Dec 20, 2015

Unknown dude pounds on my door, asks me to call the ambulance, then belligerent to me and the fire department

I am relaxing at home, and I am home, which is rare.  All of a sudden there is a pounding on my front door and someone trying to kick it down.

I call out to ask who it is, some young dude tells me he is having heart issues and to call the ambulance. I dial 911, not wanting to take a chance.

As I getting him water he asked for and on the phone with 911, he starts running around, kicking my front door and acting like someone who is high.

I am trying to ask him if he is okay, determine his breathing, following 911 dispatcher's instructions.

The fire department arrived within 2 minutes, the ambulance a minute later.

While I am waiting for the fire department and ambulance, I try to find out what happened. He does not want to answer questions so I can call 911 back if needed.

He looks fine, he is breathing fine. I have never seen him before.

He is belligerent to the fire department, won't answer their questions either, finally tells us his name and date of birth. He refuses help but finally leaves with the medics.

This guy claims his name is Michael Cox.

Next time you call 911, thank all involved for doing their job, whether it is a real emergency or not.