Oct 8, 2016

HCSO assists Fortuna PD with 3D scanner; deaths maybe murder suicide of father and son

The investigation in the Fortuna death of two men is still ongoing

The Humboldt County Sheriff' office is assisting with the crime scene diagram using their 3-D scanner.

More than one tip/source claims the deaths are being looked into as a possible murder suicide. The two males are related. A father and son. Investigators are looking into the possibility that the son shot the father and then killed himself.

California inmates no longer eligible for early release from parole if convicted of murder of a police officer

Jerry Brown got one thing partially right in criminal justice reform.

Would have been better if he had eliminated parole completely for those convicted of killing a police officer.

Then again, he is the Governor championing for Prop 57 because less consequences for criminals have worked so well.

Sacramento Bee raises the question of who is funding Yes on 64 after a FPPC complaint was filed


Sacramento Bee op-ed brings up issues of who is behind funding Yes on 64, including a claim of 4 millon linked to George Soros.

Will the FPPC complaint amount to anything?

Possible gun shot wounds maybe cause of death of two males in Fortuna discovered in a garage today

Scanner report today referred to two males found deceased today in a garage on Emerald Lane.

Fortuna PD, Fortuna Fire and an ambulance are on scene.

Sources say death maybe due to possible double gun shot wounds.

Hat tip to Kym Kemp who first reported on this story.

CHP investigating traffic collision on Airport Road that resulted in Rocklin Gulley's death

On October 8, 2016, at approximately 0510 hours, CHP Officers responded to a traffic collision on Airport Road west of Central Avenue in Mckinleyville.  A 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, driven by Kevin Leigh Patton, age 48, of Mckinleyville, was traveling westbound on Airport Road at approximately 30 mph.  Rocklin Luke Gulley, age 61, of Mckinleyville, was walking eastbound near the north shoulder of Airport Road.  For reasons still under investigation, Gulley walked into the westbound lane of traffic and collided with the Chevrolet.  As a result of this collision, Gulley sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene by medical personnel.  Patton did not sustain any injuries as a result of the collision.  Alcohol and/or drugs are not suspected to have been a factor in this collision. 

The California Highway Patrol Humboldt Area is investigating this traffic collision.

During recent years, rent increases in Humboldt County mobile home parks have substantially exceeded the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPl)"

The very last item before closed session on the October 11 Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is where the Supervisors will receive a report and analysis on the  Mobile Home Park Space Rent Stabilization Initiative, if implemented.

Go to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors agenda online and click on the attachment for the complete report. Excerpts included below.

Oct 7, 2016

Dan Dobbs second jury trial starts; alleged charge water pollution, violation of Fish and Game code

Yesterday, a jury convicted Dan Dobbs of two counts; petty theft and vandalism in a 2014 case.

Today, jury selection started in a 2012 case, in which Dobbs is charged with a misdemeanor, Count 1 water pollution. He is alleged to have violated Fish and Game Code Section 5650 (a) (6).

Once this trial concludes, Dobbs has two misdemeanor cases, one from 2015, one from 2013 and a felony case from 2015, that will go to jury trial. Each case individually, with a different jury.

Damage caused today at Redwood Fields will cost a couple thousand; Mad River Lumber donates materials

Supervisor Rex Bohn was at the Fortuna, participating in homecoming parade today, when he got the call about a vehicle crashing into a fence and trailer at Redwood Fields.

Since he was driving a parade participant, he headed over to Cutten after the parade. Supervisor Ryan Sundberg was already there since he was out on a ride along with CHP today.

I just spoke with Supervisor Bohn. "It is very frustrating," he said. "We get vandalism all the time. These are two young kids. Fixing the damage is going to come out of our pocket." Supervisor Bohn runs Redwood Field but it is a non-profit.

"There is not enough damage to call insurance," said Supervisor Bohn.

Supervisor Bohn is on his way to Mad River Lumber who called him to donate materials.

