Apr 25, 2015

Rose Cooper who was busted for China White arraigned and denied release on OR; bail set at $10,000 for two cases; will her fiance show up at the next court hearing?

Rose Cooper was arraigned yesterday in Courtroom 1. Public Defender Meagain O' Connell appeared specially for Conflict Counsel, who will represent Cooper in the two cases filed agianst her by the District Attorney's office. One is for alleged violation of probation and the new complaint is for posession of heroin and meth.

A formal OR/Bail hearing will be held on April 27 at 2 p.m. to address whether Cooper will stay in custody until her jury trial or be on supervised release. Probation will weigh in on that in a report before the next hearing. Cooper tried to get released yesterday claiming she is a long term Humboldt resident, has a fiance, parents but DDA Roger Rees opposed her release. He confirmed due the charges I listed in my previous post which led to several arrests said her failure to appear in court 13 times.

Judge feeney said due to the number of her failures to appear, he was denying her release on OR.

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Rose Cooper busted today has three prior felony convictons for drugs: 2011, 2008, 2007. In one case,she has a Prop 36 review date. Being on probation hasn't deterred her. Among two other cases, she has minor offenses likexdriving with no valid license, failure ti stop at a stop sign. In the past 2008 case with guilty conviction, she was found guilty of providing false id to a peace officer and unauthorized possession of a hypodermic syringe.

HCSO Press-Release:

On 04-22-2015, at approximately 10:15 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office deputies conducted a probation search at a residence located in the 400 block of Par Ave., Redway.  Sheriff’s deputies had received tips of ongoing narcotic traffic at this particular residence.

 During the search of the residence, deputies located nearly an ounce of suspected heroin.  Some of the suspected heroin resembled that of “China White” which is a uniquely pure form of heroin.  One of the residents, Rose Cooper (age 33), was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance for sales, illegal possession of a prescribed medication, and violation of probation.

Cooper was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional facility where she was booked for these charges.  Cooper’s bail was set at $50,000.

Possible resoultion in William Hillegeist case who was dumped by his former boo and current co-defendant while in jail

Courtroom One
Judge John Feeney
Defense: Ben McLaughlin
People: DDA Roger Rees

William Hillegeist has several cases. One in which he is is alleged with firing shots in Freshwater park, another alleged robbery at gunpoint at a local motel. The links below have all the details including when he started blubbering in court seeing his former boo with a new man.

There may be a possible resolution in his case but it didn't happen yesterday. His attorney Mr. McLaughlin and DDA Rees met with Judge Feeney privately in chambers. Next court date is a disposition and reset hearing at 2 p.m. on May 27 in Courtroom 1.

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Apr 24, 2015

The sky isn't falling...yet regarding budget cuts for EPD, Eureka City Manager does confirm pending cuts to all departments will be proposed

I just spoke with Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks. He explained that city staff is working with all city departments on the 2015-16 budget 'to bring the city budget into balance." The management team will then submit their recommendations to City Council members. And the public will have their chance to weigh in.

"Over the last number of years, revenue has been stagnant," said Mr. Sparks. "Sales tax which is an important source of revenue has declined. Income has not kept up with inflation." The passage of Measure Q was helpful in staving off a loss of 2.4 million dollars, he said.

"Pension costs are a difficult part of the budget," said Mr. Sparks. "For some departments, pensions make up 20% of the budget." The Fire Department is fully staffed and EPD is "close to fully staffed.
Last year, there was a high level of fire and police departments not filled. Both Chiefs have been successful in getting positions filled but that is not the reason for the proposed cuts. All departments will face reductions. "

"This is a simple matter of revenue not increasing versus expenses," said Mr. Sparks.

Forensic pathologist testifies that Arcata chef could have survived stab wound, had he got to the ER within the hour

This morning's testimony in the jury trial for Juan Ferrer started with forensic pathologist Dr. Mark Super testifying that Douglas Anderson did not have to die. If he had made it to the ER, his life could have been saved and the wound to his heart repaired.

Today's court session ended with jurors hearing incriminating texts between Ferrer and one of his companions that night.

The prosecution has maintained that Ferrer and his two companions left Anderson to die on the streets of Arcata. Ferrer's friends and co-defendants have denied they knew Ferrer stabbed Anderson. The defense is claiming a justified killing.

This morning, once again, Dr. Super's testimony bolstered the prosecution's opening arguments and discredited the Ferrer's attorney's claim that Anderson was a heavy drinker and discredited the claim made by Sophie Rocheleau's defense attorney, Benjamin Okin that Anderson was a drug user.

The jury saw photos peppered with Dr. Super's testimony. The first photo shown was Anderson lying on a hospital gurney with medical devices attached. Dr. Supere then described the injuries sustained by Anderson. "A single stab wound to the chest, two small lacerations inside and outside upper lip and minor bruises and abrasions." Nicholas Stoiber punched Anderson and Sophie Rocheleau kicked him. The prosecution contends that Ferrer stabbed Anderson, the defense claims Anderson "fell on the knife." Super's testimony did not support the defense claim.

An injury that was mentioned for the first time was "a cut on the left index finger towards plam."
This is relevant because the puncture wound was in Anderson's left upper chest and Dr. Super testified that "the wound was caused by a single inch knife" and that the cut was "at or time of death" and it was a "fresh wound." He also characterized it as a "defensive wound."

Anderson's cause of death was "a stab wound to the chest." Then we saw a photo of Anderson's heart where the stab wound had punctured a hole in his heart. The blood went outside into the sac, coagulated and the heart could not beat and this causes death faster, said Dr. Super.

This is a condition called Cardiac tamponade.  Cardiac tamponade is pressure on the heart that occurs when blood or fluid builds up in the space between the heart muscle (myocardium) and the outer covering sac of the heart (pericardium).

There would not be a lot of external bleeding in this case, said Dr. Super. He also detected the angle and measured the length of the wound by inserting a scapel without its handle into the chest where the hole was and the "it was a 3 and half inch wound." Based on Anderson's height of five feet and 11 inches, the stab wound was from left to right and upward.

"Is this wound survivable?" asked DDA Roger Rees.

"Such wounds have been survivable, if bleeding could have been stopped," said Dr. Super. "It depends on how fast it could have been corrected. It also depends on the health of the individual." Dr. Super said Anderson was in average health. He said had Anderson "ot to the ER within the hour, he could have survived."

Based on his experience with 10,000 autposies, Dr. Super said he did not see any track marks on Anderson indicating any IV drug use, he did not see any chronic alcohol abuse signs but Anderson's lungs indicated he " was a heavy smoker."

DDA Rees asked Dr. Super if he could tell if Anderson had been stabbed or of he fell on the knife. Dr. Super said no autopsy determines how the knife got there but that in a stabbing, "skin and bones are pierced." The wound would not be so deep, he added. "I'm not a big fan of people falling on a knife unless it is on a stake on a ground.

