Dec 31, 2016

When arrogance goes unchecked, you can report whatever you want; NCJ's relentless scapegoating of Adam Laird; the question is why?

As usual, North Coast Journal's recent article, "Is this criminal assault?" is hardly "investigative" journalism; more like yellow journalism and the usual half baked regurgitated information from court documents without addressing crucial facts that NCJ seems to thrive on to sell a desperately sinking, irrelevant weekly rag.

You think they would have learned from the boo-boo they made in the Gary Lee Bullock case. Read this post for a reminder.

But arrogance reigns supreme, when  your fellow journalists are mostly your pals and others in the local media have not been around long enough or too busy covering real news to check on your incompetency.

In NCJ's own article, Thad Greenson states, "It’s been almost four years since the Eureka Police Department and the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office held a rare joint press conference on April 17, 2013"; going on further to state "Four months earlier, shortly before midnight on Dec. 6, 2012, EPD received a report of a gang fight near Twenty-Thirty Park on Summer Street. In that same article, the male suspect is allegedly carrying a a golf club, and told police officers he was drunk, and fled when he saw the police officer. 
In typical sloppy NCJ reporting, we are to assume who that officer was. 

In 2014, that case was dismissed by the People. NCJ still persisted in filing a lawsuit, touting their own victory in getting it released, finally this year. Must be nice to have all that ad revenue and money to waste on a video that turned out to be a whole lot of nothing; not to mention, no proof it is the only video or the complete video.

Former Sgt. Adam Laird was the only one out of four officers that night to be arrested. His attorney, Mr. Patrik Griego in his defense brought up several points; including the fact that in other cases, EPD had handled the matter internally; that his client was being targeted for certain political alliances and views, and that according to witness statements and reports, "the juvenile was a member of a violent local gang that had recently threatened to ambush a Eureka cop."

Here is the link to the video from the EPD transparency portal:

Watch it for yourself.

People will have different opinions based on their experience and opinions of police officers.

Why is a video from a court case that was dismissed in 2014, in which former Sgt. Laird was never found guilty of anything, a case that will never be refiled again and the fact that Sgt. Laird honorably retired and is now self employed, relevant news? Why is NCJ dragging this out?

NCJ must have forgotten the time they published a court document with a minor's initials; Jennifer Cahill and NCJ's attempt to be buzzfeed backfires

I stopped reading the North Coast Journal a while back. A regular reader mentioned if I saw my name in this recent issue.

So, I picked it up. I was not expecting anything positive and NCJ is so predictable, they never fail to disappoint.

I would thank the NCJ and Jennifer Fumiko Cahill for the shout out  but besides the little clique of so called reporters who play musical chairs from TS to NCJ to LOCO and the small group of progressives and Judy Hodgson's friends and family considering it media, NCJ is only good for lining the bird cage or wrapping up fish; actually the birds and fish deserve better.

Jennifer, you are no more a journalist than Andrew Goff is a photographer because he has a camera. You may have a title given to you by NCJ but unlike you, I actually worked as a reporter for real newspapers in Philadelphia, Atlanta, have a 30 year career as a journalist and was good enough to be interviewed by BBC so I really do not give a damn about your opinion.

A real journalist checks facts. You are complaining that I outed minors in the Fortuna High School alleged bombing fiasco" case by using initials when NCJ did the same thing in the coverage of the Adam Laird case. Every one was talking about who these kids were before my post. It isn't my fault that the Fortuna bumbling police made premature conclusions without proper investigation and haven't a clue about when to release information to press to quell public concerns.

This is the link to the court document about a juvenile's  initials that NCJ published.

So it is okay for NCJ but not me? Maybe you should have done your research Jennifer, then again, journalist you are not.

Here is another link to a big error NCJ made in the Gary Lee Bullock case. Thad came to court once, for a couple of hours and this error was made about a high profile case with a defendant facing life without parole, with a gag order, misleading the public about what the jury knew and was instructed because Thad was not in court.

"If you drive stoned or drunk, eurekapd will gladly take you to jail"

Chief Andy Mills:

If you drive drunk or stoned 😵 @eurekapd will gladly take you to jail. Average cost of a DUI 14k. #noexcuse #callasoberfriend #takeacab

Humboldt Bay Fire to issue press release later today on Waterfront fire

A blazing fire broke out early a.m. on 12 Waterfront last night, the former location of Eureka Ice and Storage.

Firefighters are still on scene. Just heard briefly from Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Gillespie that there will be a press release out later today.