"So, it will only cost labor," saud Supervisor Bohn. "Probably over the weekend, I will get call from contractors. That's the way Humboldt is," referring to the generosity of local businesses and community members.

"We have 30 soccer games and 40 football games this weekend."

Supervisor Bohn said he feels sorry for the lady whose car was stolen and damaged.

"Fortunately, no one got hurt. I appreciate the swift response and work of Matt Harvey and CHP, said Supervisor Bohn."

Officer Cy May responded via email:
"Unknown injuries due to the fact that the parties involved fled the scene."

According to Supervisor Bohn, in an update, about 45 minutes ago, "one of my favorite attorneys, just called me and donated all the money for the labor Thanks Allison Jackson."

He also got a call from Supervisor Sundberg "that they caught the young lady they feel was driving the vehicle, a very mixed up juvenile who has not had the easiest of lives or lots of opportunities to succeed he is making some calls on her benefit to get her some help. The fence can be fixed but more important maybe this young gal can to. I hope so."

Supervisor Sundberg did confirm that a 13 year old female juvenile was arrested in connection with this incident.

I am still waiting confirmation from CHP about any other arrests or more information on this incident.

Body found in Willow Creek identified as timber faller Steven Rodke

On Thursday, October 6, 2016 at about 1:20 p.m. the Humboldt County Deputies and Coroners responded to Brannon Mountain Rd in Willow Creek for report of a possible logging accident. Deputies met with Cal Fire, who had recovered the body about 200 yards down a steep embankment. It was discovered the decedent was a timber faller and was in the area falling trees for a local business. The decedent has been identified as 57 year old Steven Donald Rodke of Willow Creek. The cause of death is undetermined at this time.
An autopsy has been scheduled for Monday, October 10th.

HCSO's Sgt. Greg Allen was a panelist on HSU's Black and Blue Dialogue

From Humboldt County Sheriff's office:

"Sergeant Greg Allen was on the panel last night at Humboldt State University's Black and Blue Dialogue.  It was a great informative discussion regarding race and law enforcement in Humboldt County."

Warrant issued for Kirby Bay for alleged violation of a court protective order

Kirby Bay, who is currently out on bail and has a jury trial scheduled for November 28, had a warrant issued 10/4.

It is for alleged violation of a protective order. Bay now has a new misdemeanor charge and new case filed against him. No arraignment date for that set yet.

He was out of custody, after making bail, which was set at $150,000.

Bay  was arraigned on July 27 for jury trial on the following charges: Count 1 stalking. Count 2 Criminal Threats. Count 3 Possession of a firearm by a felon with a prior; the firearm being a handgun. A special allegation for all three counts is prior conviction of a serious or violent felony or juvenile adjudication for negligent discharge of a firearm.

Trial confirmation is scheduled for November 9. Jury trial is scheduled for November 28.

Previous post (with all coverage on this case):


Oct 6, 2016

$6,652 total monetary contribution for Measure P and Bill Pierson is ssociated with $5,000 of that amount

So Linda Atkins and others who support Measure P claim it take big money out of local politics?

Maybe their argument would seem sincere or have merit, if the 460 for Measure P would not have 9 donations totaling $6,652.

And the biggest donation was $5,000 from Sedgefield Properties (registered agent Bill Pierson); second biggest donation $500 from the Central Labor Council of Humboldt Del Norte and the remaining donations including $200 Peter LaValle and $100 from Paul Gallegos, Peter Martin, Ken Miller, among others.

Linda Atkins should say she does not mind big money, as long as it comes from Bill Pierson and those who support candidates she recruits and supports.

Research the local races, just in the past 6 years and see how many people Bill Pierson is funding nd how many candidates that Linda Atkins and others claim are for "the people" while they paint the other candidate as  being supported by "big money."

I must have missed this 460 coverage of Measure P in certain usual, left leaning media. I covered big money behind Measure V before anyone else locally because in that case, huge money is being poured into defeating that Measure.


The arrest of Backpage CEO has local impact

The arrest of the CEO of backpages.com is not just because it made statewide and national news.