This is the tip of the iceberg and Eureka City wants to cut the EPD budget, shame on whoever's stupid idea this is

Cut non-essential expenses and leave the EPD alone.

Press Release:

On 04/24/15 at about 1:09 a.m., Officers were dispatched to the vicinity of 5th and N Streets for the report of a male that had just been stabbed.  Officers located the victim who had multiple bleeding cuts to both hands.

The victim reported that he was sleeping in the bushes near 5th and N Streets, when he was awakened by a male subject standing over him with a knife and demanding money.  The victim said that when he told the suspect he did not have any money, the suspect began stabbing him with the knife.

The victim was able to fend off the suspect, but sustained several cuts to his hands as a result.  The victim was transported to the hospital by ambulance with non life threatening injuries.

The victim was unable to provide a description of the suspect, because the suspect had instructed him not to look at him.


On 04/24/15 at about 6:08 a.m., Officers from the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the vicinity of Dean and 16th Streets for the report of a suspicious male and female who were checking door handles of vehicles.  Several callers directed officers to the location of the suspects. 

Officers located Trevor Adam Gibney, 25, and Misty Marie Mililgan, 29, both of Eureka, at the 2200 block of Harrison Ave.  Gibney was searched per his probation status and was found to be in possession of property not belonging to him.  Milligan told officers that Gibney had smashed a vehicle window and removed property from inside and gave it to her.  Officers were able to locate two vehicles in the vicinity that had been broken into.  Some of the property located in Gibney’s possession contained the names of the vehicle owners. 

Gibney and Milligan were arrested for burglary and probation violations.  Milligan was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.  Gibney was medically declined by jail staff due to an existing injury and was transported to the hospital for evaluation.  He was ultimately cleared and transported back to the jail for booking. 

Wade Harris bumps Dan Dobbs and Shiloh Chase for the frequently arrested award, for now

On 04-23-2015, at approximately 11:30 a.m., Sheriff’s Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop in the 700 block of Redwood Drive, Garberville.  The driver of the vehicle, Wade Harris (age 33), is a local probationer with a search and seizure clause.
Deputies searched the vehicle Harris was driving and located numerous items consistent with burglary tools.  The items included bolt cutters, zip ties, screw drivers, drill bits, gloves, and other tools commonly used to burglarize.  Harris is also a person of interest in the home invasion robbery that occurred earlier this week on Holmes Flat Road.  Due to this ongoing investigation, deputies seized $6,686 that was on Harris’ person.
Harris was placed under arrest for possession of burglary tools and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF).

While at the HCCF, an investigator with the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office interviewed Harris regarding a pending case where Harris was suspected to have disposed a handgun during a traffic stop.  This case stems from an incident where Harris was stopped by an officer with the California Highway Patrol on 04-13-2015 in Eureka.  During this incident, Harris fled from the officer and is suspected to have disposed of items from within the vehicle along the roadway while out of view of the officer.  A loaded .45 caliber pistol was later located during a search of the area along the route where Harris fled.  Based on this information, the investigator subsequently placed Harris under arrest for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Based on Harris’ long history of criminal activity, coupled with these most recent events and the increased level of violence associated with his criminal conduct, the investigator sought and obtained a bail enhancement pursuant to PC1269.  As a result, Harris was booked at the HCCF with bail set at $500,000.00.

City of Eureka proposing 1 million dollar cut to Eureka Police Department budget

Councilmember Marian Brady has not heard anything about this specifically. She did tell me that there are no reserves, that the City Manager wants to get the budget sustainable again and the Council will be looking at the budget. The police department is currently fully staffed so she does not know if this will impact new hiring  positions.

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills just confirmed that this is correct.

I am waiting to hear back from City Manager Greg Sparks and other City Councilmembers about why and what exactly will be cut. I am also curious to see who proposed this solution?

"Dude, I am not trying to scare you but I'm sure lossy coast outpost is about us", incriminating text messages between Juan Ferrer and Nicholas Stoiber shown to jury

In his opening argument, DDA Roger Rees mentioned some of the text messages between defendant Juan Ferrer, who is currently on trial, charged with the murder of Abruzzi chef Douglas Anderson and Ferrer's previous co-defendant Nicholas Stoiber who got a plea deal.

DDA Roger Rees recalled Acting Sgt. Chris Ortega to the stand today towards the end of the morning. Acting Sgt. Ortega established cell-phone numbers that belonged to Stoiber and Ferrer and then the jury saw a visual of text message exchanges between Stoiber and Ferrer. Anderson-Jordet succumbed to his stab wound injuries the early morning of November 25. On December 3rd, Ferrer's friends and former co-defendants Sophie Rocheleau and Nicholas Stoiber arrived at APD "of their own free will." Ferrer was brought to APD by detectives.

Ferrer texts Stoiber about wanting to see him and talk to him. The first incriminating text is from Ferrer: "Dude, I am not trying to scare you but I'm sure lossy coast outpost is about us."

Another text message is from Stoiber: "For sure, I've not spoken to anyone as I am still kinda trippin.."

Ferrer: "Only my sister aside from you and soph and my fam are gangsters no snitching"

Ferrer: "Do you think we are in the clear?

Stoiber: "Clear enough, no witnesses besides us."

Ferrer: "Word, brother"

There were also a couple text messages in the same exchange which Ferrer's defense attorney, Mr. Marek Reavis referred to where they discuss if the 50 year old guy who died is the same one they had an altercation with because they thought Anderson-Jordet looked like 30 years old.

On Monday, the People will play a video for the jury that is an hour long and the first interview with law enforcement in which Ferrer denies involvement. There is a second audio recording that is a second interview in which Ferrer changes his testimony.

Wanted parolee provides false name, gets arrested anyway

04-23-2015, at approximately 11:00 p.m., Sheriff’s Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office contacted Heather Dufay (age 31) in front of the Lone Pine Motel, 912 Redwood Drive, Garberville.  Dufay was a person of interest in a grand theft case and deputies wanted to speak to her about the investigation.
During the interaction, Dufay falsely identified herself as Heather Nash.  Deputies were unable to locate a match for this name utilizing several law enforcement databases.  Dufay eventually provided her true identity to the deputies.  It was determined that Dufay is a wanted parolee at large from Curry County Oregon with full extradition.
Dufay was placed under arrest for her parole warrant.  Dufay was searched and found to be in possession of suspected concentrated cannabis.
Dufay was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where she was booked for falsely identifying herself to law enforcement, possession of suspected concentrated cannabis, and the parole warrant.  

