Sep 3, 2016

K9 Nordy helps FPD, HCSO and Fish &Wildlife nab Jesse Lussow of Fortuna

From Fortuna Police Department facebook page:

At approximately 7:20PM, officers attempted to serve a Felony Warrant on Jesse Lussow (age 40 of Fortuna) in the 2500 Block of Hannah Court. Upon arrival, Lussow fled out the back of the residence. A perimeter was established, K9 Nordy was deployed and shortly later, Lussow was taken into custody without incident. The Fortuna Police Department was assisted by the Ferndale Police Department, Humboldt County Sheriffs Office, & California Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Alleged victim near Sempervirens refused service by City Ambulance

Around 3 p.m. scanner report about EPD responding to a possible stabbing near Sempervirens.

Trying to confirm with EPD right now what exactly happened. According to a source, the alleged victim refused treatment, at least by City Ambulance.

Today is American Family Business Day, celebrate Humboldt family owned businesses

Here's to all the family owned Humboldt businesses.

Today is Family Business Day.

Classic case of where just because you can drag a case out, why not milk the system; another molestation victim comes forward and Viveiros defense asks for yet another delay

One day after trial confirmation, on August 25, the defense filed a motion to continue in the David Viveiros case. That motion was filed 8/25; it was  heard on Sept 1 in Courtroom 5 at 2 p.m.

Viveiros is charged with seven counts of alleged sexual acts with a minor. Viveiros was charged in June 2015.

This is the second continuance by the defense. There have been continuances to disposition and reset, again by the defense.

At pre trial, the Judge specifically asked if there would be any issues before setting dates for the jury trial.

There has only been one continuance requested by the District Attorney's office early on in the case.

Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads is prosecuting the case. Public Defender Mr. Luke Brownfield is representing Viveiros.

Visiting Judge Robert Crone did grant the defense continuance which was opposed by the People. A setting date of September 13 has been scheduled.

Mr. Brownfield told Judge Crone, "The expert could not get back to us." According to Mr. Brownfield, the expert is on a federal jury; after talking with the expert, Mr. Brownfield said more investigation needs to be done. "I was going to ask for a three week continuance but given new information from the People, I am going to ask for a setting."

Ms. Eads responded, "Based on a general statement, this is not a good cause for a continuance." Ms. Eads brought up the fact that the expert issue has been addressed at previous court hearings and added, "This trial date was set to accommodate the expert witness weeks ago."

"We met yet another molestation victim last week," said Ms. Eads. "That report is being prepared. and we will be presenting it, according to evidence code 1108." Ms. Eads said that the victims had been notified according to Marsy's law about the continuance request.

"Considering the evidence we have, this case should resolve."

Given the recent use of Mendocino County's bearcat in McKinleyville, will the Supervisors grant HCSO request for purchase of a Bearcat?

Given the recent use of the Bearcat in the McKinleyville incident which resulted in the death of David Fulton, will the Board of Supervisors grant HCSO request for the purchase of a Bearcat?

Agenda item at this Tuesday's Board Board of Supervisors meeting:

That the Board of Supervisors direct the CAO to identity Measure Z savings from FY 16/17 in the amount of $175,000; direct the Auditor Controller to supplement the Sheriff's Measure Z budget (Unit 297) in the amount of $295,000 and adopt the attached supplemental budget for the purchase of a Lenco Bearcat (4/5 vote required). Recommendation: Attachments: Bearcat Rescue and Recovery Vehicle.pdf

RECOMMENDATION(S): 1) Direct the CAD to identity Measure Z savings from FY 16/17 in the amount of $175,000 2) Direct the Auditor Controller to supplement the Sheriffs Measure Z budget (Unit 297) in the amount of $295,000 and adopt the attached supplemental budget for the purchase of a Lenco Bearcat (4/5 vote required). SOURCE OF FUNDING: General Fund (Measure Z)

DISCUSSION: During the current-year Measure Z funding cycle. Sheriff Downey submitted a request for $290,358 to purchase a Lenco Bearcat Rescue and Recovery Vehicle. That request was supported and recommended for funding by the Citizen's Advisory Committee. The Board chose not to grant the request, but expressed that it would be willing to reconsider the application at mid-year, and requested that the Sheriff explore other funding options to help defray the significant cost of the vehicle.

