Dec 5, 2014

rant n raves post on craigslist about living next to tweakers and the hopelessness will resonate with many

This is a post by someone who should not have to deal with this situation.

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 Tweakers next door to me are stealing power (Eureka)

I'm not going to post any addresses or any other personal info for legal reasons. It's damn stupid to bring extra trouble your way via the internet.

These scumbags that I have to share a wall with in this four-plex are definitely tweakers. When they moved in, they seemed normal enough: Husband, wife, 4 year-old daughter. Over the past couple months, I've heard nothing but noise at all hours, including screaming, broken glass, kids crying, thumping against the walls, threats of violence, loud rock & country music, whirring appliances that stay on for hours uninterrupted (vacuum cleaner, what sounds like a power drill), and more. They've taken in floppers who definitely aren't sleeping anywhere else, along with their kids. I've been told to "get the fuck out" of the shared backyard while they're (the floppers, not the tweakers who rent the place) sitting around back there. There are bicycle bits and holes all over the backyard lawn, now.

Last month--at 1:00 AM--I heard thumping on the walls, tweakers screeching at eachother, and then pounding on my front door. I looked through the peephole, and it was this shirtless, skinheaded geeter standing there with his chest puffed out. He wasn't just pounding- he was punching the door, and he looked pissed off. I saw him tell the person in the other door (out of my sight through the hole) to "wait for this fool, he's home, we wait on him..."
Fuck that. I'm not opening the door for any of those people. He eventually went back into the apartment with the rest of the scum.

I get my power bill a few days ago and it's way fucking higher than it was before these shitheads moved in next to me. I turned off the main breaker in my home, then went to check the meter, and sure enough, it's still moving, and moreso than the minimal amount that is always running.

On top of that, they saw me checking the meter, told me to get the fuck away from it because their "power was none of my business". I told them I was only looking mine, and they kept screaming at me, anyway.

Why haven't I called the cops? Because they won't do shit. I've seen them show up to these situations a hundred times (obvious tweaky shit in plain view) and they don't arrest anyone. They browbeat and talk around eachother until the EPD warns them and then they leave, leaving me--the only person who would've called--alone with them. And these people are gacked enough to start trouble over nothing.

I've been trying to talk with PG&E. I was already looking for a new place to live before they moved in, haven't had any luck. It seems like I'm stuck here, but I'm not going to put up with this shit, with tweakers banging on my door, or taking over the property. I'm not paying for their stolen power. I'm not listening to a symphony of FM radio and appliance motors, to the beat of slamming doors and thumping walls.

Can't move, can't call the cops, but I can't take this.

Rolling Stone magazine loses credibility after UVA college gang rape article is questioned; the bigger issue is that it hurt a legitimate issue

Listed below is one quote from the article.

"But the worst things is that people who are victims of rape will not be believed," Hemingway said. "That is the worst part of this story. I don't think the writer or this magazine could have done more damage to victims of rape if they had set out to."

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Rape is a very serious issue. The Rolling Stone article could have been an important article to raise awareness about gang rape, particularly at college frats.

I agree with the quote above. The freelance writer, a woman, did harm to real victims. Rolling Stone's lukewarm apology is not enough.

Another link:

Dec 4, 2014

The Wine Spot now offers shipping; your favorite wine is only a phone call away

The Wine Spot, located at 234 F Street, Eureka, now offers shipping. In addition to wine by the glass, wine flights  and bottle sales, The Wine Spot, which is locally-owned , and opened in 2010 offers wine accessories, wine related gifts, and is presently featuring some new high-end Cabernet selections unique to the area. The wine Spot offers local and regional selections.

This is the only place locally where you can get Rombauer Diamond Selection Cabernet by the glass.

The Wine Spot is the first business I did a business profile on and I worked with them in there first two years to promote and market them. They also offer beer and for the holidays, look for sparkling wine sales and holiday deals on selection of wines as well as new seasonal beers from Belgium.

December Arts Alive features local artists including Susan Strope and Jackson Falor Ward.

So 911 was used by a citizen who gave permission to 4 people to enter property, who then stole stuff, maybe a little common sense would have saved taxpayers money?

At least one of the alleged suspects Don Colegrove,has been in the press for crime related activity, at least once.