Apr 23, 2015

Two distinct male voices, one saying "Fuck you and your fat girlfriend", the other "I'm still behind you"

The remaining two witnesses this morning in the Juan Ferrer jury trial, Damien Hofsted and Sarah Brody, continued to debunk the defense allegations and decimate the image portrayed by the defense.

Damien Hofsted is the bartender who served Douglas Anderson drinks on the night Anderson  later was stabbed on his way home. Hofsted said Anderson was "not a regular." He remembered Anderson because he mentioned he was from Minnesota. In his testimony, he said he served Anderson four IPA beers and two shots of whiskey. Less than what the defense has claimed. He said Anderson "didn't seem extremely intoxicated" and that he was "friendly and talkative" spending time with other patrons at the bar who also worked in the food service industry.  He said Anderson came in around 10 p.m and left around 1:15 a.m. There were no arguments with anyone, once again disputing the defense claim that Anderson was upset at someone insinuating he may be gay. Another defense claim Hofsted refuted was that Ferrer was there with his two friends.

Sarah Brody was trying to fall asleep around 1 a.m on Sunday night/early Monday morning when she remembers a male voice with an enraged voice on a rant. She could not hear all the words but she rembers hearing, "Fuck you and your fat girlfriend" at least twice. She heard another voice about 10 minutes later say, "I'm still behind you." She contacted Detective Ortega after reading about Anderson's death in the newspaper.

"It was a huge shock and I immediately started crying. I shut down"

Day 3 of the jury trial started with APD Detective Chris Ortega, now Acting Sgt, testifying about the two videos obtained from ReMax Realty and Humboldt Clothing.

The videos show a lone figure in a black trench coat walking on one side and on the other side you see a three people in a single file, just as Detective Ortega testified yesterday. Nicholas Stoiber and Juan Ferrer had hoodies on and the clearest image was that of Sophie Rocheleau. The black and white images with no audio flashed eerily on the projector screen.

The morning heated up as three witnesses testified. Virginia Jimenez, the ex-girlfriend who remained close friends with Douglas Anderson-Jordet even after a mutual break up, Damien Hofsted and Sarah Brody, a resident who lives on H Street between 11th and 12th Street and heard yelling as well as two key phrases that are crucial to the altercation that led to the death of Anderson-Jordet.

So far,  all the witnesses who have testified have supported the prosecution's opening argument and hey have disproved claims made by the defense. This morning was no different.
Except for Jimenez confirming that Anderson-Jordet liked to drink two, three times a week, and that he did say mean things and sometimes became angry when he was drunk, none of the witnesses have confirmed the defense claim that the victim was heavily intoxicated, that he was hostile with anyone that night in the bar or that he was homophobic or racist. In fact, he was described as likeable, friendly and that he was respectful. Brody described two distinct male voices that night raising doubt who started the altercation.

DDA started his questioning of Jimenez by showing her a photo. "That is Douglas Anderson." Other than his mail, she said, he did not include Jordet in his name. "He was a roomate and we bcame friends." They met in mid 2012 when Anderson rented a room in the same house as her. In December 2012, "we decided to try dating but it didn't work out." They stopped dating in April 2013 but remained friends and "hung out".  It was a mutual decision. She said Anderson worked at Abruzzi. "He worked there," she paused, then said, "until he pased away."

Answering DDA Roger Res questions, Jimenez said that Anderson didn't go out much, mostly stayed home.  He did go out sometimes,with co-workers.

"From what you knew, did he drink a lot?" Mr. Rees asked her. "No, he stayed home."

Jimenez described that the way she found out that Anderson had died was after APD detectives interviewed her. Initially, they just told her he had been assaulted. When they finally told her, "It was a huge shock and I immediately started crying. I shut down."

Jimenez said that Anderson was never physically violent and she never felt threatened by him. "If he got unhappy, he'd bark." Asked to clarify, she said, he would say things that would "hurt your feelings: I don't like you or Nobody likes you." Once when he felt she was ignoring him and paying attention to another friend, he got upset. Jimenez said she never heard Anderson say any "derogatory stuff about gay people or people of color."

Jimenez said she never saw Anderson use any controlled substances but he occasionally smoked marijuana. He didn't drink everyday, "maybe two or three times a week."

The day she last saw him, they had brunch at Robert Goodman winery and shared a bottle of wine and food. Then Anderson accompanied her to Adventure's Edge, he went home at 4 p.m. She came home after window-shopping around 5 or 6 p.m., she said.
Around 9 p.m., they had soup she cooked and went to their rooms. He did not have four or five beers as alleged by the defense. He had one beer.

Mr. Rees asked her to use one word to describe Doug, she responded with creative.

If the Henderson bank robbery suspect limps and one arm is shorter than the other, someone should be able to ID him

May not be the same guy and since all I have is a still photo, can't say it is the same guy. I don't know his name but the face looks awfully familiar.

EPD Press Release:

On 04/23/15, at about 2:44 PM, the branch manager for a bank on the 2900 block of F Street phoned the Eureka Police Department’s dispatch center and advised their bank had just been robbed. No weapon was displayed and an undisclosed amount of cash was taken.

The suspect was last seen fleeing on foot southbound on “F” Street at about Harris Street. He was described as a medium complected male, about 6’ tall, wearing a camo boonie style hat, blue or black hooded sweatshirt with “Squishy” across the front, and blue jeans.
Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the suspect. Investigators with EPD’s Criminal Investigation Services responded to the scene and are currently investigating the robbery.

Watching his client's case tank, defense attorney in Ferrer case takes an unprofessional swipe at the prosecution in an outburst in court

DDA Roger Rees continued to build a successful case on the third day in the jury trial where Juan Ferrer is charged with the murder of Arcata chef Douglas Anderson-Jordet.

This morning, Anderson-Jordet's ex-girlfriend Virginia Jimenez, Everett's bartender Damien Hofsted and Sarah Brody, a witness who over heard yelling and a key phrase in the altercation between the parties testified.

DDA Roger Rees prosecution has been exemplary so far. While it is early in the trial, Public Defender Marek Reavis has failed to impeach the credibility of any prosecution witness. Not only have the witnesses who have testified so far supported the prosecution's opening argument, they have disproved claims made by the defense.

Sensing it isn't looking good to support the self-defense theory or the sexual orientation hate crime theory or some of the character smears made about the victim, Mr. Reavis started his cross of Brody by saying, "I lost count of 25 repetitions of fuck you and your fat girlfriend."

This coming from someone who rambled on and was repetitive during jury selection and tends to rehash the witnesses testimony with no significant challenge on cross is the pot calling the kettle black.

