Jan 14, 2017

Peter Thiel or Tom Steyer as California Governor?

I wish Peter Thiel would run.


Two toddlers left unattended in car near Humboldt Pie

APD responding to call about two toddlers left unattended in car outside Humboldt Pie.

Car accident on West Avenue, one trapped in car

 Car accident on west Ave.  One trapped in car. Street closed between 14th and West and 17th and West for cleanup.

Butane lab explosion in Manila, victims left scene

Two burn victims showed up at Mad River Hosital, not known yet if related to this explosion. Burn victims also showed up at St. Joseph's, unrelated to the explosion.

Arcata Fire will be on scene for at least a couple of hours. They are investigating with Humboldt Drug Task Force, said AFD Battalion Chief Sean Campbell.

LOCO's Thunderdome hits a new low; comments about rape on a post remain despite calls for removal

More "professionalism" from the local liberal and arrogant  so called "press."

I thought liberals were about women's rights, yet only a couple of people called out these disgusting comments.

In the article on LOCO's post on the missing woman, it is disgusting that despite requests one comment about rape and another about suggested sexual conduct are still there. They may disappear after this post. This kind of trash talk isnt new in Thunderdome

Here is one comment and responses:

Joe Kitchen to dismiss claim against all government entities; "we will be pursuing the only party responsible for this event that we know of at this time"

Just got off the phone with Mr. Zachary Zwerdling, attorney for Joe Kitchen.

"We are dismissing our claim against all government entities on Tuesday," said Mr. Zwerdling.

"We will be pursuing the only party responsible for this event that we know of at this time and that is who we are going to pursue.'

I asked Mr. Zwerdling about any other lawsuits and he said aid that if information is revealed in the future that anyone else is responsible, then they would look at their options at that time.

At this time, they are only pursuing legal action against Marci Kitchen.

Jan 13, 2017

In addition to filing lawsuit against the City of Fortuna, and Marci Kitchen, will Joe Kitchen sue her boyfriend?

Marci Kitchen has not even had a preliminary hearing but both she and Joe Kitchen have filed separate claims against the City of Fortuna seeking compensation.

They resolved their custody issues in court.

Now sources say that Joe Kitchen is  considering filing a lawsuit against Marci Kitchen's boyfriend Josh Pearlston in the future.

DA and Humboldt Association of Realtors warn about possible rental scam

The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office recently received notification from the Humboldt Association of Realtors about a possible rental scam.  We are sharing this information to help citizens avoid being defrauded.

Norhum's Most Wanted Robert Ganfield in custody

Robert Dale Ganfield, who had an arrest warrant was booked  in jail last night for PC 667.5 (b) and PC 148.10.

You may remember him from Norhum's Most Wanted list in March 2016 or April 2015 when he made headlines jumped out of (what was believed to be a stolen) car and fled with APD (with HCSO assisting) ultimately taking him into custody.

Jan 12, 2017

City of Fortuna staff recommendation is to reject Marci Kitchen's claim

The City of Fortuna agenda has the claim and letter by Marci Kitchen in the agenda.

Staff recommendation is to reject the claim after reviewing it with REMIF. The recommendation also states tbe road in question is not located in the City of Fortuna but the County of Humboldt.

Same claim by Joe Kitchen. Staff recommends rejection of that claim as well.

Both are unlimited civil cases. If the dollar amount claimed exceeds $10,000, it does not have to be included on the form. An unlcimited civil case exceeds $25,000.

EPD investigating report of black male brandishing gun on Third street in Eureka

Scanner report:  black male just jumped out of the bushes on the 1600 block of 3rd St a brandishing a handgun and then fled.  EPD headed to investigate report.

EPD took Damien Dunn in custody. He was booked into jail with charges of possession of a controlled substance as well as assault and battery.

Claim filed by Marci Kitchen against City of Fortuna

According to a claim made on Eel River Crime Stoppers page which I confirmed on the Fortuna City Council agenda for January 16, a claim against the City of Fortuna has been filed by Marci Kitchen by her attorney Patrik Griego.

The State of California, California Department of Transportation and County of Humboldt have also been named in the claim.

I have contacted both Mr. Griego and Kitchen's other attorney, Mr. Benjamin Okin. Mr. Griego contacted me to let me know he will get try and get a response to me tomorrow.

There is also a claim filed by Mr. Zachary Zwerdling on behalf of Joe and Jevin Kitchen.

Contacted Mr. Zwerdling as well. Heard back from his as well.

See my updated post on staff recommendation to reject both claims.

Subway on Myrtle Avenue just robbed

Armed robbery at Subway on Mrytle. Suspects two white males. Armed with what appeared to be a small 9mm gun. Black or blue bandanas covering face. Unknown if fled on foot or via car.

