Dec 10, 2016

Daycare who never missed a single day of work, despite chemotherapy, surprised by a caring boss

This is the work ethic that makes America great and this is the kind of boss we need more of in this country.

Go Fund me account set up family of deceased female on P street with funeral expenses

The father knows, the mother knows, family members know. Facebook and online comments have already revealed who the deceased is since yesterday.

Coroner may not release information over the weekend, if you want to help this family.

This is one of many facebook posts, this one from her aunt, asking for help with funeral expenses:

"I am my brother's sister I am convinced was his sister his daughter Jennika Lee Suazo. passed away the other day I have set up a GoFundMe page to help him pay for the funeral if anybody has problems with that please direct all messages to me she was 18 years old she was my brother's child he has a right to raise money to make her funeral beautiful also and I am doing so because he can't even function sleep rest or otherwise so we can make arrangements to please any personal messages of upset or other please personal message me to not personal message me where everybody can see it and it upsets my brother im Kevin Suazo oldest sister."

EPD confirms death investigation on P street as suspicious; autopsy possible next week

EPD's Captain Watson said that an autopsy on the death at 3rd and P "won't be until mid next week at the earliest." He does not have a date yet.

 'I can confirm we are investigating it as a suspicious death of a female.   Evidence techs and investigators were on scene processing it until the early morning hours."

"We are conducting a meticulous and thorough investigation and have already conducted numerous interviews.  It would be premature for me to release any more information at this early stage."

"We are not releasing the name at this time out of respect for the family and their grief, and to afford time for all her family loved ones to be notified.  Typically the release of the name will come through the coroner's office."

Dec 9, 2016

Deceased girl found today was allegedly missing and had not gone to school for 3 days?

Young girl allegedly abducted by non custodial parent from Washington Elementary

Young girl allegedly abducted by her non-custodial parent today from Washington Elementary, according to scanner traffic.

Humboldt County on Alert had this additional information:

UPDATE: Suspect vehicle is WHITE Ford Fiesta license # 7dck185

Update: Suspects first name is Nadine.

Parental abduction from Washington Elementary. 2014 red Ford Fiesta. Abducted juvenile is female -- McKenzie Fleek with a DOB in 2006.

There is no official verification this is today's deceased; sent EPD the post from facebook

Apparently some people  posted this on facebook. This was sent to me a while back, I held off on posting this but it has been seen by quite a few people. I have sent it to EPD.

Media can hold off on posting information but in the age of social media, information unfortunately gets out.

There is no official verification that this person is the deceased. EPD cannot release private, medical information. The Coroner needs to do their job.

Attorney fees and Magney widow to receive costs, after HumCo already chewed out on appeal, thanks DHHS and County Counsel Blair Angus

Just received this notification:

Humboldt County Adult Protective Services v. Magney
Case: A145981, 1st District, Division 1

Disposition date (YYYY-MM-DD):          2016-10-24
Disposition description:                        Reversed & remanded to trial court w/directions
Disposition status as of 2016-12-09:    Final

The order denying attorney fees is reversed and the matter remanded to determine and award Mrs. Magney reasonable attorney fees.  Mrs. Magney shall also recover costs on appeal.

Drug house bust on P street in Eureka?

Reader tip that police cars on P street between 3rd and 4 th streets. Area is taped off.

Reader and street tip claim drug activity in this clean and sober house.

Reports that  17 or 18 year old female found dead in shower, could be drug overdose.

EPD Captain Steve Watson came out to briefly speak with North Coast News and Mark McKenna, the only other media on scene. Lost Coast got here about 10 minutes ago.

He said this is a death investigation, he has not been in the house yet and all he can tell us at this point is a deceased person.

Captain Watson is managing the scene, assigning officers, interviewing witnesses. Police chaplain Andy Van Broese is here.

Captain Watson said they are not sure yet  what type  of death orcause of death they are dealing with yet, so they are handling this and taking all neccessary precautions and measures.

KAEF, Mark left, I am  are leaving since not much information can be given out at this time.

A man who lives behind the house just returned home from work to find the house taped off.

