Nov 1, 2014

My information on Z and Q are information for public is not spun to favor who I support; so just who is misleading voters in this election?

I enjoy Tom's blog but in his latest post, it seems he has joined the bandwagon of the left leaning blogs putting out misinformation on R.

Tom Sebourn's latest blog post says that No on R is misleading the voters. The following is from his blog post.

No On Measure R People Misleading Eureka Voters

The folks over at Measure R Vote NO facebook page seem to be intentionally misleading the public about what and how the measure will affect the workers of Eureka if it passes.

Measure R is an attempt to raise the minimum wage in Eureka to 12 dollars an hour. The measure would not affect every business. Only businesses with more than 15 employees within the  city limits would required to pay the $12.00 minimum wage if it passes.

Is it is a factual error when he claims that businesses with 15 or more employers are affected or a convenient spin?

This is from the ordinance:

Measure R affects "123. 04 MINIMUM WAGE.

A. Employers for which twenty-five (25) or more Employees perform work for compensation during any particular calendar week shall pay Employees no less than the Minimum Wage set forth in this Chapter for each hour worked within the geographic boundaries of the City during that week."

Employee is also defined as : "B. “Employee” shall mean any person who:
1. during a particular calendar week performs at least two (2) hours of work for an Employer as defined below; "

Read the actual ordinance for yourself,_Full_Text_of_Ordinance

The only one misleading the voters are liberally leaning blogs, big on spin, short of facts. Why has the media not done any coverage on all Measures? Only TS did articles on Measure Z and Measure R; others mostly on P and Q, with a spin to liberal voters.

Where is the investigative and objecting reporting from your local media who have full-time jobs and a responsibility to inform the public? I write a blog and I put in my own time on what I post.

I have put posts on Measure Z and Q that provide information to the public that I sought out; it is not spun favorably towards the people who I support; it's facts. Like others, I do express my opinion and when I do, I state that.

Don't be swept up by hype. Check your facts before you vote.

Humboldt Taxpayer's League tells off the County Board of Supervisors

This is the text of a paid political advertisement against Measure Z paid for by Humboldt Taxpayers League which willappear in the Times-Standard tomorrow:

Measure Z is an unfair tax that Humboldt County just can't afford
Fixed income Seniors can’t afford additional taxes.

Working families need to be able to feed their children first.

Don’t let the County put another hand into your pocket by
adding to existing state and city sales taxes.

The Cities of Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Ferndale and
Blue Lake could be taxed an additional 12 million dollars
each year.

We don’t need another reason to send our business purchases to
Crescent City, Ukiah or Oregon.

Will Measure Z funds even be used for public safety? Our supervisors
have already made a “special” deal to give most of our county employees
a $700 bonus. That is over a 1 million dollar bonus on the
backs of tax payers that won't provide any additional services at all.

These are funds that could have gone to public safety.

Voting “No on Z” tells county government
live within its means, as we all do.

If you don't think you can afford more taxes for
the same services,

Speak Up!?
Vote No on Z

Do you agree with the Taxpayer's League? The same arguments can be used against Measure Q. So you cannot be against 1 and then for the other.

City response to contract negotiations and pay raises different from County with more specifics

I asked the City Clerk and City Manager to let me know what bonuses and pay raises were given to the City employees in the last two years during negotiations. They got back to me very promptly with this response from Gary Bird, Personnel Director, for the city of Eureka:

In the last 2 years in recent contract negotiations, represented City employees have not received any base salary increases or bonuses, rather employees are now required to contribute a higher percentage of recurring payments for their health insurance and retirement plans.  As part of the negotiations, employees received one-time payments to help defray these ongoing costs.  In addition, certain classifications received limited increases in boot, tool and uniform allowances to reflect increased costs, and limited increases in stand-by pay, public safety certification pay, temporary duty pay and incentive/specialty pay where applicable.

As you know, in the last 2 years unrepresented employees received salary increases approved by Council in 2007 to fully implement the 2006 Koff Classification and Compensation Study (fully implemented for represented employees by 2011).  This did not involve contract negotiations, and the increased amounts varied depending upon classification based on the Koff Study.  

I have the same problem with Q as I have with Z. 71% is not what people voted for when we voted for Measure O. Why are the Tax Payer's League not questioning Q?

Also Q is supported by current Council members Melinda Ciarabellini.and Linda Atkins. Melinda and Linda support Kim Bergel, Mike's opponent and Linda and all the local Dems support Kim Bergel and Chet's opponent, Natalie Arroyo.