HCSO Press-Release:

On the above date at about 3:00 AM Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Lake Prairie Road in the Weitchpec area.  A 911 call alerted the Sheriff’s Office that a citizen had at least two burglary suspects at gunpoint and was awaiting law enforcements arrival.  While deputies were responding the reporting party called back and reported two additional suspects were now on scene and all four were being cooperative and the citizen no longer had them at gunpoint.

When deputies arrived they learned from a caretaker that on 12-3-14 in the afternoon hours, all four suspects had permission from the property owner to collect a vehicle on the property.  However, when the caretaker arrived back at the residence at around 8:30 PM they discovered property from the residence inside two vehicles belonging to the suspects.  The suspects did not have permission to enter the residence.

A relative of the property owner was contacted and later arrived at the property around 1:30 AM (on 12-4-15) and confronted the suspects who were trying to leave the area. The relative disabled the suspect’s vehicles by shooting out their tires with a firearm and then holding them at gunpoint.

No one was injured during this incident and all the property was returned to the victim.

The suspects were identified as: Daniel Pack (age 29), Katrina Inong (age 31), Sally Ferris (age 34) and Donsuagi Colegrove (age 29).  All four suspects were from the Hoopa area. Pack, Inong, Ferris and Colegrove were all arrested and booked at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for burglary and are currently being held on a $75,000 bail.

Public meeting enthusiast Kent Sawatsky asked 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace to resign from the Oversight Board for stiffing the County and taxpayers and voting to benefit Arcata

Sometimes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words or more. Access Humboldt films both the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor Meetings and the Arcata City Council Meeting.

You should watch the videos. To summarize the paperwork I have from Mr. Kent Sawatsky cannot do proper justice to him calling Mark out and addressing the Arcata City Council. You will also get to see the responses from Mark and the City of Arcata.

Watching Mr. Sawatsky explain why this is unfair to the County and the taxpayers and the connection between all the agencies on video is better and less time consuming than me number crunching a lengthy history.

Perhaps one of our investigative reporters, Thad, Ryan or Hank, could follow up on this?

In Tuesday's afternoon session of the BOS meeting, Mr. Sawatsky asked Mark to resign from the Oversight Board.

"Whose interests is Mark watching out for," Mr. Sawatsky told me on Tuesday, when we walked out from the morning session of the BOS. "The County's or Arcata's?"

So what is Mr. Sawatsky's beef with Mark.? I will give you one short excerpt of Mr. Sawatsky's claim.

In 2013, the Oversight Board, which Mark sits on retroactively approved a $7, 153,857 in transfers. The remaining amount of unallowable transfers, $8,751, 168 was returned to the successor agency, Arcata. This move was not legal according to the California State Controller's office.

Mr. Sawatsky intends to pursue this weekly until Mark provides answers to the public and resigns.

Mr. Sawatsky would rather have seen this money go towards "boots on the ground" and Sheriff deputies.

Unique, special, exclusive: experience James Darin Joaillier for yourself

 Local businesses are the heart and soul of our community and every business that I have written about is one I would recommend and offers something unique.

The Times-Standard business profile I did on Darin got me great positive feedback in the community. Darin develops a bond with each customer, when you walk into his store, you feel special and get his full attention.

'My creation is unique to you'
John Chiv/For the Times-Standard
POSTED:   04/19/2013 02:38:03 AM

"One does not have to spend a fortune to own a beautiful piece of jewelry,” according to James Darin Goodale, the owner of James Darin Joaillier. “Having a personal jeweler allows you to work within your budget and have a piece of jewelry uniquely created for you that highlights your personal style.”
A business owner for 26 years who self-financed, Goodale said local friendships, community and the connections that he has developed over the years are a key part of his success.

Goodale opened James Darin Joaillier in 1996 in Fortuna. After 17 years in Fortuna, he moved his store in November 2012 to Eureka at the former location of Hollanders, at 520 Fifth St. Many people have fond memories of purchasing their wedding rings or jewelry for their wives and girlfriends at Hollanders and have told Goodale they are delighted to see him at this particular location. He is very grateful to “Fortuna because I would not be where I am without the community but I wanted to expand my market and this location is more central for Northern Humboldt customers.”

Goodale grew up in Fortuna, where his family operated an automotive business. Goodale started working for Shirley “Ace” Bartow at the age of 15 and over the course of almost three decades, he has worked in every aspect of the business. “I never knew anything other than running your own business,” he said.