Having covered cases locally of rape and human trafficking, this arrest has local impact and hopefully will send a strong message to others who exploit women

This link has more information, including bail.


Online site Backpages.com CEO arrested on felony charges ; other shareholders also charged by CA Attorney General

Today, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced the arrest of Carl Ferrer, the CEO of online advertising website Backpage.com, on felony charges of pimping a minor, pimping, and conspiracy to commit pimping.

Defense request for continuance granted for the jury trial for Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright

Image result for Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright and john chivImage result for Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright and john chiv

A trial confirmation hearing for Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright was scheduled for this afternoon. Jury trial is currently scheduled for October 24.

Upon request by Mr. Kevin Robinson, who represents Heidmann, a motion to continue the jury trial was granted. Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett subbed in for her colleague, DDA David Christensen, who is currently in a jury trial.

The October 24 jury trial date was vacated. A hearing for setting has been scheduled for November 29.

Count 1: attempted, willful deliberate, premeditated murder with a special allegation that they "personally used firearms"; rifles, causing this to be a serious and violent felony.

Count 2 assault with a semi-automatic firearm, also a felony.

Count 3 Shooting at an inhabited dwelling. If they are convicted of this charge, there is minimal jail time.

The special allegation in Count 3 only applies to Heidmann, that he wore a body vest in the commission of the offense alleged in Count 3.

Alleged victim is Daniel Anthony Siegl.

Deputy District Attorney David Christensen is prosecuting the case. Bail is $1 million for each. Public Defender Mr. Robinson was appointed to represent Heidmann. Conflict Counsel's Mr. Marek Reavis appointed to represent Wright.

Previous post link (with all coverage, including only coverage of preliminary hearing):


Jury trial for Miranda man charged with 13 counts including torture, human trafficking and forcible rape confirmed

A trial confirmation hearing was scheduled for Thomas Lusk this afternoon. The jury trial will proceed as scheduled.

Subpoenaed records fromthe Jerod Phelps community center were given to Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads, who will provide copies to the defense.

The trial estimate is 3-4 weeks. Trial assignment is on October 14.

He is the Miranda man charged with 13 counts include torture, human trafficking, forcible rape, sexual penetration, assault and forcible oral copulation

Aug 27, 2016

Thomas Lusk found mentally competent and criminal proceedings have been reinstated; jury trial scheduled for October 17

Traffic stop leads to arrest for alleged domestic violence and home invasion


On 09/27/2016, at approximately 11:40 a.m., a Humboldt County Sheriff's Sergeant conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Redway resident, Micah Tafari Keyes-Anderson (age 23), in the 400 block of Briceland Road, Redway.  Keyes-Anderson was subsequently placed under arrest for a domestic violence incident stemming from an altercation just prior to the traffic stop.  Keyes-Anderson's vehicle was searched and the stolen shotgun taken during the Meadow View Road home invasion was located.  Through the investigation, Keyes-Anderson was positively identified as one of the home invaders.

Jon David Goldberg's bail raised to two million: Oct 12 preliminary vacated; disposition and reset date set

A hearing on the District Attorney's motion filed to increase bail for Jon David Goldberg is scheduled this afternoon at 2 p.m. Goldberg also has an intervention hearing scheduled for 3 p.m. this afternoon.

Judge Timothy Cissna granted the people's motion to increase bail. The additional one million is based on the special allegation in Count 1, which if found true has a sentence of 25 years to life, the bail schedule for that is one million.

The original one million was the bail schedule amount for a murder charge.

A disposition and reset hearing is set for  October 20 after the defense made an oral motion to continue based on not receiving any discovery besides initial reports and needing time for investigation.

Judge Cissna said the People needed to follow up and have the law enforcement agency provided reports in a timely fashion.

Oct 5, 2016

District Attorney files motion to increase bail for Jon David Goldberg

Tomorrow an intervention hearing was already scheduled at 3 p.m. for Jon David Goldberg.

The District Attorney has filed a motion to increase the current bail which will be heard tomorrow at 2 p.m. Bail is currently set at one million.