A brief press release just issued:

On 12/30/16 at approximately 2345hrs, Humboldt Bay Fire responded with 3 engines, 1 ladder truck, 1 Squad and 2 Chief Officers to a reported Commercial Structure Fire @ 12 W. Waterfront Dr. First arriving units reported smoke was visible from the building and access was made through locked gates onto the property and fire was visible to the rear of the building. Defensive operations were initiated utilizing elevated master streams and large diameter hose lines. A 2nd and 3rd alarm was requested and the Humboldt Bay Harbor District fire boat was also requested to the scene. Off duty Humboldt Bay Fire personnel responded in addition to units from Arcata, Samoa-Peninsula, Blue Lake, Fortuna, Loleta and Cal Fire. The fire was controlled in approximately 3 hours and one firefighter sustained a minor injury and was treated on scene. Humboldt Bay Fire will remain on scene throughout the day extinguishing hot spots and a damage estimate is unknown at this time. The cause of the fire is under investigation and Humboldt Bay Fire will release further information when it becomes available.

Dec 30, 2016

Shots fired near Redwood Acres?

Possible shots fired near Redwood Acres according  to a tip, 30 seconds ago. Another tip 5 shots but on Myrtle.

checking into it...

Dec 29, 2016

Cottage Realty aware of issue,working with website provider

Cottage Realty's Kyra O'Rourke responded this afternoon to the email I sent yesterday and my post.


Thank you for the email and I was already aware of it. I have been working with my website provider and am assured that this will be taken care of soon. My Cottage Realty website is for marketing purposes and is not accessible to my property management program. They are two different entities. My property management program has many levels of security. Even within the property management program, we don't have access to an individual's personal data regarding their bank accounts. I take my tenants and owners personal information very seriously and researched programs for 4 years before making a final decision on upgrading our program. Even with excellent security, we keep very little personal information in the property management program."

Second bite at the apple partially successfully, Nicholas Leigl to be arraigned for Jesus Garcia case

Visiting Judge Arnold Rosenfield ruled after hearing arguments from both attorneys today, Deputy DA David Christensen and Leigl's attorney Michael Acosta.

This second preliminary was a two day preliminary hearing starting yesterday. Judge Rosenfield's final decision was:

To issue a holding order to accessory after fact and Leigl was held to answer on the criminal gang participation special allegation. He was not held to answer on the murder charge.

Leigl is one of four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide and had his case previously dismissed after a 995 motion.

The possibity of another 995 motion is an option referred to in court today.

Arraignment on information on January 13.

Bail reduction hearing is next week.

I only attended the Judge's ruling, not the two day preliminary since I covered the original preliminary hearing which no other media did so didn't sit through it again.

James Merrick charged with hit and run of Mckinleyville continues preliminary hearing to February 7

Intervention scheduled for James Merrick today was continued at request of the defense, January 3 preliminary vacated. New intervention date February 6, New preliminary date February 7.

Dec 19, 2016

James Merrick, recently arrested in Mckinleyville for allegedly hitting a teen pedestrian plead to a DUI last April

James Merrick, who is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on charges of murder, two DUI counts and hit and run in the death of a teen pedestrian in Mckinleyville had plead guilty last April to a misdemeanor DUI.

He will also be arraigned in the 2015 case for probation revocation this afternoon.

Previous post:

Lollipop bandit to be arraigned on charges of buy/receive stolen property, hit and run, obsruct and resist officer

Lollipop bandit arraigned this afternoon in Courtroom 1 on two cases. in one case three counts; Buy/Receive Stolen Property, hit and run, and obstruct and resist office. one felony, two misdemeanor.

In second case, all felonies, four counts. Charges in picture below, includes grand theft of firearm.

Complaints filed 12/29.

DDA Luke Bernthal. Conflict Counsel appointed, Mr. Kaleb Cockrum present for arraignment. Preliminary January 11. Intervention on January 11.OR/Bail January 3.

No other media in court. Initially, Aumiller was chewing gum, and his demeanor sobered up soon, bruises on face from where he fell a deep purple.

Time waived for misdemeanors, not felonies. Not guilty plea, denial of all special allegations.

California Supreme Court just ruled that attorney client privilege does not apply to billing invoices

There are exceptions, of course.

This just happened at 10 a.m. Here is the link to the published opinion.

This is a link to a previous article about the lawsuit.

In April, this very issue came up in a case involving Humboldt County and HUMCPR.

Arrest for alleged vandalism includes charge of participation in Sureno gang

594(b)(1) PC (Felony Vandalism)

186.22 PC (Participation in a Criminal Street Gang)

400 block of Ellen Lynn Road in Redwood Valley, CA

Date of Incident:

3:20 PM


Elias Sanchez  (24 year-old male from Redwood Valley, CA)

Michael Springs pleads guilty to 8 years in prison for burglaries at Trinidad Water Treatment Plant

Michael Otis Springs plead guilty on December 28 to eight years in prison, the day  jury selection was supposed to start for his trial.