Sep 2, 2016

A person has to wait five years after their 215 card expires to even enroll in a CCW class; this and other concerns expressed by 215 card holders wanting a firearm

This is a comment on my earlier post where Undersheriff William Honsal and District Attorney Maggie Fleming responded to the recent court ruling the regarding gun ownership ban for people who have a medical marijuana card.

The more important question to ask is whether or not having a 215 card excludes the holder from purchasing firearms, since the background check goes to the Feds.

I spoke local insurance and business owner John Ford, who also provides insurance to the medical cannabis industry.

He said that since he markets to the medical cannabis industry, when he is at marketing events, he is required to have a 215 card, because 215 businesses are often located in an area, where this is a requirement. "One does not have to smoke marijuana to have 215 card," he said, also pointing out that some people take cannabis through edibles. Does this mean he cannot have a firearm?

Another reader sent me this message:  "Feds are punishing people that are complying with state law. Assuming all 215 holders are attics and don't know right from wrong, while not carrying the same assumption towards people that take other legal medication or drink alcohol is discriminatory towards the 215 holder."

I contacted Aaron of Pacific Outfitters and asked him about anonymous' question and Mr. Ford's question.

He responded, "When purchasing a gun. Federal form 4473. Question 11.e. Answering dishonestly is a crime punishable as a felony." Mr. Ostrom said that if a person is honest about using marijuana, then they would be denied owning a gun.

Mr. Ostrom also said that since his business offers classes for carrying a concealed weapon, both clients and the business discovered that "a person has to wait five years after their 215 card expires to enroll in the class."

"It is embarrassing to ask this question to people signing up for the class but we are required to do so," said Mr. Ostrom. 

(Aaron Ostrom and Senator Mike McGuire)

Search warrant and arrests made in large marijuana grow located within exterior boundaries of Pomo Indian Rancheria

: During the month of August the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office was made aware of a large marijuana growing operation located in the 13800 Block of Nakomis Road but accessed off of Pratt Ranch Road in Hopland CA.  The garden was located within the exterior boundaries of the Hopland Band of Pomo Indian Rancheria.

CHP hopes to release information on the Fortuna hit and run in the near future; Officer May gives update on investigation

I just spoke with CHP Officer Cy May about the Fortuna hit and run investigation.

"Things are moving along," said Officer May. "We hope to release information in the near future. We are putting everything we can into this investigation. We are diligently working on this investigation and we have not stopped working on it."

In the previous post below, I mentioned two men, and questioned what their connection was, if any, to the alleged hit and run in Fortuna that resulted in the deaths of Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas.

We know who Josh is by now; Josh Pearlston. I received a tip about "Kyle."

So who is "Kyle". I also received another tip that there was a passenger in the car with Marci Kitchen and that CHP is looking for that person. Officer May  said he had no comments on these two tips.

Major victory for environmentalists and fisherman in lawsuit settlement against U.S. Forest Service


The U.S. Forest Service promised to create new boundaries and protections for two federally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers in Northern California.
     The settlement ends a lawsuit from the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations and North Coast Rivers Alliance.
     They claimed in November 2015 that the Mendocino National Forest was six years overdue to create boundaries and a resource management plan for the Black Butte River and its tributary, Cold Creek.
     Their attorney Stephan Volker called the settlement a major victory for environmentalists, fishermen and the threatened species that live in and around the watershed.

Undersheriff Honsal explains how the recent 9th circuit ruling on medical marijuana card holders being banned from having guns applies locally

This Wednesday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 that a ban preventing medical marijuana card holders from purchasing firearms is not in violation of the Second Amendment.There were nine western states under the appeals court’s jurisdiction, including Nevada, where the case originated.

How will this affect enforcement and prosecution locally? I reached out to HCSO Undersheriff William Honsal and District Attorney Maggie Fleming to see how enforcement and prosecution will be affected locally by this ruling.

Undersheriff Honsal told me that "we don't issue CCW to people who have 215 cards or use medical marijuana." CCW is the right to carry a concealed weapon.

According to the Second amendment, it is against the law to issue firearms to people addicted to drugs.

Even though, medical marijuana is legal in California, Undersheriff  Honsal explained that it is the federal government who decides who can get firearms.

DA Fleming responded, "This case addresses a federal issue we do not see in state court.  This decision will not affect us. "

Senator Mike McGuire introduces the WildFire Insurance Guarantee Act to inform residents about "insurance of last resort"

While California is seeing unprecedented wildland fires ravage hundreds of communities, thousands of residents are receiving non-renewal notices from their insurance companies. These families in rural California depend on their property insurance coverage and companies have not always been informing residents that there’s an “insurance of last resort” when private insurance agencies will no longer cover them.