EPD nabs two robbery suspects wanted from an incident at Super 8 motel in Arcata

On 12-09-16 at about 6:36 AM, the Arcata Police Department (APD) responded to a report of a robbery that had just occurred from a guest of the Super 8 Motel (4887 Valley West Blvd).  The investigation revealed that the female victim was staying in a room with an acquaintance, identified as Wesley Nance. At about 6:15 AM, two friends of Nance's arrived at the room. The victim stated that Nance and his two friends brandished handguns and demanded money from her.  Nance and the other two suspects took an undisclosed amount of money from the victim and some of the victim's property and left the motel. 

HSU police seeking help finding alleged robbery suspects who may be HSU students

A male in his 20s was injured following an attempted robbery and altercation that occurred on the Humboldt State University campus in the parking lot of the Campus Apartments sometime around 10:30 p.m. last night. The man is not an HSU student.

Dec 8, 2016

$236 million allocated by CA Transportation Commission towards 40 projects

Continuing the push to rebuild and maintain California’s infrastructure, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) has today allocated $236 million to 40 transportation projects that will alleviate traffic delays, repair aging roads and bridges and encourage bicycling and walking.

Strange man tries to lure "juvenile female" with ice cream

Just received a sound clip from a regular reader from the scanner yesterday.

Five foot, eight inches, "black male" , 20s to 30s, medium build, dreadlocks, approached a "juvenile female" ice cream, tried to get her to go with him.  A juvenile male intervened.

Man wearing grey sweatshirt, black and grey clothing.

For those who saw her board a flight to Mexico, yes Marci Kitchen is back

Still getting inquiries from people who saw Marci Kitchen board a flight from San Francisco to Mexico.

Yes, she is back .

Dec 2, 2016

With her preliminary hearing continued, Marci Kitchen decides to take a trip out of the country

Kailan Meserve moved to Corcoran state prison, male only facility

 He has been moved to the Corcoran prison facility, a male only state prison.

Same facility where Charles Manson and Philip Garrido who kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard are housed.

Dec 2, 2016

Kailan Meserve gets a taste of San Quentin justice from his fellow inmates

Kailan Meserve who is housed at San Quentin got "beat up"by his fellow inmates, according to a few sources.

Humboldt Bay Fire and ambulance at jail; reports inmate jumped from top tier

Fire and Ambulance sirens minutes ago on Fifth Street. They are on scene at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for an attempt suicide.  Inmate allegedly jumped from the top tier in a suicide attempt.

26 year old male.

Undersheriff William Honsal just confirmed male inmate is on his way to the hospital.

6.8 magnitude Earthquake 167 km from Ferndale

I felt this one and knew it had to be close to Eureka.

Revised later to 6.5.

Tsunami not expected, according to alerts.

6.8 magnitude #earthquake. 167 km from Ferndale, CA, #UnitedStates

Dec 7, 2016

"And the beat goes on", Chief Mills tweet for POP removing another gun from 1625 G street

Chief Mills tweet:

@Eureka_Police And the beat goes on.  POP hitting 1625 G St. #onemoregun #noroomforcrooks #goodpolicing

Best Western employees tried to detain Lasinski, who allegedly said, "I'm strapped" and then pointed a gun

Some of the key points EPD Chief Andy Mills made today during the  press conference and question and answer with media.

"This is the second OIS (officer involved shooting) in the last six years, which is pretty remarkable for a city this size."

When Best Western employees tried to detain Clayton Lee Lasinski, he said to them, "I' m strapped" and pointed a gun at the employees.

"The time of the day was extremely concerning" with it being rush hour traffic and a commercial area.

"There seems to be a trend (lately) that people are willing to take on police."

When asked about the recent activity of drug busts and guns being found on the street by HCSO and EPD, Chief Mills,said, "This is not good."

"This has been a tough time. In order for Humboldt to become the city it can be, there has to be a culture of law. That cannot take place until we all realize that all of us are responsible for crime."

Clayton Lee Lasinski, suspect in yesterday's officer involved shooting

There is a press conference being held right now at the Eureka Police Department about the officer involved shooting yesterday.

Chief Andy Mills started out by thanking all allied agencies involved, "especially my two captains."

Known to local law enforcement, with.connections to Garberville area,  loaded firearm, hammer cocked found next to him.

Chief Mills said investigation in beginning stages, giving as much information as he can today, investigation will take time.

"We have not interviewed officers, we have not finished interviewing witnesses, " need to finish examing forensic evidence nor finished processing casings.

Lasinki's fleeing from law enforcement extended to five different locations. Several witnesses verified he had a gun; the one found next to him was loaded."