I like Mr. Reavis, he is a professional and intelligent attorney. In this case, however, it seems he is too personally invested and perhaps the stress of defending a client in a well-publicized case is getting to him. Mr. Reavis used to talk to me until I posted the email from Douglas Anderson-Jordet's family. Since that day, I am persona non grata to Mr. Reavis, who told me that he was "not too pleased." I told him, both sides deserve to be heard. I hope after this case is over, Mr. Reavis and I can chat like we used to because I realize he is doing his best to defend his client. I just want him to extend me the same courtesy of doing my job.

Mr. Reavis' cross of the witnesses hasn't raised anything significant so far.

 Jimenez said that Anderson-Jordet liked to drink two, three times a week, and that he did say mean things and sometimes became angry when he was drunk, however, none of the witnesses have confirmed the defense claim that the victim was heavily intoxicated, that he was hostile with anyone that night in the bar or that he was homophobic or racist. In fact, he was described as likeable, friendly and that he was respectful. Brody described two distinct male voices that night raising doubt who started the altercation.

There were three people against 1, in Mr. Reavis' own opening argument he mentioned Anderson-Jordet was unarmed and Ferrer knew that and still held out his knife. We have no idea why Anderson-Jordet who was walking on one side of the street crossed over to the other side where Ferrer and his two friends were walking. There is some video but no audio. It could just as well as have been Ferrer and his companions that initially provoked Anderson-Jordet into yelling and eventually crossing the street.

Mr. Reavis may  indeed, when he presents his side of the case, be able to prove self-defense or a justified killing.

Right now, the prosecution is presenting it's case. The evidence presented so far is in line with Mr. Rees' opening argument.

Mr. Rees is respectful and his witnesses are credible and he is in control of the courtroom with the evidence he is presenting. He is pre-emptive in his direct questioning and covers possibilities that would be raised in cross.

I noticed Mr. Reavis' outburst, the jury did too. That is not a sign of someone confident about their case.

Apr 22, 2015

Sue happy ACLU does nothing to help immigrants but is fine attacking those who do


Excellent article with some good quotes by Catholic bishops.

Besides suing, what difference has the ACLU made in the life of immigrants, especially the women from these countries. They have done nothing.

A lone hiking sandal, blood and urine near the sidewalk and glasses; Anderson-Jordet died alone on the streets of Arcata less than 2 blocks away from making it home

APD Detective Ortega who arrived at the crime scene about a hour later after the first responding officer found Douglas Anderson-Jordet on the sidewalk near 12th and H said that by the time he had arrived, the body had been transported to the hospital. What he saw was the crime scene area cordoned off and lights from patrol cars flashing in the dark of the night as they secured the area.

Detective Ortega testified that there was no body when he arrived at 2:40 a.m. There were "wrappers from medical devices", he saw blood and "what he speculated" was urine near the sidewalk, he also saw a hiking sandal and glasses in the crosswalk. The other hiking sandal was "located on Mr. Jordet later," said Detective Ortega. There were "droplets of blood" near 12th and H streets. Later as he examined the sandal he found at the crime scene, he saw "blood spots on top and blood underneath the tread".

DDA Roger Rees asked the detective, while he was processing the crime scene, "Did anyone come up to you and tell you they saw what happened? Did anyone come up to you and tell you they were involved?"

"No," replied Detective Ortega.

At 3:19 a.m. that morning, Detective Ortega, his supervisor, Detective Sgt. Todd Dokweiler, and evidence technician, Leah Christian went to Mad River Hospital. They met with Officer Eric Losey who had "stayed with the body. Mr. jordet was laying face up on a hospital gurney, he was nude, clothing had been cut off by hospital staff, clothes were under him and his upper torso had a blodd puncture wound on his chest."

The clothes were a hoodie, blue jeans, a t shirt and a black trench coat. Law enforcement found a Minnesota driver's license, a cell-phone and the other sandal. At the crime scene, a passport had been collected belonging to Anderson-Jordet. Ms. Christian took photos of the body and Detective Ortega observed "dried blood streaming from his head and nose.There were no lacerations or bruises on Mr. Jordet's hands," said Detective Ortega. The latter would be found if someone had engaged in a fist fight.

On the cell-phone, Detective Ortega found several text messages from a contact labelled "Virg". This person was trying to locate Anderson-Jordet. The first text message was at 1:21 a.m., 9 minutes before the audio where it was stated that Anderson-Jordet stopped breathing. At 4:30 a.m. there was another text message, "Where u be?"

Detective Dokweiler and Detective Ortega went back and "canvassed the crime scene" in the dark and again, later after the sun came up. They knocked on doors. Later that day, Detective Ortega left a message for "Virg." When she called back, they found out that she was the victim's former girlfriend, Virginia Jimenez. She will testify at the trial. She arrived at 8:52 a.m. She had been a "person of interest" but after talking to her, she was eliminated as a suspect.

There was no local address in "Doug's wallet?" This was a question posed by Mr. Rees to Detective Ortega. Mr. Rees use of "Doug" when referring to the victim is very effective because it personalizes the tragedy. Detective Ortega said there wasn't but after talking with Jimenez, they found out that Anderson-Jordet lived at the Crew House in Arcata, which is near 13th and I.

Detective Ortega described "Doug's" room as being a small room, 10 x 20, with a single bed, a few kitchen items, two electric guitars, sound mixing equipment. There were no weapons, no meth or heroin, no syringes or needles and no pay and owe sheet." Detective Orega said there was "user quantity of marijuana, less than an ounce and a glass pipe to smoke that marijuana.

The rest of Detective Ortega's testimony was a very detailed description on how they identified Ferrer and his two friends, how they obtained the two videos from Humboldt Clothing and ReMax, how they tracked the timeline of the events leading up to the parties path's crossing. At the end of his direct testimony, Mr. Rees had Detective Ortega mark all the significant spots mentioned in his testimony: where the body was found, the bars were located, the businesesses that gave the video surveilance and the location of the Crew house. Visually, you trace where Anderson-Jordet started walking home, where he encountered the Ferrer, Sophie Rocheleau and Nicholas Stoiber and that he was less than two blocks away from home when he died alone on the streets of Arcata.

Previous coverage of this case with links on watchpaul:


Rose Cooper of Redway busted today for alleged possession of China White has 3 previous convictions for drugs, and more

Rose Cooper busted today has three prior felony convictons for drugs: 2011, 2008, 2007. In one case,she has a Prop 36 review date. Being on probation hasn't deterred her. Among two other cases, she has minor offenses likexdriving with no valid license, failure ti stop at a stop sign. In the past 2008 case with guilty conviction, she was found guilty of providing false id to a peace officer and unauthorized possession of a hypodermic syringe.

HCSO Press-Release:

On 04-22-2015, at approximately 10:15 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office deputies conducted a probation search at a residence located in the 400 block of Par Ave., Redway.  Sheriff’s deputies had received tips of ongoing narcotic traffic at this particular residence.  