Sep 1, 2016

Allen McCloskey out; Austin Allison in; what's the difference between these 2 and who are Austin's backers?

Thanks for the shout out THC.

THC asks a question in this latest post about why Allen McCloskey really dropped out.

If you missed these posts, here are four links worth pondering:

Just like McCloskey, when his protege is asked to answer questions to clarify real concerns, all you hear is crickets.

Bicycle at the crosswalk of 4th and G; dude cussing out as he is being searched by three EPD officers

Just spoke with EPD's Officer Cory Crnich. The guy that was just put in the patrol car is bring charged with alleged violation of probation, resisting arrest going in and out of the street in middle of traffic, public intoxication and talking "nonsensically".

Fortunately, for citizens EPD happened to be in the vicinity.

I only heard him for five minutes and I have a headache. Try driving on 4th street with this idiot going in and out of the street.

He did call Officer Crnich "cool" and said, "I know this guy" to the other two police officers.

A picture of Marci Kitchen, Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas in happier times; community frustrated with lack of information

How did it go from this picture of Marci Kitchen, Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas to two young girls losing their life tragically and the person who can shed light is MIA?

I am posting this because on a daily basis, there are calls and emails I get from the community frustrated with the lack of information on this case.

And, that would be true of other media sources too. People ask me about the Kitchen case while commenting on other cases.

So when do we get an update, even if it that the investigation is ongoing and an estimate on when the public can expect any new information to be released or any information given to the DA?

How can a community heal at all when all the parties involved, Marci Kitchen; her lawyers and CHP are all silent?

No bail for man tased as he fled and later turned out to be a wanted fugitive from Texas

On 9-1-2016 at about 10:20 AM a MCSO Deputy attempted to conduct a traffic enforcement stop in the 100 block of Kawi Place, Willits. Prior to completing the traffic stop, the suspect vehicle pulled into a dirt parking lot, at which time a male exited the vehicle and took off running.

Jury selection going on for Ivan Martinez Chavarin, one of the alleged suspects where Fortuna victim claimed he was chased and tied up

In Courtroom 2, jury selection is curently going on for Ivan Martinez Chavarin.

This is the Fortuna case where the alleged victim claimed he was tied up, chased and threatened by people with firearms at his residence.

Chavarin looks nothing like his booking photo. Dressed in a suit, clean shaven with glasses, he sat next to his attorney, Conflict Counsel's Mr. Marek Reavis. Deputy District Attorney Jackie Harkness is prosecuting. Judge Marilyn Miles is the trial judge.

The co defendant, Tara Groswird's case,  was dismissed before preliminary hearing on January 12, 2016.

Previous post:

Budget Motel issues include deliquent TOT, now paid; water being shut off three times this year; Budget on city's radar

(This is a photo I took off Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks with City Councilmember Melinda Ciarabellini on the F street Boardwalk last year)

I spoke earlier this morning with Mr. Sparks about the Budget Motel and ongoing issues. "This is on our radar."

He told me the water had been off for three days before they paid their bill last week. This is the third time  the water has been turned off this year. The Transient Occupy Tax was delinquent but has been paid off.

Mr. Sparks reiterated EPD Captain Steve Watson's comment about the number of service calls to the Budget Motel.

The city code and law enforcement code issues are being debated, said Mr. Sparks.
 "We know there are building code issues and this  developing a into chronic issues complaint."

According to another citizen tip, the County and City of Eureka are working together for a long term solution to the issues and the people living at the Budget Motel.

HSU issues statement taking respondibility for protocol failures leading to Fisher's death

Below is a statement by Richard Boone, Dean of HSU’s College of Natural Resources & Sciences, about the Fisher that died on campus in May.

Dean Boone: “We were disturbed by this animal’s death, take responsibility for failure to observe proper protocols, and have taken corrective actions to ensure that a mistake like this doesn’t happen again.

Dean Boone: “We’re committed to teaching and research about wildlife so that we can help protect species like the fisher. This program – where students observe the animals, participate in caring for the animals, and learn proper handling of the animals – is an important part of that effort.”

The Fisher was nearly a decade old and had health issues. It had been at Humboldt State nearly its entire life, after being anonymously dropped off on campus when it was a baby. After USDA staff made their annual inspection visit to HSU, the agency concluded that HSU did not adequately follow procedures for reporting the animal’s condition to the veterinarian.