Goldberg is charged with the murder of Tim Smith.

Verdict in for Dan Dobbs for one of five cases; guilty on both counts

This case is for petty theft and vandalism, one of four misdemeanor cases. Then he has a felony case.

Each case will have a separate jury and separate trial.

Deputy District Attorney Jamie Murdock prosecuted this case. Mr. Neal Sanders represented Dobbs.

Guilty on both, counts one for petty theft and Count 2 vandalism of less than $400.

Both counts involved an incident at Garberville Sanitary; the second count involved "willfully, unlawfully, maliciously defacing, damaging, or destroying" a lock.

Jury consisted of 6 men and 6 women.

Defense files motion to dismiss case against Polish citizen charged with the death of her baby

Ewa Misztal, the Polish citizen charged with the alleged death of her baby, has a motion hearing this afternoon for discovery.

Her attirney, Mr. Casey Russo, filed a 995 motion to dismiss the case on September 30.

That hearing is scheduled for October 27.
The defense has also subpoenaed records from Mad River Hospital.

Some discovery was provided to the defense before the court hearing but that motion was continued and will be heard with the 995 motion on October 27.

Help POP locate owner of stolen property items found on Pound Road

From Eureka Police Department:

"Our POP team is attempting to locate the owners of the pictured property.  It was found on September 29, 2016 near the foot of Pound Road along with other already confirmed stolen property.  If you believe any of the pictured items are yours, call Detective Neil Hubbard at (707) 441-4311.  Only call about these pictured items and be ready to provide serial numbers and/or other identifiable information."

Cutten parent warns others about man in black hat who tried to push open her son's window

From Eureka Neighborhood Watch:

"Thank you for excepting my request. 525 am this morning! Everyone in cutten please keep a look out we were just woken up by our ten year old son crying and screaming and our dog going ballistic. some dude with a black hat was tapping on his window and trying to push open his window.  Cops have been called to search the neighborhood. Please share this with friends and family in the area.

Our 10 and 7 year old boys that share this room are ashen and petrified from the experience this morning."

In the comment section on the post, the son described the man as a white male in his early 30s.

The house is near Cutten elementary.

Oct 5, 2016

Zwerdling law firm to open next month

(This is not the Zwerdling law firm logo)

Mr. Zach Zwerdling is opening a new law firm with his son next month.

The Zwerdling Law Firm "will dedicate ourselves to protecting the rights of individuals who are suffering from injuries caused by others."

Mr. Zach Zwerdling has been a lawyer locally for 40 years.

Love him or hate him, it is kinda hard to be mad at Dan Dobbs for too long

This post most likely won't be of interest to most people, except in Sohum or those who know Dobbs.

Love him or hate him, it is kinda hard to be mad at Dobbs for too long. He is a very likeable guy and a perfect example of how choices made by generations affect their children and grandchildren.

In court, he is probably the most relaxed, defendant who lets nothing faze him. It isn't arrogance but confidence. Whether the jury will be charmed remains to be seen.

After successfully avoiding bring in custody time after time, Dan Dobbs finally stayed in custody and presently is in jury trial for four misdemeanor cases; once that trial concludes, he will have jury selection for a felony case with a different jury.

Dobbs is being represented by Mr. Neal Sanders.

The alleged misdemeanor charges range from driving recklessly to driving with a suspended/revoked license, defacing/damaging/destroying Garberville Sanitation's lock totalling less than $400. The felony case has alleged charges of transportation, cultivation and sale of marijuana.

I will not be following these court proceedings daily but I will be updating and reporting on  the outcome.

Sep 5, 2016

Dan Dobbs picked up on bench warrant for alleged petty theft, DUI, posession of marijuana with intent to transport/sell

Dan Dobbs arrested by HCSO on a bench warrant September 2 for alleged petty theft, DUI and posession of marijuana with intent to transport or sell.

Another victim refusing to press charges but fine with costing taxpayers

EPD PIO responded to my inquiry about today's incident at McDonalds on 4th Street in Eureka.

