Aug 16, 2017

Call to dispatch about fight between two individuals near library in Eureka; no victims; no arrests

"At the library between 4:30 and 5 p.m. today, there were two EPD officers in vehicles. One EPD officer was on foot. They had an African- American male in cuffs on 2nd between L and M street. Fire dept staged on 3rd at O street; ambulance staged at 3rd and M.All gone by 5:15 p.m."

Conte Watson charged with possession of a firearm, reckless evading and driving on a suspended/revoked license

Conte Watson, charged with the following, for his most recent arrest:

PC29800 (a) 1 possession of a fiream, HS11379 (a) transporting or selling meth, HS11378 possesion of meth, VC2800.2 which is reckless evading; VC14601.2 (a), driving on suspended or revoked license, PC 22210, possession of a baton and PC 30305, person prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Antifa accused of beating a man and falsely labeling him a Nazi sympathizer

Democrat leaders and Fake News, is this morally right? Where is the constant coverage on this incidents?

Of course the Lawson family & attorney pick someone who has a bias; "botched murder investigations"; Humboldt is not SoCal

North Coast News reported the name of the former FBI agent hired by David Josiah Lawson's family.

"Botched murder investigations". Yeah, this guy can be unbiased. Humboldt is not SoCal. APD is not LAPD.

Read the links below about Tom Parker.

"21 year old Cascade Gayman was arrested for robbery after using force while stealing from a store in the mall. "

Details on arrest from EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell:

"21 year old Cascade Gayman was arrested for robbery after using force while stealing from a store in the mall.  The victim declined medical attention."

Will Conte Watson be arraigned or released by the end of today?

DA's office just received the report from law enforcement this morning. Conte Watson must be arraigned by end of today or he will be released from custody.

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Justice for Josiah Lawson vigil peaceful; but these concerns remain about investigation being unbiased

Good to see new faces organizing the Justice for Josiah Lawson August vigil. I read and watched  coverage but the most helpful was the video on North Coast News.

It was peaceful, expressing frustrations but there are still some concerns. Very disappointing that at the vigil, false information is still being circulated.

Aug 15, 2017

Intoxicated male allegedly belligerent with medical crew; subject banging head on patrol car

Update: EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell confirmed Wednesday morning:

"21 year old Ernesto Cuevas was arrested for resisting arrest and drunk in public.  Cuevas was causing a disturbance at the hospital and once he was medically cleared he was booked into jail. "

If it involves race, protests or stirring up the community, you can bet Renee Saucedo is involved

So, Renee Saucedo has a problem with the civil rights resolution that the Board of Supervisors passed?

She had the same problem with Arcata this May. And has no problem using her elderly mother; did it in San Francisco in 2016. Again, today at the BOS.

Scammer sends fake check to Captain Steve Watson at EPD

Chief Steve Watson:

Somebody tried to scam me by sending a fake cashier's check addressed to "C seapt Steve Watson" at EPD! #stupidcrook

Bomb threat at Courthouse?

Alleged bomb threat at  courthouse about ten minutes ago. Some kind of package in second floor. No one was allowed up certain parts of that floor, rest of business seems to be as usual.

I rush over. Court clerks, HCSO deputies, Court CEO are all sitting outside on the second floor, people are moving about as usual, no one else in the building knew.

Just as I walk up to the second floor, I see Lt. Dennis Young saying to Ms. Kim Bartleson that "all clear."

It was a coffee mug, someone sent to a Judge. Was suspicious because no return address.

Judge Wilson says excellent trial arguments by both attorneys; however will review preliminary transcript to rule on 995 in homicide and attempted murder case

A 995 motion to dismiss some of the charges in Maxx Robison's 2016 case was scheduled this morning at 10:15 in Courtroom 5.

Agreeing with the People that the Judge needs to decide om the 995 motion based on preliminary findings; not what would be presented at jury trial;  Judge Christopher Wilson will review the preliminary transcript; ruling continued until August 24 at 10:15.