Sentencing is January 25. The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Whitney Barnes.

Michael Otis Springs arrested yesterday for the alleged burglary from Trinidad Water Treatment Plant

On Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at about 10:00 a.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a transient camp in Orick for the arrest of Michael Otis Springs. Springs was arrested without incident and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. He was booked for PC459 – Burglary, PC836.6(b) – Escape/attempt escape after arrest, PC496(a) – Buy/receive stolen property less than $950, PC488 – Petty Theft, PC148(a)(1) – Otherwise resist public officer, and PC148.9(a) – False Identification to peace officer.
Springs’ bail has been set at $25,000. The handcuffs he originally escaped in were recovered.

Redding blogger posts article that raise further questions about Sherri Papini's disappearance account

Very interesting article on Sherri Papini. This blogger uses his name.

I had my doubts from the start, after Keith Papini's 20/20 interview, they grew.

I think the questions raised deserve answers from the Papini's and law enforcement.

Dec 28, 2016

Felix Luna arrested on Shell Avenue after allegedly fleeing from Mckinleyville KMART with a bike

From Operation Safe Streets:

Attention Kmart Shoppers - will the Latino male who just rode a bike out of the Mck store (without paying for it),  please return to the store.

Bike is white or gray with big tires if you happen to see him call law enforcement.

Update 1834: Sheriff's Department has one detained at Shell on Central.  Oddly enough,  one of Eureka's regulars... Felix Luna.  And he's got bookable warrants

Local realty company may have been hacked, one business owner affected warns others to check

Local company hacked?

I just received this from a local business and longtime reader who wanted me to share this with other businesses that maybe affected.

This business owner contacted the company  to inform them and was only able to reach voicemail.

The business owner told me, "I have had my suspicions of this particular company as they handle our rent payments now that our long time landlord passed away and they push for online payments. I am not the only one finding this hack out hopefully. This is a screenshot of the page redirect."

The business owner contacted me to get the word out to alert other businesses and individuals potentially affected.

I have also contacted the company. If anyone else has contacted them or had a similar experience, please contact me.

Collision on 4th and K in Eureka

Two vehicles involved in a traffic collision on 4th and K.

EPD, Humboldt Bay Fire and City ambulance on scene.

Report of one elderly woman transported to the hospital.

Fortuna Rohner Park arrest results in alleged heroin, meth and firearm possession

On December 28, 2016 at about 11:00 AM a subject who was walking in Rohner Park called the Fortuna Police Department to report that as he walked by a vehicle parked in the park, he observed several subjects in the vehicle and one of the subjects was holding what appeared to be a handgun.

24 hours, three guns, three crooks: Chief Andy Mills

Chief Andy Mills:

<24 hours, 3 guns off three crooks. @Eureka_Police #goodpolicing #StopTheViolence

Substitute Humboldt for San Francisco in this article, same difference

Substitute Humboldt for San Francisco or any city or town in California, the result is the same.

Dec 27, 2016

Lollipop bandit arrested by EPD, identified as David Aumiller

From EPD Captain Steve Watson:

EPD identified & arrested the face-planting Lollipop Bandit tonight. Suspect is David Aumiller. More to follow in a press release tomorrow.

According to internet search, David Aumiller was arrested by HCSO and booked on August 28.

EPD posts video of alleged handgun thief tripping and taking a fall trying to escape

HCSO confirms Ocean Drive explosion caused by butane honey oil lab

On Monday, December 26, 2016 at approximately 3:30 p.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs along with Arcata Fire responded to a triplex residence on the 1800 block of Ocean Drive in McKinleyville for a report of an explosion.  Upon arrival deputies received information that a 24 year old male was reported to have received severe burns from the explosion and was transported away from the scene by a private party prior to law enforcements arrival. 

Liz Smith expresses disappointment to Patrick Cleary in HAF's lack of investment, promotion of inclusion in Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods

-----Original Message-----
From: Elizabeth Smith []
Sent: Friday, December 23, 2016 06:14 AM Pacific Standard Time
To: Patrick Cleary
Subject: Disappointed in HAF's promotion of supporting equity and inclusion and not making significant investment in the Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods

Dear Patrick,
I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in Humboldt Area Foundation's promotion of equity and inclusion and the lack of a significant investment in the Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods.
As I know you are aware, there are an inordinate number of non-profits in Humboldt County. I have heard numbers ranging from 1,000-2,000. All of these non-profits are varying in size, scope and perhaps more importantly for this discussion, how and from where they receive their monetary resources.
The Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods fundraises for EVERY dollar needed to serve now over 4,000 children and youth in Humboldt and soon to be Del Norte and Siskyou Counties. I realize that your tenure as Executive Director of Humboldt Area Foundation is under five years, but that your time in Humboldt County spans over 20 and that you are aware of the financial, public relations, Board engagement and staff recruitment/retention challenges our Club has dealt with since 2008. To put it into better perspective, I would like to highlight just some of the significant strides we've made since 2008.