Federal judge rules that Thomas McClain's parents can take their case to trial

City Attorney Cyndi Day Wilson responded via email: John – this matter is being handled by the City’s outside insurance counsel and since it is pending litigation I cannot comment."

EPD Chief Andrew Mills declined comment.

California Police Killing Case Heads to Trial

 SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — Parents who say a Eureka, Calif. policeman shot their son to death though his hands were in the air can take their case to trial, a federal judge said Wednesday.
     Twenty-two-year-old Thomas McClain was shot to death by Eureka police Officer Steven Linfoot on Sept. 17, 2004, his parents say in the lawsuit they filed in May 2015.
     The parents, Lance McClain and Jeanne Barragan, say their son was complying with orders and had his hands up when Linfoot fired seven bullets, three of which hit Thomas as he stood in his front yard.

Read full article at:

Humboldt Superior Court CEO continues to improve accessibility and transparency for public and media

It has only been eight months since Ms. Kim Bartleson was hired as the CEO of Humboldt Superior Court and the change is remarkable.

I have written about some of those changes and her future plans below.

Aug 31, 2016

Is this sizzle to fizzle case case even news anymore or just because it involves the Littlefields?

Today, there was a hearing on this case. I did not go to it because I was covering other cases and news.

I have not been updating it because not much to say. I will check tomorrow to see for any new developments.

Jun 2, 2016

Seven co-defendant marijuana case with star line up of defense attorneys fizzles to no big deal

Timothy Littlefield, Sr.

Who says police don't have a sense of humor? Captain Watson should write headlines for local news

Captain Steve Watson's tweet:

Chief's trip to a natural food store for lunch + DUI driver with incredibly bad timing = 7 lbs of meth (not organic)

CalFire Humboldt Del Norte to take over tomorrow; Tully fire 85% contained

Wednesday evening update:

85% contained.

"Firefighters have shifted their focus to mop up and patrol of the fire perimeter and will remain
committed through the weekend to ensure hot spots are extinguished and the threat of fire spread is
Suppression repair is continuing in conjunction with tribal experts to minimize long term impacts to
the landscape and culturally significant sites.
The demobilization of firefighting resources continues as some firefighters prepare to move to other
significant fires across the state.
Residents are advised to watch for slow moving fire apparatus and firefighters operating in the area.
Tomorrow, at 10:00 AM, command of the Tulley Fire will transition from CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 3 to the Humboldt – Del Norte Unit of CAL FIRE."

Doesn't look like Humboldt is going to get approval for construction of a new courthouse anytime soon

I will have a follow up post on this from local and state officials and the Judicial Council.


"Facing a shortage of state funding for the courts, plans to build a new Superior Court building at the downtown railyard have derailed following action by the state Judicial Council to postpone construction of 17 new courthouses across California."

Read more at:

Older related post:

Bail bond exonerated for George Daniels, still on the lam; most recent case was for alleged possession of 800 lbs of marijuana; previously arrested for alleged police car theft

A warrant surrender was scheduled today in Courtroom 5 for George Preston Daniels' latest case from 2016.

Here is what glimpse of the cases in the court computer that Daniels has; he is on the lam and efforts to locate him, despite a reward have been unsuccessful.

This is a copy of the minutes today where his bail bond was exonerated.

Jury trial scheduled for Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright for alleged attempted murder of David Seigl; will the Crazy White Boys connection be confirmed?

Yesterday afternoon Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright were arraigned on information for their jury trial.

Pleas of not guilty entered.

A pre-trial conference is scheduled for September 13; Trial conformation for October 6, 2016 and Jury trial is scheduled for October 24.

I spoke with Mr. Marek Reavis, who represents Wright and he will not be filing a 995 motion.

Aug 27, 2016

Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright to be arraigned for jury trial on Tuesday; charges are the same as preliminary hearing

Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright are scheduled to be arraigned on information on August 30.

The DA's office already filed the information for jury trial on August 19. Charges are exactly the same as the preliminary hearing.

I will update this post with dates on Tuesday.

Aug 16, 2016

Benjamin Heidmann and Konnor Wright held to answer on all charges in alleged attempted murder of David Seigl

Autopsy to determine cause of death for dead body found in Eel River

Update (Sept 1):

The decedent in this case has been positively identified as 26 year old Joshua Deyo of Wisconsin. An autopsy has been scheduled for Saturday, September 3rd.
The investigation is ongoing.

On Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at about 5:26 p.m. Humboldt County Deputies responded to Bear Canyon Bridge near Garberville for a report of a dead body in the Eel River.

Upon arrival, deputies located a white male adult face down in the river. Detectives responded to the scene to investigate. The decedent’s identity is unknown at this time. An autopsy is scheduled to determine cause of death.

Dumbest criminals of the year crash their car in front of Chief Mills; have meth in car

Chief Mills Tweet:

When you have pounds of meth in the car and crash your car in front of the Chief and Det Sgt. #not smart @EPD

Fish and Game makes one of Jimmy Smith's wishes come true; razor clam regulations amended and Clam Beach gets a new name

Former Supervisor Jimmy Smith still watching out for Humboldt County from heaven.

"Jimmy had started this project before he left office," Supervisor Sundberg told me. "The creek that has been used as a boundary had meandered in such a way that north and south were not split evenly."

Supervisor Sundberg took the project on and was very happy to see this wish on Jimmy Smith's list come closer to fruition.

Listed below is an excerpt from an email from  to Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg:

Today the Fish and Game Commission authorized publication of their notice of intent to amend sport fishing regulations for razor clams at Clam Beach (scanned and attached). They will change the boundary from “Strawberry Creek“ to a boundary marker and accompanying latitude reading at the county parking lot at the former creek mouth. They will maintain the north/south every other year seasons. They are also making a minor name change (Little River Beach to Clam Beach). In short, it will be like it was before the creek migrated south.

A discussion hearing will be held October 20 (in Eureka at the Red Lion) with adoption hearing on December 8 (in San Diego) and an effective implementation date of March 1, 2017.

Budget Motel alleged male victim refuses to cooperate with EPD investigation


On August 30, 2016, at about 5:15 p.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the Budget Motel on the 1100 block of 4th Street for the report of three subjects in a physical altercation and one known injury.    

Upon arrival, all involved parties had fled the scene.  Officers located a hatchet and blood on the ground and on a parked vehicle.  A witness stated the victim had been transported to the hospital by a family member.  

Officers responded to the hospital and made contact with the victim, an 18 year old male of Eureka.  The male was being treated for non-life-threatening lacerations and refused to cooperate with the investigation.  

Statements provided to officers provided little information about what occurred.  The primary suspect was only described as a heavy set Hispanic male with long hair and was last seen riding a beach cruiser bicycle east on 4th Street.  Based on the investigation, it appears the hatchet found on scene had been in the victim's possession during the altercation.  

The Budget Motel has been a chronic source of crime and nuisance complaints with nearly 200 calls for service in the past 12 months.  

Ewa Misztal to be arraigned today for alleged assault on a child causing death; will Judge keep bail at half a million?

Arraignment at 1:30 today for Misztal in Courtroom 4. The complaint states Jane Doe's birth as 7/6/2016.

Public Defender's office was appointed; Ms. Kelly Neel was in court today for arraignment. Misztal was crying as she spoke with Ms. Neel.

Count 1 Felony PC 273ab Assault on a child causing death. Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett is prosecuting the case.

Bail was raised to one million. This is not a crime listed on the bail schedule; in this case, the bail is then set based on time of commitment.

If convicted, the sentence for this charge is 25 years to life.

Intervention is on September 6. Preliminary hearing is on September 14.

Ewa Misztal, a 28yr old woman, was arrested on August 27 for  alleged felony child abuse PC 273a (a)  in Arcata. The bail was 50k; it was enhanced to half a million because the child died..

She is still in custody. Four days in jail.

Today, I spoke with the Arcata Police Department to verify that Misztal had been told by police that the child died of a fractured skull and that she told law enforcement she had no idea how it happened.

Previous post:

70k Measure Z funds used to get safely from Mckinleyville schools is reason for temporary road closure

"This is the safety project for $70K of Measure Z  to get kids safely from the Little Pond and Halfway Ave to Mck High and Morris Elementary Schools," said Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg.

Mckinleyville Avenue between Murray and Gassaway to be closed temporarily

McKinleyville Avenue between Murray and Gassaway is scheduled to be closed temporarily on Wednesday, Sept. 7 from 9 am to 3 pm for maintenance. There will be no through traffic. The work will consist of repaving the roadway.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Art Reeve, Deputy Director
Humboldt County Public Works Department at 707-445-7421. We thank you in
advance for your patience and look forward to the completion of the project.