No injuries.

Arizona officer ambushed earlier today and now this in Tennessee

An Arizona state trooper ambushed and shot earlier today and now this breaking news in Tennesee.


Traffic stop by two Tennesse state troopers and one of the occupants allegedly pulled out a weapon.



Child pornography suspect Matthew Steele bailed out same day, no charges filed yet

Matthew Aaron Steele was arrested on January 10 and bailed out on bond the same day.

Still no arraignment date or charges have been filed as of today.

Jan 11, 2017

Ramey warrant for Matthew Aaron Steele lists HSU as business address, criminal history and detailed description of child porn images that led to arrest

Matthew Aaron Steele, who was booked yesterday for alleged distribution and possession of child pornography, was arrested on a Ramey warrant.

No arraignment date or complaint has been filed yet.

I got a copy of the Ramey warrant right now. Visiting Judge Leonard LaCasse signed the warrant.

Residence address is in Arcata; business address is Humboldt State University.

HCSO received a report on 5/31/2016 from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, cyber tipline report.

According to the Ramey warrant, there vwere approximately 500 images and videos of suspected child pornography.

Murder, accessory and gang related charges filed for fourth suspect in Jesus Garcia homicide

Nicholas Leigl will be arraigned tomorrow on the following charges:

His case, after the first preliminary hearing was dismissed. The People did a second preliminary hearing and he was held to answer.

Not guilty plea entered this morning. Trial confirmation on February 27. Jury Trial March 6.

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Future dates scheduled to be set for the Jesus Garcia homicide, alleged to be gang related by prosecution

A court date for setting for three of the suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide was scheduled for 10:15 on 1/17 in Courtroom 5. It was vacated and reset for 1/26 in Courtroom 2 at 8:30 a.m.

Mario Nunez, Joe Olivio Jr. and Joe Olivio III.

Third District Court of Appeal rules California grand juries can determine if police officers should face criminal charges in OIS


A California appeals court has tossed out a law that banned grand juries from determining whether police officers involved in fatal shootings should face criminal charges.

The 3rd District Court of Appeal in San Francisco ruled Tuesday that lawmakers can't restrict grand juries' constitutional authority to issue criminal indictments.

Full article: 

Another link:

Jan 11, 2017

Suspect firing multiple rounds at CHP in Riverside County

According to scanner reports, suspect allegedly shot at CHP. Officers requested permission to shoot back, denied by Sgt.

Which was fortunate since, it was discovered later that the suspect had
two children and a woman inside the car.

Pursuit was stopped. Suspect has child in arms, in standoff.

The woman and children were safely taken into custody, according to the article below.


Failure to register as a sex offender, one of three charges against Bryan Ross Main for alleged Sweet Spot incident

Bryan Ross Main will be arraigned this afternoon in Courtroom 4 on the following charges:

Conflict Counsel's office was appointed for Main, Mr. Kaleb Cockrum was present for the arraignment on Main's behalf today.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett was present for the People.

The alleged victim was there with her mother.

Main looked a bit surprised when he first walked in and looked towards someone in the audience. After the court hearing, a couple came up to me and introduced themselves. They were in court to support Main and are his friends. They requested their identities remain anonymous.

 Bail/OR hearing is on January 13. Intervention January 24. Preliminary January 25.

No other media was present in court.

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Ramey warrant for Matthew Aaron Steele lists HSU as business address, criminal history and detailed description of child porn images that led to arrest

Matthew Aaron Steele, who was booked yesterday for alleged distribution and possession of child pornography, was arrested on a Ramey warrant.

No arraignment date or complaint has been filed yet.

I got a copy of the Ramey warrant right now. Visiting Judge Leonard LaCasse signed the warrant.

Residence address is in Arcata; business address is Humboldt State University.

HCSO received a report on 5/31/2016 from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, cyber tipline report.

According to the Ramey warrant, there vwere approximately 500 images and videos of suspected child pornography.

Robert Bergeson enters change of plea to vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence in the 14th and H Arcata traffic collision

Robert Bergeson was expected to enter a change of plea on December 5; that was rescheduled to January 11.

Count 1 guilty plea. Counts 2 and 3 dismissed by the People. Deputy DA Brent Kling. He stated due to PC 664, most likely those two counts would not result in additional sentencung

A clean shaven, remorseful Bergeson softly answered Judge John Feeney's questions. Judge Feeney said he would accept the plea because Bergeson had no prior criminal record and had expressed remorse.

He is charged with three felonies. Count 1 Vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence; Count 2 Driving under the Influence of an Alcoholic Beverage causing injury; and Count 3 Driving with a 0.08% blood alcohol content causing injury. In the complaint filed, Bergeson's blood alcohol level is alleged to be 0.16%

Sentencing is February 22 at 8:30 p.m. to allow additional victims to testify and for Bergeson's attorney, Deputy Public Defender Heidi Holmquist to file a statement of mitigation.