Downed power line, smoke, fire at Summer and Clark; HBF and EPD on scene

North Coast News is live on scene. The station's power went out; then came back momentarily.

This is near the laundromat and W. Clark post office. A downed power line is on fire near a building, with several cars parked near it and USPS vehicles.

Aug 14, 2017

This is the Humboldt I love and it is the many amazing people who live here that make the challenges worthwhile

Humboldt has the best weather, clean air, great beaches, breath taking beauty. Coastal California is beautiful.

It's time we make it safe and affordable to live here for every one.

When will the liberal elite on the coasts stop hurting the working class they claim to represent?

Time for California and Humboldt to realize, don't vote party; vote the candidate who works for you. Liberal elite and liberal media aren't struggling.

Antifa does not shy away from militant protest methods, including the destruction of property and sometimes physical violence."

Zacevich blews a kiss to an older lady in court there to see her; lady responds, "Don't do that"

Then they proceeded to whisper back and forth for a couple minutes until the courtroom bailiff told them not to talk. He was nice enough not to make the older lady leave the courtroom for breaking that rule.

Due to extensive criminal history as one reason; PG &E gate crasher Katherine Zacevich denied bail

Probation recommended she not be released on OR. People opposed her release on OR; gave Visiting Judge Bruce Watson several reasons. Based on her extensive criminal history across multiple states, release on OR was denied.

Brett Visser has filed a claim for asset forfeiture in the amount of $72, 664

How many times does Bobby Ganfield have to be arrested for indecent exposure and this Friday, for being a peeping tom, before he stops getting probation?

Bobby Lee Ganfield arrested  by HCSO on August 11 for alleged violation of probation and PC 647 (i), which is "peeking while loitering".

Aug 13, 2017

Sen. Kevin De Leon and CA unions prefer illegal aliens over their own working U. S. citizens and sue LA Sheriff

"Fuck you, Fuck the police", feces, trash and screaming in Old Town ; naked man fighting APD at Shell Gas station, drunk and belligerent oblivious to being filmed

Daily occurrence in Old Town, especially on 2nd and Third Streets.

For half an hour, this guy has been going up and down the streets, yelling "Fuck yeah, Fuck you B####h, Fuck the police" and other gibberish.

With a $225,000 bail, hopefully Conte Watson will stay in custody

On 08-12-17, a HCSO Deputy was involved in a vehicle pursuit of a blue Ford Focus. The deputy pursued the vehicle through McKinleyville until it collided with a residence in the 1800 block of Fischer Road causing minor damage to the residence. 

"Even when they vote for Democrats or support some of their policies, most Americans—including young people, women and minorities—reject the term “liberal.”

"Even when they vote for Democrats or support some of their policies, most Americans—including young people, women and minorities—reject the term “liberal.” And it isn’t hard to see why. They see us as aloof, elitist, out of touch."

Why are Bear River Casino & Blue Lake Casino supporting a site that consistently allows racist Native American comments

Listed below are the comments in the above post. Toiletdome regularly features, racist comments, but only comments on the Lawson case had threads shut down. The post on two inmates gets racist comments on Hoopa and Willow Creek?

Toiletdome, on a consistent basis features disgusting derogatory comments about women, sexual innuendoes about women, rape fantasies in their comments.  Some of us publish certain comments occasionally as part of showing what's out there in Humboldt in context but not those advocating rape and sexual innuendoes.

 Lost Coast Toiletpost, needs them regularly for clickbait for their troll readership and are the main reson for the trashy online comment culture in Humboldt.

And why is the holier than thou left silent?
I dont see KHSU panels and protests out on the street. Guess Native American bashing is okay? Is this what Patrick Cleary and Lost Coast Communications are proud to support?

Why are the advertisers of LOCO supporting racism and sexism on a regular basis?

Tolietpost comments rarely have anything to do with the topic.