“When you work for chains, you cannot custom create. When something leaves my store, it is one of a kind.”
Goodale recounts an experience one of his Fortuna customers had while visiting Alaska: She was wearing a ring and the gentleman said to her, “That must be Darin's work.”

Goodale does custom work, original designs by request and works with the individual as their personal jeweler. He asks questions about budget, purpose, how it fits into their life and how often they will be wearing the jewelry. The context, the individual and longevity of the jewelry is very important and such personalized and individual service is what Goodale offers. He also is available for personal consultations by appointment.

”My creation is unique to you,” said Goodale. “Trust and integrity are very important. There is such a thin line in this kind of work and your customers become your friends. This business is positive. The customer is celebrating a very momentous occasion and you become a part of that personal journey. They are expecting you to create or help them find something unique and special to them. My customers are my friends, my neighbors and being a part of milestones in their lives is a privilege I cherish.”

Goodale picked the name “joaillier” while he was in Paris. He choose the present location in Eureka because it was the former location of Hollanders, “which was the jewelry store in Eureka in the 1800s and because it was locally owned and family owned,” he said. Both these choices reflect what is important to him: “Doing what I love and doing it where I grew up contributing in a positive way to my community.”

For more information, call 407-0524 or search for the store's page on Facebook.

Protestor Corbin Solomon protests Ferguson outside County Courthouse

He said "he stands here in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and New York"

Dec 3, 2014

Alderpoint murder suspect Matthew Brown jury trial to proceed onJanuary 5

Matthew Aaron Brown is accused of murder of Neil Eugene Decker. ADA Kelly Neel and Brown's attorney Greg Elvine Kreiss are picking a jury in the William Nelson case but DDA Roger Rees and Mr. Kaleb Cockrum confirmed dates for them.

Jury trial is on January 5, Trial Confirmation is December 17 in Courtroom 1.

Brown dressed in orange sat quietly before his case was called.

HCSO Press Release:

The victim in the homicide has been identified as Neil Eugene Decker age 49 from Alderpoint. The suspect has been identified as Matthew Aaron Brown age 30. Brown is described as a white, male adult, 5’-11” in height, weight 200 pounds, with a shaved head and blue eyes.

The homicide occurred in the 2000 block of Rancho Sequoia near Alderpoint. The victim and suspect were acquainted with each other. They got into a verbal argument over personal property on Friday night before the shooting. Shortly after the argument the suspect shot the victim in the chest with a shotgun. The suspect then fled the area on a green motorcycle.

The Sheriff’s Office has issued an alert to other local law enforcement agencies to arrest Brown for homicide. The Sheriff’s Office considers Brown to be armed and dangerous. The Sheriff’s Office is advising the public is they see Matthew Brown to call 9-1-1 and do not approach him.

This homicide is the third homicide in the Rancho Sequoia area of Alderpoint in the last 24 months.

Dec 2, 2014

She's back! Sue Brandenburg wants no more housing for homeless, does not believe there are children hungry at 2 am, and called CA "a nanny state"

Eureka City Council had more attendance than today's Board of Supervisors. Excluding staff and those making presentations, about 20 people in audience.Newly elected Councilmember Kim Bergel is here. Sue Brandenburg is back. If you follow Eureka City Council meetings, she needs no introduction. Sue Brandenburg made a beeline for Kim Bergel and sat with her.

I congratulated Kim Bergel on her win.

During Council reports, both Councilmembers Mike Newman and Chet Albin thanked supporters, staff and made some remarks since this is their last meeting.

"I will continue to support businesses in moving this city forward," said Councilmember Mike Newman. Many committees he is on are not connected with city. Thanked his supporters. Councilmember Newman said he "prays for wisdom for the new council."

Councilmember Chet Albin spoke next. "Wow, what a year this has been. Exciting, challenging. Cited Thessalonians saying "be thankful" and God and his wife. Said he reads his Bible every day. Thanked all his Council colleagues, the Mayor. "As a rookie councilmember, I made mistakes." He apologized for hurt feelings.

Both Councilmembers Albin and Newman thanked former City Council member Lance Madsen and his family.