Jan 10, 2017

Truck on fire, 3rd and P

Truck on fire, 3rd and P. White male adult left scene. EPD responded. Made arrest.

Robbery? Something else? Reports of a male with a gun near Randall and E

Scanner report of a male, allegedly with a gun, running off on Randall from E towards C.

update : allegedly took money from C and V Market, located at the corner of Randall and F.

Had black semi automatic gun. Suspect described as black male, six feet, four inches

The only people who are made at you for speaking the truth...

Matthew Aaron Steele arrested for alleged distribution and possession of child porn

On Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at around 8:30 a.m. Detectives with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office arrested 37 year old Matthew Aaron Steele for distribution of child pornography and possession of child pornography.  Steele’s arrest came at the conclusion of an investigation the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division began in June 2016.  During the course of the investigation several search warrants were obtained and served, ultimately leading to an arrest warrant being issued for Steele.
Steele was taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked on the above listed charges.  His bail was set at $200,000.

All points bulletin out for Anthony Pratt from APD for alleged rape charge

All points bulletin just went out for Anthony Pratt (born 1983) for alleged 261pc (rape) out of Arcata.

There are two Anthony Pratts, tipster said it is Jr.


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"Lollipop bandit" gets private attorney; preliminary postponed to February 22

"Lollipop bandit" David Aumiller had an intervention this morning and a preliminary scheduled tomorrow.

Private attorney, Ms. Kathleen Bryson substitued in today for Conflict Counsel who had been appointed for Aumiller.

Aumiller waived time and the preliminary for tomorrow was vacated. New intervention date is February 21 and new preliminary date is February 22 at 9:45 a.m.

Jury trial for Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright confirmed for February 14

Trial confirmation was scheduled for Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright on January 10 this morning.

Jury trial was confirmed ; it is scheduled for February 14.

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Anyone else see this alleged kidnapping at Blondies last night?

APD Sgt. Todd Dokweiler sent this response:
"We did receive a report from an individual of a woman possibly being held against her will in the vehicle you described. This occurred around 10 last night. We are familiar with the owner of the vehicle and are working to try and determine the validity of the report. Additional investigation needs to be completed before we will be comfortable identifying the reported circumstances as a criminal act. In an abundance of caution a BOL requesting a welfare check of the involved female was sent out to local law enforcement."

Jan 9, 2017

Now this is community policing! Help Slay makeup find these two

From Humboldt Thieves:

"We must come together as a community to protect local small business and our neighborhoods from thiefs. If anyone knows or has information about this woman or knows her name and a man she was with. They smashed the front window and broke into Henderson Centers Slay Makeup studio it would be a big help!"

"they stole everything they could get there hands on it was the middle of the night the smashed out the front windows and even took the cameras airbrush machines makeup 1000s of dollars worth front desk computer everything! So if anyone sees items like these for sale please report it"

Kudos to the Sweet Spot and bravo the young girl who was taught well, look out for this guy

Sharing the post below from Mckinleyville Community Watch :

"Today at the laundy mat this man made the decision to inappropriately touch a girl. This young girl is a minor. Thankfully she spoke up for herself and called the police.  When his name came back as a registered sex offender the decision to press charges was a lot easier. So yes it does matter if you tell someone. The owner and family of the sweet spot helped finish the laundry and insured the safety of the minor. Very proud of all involved. He was arrested for violating his probation and now has more charges. His prior conviction also involved a minor."

Alvin Lee Wingo sought for alleged kidnapping, torture and criminal threats

On Saturday, January 7, 2017 at approximately 11:30 p.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs met with a possible assault victim.  The female victim told deputies she was kidnapped by her estranged husband, 57 year old Alvin Lee Wingo, Jr., on December 27, 2016 from a residence out of the area.  

Mercer Fraser crew rescues woman and her two dogs stranded due to weather

Text and photos from Supervisor Rex Bohn:

"Big Thanks to Mercer Fraser Company, A young lady and her dogs were stranded on a lil island as the river rose this morning Emergency personnel were trying to figure how to access this women and animals and the crew at Mercer Fraser realizing the situation and its immediate need to access took a loader into the river with an operator and a guy in the bucket to rescue her.

Fourth day of Kade Chandler's preliminary reset to February 6 since experts couldnt make it due to weather

The fourth day of the preliminary hearing for Kade Chandler was scheduled for this morning in Courtroom 1 at 9:30 a.m.

Experts could not make it due to the weather. The date is now reset to February 6 at 9:30 a.m.

