Mefta and Stephen Linfoot "talked down woman intent on suicide with gun."

Humboldt County vs Magney, case complete, remittitur issued today

A remittitur was issued today in the Humboldt County vs Magney case. The case is now complete.

I have contacted Mrs. Magney's attorney, Ms. Allison Jackson for comment. She confirmed this means the case is final.

In case, you are not familiar with the case, google it and see the national embarassment that Humboldt County, County Counsel and Adult Protective Services bought on themselves.

I was the first to cover this case and extensively.

Feb 26, 2017

CHP and HCSO checking out report of stolen vehicle from Idaho on 101 North

CHP  stopped a vehicle north bound 101, Crannel road off ramp;  vehicle reported stolen out of Idaho. CHP calling for assistance. HCSO responded. Two occupants in vehicle.