Oct 16, 2017

Referring to one victim as man, transgender teen, gay and identifies as both male and female shows the ignorance of liberal media

Law enforcement busted down a door at the Royal Inn this morning

HCSO was busy today. Another alleged  bust seen by a Brenna Nicks was at the Royal Inn around 10 a.m this morning.

Jennika Lee Suazo death investigation remains active; EPD still awaiting some test results

"We are still awaiting some test results.  The investigation remains active," said EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell.

Car being searched in Burger King parking lot right now

Reader said as he drove by there were five or six law enforcement officers in plain clothes, including one EPD cruiser searching a car at Burger King on Fifth Street in Eureka right now. Reader said law enforcement had paper bags and items laid out on the trunk of a car, a green sedan.

Mendes Supply driving down to Santa Rosa with specific items requested by Salvation Army Distribution Center

Supervisor Rex Bohn: "I am so proud of the literally hundreds of calls and texts from people wanting to help the fire victims."

Oct 13, 2017

An early holiday gift to CA criminals from "no consequences" Moonbeam

First the wildfires in Northern California came for your wine. Now they're coming for your weed."

(Image from Forbes)

First the wildfires in Northern California came for your wine. Now they're coming for your weed."

No Hep A cases reported in Humboldt; Governor Brown declares emergency related to outbreak in three other counties

Today Governor Brown declared a state of emergency related to an outbreak of the hepatitis A virus. San Diego, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles counties have reported 577 cases to date, with 18 fatalities. 

Humboldt County OES has confirmed that residents from the fire-affected counties are migrating to Humboldt to stay with family and friends, and their livestock are coming with them

Our county Office of Emergencies Services (OES) has shared information on housing livestock locally for fire evacuees.  OES has confirmed that residents from the fire-affected counties are migrating to Humboldt to stay with family and friends, and their livestock are coming with them.  

Elizabeth Quenell and Johnnie Leavens arrested on various charges including alleged possession of narcotic for sale


Ramey warrant for ex HCSO correctional deputy Cory Fisher describes the alleged abuse each minor male victim endured

According to the Ramey warrant for Cory Fisher, the three alleged victims describe the inappropriate and forceful behavior they endured.

John Beidemann waives OR/Bail hearing, enters time waiver setting on Nov 3

John Beideman had an OR/Bail hearing scheduled this morning. Court started late because the Public Defender assigned to case was not present and they were waiting in court staff, Judge.

Are rich Hollywood liberals or protesting football stars or any of the tech CEOS or political donors like Tom Steyer helping CA wildfire victims?

Ordinary people stepping up, businesses, restaurants stepping up. What I haven't heard about is the rich Hollywood liberals or protesting football stars or any of the tech CEOS or political donors like Tom Steyer helping.

Oct 12, 2017

"Step it up! This isn't how we should treat our active service or our veterans. Unless we are talking about the veterans of the great heroin war of 2017."

"Is this how honor active service members?"

CA State Parks opening up 200 sites with showers and restrooms for fire victims

From Assemblymember Jim Wood:
"Just got word that State Parks is opening Bodega Dunes, Wrights Beach and Salt Point for fire victims. 200 sites total. If the sites fill up, they will open day sites, but overnight sites have showers and restrooms. Thank you California State Parks!"

Criminal proceedings suspended in yet another case; anti psychotic medication ordered for Reed Tardy

Reed Tardy had a hearing scheduled this morning for placement. Criminal proceedings were suspended in September and the Judge signed an order for anti psychotic medication.

Michael Grant's attorney had to subpoena Del Norte County Sheriff's office to get records

Michael Grant had trial setting scheduled today.

Today,  Grant's attorney Mr. Neal Sanders, had to issue a subpoena requesting records from the Del Norte County Sheriff's office.

Four judges disqualify themselves from court clerk John Beideman's alleged child molestation case

Tomorrow morning there is a special set for an OR/Bail hearing for court clerk John Beideman in front of Visiting Judge Stephen Mock.

99% of AT &T service back up; mobile cell sites where cell service is inaccessible

(Yountville mobile site)

The fire situation across the Northern California region remains dire, with Cal Fire reporting 19 active fires that have burned over 190,000 acres. AT&T has repair crews working around the clock, and has deployed its Network Disaster Recovery teams.

Kade Chandler pleads out and sentencing is scheduled in November

Kade Chandler did plead out yesterday. The People had made an offer yesterday morning, all details are in the previous post below. Probation/Sentencing is set for November 27.

Richard Dennis Falk found dead of gunshot wounds outside his residence

HCSO Lt. Mike Fridley confirmed that while the case is still being investigated, this is a homicide case.

Loren Patrick Wheeler charged with DUI, hit and run, carrying a loaded firearm in public

Loren Wheeler was charged with DUI, hit and run and carrying a loaded firearm in public.

Oct 11, 2017

It was June 2015 when David Viveiros was charged; it is October 2017 and he just plead to 16 years before his jury trial to abusing a minor

After numerous delays, yesterday, David Viveiros accepted a plea for 16 years in prison.

AT&T to Offer Credits for Unlimited Data, Calls and Texts to Keep Customers Impacted by California Wildfires Connected

From Steven Ramirez:
"AT&T is also providing our consumer landline customers who live in areas affected by the fires in Northern California a special offer designed to help provide a wireless connection during this difficult time. "

"Under normal circumstances our network in the North Coast has multiple routes along which we can reroute traffic. Unfortunately, with more than 15 fires across 8 counties damage to the area was severe."