Preliminary hearing continued for all suspects in Manila homicide

Intervention was scheduled this morning for all five suspects charged in the homicide of Tyson Claros. Preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 28.

Due to requests by two private defense attorneys requested continuances, Thomson and Valenzuela's preliminary continued until February 6, the other three until February 16. A motion to consolidate all cases may be filed by the DA's office, said DDA Luke Bernthal.

Previous post:

Clayton Lasinski preliminary hearing continued to February 2 since defense is waiting on officer cameras, civilian statements and video

The man that led EPD on a chase through rush hour on December 6 had his preliminary hearing continued today. Times estimate given by DDA Roger Rees and defense, with one witness, at this time is 3 hours, Judge Hinrichs set aside 4 hours.

Clayton Lasinski was arraigned on 12/15. Bail was set at $860,000 at arraignment.

Intervention was scheduled for today, 12/27 at 9:45. Preliminary hearing was cheduled for December 28 at 9:45.

Fifteen counts, charges listed below:

Nicholas Leigl, whose case was dismissed to have second preliminary for his role in Jesus Garcia homicide

Nicholas Leigl, one of the four suspects, whose motion to dismiss was granted in September 2016 is having a second preliminary again, in front of different judge expected to start today, Visiting Judge Arnold Rosenfeld.

Deputy David Christensen is prosecuting the case. Mr. Michael Acosta is representing Leigl.

Charges are the same as the first time. Count 1 Murder with special allegation that Leigl "was an active participant in a criminal street gang and the murder was carried out to further activities of the criminal street gang."

It was continued until tomorrow. I covered the first preliminary and the motion to dismiss, I will not be covering the second one but will update the result.

Dec 26, 2016

If 1895 Ocean Drive is where the alleged explosion occurred today, maybe law enforcement should check out if this sex offender still lives there

The KIEM TV photo lists 1895 on the side of the house where HCSO and Arcata Fire Department were today in Mckinleyville.

Hard to tell from that photo whether the house in question is 1895 or 1899 . If the house where the alleged fire/explosion occurred is 1895, maybe they should look for the guy below.

A registered sex offender has that listed as his address on megan's law.

Broken ribs, chest pain and hurt wrist possible injuries in Fairfield collision, my friends are at the ER now

The traffic collision at Fairfield today affects me on a personal level. It involves a family, who are good friends of mine.

I was just contacted by the husband of the family in the blue car after seeing the original post. I will not be using names at his request.

The husband who I spoke with said "Hey John, the accident on fairfield was actually (his wife) and two of our kids and her brother. She was driving north bound on fairfield when a lady was driving north and turned out in front of her without signaling or anything. We're at the ER now. "

"She turned left and hit (his wife) knocking her into the sidewalk."

His youngest, his son, "had some marks on his neck from the seatbelt and was complaining about a slight chest pain. His wife said her wrist was hurting and she took their son straight to the ER in truck while he dealt with the accident. "I brought my brother in-law to the ER after because he hit his head on the dash and may have broken some ribs."

Possible fire or explosion at apartment complex in Mckinleyville

Possible fire or explosion at Ocean Apartment complex in Mckinleyville.

Comments on Mckinleyville Community Watch say explosion. At least two people, in close proximity referred to the odor of marijuana.

Photo credit Marc Davis of Mckinleyville Community Watch.

Marc also told me the place had a fire last year and all the fire extinguishers did not work.

He heard the explosion. According to Marc, the explosion blew off the back of one tenant's shirt. The front of the shirt was intact.

According to Undersheriff William Honsal, this is being investigated by Arcata fire and the Sheriff's office.  HCSO Experts are on scene investigating. Signs  and thr preliminary report are pointing to a possible hash lab.

Another collision on Fairfield, two children taken to the hospital

Another collision on intersection of Fairfield and W. Long, two children taken to the hospital, whether they are injured unknown at this time, status of how many adults involved and any injuries and what transpired unknown at this time. EPD and Pacific Towing on scene.

Reports of injured varies.

Please see post above. I spoke with the famy involved, they are friends who contacted me after seeing this post. Two adults, one child at ER now.