Former Miss Hoopa's jury trial for alleged sexual abuse charges continued again; to March 20

After a few attempts at resolution and a few continuances, trial confirmation for former Miss Hoopa was scheduled for this morning in Courtroom 1. Jury trial was currently scheduled for January 23.

Kayla Brown is being represented by private attorney Mr. Ben McLaughlin. The case is being prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett.

Mr. McLaughlin confirmed but asked for a continuance. One of the reasons being availibility of defense expert.

The jury trial was continued to March 20.

Brown, a former Miss Hoopa, is charged with charged with four counts of alleged abuse including abnormal sexual interest in children.

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Humboldt County jail reports online MIA?

Usually, the Humboldt County jail reports are up by early a.m. Have contacted HCSO to see why there are no reports since January 6.

HCSO PIO Selena Zorilla-Mendoza said the reports are up now. She is following up with IT to see if there were any technological glitches.

Jan 8, 2017

House vacant, Arcata fire says too unsafe to finish mopping, possible drug house per HCSO

Arcata Fire District update:

#UPDATE: Per Incident Commander: "Conditions too unsafe to finish mopping up. Will continue to smolder and E8217 and B8201 will monitor throughout night. No threat to extend to wildland or other homes in area. House was reported as vacant. Possible drug house per HCSO."

EPD and Humboldt NAACP to march in solidarity on MLK Day

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills:

On MLK day Jan 16, the Humboldt NAACP and EPD will march together in solidarity for all people. 11:00 am at EPD. Join us. @Eureka_Police

Alexander told his stepdaughter "that if she told, the family would be separated, she would be taken away from him and if he went to prison, people would beat him up and do bad things to him."

Sgt. Musson had spoken with Mario Alexander's wife Julianna and she told him that "prior to the allegations, they were already on the outs. Living in the same residence but not sleeping together."

The CAST interview for Jane Doe #2 was on April 27, 2016 at 2 p.m. That was also conducted by CWS' Dorie Larson.

Jane Doe #2 was nine years old at the time of the CAST interview.  "Her mother told her that she was going to counseling to talk about what happened."

Jane Doe #2 told Larson that her mom was mad at Mario Alexander because he had been touching her.

"Mario had told Jane Doe #2 that if she told, the family would be separated, she would be taken away from him and if he went to prison, people would beat him up and do bad things to him."

The last time Jane Doe # 2 said that Alexander touched her was "March 29/30", said Sgt. Musson, "she did not elaborate but she did elaborate o incidents prior to that. The victim did not provide exact dates but said that it progressed in seriousness."

"It began with him touching her breast area and rubbing her on her buttocks area." Sgt. Musson said that "this was a few years prior, around 6 years old.

"Around age 7, he touched her girl parts. when asked to clarify, she said what her mom calls vagina."

"Her daughter said that Mr. Mario stuck his hand down her pants, touched her buttocks and front parts."

This is a link to a 2011. Alleged charge drug sales, child endangerment; one suspect MArio D. Alexander.

(this is an older photo from 2011 )

On January 5, I did this post on the arraignment of Mario D. Alexander for a 2016 case and the charges and outcome of his preliminary hearing.


Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads is prosecuting this case. Ms. Meagan O' Connell from the Public Defender's office was appointed to represent Alexander.

Today's post is the detailed testimony of the first two witnesses. First to testify was HCSO Deputy Eric Morris and then HCSO Sgt. Greg Musson about the allegations made by Jane Doe #1.

On April 18, 2016, Deputy Morris responded to a call regarding an allegation of child molestation. Reporting Party was a Shannon (last name withheld for the post). Deputy Morris contacted her and initially spoke to her over the phone.

In response to a question by Ms. Eads, Deputy Morris said, "That morning Shannon spoke to her daughter about going to Mr. Mario's house and that her daughter said she did not want to go to Mr. Mario's house. Her daughter said that Mr. Mario stuck his hand down her pants, touched her buttocks and front parts."

The daughter also told Shannon that she "woke up in the middle of the night with her legs spread open and Mr. Mario was in the room at the time."

Structure fire in Fortuna, alleged cause fire in electrical box

Fire in electrical box, according to scanner, structure fire in Fortuna . 62 (street name ?)

"fire extinguisher cannot handle"

Repeated the street name three times, hard to understand. If it is 62 Burr street, then it would be Rio Dell, not Fortuna but that is what the person calling dispatch said at the beginning of the call. And then rattled off several fire departments.

1.3 Earthquake near Cobb California

Two more 97 and 94 minutes ago, both 7 km W of Cobb, CA.

Sunday, January 8, 25 minutes ago, earthquake, 7 km W of Cobb, CA.

Another one 10 minutes ago, 1.3, 1 km S. of Yorba Linda.