During the search of the residence, deputies located nearly an ounce of suspected heroin.  Some of the suspected heroin resembled that of “China White” which is a uniquely pure form of heroin.  One of the residents, Rose Cooper (age 33), was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance for sales, illegal possession of a prescribed medication, and violation of probation.

Cooper was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional facility where she was booked for these charges.  Cooper’s bail was set at $50,000.

No weapons, no drugs, just "user quantity of marijuana" found in victim's room

APD Officer Eric Losey wrapped up his testimony this morning in the Juan Ferrer jury trial in which Ferrer is charged with the death of Arcata chef Douglas Anderson-Jordet.

 Officer Losey opened an evidence bag containing the black t shirt Douglas Anderson-Jordet was wearing that had to be cut off so law enforcement could administer CPR in attempt to revive him. Officer Losey was one of the first officers to arrive on the scene after the 911 call of a "man being down on H Street."

You could see dried stains on the shirt. Later in his testimony, Officer Losey said when the shirt had been completely removed, they saw the puncture wound. After DDA Roger Rees finished direct, Public Defender Marek Reavis questioned him on cross, briefly. He asked if there was a gap between the body and pocket knife when Officer Finney, who was the other officer assisting Officer Losey, cut the shirt. Officer Losey said there was and explained the way Officer Finney cut the shirt.

The majority of the morning was taken with detailed questioning of APD Detective Chris Ortega who arrived on scene later and described how the crime scene was processed, what they discovered at the hospital and how they identified the victim and suspects.

I will post within an hour or so with details of Detective Ortega's testimony. The
quote above is from him.

Here is a previous post I did from the preliminary hearing where Sophie Rocheleau's attorney brought up the heroin allegation.

May 29, 2014

Possibility of other assailants and more heroin connections raised in Ferrer prelim day 2

On cross, Mr. Okin reminded Detective Dockweiler of a conversation Deputy Horton relayed to him in which Horton said he spoke with the Jordet family, and he learned from Daniel Jordet that the reason Douglas Anderson-Jordet moved to Arcata was because of several heroin deals gone bad.

Mr. Okin brought up the several layers of clothing Jordet was wearing that would have to be cut to get to the stab wound, the angle of the knife that was difficult to determine at the autopsy. He brought up the fact that Jordet was a chef at Abruzzi's and asked if the detective knew whether he was left or right handed.

Ms. Dixon on cross mentioned several knives were found but none was determined to be the weapon and none of those associated with her client.

Mr. Reavis brought up 3 areas of blood, one near 11th street which was mentioned for the first time and the fact that Jordet crossed over to where the three defendants and that when he was staggering on the video, it could be because he had been injured, not drunk and this could have happened before he encountered the three defendants.

Once again, no resolution in Stiglich case, yet; current jury trial vacated ; both families left hanging, again

Trial readiness this afternoon in the Judson Stiglich case, once again did not result in any resolution or change of plea.

The current jury trial of April 27 was vacated, a future disposition and reset hearing for April 30 at 2 p.m. was set.

Judge Marilyn Miles granted the defense motion to continue after Stiglich waived time today. The defense has made an offer which the People need to review. DDA Stacey Eads is prosecuting the case.

Stiglich is being represented by Russ Clanton's law firm. Today, Mr. David Celli was present for the defense, usually it has been Mr. Clanton.

As previous posts indicate, this isn't the first offer and counter offer and at the last hearing, Mr. Clanton said the case is close to resolution.

Before court, Mr. Celli spoke with the Stiglich family. His mother Cindy was in tears as she exited the private conference room.

The Robinson family and friends took up three rows in the courtroom. Wearing shirts they have worn before with the message, "RIP Ryan" and "In loving memory of Chimpy G". The victim, Ryan's Robinson's mother, Margaret and his sister Jennifer sat side by side in the courtroom. Jennifer was dating Judson Stiglich at the time he allegedly shot Ryan Robinson.

So, both families, come back yet again, not knowing if the case will resolve or go to jury trial. The wheels of justice leave them hanging, again.

Apr 21, 2015

Humboldt repeat offenders should get justice Sheriff Arpaio style

Before someone gets their knickers in a twist about this post, don't get so serious. Think of this like a Humboldt Court rant or rave, the difference is that on craigslist it's usually delusion, in this case it is the reality of the hard working court staff on the second floor every day.

Court work is not all glamor and fun!

Last  minute changes have been happening in some  court cases in the last few months. My observation is some of the following reasons: because certain defendant's don't show up time and time again, keep getting rearrested and warrants have to be issued, some attorneys abuse the schedule by requesting special accommodations due to vacation and days it is easier for them to come to court. Other reasons are defendants who have no hope for an offer or win but like the drama and attention and drag out their cases. Pro per defendants who don't have a clue, refuse attorneys. Judges follow the law and procedure. And others get inconvenienced for a few selfish people. Doesn't help that homicides, murders and home invasions occur at such a rate that keeping up with preliminary hearings and jury trials just from last year and this year is a challenge and does create a jam.

DA Maggie Fleming has done a great job clearing the backlog in just a few months and keeping this year's cases on a steady track.

The electronic calendar and the digital calendars don't work half the time and get updated sometimes, sometimes they don't. I assume for the same reasons the changes are made last minute and the court staff may not know in time to make the changes. So if you are someone not familiar with the courts, how to look up a case in the court computer, assuming the family court mediators aren't occupying the only two rooms on the second floor in which the computers are available, you are outta luck! The family court mediators have offices a floor above. Why don't they use those? They even kick out criminal attorneys and prosecutors.

You could be a defendant wandering the halls, an attorney scurrying from one court to another due to inconsiderate defendants and fellow attorneys Sticking to the schedule was not a huge issue before. This could be the new excuse defendants could use for getting out of arrests when a warrant is issued. "I don't know your honor, I was here! I was confused what day this is and where I am supposed to be!"

Humboldt Judges needs to crack down on all these special scheduling requests. For those frequent offenders, give them justice Sheriff Arpaio style. You keep committing crimes, refuse help, fail drug rehab over and over and keep costing the taxpayers. Chain em, give em a toothbrush and make them scrub the dirty sidewalks of Eureka.

Maintaining the courts cost money. Staffing the courts costs money. For some, it's time to lock em up and throw away the key.

Baby Mama Drama in the Humboldt Family Court

While waiting for Gary Lee Bullock to be brought down in Courtroom six the other day and the case to be called, I sat and watched the family law court drama. I'd rather cover criminal court cases any day.

Family law attorneys upstaging each other would make even a Broadway diva seem mellow.

An effective argument for birth control and single celibate life is attending one morning in family court.

Judge Christopher Wilson is one of my favorite judges. I have known him since I worked for CWS and assisted social workers with some court work. Very fair, very knowledgeable and excellent family law Judge.