County Building and Planning Department to get a new director; want the job, you have until this Friday to apply

Rob Wall, Interim Planning and Director of the County's Building and Planning Department, who was appointed last year, is going back to his old job as Supervising Planner, when they find a replacement.

The deadline for applicants for his job is this Friday.

I ran into Mr. Wall this morning. He told me he is looking forward to returning to his old job and spending more time with his family. And that he had informed the Board of Supervisors back in January 2016 that he did not want the Director position permanently.

Aug 30, 2016

Firefighters had to hose down blood from the black Nissan where the alleged stabbing at Budget happened today

Spoke with EPD Sgt. Gary Whitmer who was just leaving as I arrived at the Budget motel.

So were the firefighters.

EPD officers and detectives are at the hospital speaking to the one person who was allegedly stabbed in the fight. The person was already at the hospital before EPD arrived.

All evidence has been gathered and crime tape removed. Witnesses at scene interviewed.

Three people involved. Firefighters had to hose blood off the black Nissan, said Sgt. Whitmer.

They recovered a hatchet in a sheath by the black Nissan. Not known if there is blood on it yet or if it was used in the alleged fight.

Kudos to North Coast News for the first and live report on 4th street motel incident; allegedly hatchet involved

Kudos to North Coast News for their live report on the EPD call to the local motel on 4th Street.

Haven't seen these details on any other media source.

From KAEF, it is a motel that has received a lot of calls for service. Alleged suspects had fled the scene, hatchet involved, one injured person at the hospital. EPD gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Clearly from the address, it's the Budget. I could walk down there,  but will just wait for the update on KAEF at 10 and the press release. Taylor Torregano is at the scene.

Five new faces join HCSO including two deputy Sheriffs

Sheriff Mike Downey is pleased to announce the swearing in for five new Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office employees. The new employees and their positions are as follows:
1. Katrina Gutierrez – Correctional Cook
2. Roque Flores – Correctional Deputy
3. Richard Sanchez – Correctional Deputy
4. Tyler James – Deputy Sheriff
5. Tim Jones – Deputy Sheriff

Aug 29, 2016

CalFire continues to make progress with Tully Fire, 60% contained

At the end of today, CALFire has 60% of the Tully Fire contained.

Tuesday morning 6 am update: Tully fire 70% contained. 5:45 evening update 75% contained.

"Firefighters have begun to shift their focus on mop up to ensure that any remaining hot spots are
extinguished while containment lines continue to be strengthened.
Suppression repair is continuing in conjunction with tribal experts to minimize long term impacts to
the landscape and culturally significant sites.
The demobilization of firefighting resources continues as some firefighters prepare to move to other
significant fires across the state.
Residents are advised to watch for slow moving fire apparatus and firefighters operating in the area."

Wednesday evening update:

85% contained.

"Firefighters have shifted their focus to mop up and patrol of the fire perimeter and will remain
committed through the weekend to ensure hot spots are extinguished and the threat of fire spread is
Suppression repair is continuing in conjunction with tribal experts to minimize long term impacts to
the landscape and culturally significant sites.
The demobilization of firefighting resources continues as some firefighters prepare to move to other
significant fires across the state.
Residents are advised to watch for slow moving fire apparatus and firefighters operating in the area.
Tomorrow, at 10:00 AM, command of the Tulley Fire will transition from CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 3 to the Humboldt – Del Norte Unit of CAL FIRE."

Half a million bail each for two suspects arrested in Dinsmore bust; no legal documentation or registration alleged