I just spoke with AT & T spokesperson Steven Ramirez. He released the following statement as a follow up to some questions, from my readers. 

"We do our best to make as many improvements as possible and address the impact of natural disasters in an effort to avoid and/or minimize all outages." 

"Someone drove up to a large animal evacuation center in Mendocino and asked if they needed anything"; $300 worth of medications donated

Thanks to Assemblymember Jim Wood for the photo and sharing this story.

FBI seeks help identifying Jane Doe 39, a child predator

"The FBI is seeking the public’s help to stop a child predator.
The unidentified woman being sought—known only as Jane Doe 39—can be seen in a video with a child who is being sexually exploited."

Baskette is a former boyfriend of Rebecca Driver who was found dead Saturday, October 7th. The two had separated four weeks ago after a 12 year relationship."

"The Lyon County Sheriff's Office says 48-year-old Scott Baskette of Silver Springs has been arrested for the deaths of a woman and her parents last weekend in Silver Springs."

Bryan Ross Main pleads guilty to charges of failure to register as a sex offender and unlawful touching of a minor

Trial confirmation was scheduled for Bryan Ross Main today; instead he plead out. The negotiated plea is for three years in custody. This is not  final until sentencing.

Main had signed a plea form, which he had gone over with Conflict Counsel Supervising Attorney, Kaleb Cockrum. Deputy Conflict Counsel Meagan O'Connell spoke at length with Main before the plea was accepted by Retired Judge Bruce Watson and during the plea, with both explaining and answering questions Main had. He would answer, "I understand."

Humboldt Team with Supervisor Bohn grilling 800 hamburgers, 800 hot dogs at Santa Rosa evacuation center

HCSO arrests Scott Alan Baskette wanted for three counts of first degree murder in Nevada

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office been working with the Nevada Department of Public Safety for the past week attempting to locate 48 year old suspect Scott Alan Baskette.

Will Kade Chandler accept the People's plea offer? Plead guilty to all charges and accept responsibility for the deaths of Kendra Lewis and Savannah Kindred?

Kade Chandler had a court hearing on October 10 to hear a motion on discovery. Due to the internet being down yesterday, that hearing was continued to this morning. The People and the defense had discussions and negotiations on offers made by each side. The attorneys met with Judge John Feeney in chambers.

The People made a final offer for a six year cap on a prison term with Chandler pleading to Count 1 & 2 and pleading to Count 3 as a misdemeanor. The case is on again at 4 p.m. today.

Citing holidays and outstanding discovery, jury trial for Joe Olivio Jr. and Mario Nunez continued to next year

(Olivio Jr)

$960,000 worth of heroin found when Garden Grove, CA man arrested in Illinois

"An Illinois State Police trooper patrolling Interstate 70 east of Vandalia discovered 6 pounds (2,745 grams) of heroin during a traffic stop. The street value of the seized heroin was approximately $960,000."

Oct 10, 2017

Man convicted of attempted murder gets 13 years in state prison; says bulk of his income came from drug sales

Adam Michael Kendall, age 28, formerly of New Jersey, appeared before Mendocino County Superior Court Judge John Behnke this morning to be sentenced for his earlier attempted murder conviction.

A reader from Hoopa has her AT & T service back, do you?

A reader told me her AT and T service is working in Hoopa. Other people also have service back . Is your service back?

Earlier post:

HACHR have you filed your 990s and required reports with the AG; why are different people on paperwork?

Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction puts out misinformation, confusing information or no information, then whine and "play victim" on their facebook page and during interviews.

"What I and many don't understand is the pushback from HACHR. I feel HACHR is so busy doing damage control, they don't hear us! "

Jeannie Breslin, a well respected and generous community member wrote the post below. It expresses the sentiments of many citizens in Eureka.

"It's not a disease it's a choice and they're choosing to treat our city like a toilet."

"California is becoming a shithole, to say the very least."

AT & T has accessed fiber line where the outage issue is; connectivity may be back by midnight

First District Supervisor Rex Bohn shared this update.

"Just got off the phone with ATT. They have accessed the Fiber Line where the issue is they are replacing approximately 2 miles of cable. If all goes right connectivity should be back after midnight. They have all available resources on it."

HCSO main non emergency number restored for service

HCSO Lt. Mike Fridley: "The main non emergency number for the Sheriff's Office (707-445-7251) has been restored to service. Also we are not able to live scans due to the fiber optic line break. "

"Let's do something for the kids who are displaced from the fires! "

John, would you be able to share this on your page:
"Let's do something for the kids who are displaced from the fires!  I am collecting coloring books, crayons, notebooks, cards, games, storybooks that will be taken to evacuation sites in fire affected areas."

John Beideman aka Carpathian jovially chats with his attorney before arraignment

John Beideman arraigned on six felony counts. Four counts of  PC 288.7(b), oral copulation/penetration on a child under 10, these allegedly happened between 2006 and 2009. Two counts of PC 288 (a), lewd acts with a child under 14. These allegedly happened between 2004 and 2009.

Will AT & T services be restored for Humboldt by tomorrow evening or Thursday morning

Saw First District Supervisor Rex Bohn after today's Board of Supervisor's meeting.

John Beideman scheduled for arraignment at 1:29 today