One baby mama from Garberville kept arguing with the Judge. These cases are confidential so I won't mention names or more details. Apparently, she took offense when the Judge and her ex's attorney pointed out that she had missed 9 out of 14 court agreed visits with her child and was not taking her commitment to her child seriously. The woman usually prevails in most family cases but in this case, the man was the more responsible parent.

When Judge Wilson pointed out that her "socializing was more important than her child," she argued with him and was belligerent. She didn't think the fact that her five year old child swallowing medication and being left unattended was a big deal.

She didn't think people coming in and out of her house all the time when her child was visiting her for the two days she is allowed was high-traffic. Her "friends" were just "visiting." It was really inconvenient for her to travel to deal with all of this family stuff.

California law bends over backwards for family reunification. She knows it, she knows how to work the system. She  couldn't cope that her man had found a new woman, so making her child pay with baby mama drama is her solution.

Next Bullock court date moved ahead one day

The May 6 review hearing has been moved from May 6 at 2 p.m. to May 7 at 3 p.m. in Courtroom 1. Whether this is a special set time or a private meeting in chambers is anyone's guess.

Last minute changes in this case with a gag order are par for the course. The only remedy is me checking the court computers twice a day.

CHP investigates EPD

On 04/21/15 at about 11:56 a.m., a Detective with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) was driving through the Balloon Track while investigating complaints of trespassing and illegal camping on the property. The detective was accompanied by a representative of the property owner.

Preliminary reports indicate the detective unknowingly ran over the lower legs of a transient male who was trespassing on the fully fenced, private property and sleeping under a grass covered blanket.

The detective immediately called for medical aid and the male was subsequently transported to the hospital by ambulance as a precaution.  The male later left the hospital on foot after being evaluated for the apparent minor injuries he sustained.

At EPD’s request, an independent and objective investigation of this incident was conducted by the California Highway Patrol.

Ryan Robinson's family unable to attend last court hearing due to family member being in the ER

The Robinson family had read my previous post in the Judson Stiglich case in which I noted the absence of family members. They left me a message today and asked if I could call them back. I spoke with Ryan Robinson's mother Margaret this afternoon. She was very polite and basically, the family just wanted to clarify why they haven't been in court.

Some in the Stiglich family, including one of his exes, talk to me before the court hearing and sit with me in the courtroom. I assured Mrs. Robinson that I was not picking sides and I do realize there are always two sides to any story.

The Stiglich family reads my blog and approached me. Many families follow the cases on my blog and do contact me, from both sides. Often, their comments do not make the blog because sometimes those conversations are confidential.

Often doing a post that may not be related to a court case helps highlight the human tragedy and the permanent loss that a moment has on all the loved ones involved.

One of the Robinson's family members was in the ER for the last court hearing. They will be in court tomorrow for the trial readiness. A change of plea has not yet been entered.

Other than Judson Stiglich dating the victim's sister, there is no connection between him and the other Robinson family members but Stiglich "has been around my family for years," said Mrs. Robinson.

Previous post:


"However, Mr. Jordet was to his family and friends, what Mr. Ferrer knew was a drunk, homophobic individual"; defense claims "he fell on that knife"

"If you believe Mr. Rees story, you will find Mr. Ferrer guilty," said Mr. Marek Reavis, who is representing Juan Ferrer. "What you heard are selective pieces that don't tell the entire story."

Mr. Reavis then told the jury what those of us who covered the entire preliminary hearing already heard before. That Douglas Anderson-Jordet had lunch with his ex-girlfriend the same day he was stabbed, they shared a bottle of wine. According to Mr. Reavis, she will testify they went back to her place, she was fixing soup, that according to her, Anderson-Jordet had "four or five beers" then she stopped socializing with him because "she didn't want to be around drunk Doug."

Later that night, Mr. Reavis said the victim went to many bars but "primarily Everett's, and had more beers and three shots" according to Everett's bartender. "He was very drunk."

Mr. Reavis said that the night Anderson-Jordet was stabbed was Ferrer's first night off in a while. Ferrer was an in-home care worker who used to take care of his grandmother. Ferrer was also looking forward to going to San Francisco for Thanksgiving with Sophie Rocheleau's family.

Prior to jury selection, Mr. Reavis asked that portions of the interview that will be played for the jury and transcripts be redacted that Rocheleau's family wasn't happy about her dating his client because that would be prejudicial. That information will not be available to the jury.

Mr. Reavis said that Ferrer and his two friends, Rocheleau and Nicholas Stoiber, don't recall seeing Anderson-Jordet at Everett's but according to testimony that will be given, someone else saw the victim get upset because someone at the bar insinuated to Anderson-Jordet that he and the man he was talking "were gay."

Mr. Reavis said that both Stoiber and Ferrer were very drunk, Rocheleau less drunk. "The video will show Mr. Stoiber stumble.

"Mr. Ferrer identifies as bisexual. Besides his normal attire, " he had the punk, goth look said Mr. Reavis. Again Mr. Reavis related the same scenario from previous accounts, that on the video, the three friends are walking single file and the victim is walking on the opposite side of the street, "staggering. At some point, the three hear yelling but words are not clear."

"Mr. Anderson-Jordet is a stranger yelling insults, fucking this and fucking that," said Mr. Reavis. According to Mr. Reavis, Anderson-Jordet said, "What do we have here? A couple of fucking faggots and a fat bitch." A witness will testify she heard an "enraged voice saying Fuck you and your fat girlfriend."

"Mr. Ferrer will testify, Mr. Stoiber will testify; Ms. Rocheleau will testify."

Mr. Reavis told the jury that Stoiber and Rocheleau were charged with felonies and were co-defendants in this case and due to "their truthful testimony" , the DA plead them out to simple assault with probation.

This deal was made by former DA Paul Gallegos who botched the case leading up to the jury trial and who okayed the former plea that was thrown out by Presiding Judge Joyce Hinrichs. All that detailed coverage is on this blog.

What Mr. Reavis stated in his opening today from this point forth about the incident has not been mentioned mentioned previously. If proven by testimony, it does bolster the defense claim.

Mr. Reavis said that Ferrer "stepped up and told Anderson-Jordet "Fuck you too, man." Then he said that Anderson-Jordet turned around and came at Ferrer with his right hand in his pocket. "Mr. Ferrer and his companions thought this stranger who was hurling insults now came at them physically." Mr. Reavis explained that his clients thought that the victim was in his 30s and not 50s and therefore did not make the connection when the death was reported in the news.

Mr. Reavis said his client was scared, that this guy was bigger than him. "Mr. Ferrer holds out a pocket knife and says, Hey stay back you dick."

"Mr. Anderson-Jordet pauses and holds his hands out." At this point, Mr. Reavis said that Ferrer saw that Anderson-Jordet was unarmed and that he was holding the knife out and that Anderson-Jordet took a "blow at his client and falls onto the knife."