"At about 11:55 a.m., EPD responded to the 1700 block of 4th St. for the report of a disturbance with a hammer.  The male victim was transported to the hospital with a head injury from the hammer but ultimately signed a no further action form."

Alleged assault at 4th Street McDonalds with a hammer; what was the beef?

Will update post if EPD has any new information.

From Operation Safe Streets:

Apparently it's HAMMER TIME at 4th Street McDonald's.  EPD and medical are enroute to an assault that just occurred.   Subject was reportedly hit with a hammer in the head.  Suspect ran north from Mcdonalds.

12:04pm - Numerous EPD units on scene.

12:16pm - EPD has one male subject detained.  I'm guessing it's the other end of the altercation.  Subject is uncooperative but detained.

(Updated) 12:23pm units cleared so it's unknown if that was the suspect.

District Attorney files motion to increase bail for Jon David Goldberg

Tomorrow an intervention hearing was already scheduled at 3 p.m. for Jon David Goldberg.

The District Attorney has filed a motion to increase the current bail which will be heard tomorrow at 2 p.m. Bail is currently set at one million.

Goldberg is charged with the murder of Tim Smith.

Josh Pearlston shows up for his family court hearing, looks nothing like facebook photo

Visiting Judge Leonard LaCasse was in Courtroom 6 today.

Josh Pearlston was there with his father Mel Pearlston and attorney Rory Hanson. With a long beard, dressed in slacks and a windjacket, thinner than he was in the facebook photo, he looked relaxed and carefree as he chatted with his father and attorney in the hallway.

Stephanie Pearlston with her attorney, Mr. Michael Robinson.

At 9 a.m. when the case was called, Mr. Hanson said, "I believe we have a resolution."

It is 9:30 and still waiting to see if the deal is sealed today. No other media is present.

9:32: Stephanie Pearlston just came out of a conference room, the attorneys are talking. Josh Pearlston and Stephanie Pearlston did not talk or look at each other directly.

At one point outside the courtroom, I was standing with all parties and the attorneys.

A resolution on all issues was reached and the Judge signed a stipulation order and dissolution of marriage order this morning.

Stephanie Pearlston also got a court order to reinstate her maiden name.

This was continued from September 20 when the parties had a tentative solution but did not resolve last minute in court. Josh Pearlston was not at that hearing.

Previous post:


Nicholas Leigl motion to dismiss rescheduled again

The 995 motion to dismiss in the Nicholas Leigl case was scheduled this morning in Courtroom 4.

It got rescheduled to October 21 in Courtroom 2 at 8:30 a.m.

Leigl is one of four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide. He is being represented by Mr. Michael Acosta.

Deputy David Christensen is prosecuting the case.

It was continued from September 29.

Previous post:


Oct 4, 2016

Starting November 21, these are the changes in scheduling for Humboldt Superior Court

Humboldt County Superior Court CEO Kim Bartleson followed up on my questions and post from September 10 and shared the following information:

"The new court schedule effective date is November 212016.

We will have one court that will be designated as the Preliminary -Arraignment court. Preliminary hearings will be heard commencing at 9:45 through noon. Overflow Preliminary hearings will be at 3:30 p.m.

Trial assignment will be moving to 9:45. a.m. 

There will be a Master Calendar Court.

The court still intends to conduct all day jury trials.

One additional change that will be included is the sentencings will be at 8:30 not at the presently designated time of 4:00."

October 31 date set for Day 3 of Kade Chandler's preliminary hearing

(Credit: KRCR-TV)

Setting of third day of preliminary for Kade Chandler which includes the DOJ criminalist scheduled to testify was held this afternoon. at 4 p.m. in Courtroom 1.

October 31, the DOJ criminalist will testify, with cross examination, the defense expects that to last all morning. In the afternoon, the defense may call their own expert witness.

The original incident occurred in February 2015.  Chandler was 20 years old at that time.

