Oct 15, 2016

Alleged Loleta incident involving Fortuna now originally started on Broadway in Eureka

The alleged road incident involving Loleta and Fortuna that Kym reported on earlier, actually started on Broadway in Eureka.

According to scanner, the woman followed the alleged suspect while she had an 8 month old in the car.


Thank you North Coast News, first responders and PG and E

Old Town Eureka was not too bad today took some video about an hour ago.

I want to thank North Coast News Team and the Weather team for great coverage preparing for the storm, especially the updates today by Scott Rates and Chief Meterologist Mike Kreuger.

Different parts of Humboldt are experiencing different affects from the storm. If you have power, you have shelter, you have food, just stay home and be grateful.

Thank you to all first responders and PG and E for being out today.

If Prop 57, passes, some one at Department of Corrections could decide the fate of Gary Lee Bullock and Jason Warren or Kailan Meserve

A concerned citizen contacted me saying, who is not an ideal inmate in prison?

I looked into the matter and took me a while to find the information below. I also spoke with Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney Andrew Isaac, before I found the information below.

He explained to me that Gary Lee Bullock, who is sentenced to life without parole, in addition to a determinate sentence, has two terms of life without parole as his base sentence and would have to serve that, before he could be eligible for parole.

Could a defense attorney get creative? Mr. Isaac and others certainly think that is a possibility, so cannot rule anything out.

Prop 47 came nicely and misleadingly titled and we have seen the consequences. Prop 57 is just another disaster waiting to happen.

Listed below is an opinion by Michele Hanisee,President of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys.

The Reality of Prop 57
By Michele Hanisee
As absentee ballots are beginning to be mailed out, it is necessary to again summarize what Proposition 57 does. It provides for earlier release of ALL inmates not serving a death sentence or life without parole sentence. It allows the Parole Board to release decades' early inmates who have committed violent crimes, including sex crimes, without the ability for review by a court or the Governor.

What Proposition 57 IS NOT is a narrowly crafted initiative limited to "non-violent" inmates.

Oct 14, 2016

Arlon Lee Strauss sentenced to 13 years for attempted murder, mayhem from 2015 Halloween incident

Arlon Lee Strauss, age 31, previously of Dos Rios and the Napa area, was sentenced this morning to thirteen (13) years in state prison.  Absent changes in the criminal laws come the November election, Strauss currently will be required to serve 85% of that structured sentence. Strauss was convicted of and sentenced today for attempted murder, mayhem, inflicting great bodily injury causing the victim to become comatose, and the use of rock as a weapon, all occurring on Halloween night 2015.

Jury trial starts October 17 for Miranda man charged with 13 counts including torture, human trafficking and forcible rape

Jury selection will begin on October 17 for Thomas Lusk in Courtroom 1.

I will be covering this trial since I have followed it from arrest to now, including when criminal proceedings were suspended.

Oct 6, 2016

Jury trial for Miranda man charged with 13 counts including torture, human trafficking and forcible rape confirmed

A trial confirmation hearing was scheduled for Thomas Lusk this afternoon. The jury trial will proceed as scheduled.

Subpoenaed records fromthe Jerod Phelps community center were given to Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads, who will provide copies to the defense.

The trial estimate is 3-4 weeks. Trial assignment is on October 14.

He is the Miranda man charged with 13 counts include torture, human trafficking, forcible rape, sexual penetration, assault and forcible oral copulation.

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Second jury also finds Dan Dobbs guilty!

Second case for Dan Dobbs guilty verdict. This was a misdemeanor, water pollution, violation of Fish and Game Code.

He has a 995 motion scheduled on October 27 to dismiss one of his remaining three cases; the case with the motion to dismiss is a felony.  October 27 is also the trial setting  date for his remaining cases.

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Humboldt Bay Firefighters fourth annual Bark in the Park next Saturday

Humboldt Bay Firefighters are proud to announce we will be hosting our fourth annual dog-friendly “Bark in The Park” 5K Run/Walk on October 22nd, at 10am. This event will take place on a scenic 3.1 mile loop in Eureka’s Sequoia Park.

Oct 13, 2016

Two completely different accounts from two different and credible sources, you be the judge

Looked into an inquiry from someone who was on the scene and claimed that last week, he observed an alleged DUI incident involving Timothy Miranda near Grizzly Bear (Creek).

This inquiry was not just from some random person.

City of Ferndale lists Mr. Miranda as a Public Crew Leader. The tipster said the Timothy Miranda he observed worked for Ferndale Public Works.