Then Mr. Reavis describes that Rocheleau kicked Anderson and Stoiber punched him because he kept getting up after falling on the ground and got up. Mr. Reavis said Rochealeau is autistic and has difficulty communicating. When Stoiber punched Anderson-Jordet and he fell, Stoiber said, "Don't fuck with us." The defense claims that the victim was still yelling when the trio left.'

The text messages were explained by the defense as them trying to figure out if Anderson-Jordet was the guy they had the altercation with and that there had been another stabbing that night so they were not sure.

"However, Mr. Jordet was to his family and friends, what Mr. Ferrer knew was a drunk, homophobic individual," and :he fell on that knife" is how Mr. Reavis ended his remarks to the jury.

"Without that video, we would never know the defendant was responsible for Doug's death,"

Mr. Rees opened his remarks to the jury with, "During the process of selecting the jury, the defendant got to introduce himself, said good morning and said how nice it was to meet you."

"This is Douglas Anderson-Jordet," and turning to a photo of a smiling Douglas Anderson-Jordet on a projector screen behind him, Mr. Rees continued, "He will not get to introduce himself to you, he will not get to say good morning to you, he will not get to say how nice it is to meet you. That's because he killed him." Mr. Rees then pointed to Ferrer.

Then he showed the jury a photo of the street with evidence markers and blood on the street. "This is where Douglas Anderson-Jordet was killed." Mr. Rees then described the events of the night leading up to where the video captured Juan Ferrer, Nicholas Stoiber and Sophie Rocheleau and Douglas Anderson-Jordet walking on H Street where the stabbing occurred.

After leaving Everett's bar, Ferrer and his two friends were walking on the opposite sides of H Street. Mr. Rees said this was at 1:10 a.m. At 1:24 two 911 calls were made about "a man down on H Street."

"During that 15 minutes, Doug walked up H street, during that 15 minutes, the defendant confronted Doug, during that 15 minutes, the defendant stabbed Doug and left him to die on the street."

"The defendant did not stand ground. The defendant didn't call  the police and tell them this man attacked me, The defendant did not call the paramedics or police or fire and get Doug help. He left him to die on the street."

At 1:30 a.m. the first officer arrived on the scene and after examining the victims, listens to the man who found him say that "he just stopped breathing."

"Without that video, we would never know the defendant was responsible for Doug's death," said Mr. Rees. "The defendant never came forward. After investigation, a week later he was arrested."

"Mr. Ferrer said, Nah, I wasn't there," said Mr. Rees. "You got me on video, you got my DNA" despite this evidence, Mr. Rees said that Ferrer denied involvement in the death of Anderson-Jordet.

Mr. Rees played an audio recording of an interview with Ferrer. The officer asks him what should happen with the people who took Anderson-Jordet's life. Ferrer responds, "I don't know."

"Nobody should die for hurling an insult, maybe" Ferrer is heard saying. Then Mr. Rees flashed that quote on the screen along with other responses from Ferrer. "Maybe bitch-slapped or something."

Law enforcement tells Ferrer, you have the right to defend yourself. He responds, "Yeah, I know I do. I wasn't attacked though. And I didn't have to defend myself."

Then Mr. Rees showed text messages exchanged between Stoiber and Ferrer, two days after the death of Anderson-Jordet.

"As long as the weapon don't come up, I think we are cool."

"only my sister aside from you and soph and my fam are gangster no snitching."

A text from November 28, 2013. Ferrer: "You think we are in the clear." Stoiber; "Clear enough. No witnesses except us." Ferrer: "Word, brother."

A week after his arrest, Mr. Rees said that Ferrer told a deputy in jail he was vegetarian. He also told this deputy that "Doug called Sophie a fat bitch" and said "Nick and I were fags." Mr. Rees said that Ferrer told this deputy, that he was "not trying to kill him, I stuck him to get past him."

"You are here because that defendant killed that man, killed him right here in the streets of Arcata and left him to die". That is how DDA Roger Rees ended his very powerful opening statement to a four women, 8 man jury. There are five alternates, 4 men and one woman.

"Only my sister aside from you and soph and my fam are gangsters no snitching"

Opening arguments in the Juan Ferrer jury trial this morning paint two completely different sides of the man charged with the death of Arcata chef Douglas Anderson-Jordet, which occurred when he was stabbed by Ferrer in November 2013.

The defense does not dispute that Ferrer stabbed the victim but they are claiming a justified killing instead of the charge in this case which is murder with a special allegation of committing the crime "with a deadly, dangerous weapon".

DDA Roger Rees gave a very powerful opening statement in which he played an audio recording where Ferrer's own words contradict a self-defense claim and his own texts incriminate him. Showing pictures of "Doug", Mr. Rees made a far more effective opening to the jury. The above quote is from a text between Juan Ferrer and his friend Nicholas Stiober, who was originally charged as a co-defendant and plead out to simple assault.

Mr. Reavis' opening was basically a rehash of claims made previously and a character assassination of the victim in his opening. "However, Mr. Jordet was to his family and friends," said Mr. Reavis in his opening, "what Mr. Ferrer knew was a drunk, homophobic, angry individual." Mr. Reavis's reiterated the claim he has made previously that Douglas Anderson-Jordet "fell on the knife."

Both sides presented additional information which was not brought out in the preliminary hearing, such as the prosecution's recordings of two interviews after Ferrer was arrested and Mr. Reavis' claim that the victim lunged at Ferrer. Which opening argument will be supported by evidence and testimony of approximately 46 witnesses remains to be seen. Mr. Rees' opening includes previous testimony and consistency with what was presented at the preliminary hearing. A lot of claims made by Mr. Reavis are not supported by previous information available at preliminary and so far, are theories.

A lot of information presented in other media coverage in these last two weeks is information the jury will not hear because it is part of rulings prior to jury selection. Some of it is from evidence hearings before the jury was selected and some leans more towards the defense because the defense has provided information to media and tried the case in the court of public opinion before the jury trial. Mr. Rees remarks have only been  in court where the evidence presented will be held to judicial standards and rules. And both sides will get a fair chance to present their arguments and evidence.

Ferrer's family was in the courtroom but asked to leave as they are witnesses in the hearing and will testify later. The victim's family lives out of town. Both families have been deeply affected by this tragedy.

Court ended today with the first witness taking the stand. It was APD's Officer Eric Losey who arrived at the scene and found the victim showing no signs of life and not breathing. His testimony will continue tomorrow.

Previous links to this case from this blog on watchpaul:


Apr 20, 2015

DA Maggie Fleming's CAST team includes DDA Curtis and DDA Bennett

DDA Zach Curtis and DDA Brie Bennett are the two attorneys prosecuting CAST cases under this new administration.