Chandler is charged with Count 1 gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, alleged victim Kendra Lewis;Count 2 gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated; alleged victim Savannah Kindred and a special allegation of great bodily injury to Bradley Theumler.

Sohum upskirting suspect jury trial rescheduled for December 27

(Credit--Kym Kemp)

Trial confirmation for David Nunez, the Sohum upskirting suspect was scheduled this afternoon at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 2. Jury trial was currently scheduled for October 17.

The District Attorney  filed a motion to continue. The defense did not object. Judge Marilyn Miles granted the DA's motion.

The reason for the continuance is because the officer scheduled to testify is unavailable and will be in a training at that time.

The new trial confirmation date is December 14. The new jury trial date is December 27.

Nunez is being represented by an out of town attorney, William DuBois.

Previous post (with all coverage):


Should a guy with two pending alleged violence cases against two different women; more cases not fully investigated be allowed to plead out as early resolution?

John Michael Stolpe was arrested July 10, 2106 for alleged domestic violence at the 2500 block of Rita Avenue in McKinleyville by HCSO Deputy L. Mathieson. He posted bond and was released.

In the 2016 case, Stolpe is charged with a misdemeanor, Count 1 Inflicting corporal injury upon a cohabitant or spouse.

In 2007, he plead guilty and was convicted of a DUI. 

Service providers stand silently honoring survivors and victims of domestic violence

Criminal proceedings suspended for man who allegedly assaulted 12 year old at Arcata Elementary

After intervention yesterday, criminal proceedings were suspended for Dylan Wilson, the man alleged with assault on the 12 year old in Arcata Elementary. A PC1368 evaluation has been ordered.

A review hearing to determine his mental competency is scheduled for October 17 at 2 p.m..

Today's preliminary hearing was vacated.

Oct 3, 2016

Residence Hall Fire at HSU on Sunday quickly extinguished due to swift action

A fire in a Humboldt State University residence hall was quickly extinguished on Sunday, Oct. 2.
University Police responded to a room in the Pepperwood Residence Hall around 11:20 p.m. on the report of a room fire. Orion Sage Parker, 21, a non-student and guest of a student resident, allegedly used a butane torch to light isopropyl alcohol that had been spilled onto the carpet.

Deputy DA Roger Rees continues his winning streak with successful prosecution of Sean Blackmon

Today District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that on Friday, September 30, 2016, a jury found 42-year-old Sean Blackmon guilty of two counts of kidnapping to commit robbery, two counts of robbery, two counts of assault with a firearm, one count of burglary, and one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. The jury also found true the special allegation that he personally used a firearm.
On Monday, October 3, 2016, the jury also found true the special allegations that Mr. Blackmon had previously been convicted of criminal threats which is a serious or violent felony under California’s three strikes law and that he had previously spent time in prison in the last five years.

No motion by HUMMAP has been served on the County, yet

Just checked at 2:43 p.m.

10/4 update. The October 24 hearing is now listed.

The County has to be served, court records show electronic service as if this afternoon

County has to have time to respond so will see if date changes.

Setting of third day of preliminary for Kade Chandler for DOJ to testify scheduled for tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. in Courtroom 1, a setting is scheduled for the the third day of the preliminary hearing for Kade Chandler.

No other media was in court for the two days of the preliminary hearing. I will have detailed posts on those two days after the decision has been made about the third day and will update this post later with the date.

The original incident occurred in February 2015.  Chandler was 20 years old at that time.

Chandler is charged with Count 1 gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, alleged victim Kendra Lewis;Count 2 gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated; alleged victim Savannah Kindred and a special allegation of great bodily injury to Bradley Theumler.

Sep 19, 2016

Kade Chandler's ex friend who has filed a civil suit and only survivor of Hwy 36 accident testifies about the crash and finding Kendra not breathing and Savannah choking with Kade on top of her under truck

Will the case against former Miss Hoopa charged with four counts of alleged abuse of a female minor resolve today or proceed to trial?