According to two women in the car with Lasinski, he fled because he is wanted in another state. This has not been confirmed by EPD.

Link to a previous arrest and plea in Henry County:

All started out as a traffic stop because Lasinski allegedly ran a stop sign. He did not car jack the Mazda. It was left running while people were in the store.

All four officers involved are on paid administrative leave until the investigation is completed.

Chief Mills said, "I realize each officer is accountable for every round they discharge."

Explaining in details the initial multi agency investigation, followed by an internal investigation by EPD and then the Citizen Oversight committee, Chief Mills said, "I will report to the community."

 Only Eureka Councilmember present was Marian Brady.

Lasinski is 26 years old. He is expected to survive.

All local media was present. Complete statement by Chief Mills can be acessed through the link below, filmed by North Coast News.

Yesterday's posts:

Dec 6, 2016

Suspect in Fifth street shooting in custody, at hospital, Chief Mills confirms no other injuries

EPD Chief Andrew Mills spoke with the press briefly, did not answer questions since information is still coming in, investigation is ongoing.

He described what led to the shooting.  The suspect is in custody, in surgery at the hospital. Chief Mills said condition unknown, at this time.

"Thankfully, no civilians or officers were injured," said Chief Mills.

Four officers involved.

The incident started  with a Code 3 at 16:43, an assist requested by CHP, of a man with a gun. Witnesses started calling in as well. The man was dressed in camouflage pants, there was another foot pursuit, shots fired.

At 16:52, there was an auto theft, again man with a gun, he stole someone's car, a red Mazda.

EPD recovered a firearm. Chief Mills will brief media when he has more information.

Link to video from Operation Safe Streets

CHP stop led to shooting around Fifth street, officer shot maybe CHP

According to scanner traffic, initial stop that lead to crime scene was a CHP stop. Armed suspect fled to the area near Fifth and B.

Person shot and taken to hospital, maybe CHP officer, maybe suspect.

No official confirmation yet.

Active crime scene on Fifth Street in Eureka, shots fired at EPD

Shooting near Fifth Street area, A street according to two reports B, in Eureka  according to different reports . EPD out, requested assistance from other law enforcement agencies, including SWAT .

Reports that male suspect allegedly fired at Eureka police.

North Coast News was the first to report it, their station is only a couple blocks away, they have great video .

Having Facebook or Suddenlink issues, Eureka even made it by name in reports

When is facebook not having issues lately?

It is not just the rain, few people have had wifi issues, not just Suddenlink.

December 8: facebook issues, mostly with comments.

CA Republican Assemblymember introduces a bill that would make attack on law enforcement a hate crime

Republican Assemblymember Jay Obernolte

has introduced a bill that would make an attack on law enforcement a hate crime in California.

No room for crooks says EPD Chief Mills on recent EPD arrest

Chief Andrew Mills tweet:
EPD patrol arresting some burglar,drug dealer, gangsters #noroomforcrooks @Eureka_Police

Jon Goldberg held to answer for murder charge, Count 2 and 3 dismissed, arraignment December 20

Count 2 and 3 which were added later by the DA by amending information were dismissed. No evidence was presented by the DA at the preliminary hearing to support the charges , according to the defense and Judge Timothy Cissna agreed.

Count 2 was assault with semi automatic on person and Count 3 battery of spouse/cohabitant.

Arraignment on information is December 20 at 8:30 a.m. in Courtroom 5.

"I couldn't breathe. I ran to Tim. I saw my son standing there, just saw his father murdered "

"I couldn't breathe,", said Jessica Springer. "I ran to Tim. I saw my son standing there, just saw his father murdered. I realized my whole life had gone away over something so fucking stupid."

This was just one of the emotional quotes by Tim Smith's wife and one of his son's this morning.

Tim Smith Jr identified Goldberg as, "Yes. The guy that shot my dad.' He stared at Goldberg during most of his testimony.

Tim Smith Jr testified wearing a shirt with a photo of his father and the words "In memory of Tim Smith."

Full update later. A lot of the testimony has already been covered in the many previous posts I did on this case.

"Did you fucking shoot him", Tim Smith's wife first witness at Goldberg preliminary hearing

A preliminary hearing for Jon Goldberg was scheduled for this morning at 9:45 a.m. in Courtroom 4.