Defense attorney in recent win by new DA administration was Benjamin Carter's defense attorney

Michael Acosta represented Shia Bond.

DA's Press Release:

District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that Shia Bond, a 45 year old Eureka resident, was convicted today of possession of methamphetamine for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The jury verdicts came after a 6-day trial in Department 2 of Humboldt Superior Court before Hon. Marilyn B. Miles.  

Officers of the Eureka Police Department searched Mr. Bond’s residence in the 2900 block of California on August 31, 2014 pursuant to the terms of his pre-existing misdemeanor probation.  The officers found several grams of methamphetamine, evidence that Bond intended to sell it, and drug paraphernalia.   He faces a maximum sentence of three years.

   The sentencing hearing is scheduled for May 14, 2015 before Judge Miles.   The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Jessica Watson.

Local realtor Randall Miles Cook real estate and licensing rights have been revoked by the Bureau of Real Estate, partly due to his child endangerment conviction in which the victim was his own grandaughter.

Randall Miles Cook criminal case in which he plead guilty to child endangerment, the victim was his own grand- daughter, is cited in a decision made by the State of California's Bureau of Real Estate.

In September 2014, Tricia Parkhurst, Deputy Real Estate Commissioner, made the accusation" in a lawsuit filed to revoke Cook's real estate license due to conviction of a crime. The decision was entered by default because Cook failed to file a Notice of Defense in time and as of January 2015, Cook 's licenses were revoked under Part I of Division 4 of the Business and Professions Code.

He is no longer a member of the Humboldt Association of Realtors. As far as I know, he is still a member of the Ingomar Club.I heard he had been kicked out but that has not been substantiated and I left a message for the General Manager.

I have a copy of the lawsuit and decision and in it is stated that the they had no record of Cook notifying them that he had been convicted of a crime. The Bureau of Real Estate plans to recover costs of the investigation and prosecution.

This blog is the only one to cover this case, for months.

If you read my previous posts, you will see how Cook's family treated their own daughter-in-law, the victim's mother. I was harassed via Facebook by someone threatening me for my coverage of this case. Cook tried to get out of being in jail, and got back on SWAP after I notified the jail's operation officer of his conviction, which the family and Cook hid from the jail.

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Ferrer jury trial opening arguments tomorrow

Jury selection is over. Opening arguments tomorrow.

Benjamin Carter trial date vacated; 995 motion to be filed by this Friday

A pre-trial conference for Benjamin Carter was scheduled in Courtroom 1 this afternoon. Carter is charged with the murder of Zachary Chapman. He is represented by Mr. Michael Acosta. DDA Andrew Isaac is prosecuting the case for the People.

Mr. Acosta made an oral motion to continue the trial for two weeks which was granted by Judge John Feeney after he heard from both attorneys.

"The victim's family is not happy but understanding," said Mr. Isaac. Mr. Acosta said that his client and family are not happy either.

Mr. Isaac requested that Judge Feeney ask Mr. Acosta to file a 995 by this Friday, which would give Mr. Isaac five days to respond to that motion. "One side or the other will bring a 995," said Mr. Isaac and it will be "dispositive."

The present jury trial date of April 27 and trial assignment for April 24 have been vacated. Mr. Acosta has until this Friday to file the 995 motion mentioned in previous posts.

Judge Feeney will hear arguments on the defense's 995 motion to dismiss on May 13 at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 1.

Before the case was called, DDA Issac and Mr. Acosta were talking back and forth and looking at paperwork. Carter kept glancing at his attorney and his family in the courtroom.

Looks like the Carter case may end up resolving before a jury trial.

Dispositive Definition:

A fact or point of law which brings about the settlement of a contested issue.

Last post (with other links to the case):

Mar 25, 2015

Benjamin Carter "likely to resolve in two weeks" according to defense

This afternoon in Courtroom 1,Judge John Feeney ruled on the defense request for a dismissal for Count 2 in the Benjamin Carter case. He denied the defense motion to dismiss Count 2.

At the last hearing, Mr. Acosta had requested more time to file a 995 motion and demurrer to Count 2 alleging "lack of specificity of firearm." After reading the People's objection and reviewing the defense motion, Judge Feeney said that he was going to deny the defense motion because the arraignment on information "refers to the shotgun as a firearm."

Mr. Acosta told the Court that he filed the demurrer "because Mr. Carter wanted to make sure what he was pleading to and that the jury might be confused by the physical evidence and which firearms he possessed."

 In court, Carter's defense attorney, Michael Acosta said "this case is most likely to resolve in two weeks."

After the court hearing, Mr. Acosta spoke with me and Will Houston from the Times-Standard. I have covered most of what Mr. Acosta said  in my previous posts which you can access via the link below including an exclusive on the defense offer.

Trial was confirmed and jury trial is currently scheduled for April 27. Trial assignment is April 24 at 8:30 and Trial Readiness on April 20 at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 1. The case is being prosecuted by Mr. Andrew Isaac.

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Next court date for Gary Lee Bullock case may result in a trial date

The next court date in the Gary Lee Bullock case is on May 6 at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 1 at 2 p.m. It is listed as a review hearing to address status or reports and for trial setting.

Judge Wilson grants motion by both parties and Judge Feeney will be the trial judge for the Bullock case

A special motion for assignment filed by the District Attorney but requested by both parties to assign Judge John Feeney as the trial judge for the jury trial in which Gary Lee Bullock is charged with the murder and torture of Fr. Eric Freed, former pastor of St. Bernard's parish in Eureka was scheduled this morning before Judge Christopher Wilson.

No other media was present except for Channel 3, who got there right before Judge Wilson made his ruling.

"This is a joint request from both parties for assignment of Judge Feeney," said Judge Wilson. "The only hesitation I have is if there are time sensitive issues. Judge Feeney has several matters but since time has been waived, I will grant the motion."

Judge Wilson said that as long as attorneys understand that trial depends on courtroom availability.

DDA Andrew Isaac said both parties had "extensive discussion with Judge Feeney about the calendar before making the motion."

The attorneys were tied up in other courtrooms, Judge Wilson called the case twice before he ordered the bailiff to bring Bullock to court and said, "attorneys would get there."

It took Bullock 15 minutes to get there and all the family law attorneys and cases were at a standstill until this case was resolved.

Previous post:

Apr 8, 2015

Mystery of special hearing for Gary Lee Bullock solved

The motion is being heard by Asst Presiding Judge Christopher Wilson because the Presiding Judge of Humboldt Superior Court, Judge Joyce Hinrichs, has been disqualified from the Bullock case.

The motion was filed by the DA but it is a request by both parties to have Judge John Feeney who has been overseeing all proceedings assigned as the trial Judge for this case.

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