According to this observer, Timothy Miranda is also a volunteer firefighter in Ferndale. Ferndale police were on the scene, according to this observer but they allegedly let Timothy Miranda leave the scene because his wife arrived and created a scene, including being allegedly confrontational with the Ferndale police.

California Highway Patrol arrived but Timothy Miranda was gone, according to the observer.

I spoke with Sgt. Allan Billington, from Ferndale Police. He told me, this is "outside our jurisdiction" and referred me to CHP. Sgt. Billington did confirm, "we were on the scene momentarily until CHP got there."

CHP Officer Cy May researched the incident and clarified what happened. The incident was a traffic collision. Mr. Miranda did not leave the scene. Ferndale Police and Ferndale Fire spoke with Mr. Miranda and he gave them all the information. Ferndale police left the scene since CHP's ETA was "extended". CHP went and spoke to Mr. Miranda at his house. No arrests were made because it was a traffic collision.

EPD Captain Steve Watson pens an op ed on behalf of local law enforcement and educators

California Proposition 64
Proposition 64, the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative, will go before voters on November 8. Prop 64 permits adult recreational use, commercial cultivation, manufacturing, transportation and sales. We stand united and strongly opposed to Proposition 64. Please join law enforcement associations, educators, and other organizations across the state in emphatically stating, “They got it wrong, again!”

Regardless of your stance on legalization, or belief the end of “cannabis prohibition” is inevitable, Proposition 64 is not the answer for California. We believe this special interest-driven initiative is ill-timed, short-sighted, and irresponsible.  Proposition 64 is patently profit-motivated and puts what many would label “greed weed” before the best interests of the public.  

Remember the guy that passed out in a running car near Ferndale cemetery and was subsequently arrested on marijuana and forgery charges?

A reader and concerned community member contacted me about Luke David Walker. There was discrepancy whether he was in custody or not, according to her research online.

He is the guy that stole a trailer and other miscellaneous equipment from the Maintenance Department at College of the Redwoods.

I checked with the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. Walker was released to self on October 5 after time being served.

Are we electing Austin Allison or his backers? Should we really trust a newbie backed by the same attorney, from Trinidad, who repeatedly sues the City of Eureka?

Let's look John Fullerton's 460s and  Austin Allison 460s.

Fullerton has 16 total donors and Allison has 15. John Fullerton has lived in this community for decades and built a successful business. The fact that no one knows his opponent and who has yet to establish the same trust does not make this a race between big money and the "people."

John Fullerton offering $1,000 reward for identity of vandals who allegedly damaged his campaign signs

John Fullerton's posted this on his facebook post today:

"This is a sad day for civil politics in Eureka.

Oct 12, 2016

What's Glitter Critter Bingo? Help the Eureka Sisters raise funds for Redwood Pals

Love pets, like bingo, then make sure to mark your calendars for 5 to 9 p.m. for Glitter Critter Bingo, this Saturday, at the Bayside Grange.

For more information, here is the facebook link:


Dan Dobbs' second jury trial concludes; fate rests in a different jury's hands

October 11 morning, they were picking ajury. October 12, closing arguments are happening in the afternoon for Dan Dobbs' second case.

McCullens motel shooting suspect preliminary date to be set after jail access decision on electronic discovery is decided

McMullen's motel shooting suspect, Maxx Robison, had a setting date today for his preliminary. That got put over to October 20 at 2 p.m. since a petition by his attorney, Ms. Jennifer Dixon has yet to be decided.

She had requested a court order for jail access for a laptop to be brought in. "Mr. Robison has information on his case which is mostly electronic discovery."

Sandra and Timothy Belisle, both from Fortuna, both frequent arrests

I stopped covering Sandra Belisle since the cases and resolution just kept getting dragged out.

Belisle is also from Fortuna. It's one of the cases that doesn't get followed up and I still cover on my blog.

Press Release:

On 10/12/2016 at about 8:12 AM an officer responded to the Chevron gas station at 875 Main St. for a report that a male subject was attempting to redeem stolen lottery scratcher type tickets.

The officer contacted a male inside the business, identified as Timothy Belisle, age 27, of Fortuna. Belisle was a suspect in an earlier Burglary from another gas station convenience store. The officer could see several scratcher-type lottery tickets protruding from Belisle’s back pocket and later discovered that Belisle had three drug related arrest warrants.

Colt and Broc Tuel preliminary hearing continued again due to discovery issues

December 14 at 10:15 for setting. The motion for discovery was not heard today but discovery issues were the reason for another setting date.