Murder of Tim Smith was Count 1 and the only charge Goldberg was held to after the preliminary hearing. Count 2 and 3 were dismissed.

Tim Smith's wife, one of his sons, Timothy Smith Jr, as well as Fortuna Police Officer Ryan Richardson testified. The preliminary started at 10:50 a.m. and will continue at 1:30 p.m. In the afternoon, the preliminary ended by 1:40 p.m.

Deputy District Attorney Luke Bernthal is prosecuting the case. Goldberg is being represented by Public Defender Casey Russo.

Mr. Russo's cross examination was very effective. Jessica Springer, Tim Smith's wife testified that the victim's truck doors were not open, his son, Tim Smith Jr. testified a truck door was open. Fortuna Police did not start a scene log until 1:48 , a hour after the first officer arrived on scene. No search of the house, area or truck was done.

That is important because there is no clear evidence or testimony that Tim Smith's guns were in the house.

During cross examination of  Springer, Mr. Russo got her to admit she initially kicked Tim Smith out of the house on September 26 and instead of going over to the Goldbergs, she invited Jon Goldberg to her house to discuss the naked pictures of Rachel Goldberg found on Tim Smith's phone. Jessica Springer did not tell Jon Goldberg that Tim Smith had returned home.

California Attorney General responds to Tuel's complaint about Austin Allison

The California Attorney General's office sent this letter to Robert Tuel's. (Letter cropped to remove his address)

The only reccomendations he has not done is filing a complaint with the Grand jury.

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Dec 5, 2016

FBI informs public of possible terrorism threat in LA on the Red Metro Line

FBI investigation into a potential terrorism threat tomorrow at the Red Line in Los Angeles. FBI looking into credibility, just held press conference to inform public.

FBI notified by international partners and investigating this due to specifics.

Erick Battersby arrested and charged with attempted murder and terroristic threats

On Saturday, December 3, 2016 at approximately 6:30 a.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs were dispatched to Denny’s Restaurant on Anna Sparks Way in McKinleyville for a report of a possible assault victim.  Medical personnel were on scene when deputies arrived.  The male subject, 32 year old Erick Allen Battersby, refused to make a report, file criminal charges, or inform deputies where the assault occurred.

Remember the Missouri duo that led police on a high speed chase, they are no longer in custody, no charges yet, and very little information

Remember these two from Missouri who led law enforcement on a high speed chase, Norvell Eaisley and Charlotte Thompson.

Charges against them are pending, they are no longer in custody, they made bail.

Alleged domestic dispute leads to SWAT team arresting a woman and bonus, locating another suspect

On 11/29/2016 around 2:47 PM Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the 56300 Block of North Highway 101 in Leggett CA regarding a domestic dispute with a firearm being discharged.  

Dec 4, 2016

EPD detains one in alercation between COSTCO employees and alleged shoplifter

Update, Dec 5: Operation Safe Streets sent the above photo and informed me that Eric is the alleged thief who stole a bike valued at $3,000 and was at Elk River allegedly stealing mail when the bike owner recognized him from the OSS post.

EPD detains one in altercation between alleged shoplifter and four COSTCO employees.

Alleged shoplifter is Eric Travis Black. Was arrested and booked into Humboldt County Jail for PC 211.

This is from his facebook page:

Ensuring all district voices are heard is behind agenda item on Tuesday's BOS meetings

There is an item on this Tuesday's agenda of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor meeting about and it is a discussion item.

Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg told me that the Planning Commission had a meeting and made a decision, "while Ben (Shepherd) was overseas." Shepherd represents Supervisor Sundberg's district.

Supervisor Sundberg put forth this item to have a discussion whether there should be  alternate members for all districts on the Planning Commission.

"I just want to let our board discuss the best way to have our districts represented with a lot of CUP's coming in the next few years for commercial cannabis," Supervisor Sundberg told me.

CalPERS pension debt per household up 19.4%, working Californians stiffed again

While the ultra liberal voters of California want to pat themselves on the back for banning plastic bags, voting for Prop 57 to release more criminals into the community and march for causes that do not affect Californians, the working Californian gets stiffed again.


The latest report from Stanford University’s “U.S. Pension Tracker” reveals that the 2016 California Public Employee Pension Plan liability is up 19.4 percent to $964.4 billion.

CalPERS pension debt on a per household basis jumped $15,048 to $92,748 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016.