Jacks Seafood was approved. Indoor and outdoor seating, view of the dock. A seafood chowder restaurant similar to Moe's in Oregon. Rent increases part of amended agreement and an extension of 5 years in lease. Cost to city us $240,000 to develop space and installation of permanent fixtures.

Public comment was lively.

Sue Brandenberg said she used to be a working person. She said CA is a nanny state. She claims there is space at the mission, MAC, RCAA and questioned why homeless are not taking advantage of it. Sue Brandenburg wants no more housing for the homeless and thinks Eureka City Council is encouraging welfare. She also does not believe that there are children hungry at 2 am.

Trent, a pastor and business owner prayed during public comment for city council, staff and the city.

A local grower gave animpassoned speech on why he should be allowed to open a dispensary in Eureka.

At the end of the meeting, I did approach and congratulate Kim Bergel on her win. I did the same with Natalie at the Wharfinger.

Five, not four, community members attend the BOS meeting; Sheriff and Coroner's office are now one

Coroner Dave Parris, Undersheriff Billy Honsal, Fire Chief with five other representatives from the Fire Department attended today's BOS meeting. Only five community members attending. The rest are all staff or media. Three more people walked in around 10:30.

An ordinance to consolidate the Sheriff's and Coroner's office was introduced. Per staff
recommendation, first reading was waived except by title. Staff recommendation was approved. Supervisor Rex Bohn and Supervisor Estelle Fenell and Supervisor Virginia Bass mentioned few concerns by community members and addressed them. These were addressed in detail last time this was discussed. Supervisor Bass reiterated what all 3 said, that there was very little input.

Citizen's Advisory Committee on Measure Z expenditures was discussed. On November 14, options were discussed, said County CAO Phillip Smith-Hanes. As mentioned in my previous coverage, first check from this revnue will come in June 2015. Mr. Hanes suggested that the committee recommendatons need to be in by April 2015 to be part of budget. Mr. Hanes said committee must be in place by February 2015 to have meetings and public hearings. Staff presented several options to Board.

Supervisor Ryan Sundberg asked once the committee was approved today, people could apply tomorrow but Mr. Hanes said people might want to wait until December 16 when committee is formaly established. Several people have contacted Clerk of the Board already, 11 people contacted Supervisor Sundberg.

Supervisor Virginia Bass said she "had never seen such interest in people wanting to be involved" " and encouraged people to submit applications and letter of interest.

Staff from CAO's office will be secretary for committee, maintain minutes, membership, administrative tasks but not a voting member. Mr. Hanes was adamant that this be a citizen's committee and not a committee driven by CAO. The committee structure  approved is a 9 member committee will consist of five members, one each appointed by a supervisor, two at large, chosen by Supervisors, one from Sheriff's and one from Fire and two alternates.

Four public speakers, Undersheriff Honsal, Chief Woods, Probation's Bill Damiano and DHHS director Phil Crandall gave public comment. Chief Woods stressed the minieswould go to rural volunteer departments that need it most.

"If Measure Z and Q had not passed, the public would be looking at a tsunami of desperation"

The above quote by Supervisor Rex Bohn regarding the effects of Prop 47. He correctly observed that many people are petitioning for their charges to be reduced to misdemeanors. Supervisor Bohn said there is 35% reduction in jail, 120 people out on street.

Supervisor Virginia Bass agreed with Supervisor Bohn about the increase in crimes that nowqualify as misdemeanors under Prop 47 such as car burglaries. She also pointed out that this is statweide, not just Humboldt County. Supervisor Bass mentioned the title of Prop 47 probably misled the voters. Supervisor Estelle Fenell called it "unintended legislative consequences."

This conversation about public safety, jobs took place during 2015 State and Federal Legislative platforms.

Supervisor Fennell appointed as BOS chair for 2015

Supervisor Estelle Fenell was appointed as Board Chair , Supervisor Mark Lovelace as Board vice-chair. Supervisor Fenell was nominated by Supervisor Virginia Bass; Supervisor Lovelace by Supervisor Ryan Sundberg.

Supervisor Fenell congratulated the official winners of this election and thanked everyone who worked on the election. Supervisor Bass particularly recognized Carolyn Crinch, who is retiring this year.

Newly elected Arcata City Council member Sofia Pereira was the only to attend the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting today.