Mr. Michael Robinson, who represents Colt Tuel said this information was necessary to prepare for preliminary.

Mr. Patrik Griego, who represents Broc Tuel agreed.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees told Judge Timothy Cissna that the mid December setting was fine.

Privately, he told both defense attorneys that the outstanding discovery they were requesting the DA's office had tried to get those text messages but the person was unresponsive.

EPD Officer Cory Crinch was near 2nd and A when he saw smoke pouring out of vents

About an hour ago, Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a fire near Second and A. City of Eureka Public Works, Humboldt Bay Fire and EPD Officer Cory Crinch still on scene when I arrived around 9:45 a.m.

EPD Officer Cory Crinch was near 2nd and A when he saw smoke pouring out of vents. He got a call out tobHumboldt Bay Fire and he walked around the property, he saw a "transient male exiting the building. He seemed to be okay, not in need of medical attenton. He was detained "

Officer Crinch called out to make sure no one else was in the building. Two transient males and,transient females who were sleeping inside, came out. None of them could give an explaination to why the fire started.

There were no injuries. City of Eureja is coming back to board up parts of the building that were left open.

The building is owned by North Coast Railroad.

Humboldt jurors who don't show up for jury duty could face sanctions

As reported in my interview with Humboldt County Superior Court CEO Kim Bartleson a while back, another change being implemented now is sanctions against people who fail to show up for jury duty.

Humboldt Superior Court sent out a press release today.

Oct 11, 2016

Jordan Dennis Antonsen identified as alleged stabbing victim in Weott altercation

The decedent from the stabbing homicide in Weott has been identified as 23 year old Jordan Dennis Antonsen, of Weott.

$20,000 reward if your information leads to arrest and conviction of Shawn Hof Jr.

.Reward Raised to $20,000 for Information Leading to the Arrest and Conviction of Shawn Eugene Hof Jr., Suspected of Attempting to Shoot a CDFW Wildlife Officer
The California Wildlife Officers Foundation, California Waterfowl Association, The Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, The Sportfishing Alliance, The Nature Conservancy and private donors have increased the reward for information that leads to the capture, arrest, and conviction of Shawn Eugene Hof, Jr. to up to $20,000.

"Rockport has big bucks in the bank on the back of this community and Partnership has big bucks in the bank on the back of this community. And we are helplessly in the middle."

Kudos to North Coast News for being the only media outlet to regularly follow up on this closure.

North Coast Alliance is organizing a protest, "Save Our Seniors"on this Thursday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at Pacific Health Care Center, 2211 Harrison Ave, Eureka.

Want to know what kind of guy Rockport's owner is?


I was going to call Partnership and Rockport with the following questions but then I thought, why not ask them both to respond here online so the public can get some answers.

Rockport was quoted by another media source as saying the offer Partnership made was "untenable."
Untenabke according to who? Rockport? 

What did Partnership offer?

First proposal by Rockfort denied by California Department of Health . Second proposal a go.

This is a theory shared by a regular reader and someone serving the public:

"Rockports get authorization from the state to pull out. They claim they've lost $5 million when they actually made $5 million. Then at the 11th hour they put out a Press release saying that partnership needs to step up. In other words they are threatening them to extort money with the community in the middle. Meanwhile, partnership said they offered to take over the facilities when Rockport said they would happily hand them over, but the price was "untenable". The key to the story is what those prices were. If they offered up the building for $150,000 each, I think one could argue that was reasonable for partnership to pay. My suspicion is that they wanted millions for them, and they only wanted that because they wanted to set a price that partnership couldn't pay. Extend the extortion. If they were truly willing to walk away, they would sell the buildings at the assessed value."

"Rockport has big bucks in the bank on the back of this community and partnership has big bucks in the bank on the back of this community. And we are helplessly in the middle."

"Even if you have meager money, you are welcome here. It is about whether you are lifting Eureka up or tearing it down."

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills has been in Eureka for three years now. I asked to meet with him on October 7. Initially, my plan was to thank him for the many programs he has implemented such as the Graffiti Abatement program, the pan handling ordinance, the vehicle abatement program and the efforts that EPD has made in helping businesses and residents like me who have seen some improvement in our quality of life.

I thanked Chief Mills and told him that anyone can talk about community policing but I have seen first hand the outreach he has personally done in the community and his officers have with programs like Coffee with a Cop; the block parties, the patrols in Old Town, where I and many others work and live.

