Feb 7, 2016

Sirens going off again in Eureka? Another incident or related to the stabbing in Old Town?

Kym Kemp, Channel 3 and LOCO are all reporting an alleged stabbing on 3rd street in Eureka.

According to LOCO, J and L Towing owners said the suspect was wearing a yellow rain jacket, a group of transients dropped the alleged victim, apparently transient off near the business and asked them to call the ambulance.

According to LOCO and a comment from one of the owners, they stay at their business instead of home because they are afraid of break ins every night.

Sirens just went off again.

In Old Town, sirens are a daily frequent reminder. Business owners have to be in fear, many residents who live in Old Town feel the same.

Meanwhile, thanks to drugs and the lax bleeding heart laws in California like Prop 47, criminals and drug addicts victimize law abiding citizens, which includes transients.

Maybe the City of Eureka could put up this sign in Old Town:

Welcome to Old Town Eureka. As tourist attraction, we offer daily stabbings, gunshots and sirens. We have our own Walking Dead.