Missing woman fine, returns home and tells law enforcement she does not need assistance


On 11-26-2014 at about 5:00 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office contacted Ashley Hatter, who had returned home to her residence in Willow Creek. Ashley told the deputy that she was safe and did not need any further assistance from law enforcement.


On 11-23-2014 at around 10:45 P.M. the Sheriff’s Office took a missing person’s report of a female, 32 year old Ashley Hatter. The reporting party, Jason Hatter, told the deputy on Friday
11-21-2014 at around 7 P.M. his wife Ashley had taken their daughter to a friend’s house, then was going to buy cigarettes. Hatter did not return to her home in Willow Creek. On Saturday morning, Jason found their Ford pickup parked at the Willow Creek Post Office parking lot.

Ashley Hatter is described as a White female adult
5’03” tall, 160-180 pounds.
Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

Dec 1, 2014

Military man answers homeless man's request: The true meaning of Thanksgiving

This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. God bless this brave man for asking and being vulnerable and God bless the military family that answered his request.

Holidays are hard for many people. Jesus said, "‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."

We forget our blessings and take them for granted. This is a good reminder. This is what the power of media can be.

Jury being picked for Shelter Cove Man who shot deputy

This was happening today in Courtroom 2 at the same time as Vincent Sanchez's sentencing. ADA Kelly Neel was prepared to come to Courtroom 4 but Sanchez sentencing got continued. Nelson is being represented by Greg Alvine-Kreiss.

The HCSO deputy who was shot in the chest was Bang Cao who was given a purple heart by Sheriff Mike Downey.


Why I held off on St. Bernard's vandalism/fire incident today and a few personal details

If you have read Hank Sim's post on LOCO, you know the basics. If not, check it out, Hank did a great job.

2 clarifications from LOCO post. This happened around 12:46 am (and this is one of the side entrances in the front, not main entrance. The perpetrator/s tried to pry the lock. The alarmwent off.

This is what I walked to this morning. I  set up for mass daily and went to church early to pray. I took this photo. The door inside is damaged. The church smells like smoke. We did not have mass today due to logistics and reports being taken.

As a parioshioner, sometimes you let go of a scoop. This was 1 time I did.

Since the night Gary Lee Bullock broke in, we have had two break in the rectory. Trashing of the property, earlier this week twice, three transients hung around, smoked, were high and trashed and confronted me going into church. The first thing when I saw this was the thought, was it them? They were not mentally ill, three young people healthy that just did not care.

It is a downtown church but this year has had more incidents than ever and this is a place that has continued to be a refuge for people. Each time, it brings up the violation of New Year's Day.

Since Thanksgiving, three different groups/individuals have approached me individually and  refuse to go to Betty Chinn, DHHS, or any other resource for help. The problem is not that they are not offered help, the problem is their choice for no rules and wanting to drink or get high.

These are 3 individuals and not all down on their luck act this way. This hapens all over town in businesses and residences. A few people who make it harder on the rest like the gentle man I see in a downtown coffee shop every day who lost his job at an old age and then things spiraled. He never gets angry, instead makes the most of his day, reading a newspaper, walking, trying to keep normalcy in his life.

Or the young man with his dog who rather feed a few leftovers thrown away to his pet than eat something.

It is hard not to react because of the actions of a few, but I rather focus on the two individuals above. A tent is not going to uplift them permanently, a campsite is a bandaid that keeps them stuck. Transitional housing at low cost with no security deposit until they get a job, if they can abide by rules and have good references is one way to get some people off the street. Or allowing people to trade work for a month or two's rent.

I am not a landlord, an elected official but I know a hand up to the ones wanting to change can make a difference.

Harris Street suspect Vincent Sanchez sentencing continued until January 9

Mostly due to his attorney Ms. Dixon was not  present...she is out of town until January 1.
Judge Reinholtsen is going to civil court in the New Year so the sentencing will take place Jan 9 in Courtroom 8.

Ms. Neel who prosecuted the case was in another courtroom picking a jury in another high profile case, William Nelson, but DDA Zach Curtis was ready to proceed.

Family members for victims as well Sanchez were present. They were prepared to make statements and DDA Zach Curtis and Judge Reinholtsen did not agree to continuance until they said it was okay.

 Mr. Owen Tipps from Ms. Dixon was asked if they knew ahead of time she was going to be out of town, why didnt they plan differently?