On Friday, August 26, 2016 at about 9 a.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs, a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agent, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (F&W) officers, members of the California State Water Board (CSWB), and a member of the Humboldt County Code Enforcement (HCCE) served a search warrant on two parcels located off Hwy 36 near Dinsmore, California.
Upon service of the search warrant deputies detained three individuals. The first individual was identified as 32 year old Sean Christopher Appelbaum. The second individual was identified as 18 year old Shane Jordan Edwards. The third individual was not associated with the marijuana grow and released on scene. Appelbaum and Edwards could not provide deputies with legal documentation supporting their marijuana grows, nor were they able to provide documentation of being in the process of registering their marijuana grow with the County of Humboldt’s Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance.
Deputies searched both parcels and located a total of 9,525 green growing marijuana plants, 11 firearms, 375 grams of Butane Honey Oil, 148 grams of Psilocybin Mushrooms, 172 lbs of marijuana shake, 73.1 lbs of processed marijuana bud, indicia of marijuana sales, and ammunition.
Deputies also located two man made water storage ponds each with a water pump. The ponds were made of plastic tarp and supported by rocks, downed trees, and rope. F&W, CSWB, and HCCE observed extensive environmental damage while examining the property.
Appelbaum and Edwards were taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. Appelbaum was booked for cultivating marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, manufacturing a controlled substance, conspiracy, being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm while in commission of another felony, and being a felon in possession of ammunition. Edwards was booked for the cultivating marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, possession of concentrated cannabis, manufacturing a controlled substance, conspiracy, possession of a firearm while in commission of another felony, possession of a non-serialized firearm, possession of a firearm with multi-burst trigger device, and possession of an assault weapon. Each had their bail set at $500,000.

Humboldt County Drug Task Force arrests two for alleged posession and transportation of marijuana



Update (August 31):
On 08-29-2016, Sheriff's Deputies were following up on the activity of Peter Blizzard and Jacob Silverman prior to their arrests.  During their investigation, Deputies learned that both subjects rented a room at a motel located in the 900 block of Redwood Drive, Garberville.  Deputies were also alerted that several people had attempted to access this room while Blizzard and Silverman were in custody.  The Humboldt County Drug Task Force (HCDTF) was notified and a search warrant for the room was obtained.  During the search of the room, HCDTF agents located approximately 68.5 grams of suspected heroin along with $6,380 in cash.  Additional charges of possession of a controlled substance for sales were added to Blizzard's and Silverman's booking.  Both subjects are currently held at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where their bail has been set at $125,000. 

Original Press Release:

On 08-26-2016 at 6:00 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Deputies, with the assistance of Humboldt County Drug Task Force, conducted a traffic enforcement stop in the 400 block of Maple Lane, Garberville.  

Deputies contacted the driver of the vehicle, Peter Blizzard (age 39), and front passenger, Jacob Silverman (age 40).  When speaking to Blizzard and Silverman, Deputies could smell the odor of marijuana emitting from within the vehicle. Silverman made several furtive movements with his hands and was reaching for the center console area.  It was later discovered that Silverman was attempting to conceal a large stack of currency.  Silverman, who was wearing a wig, in what was believed to be an attempt to disguise his appearance, provided false identification to the Deputies.  Silverman was subsequently placed under arrest.  

The vehicle was searched and approximately eight (8) pounds of processed marijuana was seized.  Deputies also located $8,288 inside the vehicle which will be held for possible asset forfeiture.   

Both subjects were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.  Blizzard was booked for possession of marijuana for sales, transportation of marijuana, and probation violation.  Silverman was booked for possession of marijuana for sales, transportation of marijuana, providing false identification to a peace officer, and felony warrants issued from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office.  Silverman will be extradited to Mendocino County at a later date.    

Surfside Burger Shack owner Chad Smith busted for DUI?

Chad Allen Smith arrested for DUI by Fortuna Police Department on August 28.

A Chad Allan Smith is the owner of Surfside Burger Shack.

Typos are made in reports and records all the time.

While the middle names are similar,  Chad Allen Smith is 35 years old; Chad Alan Smith is 42.

Checked court records further.

Both have court records for exceeding speed limit. Chad Allan Smith has four traffic cases; one dismissal for traffic school, three listed as convictions, disposed before hearing; charges include exceeding speed limit, and mandatory use of seatbelts required). Cases from 2008 to 2015.

Chad Allen Smith only has one other traffic infraction.

So far, no confirmation on Surfside Burger Shack connection.

Fortuna Police Department confirmed the arrest and time.

Other verification  including booking photo in progress.

Problem with people with several court cases is that fines are not a detetrent, behavior continues, and often escalates.

Aug 28, 2016

Tully Fire 50 percent contained

Tully Fire 599 acres; 50  % contained, according to today's Cal Fire report.

Hezekiah Allen disses North Coast growers in Press Democrat article

Growers in nearby Humboldt County are bogged down in disagreements and an “anti-regulation vibe,” Allen said.
“Mendocino growers have come to understand that regulation done right provides a clear pathway forward,” said Allen, a former Humboldt grower.
Sonoma County growers are pursuing a similar zoning but it is in the beginning stages, said Sebastopol attorney Omar Figueroa, who represents growers across the North Coast.