There is a problem area on 2nd Street between H and I that I have been now trying to get the City of Eureka to address because the overgrown weeds and garden have become an environmental and safety hazard. The City of Eureka has cleaned up the area twice with tons of trash but what needs to be done is to trim the greenery so camps and drunks don't hang out. It is an area that all the neighboring businesses in that lot and some property owners have spoken to Chief Mills about and I have written about twice on my blog.

Chief Mills and I took a walk from the police station on 6th and C down Fifth Street to I then to 2nd Street and I and back to the police station. 

"I am telling people that just moved up here thinking they can get a trimming job and instead hanging out all day to go home," said Chief Mills. The people he addresses are not working or looking for a job, they do not care if they follow laws, they add to the frustration of the public who then direct it to the homeless in general and they are not local, he said. "No grower is going to want to hire you."

Starting November 2 Willow Creek will have a new outstation with Sgt. Tony Gomes supervising deputized officers from the tribe

(From left to right, Sgt. Greg Allen, Sheriff Mike Downey and Sgt. Tony Gomes)

Responding to the spate of violence in Hoopa in the last year, Undersheriff William Honsal told me, this morning that there will be a new outstation, located in Willow Creek starting November 2.

The Station will have HCSO Sgt. Tony Gomes assigned to supervise officers that have been deputized by the Sheriff. One officer has already completed the program, said Undersheriff Honsal, "three more are going through the program."

"The whole climate has changed," with this increased law enforcement presence. This is an effort from the Sheriff's Department responding to increased law enforcement in the outlying areas, requested by citizens.

Mobile home item on agenda presentation continued until next week

The analysis of certification of petition, mobile home park space rent stabilization is  continued from the agenda this morning until next week since "staff is ill".

20,000 pounds of snow in Arcata this Friday?

PRESS RELEASE: This Friday 20,000 lbs of snow will be dropped in Arcata for our annual Rail Jam! Lots of fun, over $1000 in prizes and gear giveaways!    


Oct 10, 2016

I hope certain local "media" gets exposed just like the national media last night

Despite most mainstream media, trying to do what they have done for years, muzzle their employees, the truth is coming out.

Republican leaders not backing Trump are corrupt, established and selfish. The Presidential Commission on Debates, biased, just like most of the media.

As one member of the media, not a supporter of Trump said the political reality is that Donald Trump last night delivered for the Republican base and the middle class against the Clinton machine what they have been waiting for years.

HCSO investigating physical altercation between two Weott men and an alleged stabbing

On Friday, October 7, 2016 at about 10:39 p.m. Humboldt County Deputies received a report of a disturbance on the 400 block of Newton Rd, Weott. While en route, Deputies were told one of the subjects, a 23 year old male, had been stabbed and driven to a local hospital. Deputies arrived at the Newton Rd residence to investigate the incident. Deputies determined there was a physical altercation between two males which resulted in the 23 year old male getting stabbed.

The 23 year old involved party was later pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Foot patrol in Redway transient camp results in arrest of one of Sohum's Most Wanted

On 10-10-2016 at 11:00 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Deputies were conducting foot patrols in a transient camp located in the wooded area near the 3100 block of Redwood Drive, Redway.  

Deputies located Devon Elizabeth Davis (age 24) who had local warrants for her arrest.  Davis was previously featured on the Southern Humboldt's Most Wanted Poster.  Davis was placed under arrest for her outstanding warrants and also charged with trespassing and violation of probation.   

Davis was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where she was booked on the above charges.  

Jerry and Steve Sisson are the father son found deceased in Fortuna this weekend

Based on information given so far, I did some research and found a Steve Sisson in Fortuna with a son Steve Sisson. Ages match.

I just got confirmation from Fortuna Police Chief Dobberstein that these are the deceased found in the garage at Emerald Lane.

Oct 9, 2016

Fortuna Police Department press release confirms what I reported yesterday

On October 8, 2016 at approximately 2:05 p.m. Fortuna Police Department patrol officers were dispatched to 1000 block of Emerald Lane to investigate a report of two unresponsive subjects located in the garage.
When patrol officers arrived at the residence, they made entry to conduct a welfare check on the parties involved.

Upon entry into the residence, officers located two adult males on the garage floor who were both deceased from apparent gunshot wounds.

An investigation was initiated by the department and preliminary information indicates that the males were father and son. Based on evidence at the scene, the department believes that the son (age 50 of Hydesville) killed his father (age 81 of Fortuna) and then turned the gun on himself.