There is a post today with all the background...just scroll down two posts.

The TS could learn from LOCO's Kym Kemp on giving due credit and Tuluwat and other blogs for original reporting

Took four days off from blogs, computers, and last night caught up with local blogs and media.

I noticed Kym giving a hat tip to News Channel 3 for the stabbing that occurred near 3rd street in Old Town this weekend. Kym, that is class.

TS is a daily paper and yet they report news as "breaking" that has already been published hours ago, mostly by LOCO or myself and occasionally Channel 3. That is not breaking. They report a week later after the same article has been investigated, researched or reported by someone else.

Two recent examples: Ryan Burns reported on the concerns about Cannabis Voice pushing through a marijuana ordinance. TS did a Sunday full page story on Jack Wu opening a restaurant in the Fisherman's terminal. The reporter even contacted me to for help if I could reach Jack for the article. Told him I would get back to him. I posted on this story a couple days ago. There was no listing on the agenda about who was opening the restaurant. I called City Hall, researched and since I know Jack and have written about his businesses previously, I made the connection.

There have been other instances where NCJ, TS and others have followed up on court and business stories that I scooped, found due to my business and community involvement.  Did they give me any credit? Thad used to in the past.

I do original work. So does LOCO. So does Tuluwat Examiner and some other local blogs.

LOCO is the one stop news source. They provide the community a service by linking all other blogs and news sources and help others succeed. LOCO has not always linked my court coverage in posts but they do not have to; they link my blog.

Why am I making  this point repeatedly, recently? I may be a blogger but I have an extensive background in journalism. I prefer the blog format. Gives me freedom. I actually seek out and cover stories. Most of the news in TS and NCJ is done from an office or press releases. I label press releases as such not "breaking news."

I don't have a beef with the TS reporters; I have helped them and other media in court and with other stories. I have a beef with the the editors and management of the "main local media". They should find a way to give credit, even if it is not every single time. Whether it is to me or someone else.

I approached TS to do free, local business profiles and then when it took off, their reporters took over. I started covering the courts and soon more court coverage followed. TS was approached by local business owners complimenting me on my business profiles helping them succeed instantly and requesting that they have me write regularly.

People locally complain about big corporations and they complain about "big" business owners yet they are silent about a corporate owned daily and another local publisher who cannot even report daily and relevant news.

Harris street double murder suspect Vincent Sanchez to be sentenced this afternoon

This afternoon Vincent Sanchez will be sentenced in Courtroom 4 at 2 p.m.. The stipulated sentence and details are listed in the Oct 14, 2014 post. The actual sentence is not final until Judge Reinholtsen makes his ruling this afternnon. ADA Kelly Neel prosecuted the case. Sanchez was represented Ms. Jennifer Dixon, from the Public Defender's Office.

I have linked most of the posts on this blog. You will see from my July 9 post that I predicted this case may not go to trial. I am also the only one who covered the preliminary hearing and those posts are listed belwo.

Last post:

Oct 14, 2014

Vincent Sanchez case resolved, plead 40 to life, second degree murder

Vincent Sanchez, the Harris street double murder suspect plead guilty to two counts of second degree murder and one special allegation of personal use of a firearm. All other charges were dismissed.

His stipulated sentence is 40 years to life and he has to serve the entire 40 years before he is even eligible for parole. He got 15 to life for each murder and on the special allegation, Judge Reinholtsen gave him the maximum terms of ten years. Even if he was paroled, he would be on parole the rest of his lif and any violation would mean he woyld then be back in prison and serve the rest of his sentence behind bars.

He coherently answered Judge Reinholtsen's questions and the only time his voice choked up and was soft was when the Judge read the charge against him for murdering his half brother.

The case has been referred to Probation for a pre sentencing report so that the victims can present a statement and weigh in if needed, even though the sentence has been negotiated and stipulated.

In contrast to Bodhi Tree, Vincent Sanchez was respectful, polite and even though he did not show much obvious emotion, his remorse was evident in his demeanor and the way he responded to the Judge's question about understanding what he wa pleading to. At one point, when his attorney Ms. Jennifer Dixon asked if he had any questions, he said no.

 Will Houston from the Times-Standard, the court staff, bailiffs and attorneys were the only ones in the courtroom today and one family member who has attended all hearings.

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