Trial confirmation was scheduled this afternoon for Kayla Brown, former Miss Hoopa, who is charged with four counts of alleged abuse of a female minor, including abnormal sexual interest in children.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett is prosecuting the case. Mr. Ben McLaughlin is representing Brown.

Jul 21, 2016

Jury trial for former Miss Hoopa, Kayla Brown, confirmed; case may still resolve if negotiations are successful

A setting was scheduled today for Kayla Brown, former Miss Hoopa in Courtroom 5.

Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett was present for the People. Ms. Kelly Neel appeared on behalf of Brown's attorney, Mr. Ben McLaughlin.

Trial confirmation is on October 3 at 2 p.m. Jury Trial is October 17 at 8:30 a.m.

There are still negotiations about offers going on between the two parties.
Previous post (with all coverage on this case):


Online petition against Dylan Wilson asks DA to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law; remove him from the community as long as possible and calls out public safety relalignment

An intervention was scheduled this afternoon at 3 p.m. for Dylan Wilson , the man who allegedly assaulted a 12 year old at Arcata Elementary last month. His preliminary hearing is currently scheduled for October 4.

A petition is being circulated on facebook and online by members of the community and has been delivered to DA Maggie Fleming.

DA Maggie Fleming confirmed receipt of the petition.

I have received the petition and appreciate the public taking the time to express their concerns.
I can assure the community we are taking this case very seriously."

I will update this post if there is any change after intervention.

Excerpt from the  petition:

 "we demand, under the threat of recall, that Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming prosecute Dylan Jackson Wilson to the full extent of the law so that he is: 1) removed from the community as long as possible; 2) upon his release he is registered as a Sex Offender; and 3) he is not allowed to live within 2,000 feet of our schools. We are sadly aware that, due to the mandates of Public Safety Realignment and county jail housing capacity management logistics, and the lack of adequately-funded sexual predator correctional institutional facilities, Dylan Jackson Wilson is likely to be released in the near future in an unrehabilitated, untreated state. We must be allowed to monitor his whereabouts for the continued protection of all children in our community."


In his recent case, he is charged with two felonies. Count 1 Forcible Lewd  Act Upon a Child and Count 2 Assault with intent to commit a felony on a victim under 18; " intent to commit rape, sodomy and oral copulation" is alleged in the complaint.

What is the agenda of certain locals, including HUMMAP, trying to put roadblocks for those in the cannabis industry trying to get legal?

Seems to me that HUMMAP has its own agenda in putting roadblocks for those trying to get out of the black market in the cannabis industry. I attended the meetings for the commercial cannabis ordinance and so did HUMMAP's Woods and board meeting regular Kent Sawatsky. Read the previous posts to see why Sawatsky's involvement is relevant.

I took detailed notes. I am no expert on cannabis or land use or building and planning but even I understood the most basic concepts.

No new grows --end date applications at the end of the year--December 31 2016, specifically.

Prime ag soil only for new grows.

End of the year date was to bring under baseline for mitigated negative declaration

Something else that is worth pondering is that when TPZ land recommendation from Planning Commission didn't get included, Lee Ulansey and Bob Morris brought a vote of no confidence against Planning staff.

I am not against all landowners or developers, some are good, some are questionable, just  cannabis growers or any other profession. Right now the people complaining about this ordinance just seem to be people not getting their way.

Staff went over Planning Department recommendations with County Counsel.

Read the court documents, press releases and responses for yourself.

Oct 2, 2016

Arcata City Council to consider proclamation in support of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against Dakota Pipeline

"On October 5 at 6:00 pm at the Arcata City Hall, a decision will be made regarding a proclamation to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe."

Local community members supporting this effort asked me to run this announcement and are requesting people show up at the meeting.

Eureka City Council already took this action.

Woman arrested for alleged domestic violence; deputies observe injuries to husband's face and forearms

On 09-30-2016 at approximately 8:45 PM, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were detailed to a possible domestic violence incident at a residence in the 32000 block of South Highway 1 in Gualala, California.

Deputies arrived at the residence and could hear Pauline Barajas yelling at her husband inside the residence.