Mike Newman on Measure Q in TS article:

I am in favor of extending for five more years, the existing ½ cent sales tax in order to help fund our public safety departments. When it was passed in November 2010 as Measure O, I had hoped that we (the city) could develop and move forward on several major projects in our city. Those projects would have helped to allow the sales tax measure sunset with the additional sales tax revenues brought in by them.
As a member of the Eureka City Council, I will endeavor to use the revenues Measure Q (Measure O extended for five additional years) brings in to continue (over the past years, ~71% of the Measure O monies have been used toward public safety) to pay for public safety. Visit:
Measure O enables the police to work on homeless crimes and transient populations, high traffic accident locations, drug trafficking and the environmental issues that come with it. The Problem Oriented Policing team is staffed almost exclusively with Measure O money.
"Without Measure O proactive policing would be a thing of the past. Gangs, transnational crime and preventative measures would become subordinate to just managing calls for service. As the county seat and a growing population of early release felons, Eureka needs Measure O to supply the resources needed to control crime and bring order." — Police Chief Andrew Mills (12/10/13)
"Measure O has been extremely beneficial for maintaining Fire services for the City. Prior to the passage of the Supplemental Transaction and Use Tax, the Fire department was facing the prospect of reduced staffing and reducing the day to day emergency services we provide to the community." —Fire Chief Ken Wood (12/10/13)
The funds for this measure come not only from the residents of Eureka but the many visitors who work and shop here.

Chet Albin on Measure Q in TS article:

 I support Measure Q. The police and fire departments had to cut over $1 million each out of the budget in the last budget cuts. They can't afford to cut another million dollars out of their budget.
If Measure Q fails, the fire department will have to cut six firefighters, close Station No. 4 at Myrtle & West Avenue, reduce paramedics, and would have slower response time for calls and the inability to replace aging equipment. They would have an overall reduction of fire services.
The police department would have to eliminate the POP team, traffic division, homeless outreach, and PSOs. They would eliminate non-injury collision reports and discontinue foot patrols in Old Town. It would reduce the police force by nine positions, some full-time and some part-time. We have serious crime, homeless, drug and traffic problem in Eureka and can't afford to lose Measure Q. Please join me in voting yes on Measure Q.

Voters not happy with Measures overall; so which measures will pass?

I walk for the candidates I support every election. During my door to door, voters spoke about how they felt. This is not a scientific poll but it would make me very happy if all Measures did not pass in this November 4 election.

People had stronger opinions on P and R than Z and Q but once they got facts, some were surprised how they felt; people are researching on their own; but one thing most people agreed on was they were tired of being taxed.

I am against all these measures.

Measure P : Ill-intentioned measure from people wanting to dictate what others eat and with non thought or regard to those whose livelihood is affected. Take it up with Monstanto and leave the others alone.

Measure R: A feel good measure that will achieve nothing to improve the lives of working people; most people who were voting for it because of their intent thinking it would benefit others felt differently when they got the facts. Another ill-intentioned measure designed to stick it to Walmart and "larger businesses"; all it will do is stick it to the people it is supposed to help and drive away the few good employers that do not need legislation to do the right thing.

Measure Z and Measure Q: I do want public safety funded; but the fear mongering turns me off; the unions "by law" suck up the money in "bargaining" and the people just keep paying taxes. Start charging the people who dial 911 because they took too many pills and need a "ride to the ER".

Measure S: Cut the money spent  on bureaucratic expenses and spend it on what directly benefits the children.

2 days, 3 hours left until election day; your vote is crucial

36.2 absentee voters have voted.

If you don't vote, don't complain. Showing up, voting and voting early gives you, the voter control over the future.

Oct 31, 2014

"No one can replace Steve Knight"; Steve you will be missed

With November 7 being Steve's last day, I expect Lt. Steve Knight will be honored during this Tuesday Board of Supervisors meeting. I am sure a resolution will be presented and many people will show up to show Steve their appreciation in person. I have known Steve since I first moved here. Even I am looking forward to hearing about all the different positions he has held. The information in this post is just from my personal knowledge.

Business community, his co-workers are only few of the people whose lives Steve has touched. I don't want to give away all the surprises so here a few select remarks.

John Fullerton: He will be missed. Too young to retire !

Liana Simpson: Way too young! Love him!

Steve, Liana wants you to stay around so do many of us, so do not get used to that retirement idea.

Sheriff Mike Downey: "Steve and I started at with HCSO at the same time, he has only been a subordinate in the last three years . I consider him a very valued friend and confidante. I am sorry to see him  go and wish him the best in his future endeavors."

I first wrote about this on Oct 27:

Supervisor Rex Bohn: "Always read the 2nd press release it is usually accurate.  Great guy with a sense of humor to back it up."

Steve has worked for the County for 30 years. He began his career with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in April 1984, and was hired by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office as Deputy Sheriff on April 1986. In his career, he has worked in several capacities with the HCSO and that includes the Humboldt County Drug task Force , Marijuana Eradication Team, Animal Control division and most recently Public Information Officer.

Ly. Wayne Hanson will be taking over as PIO. Here is what he had to say about Steve.

Lt Wayne Hanson: "Steve has been a close friend for several decades, we started out together as correctional officers in the jail and we have followed almost the same career path. It is great working with your best friend. The friendship will continue but the day to day working with him will be missed."

Lt. Hanson has talked to news media on a regular basis for 14 years, including national media, due to the nature of his duties  so being the choice to take over when Steve leaves was a logical one. Of his new position, Lt. Hanson said, "No one replace Steve Knight."

LA Times headline: :Once a crusader against big money, Gov. Brown is collecting millions" applies to local politics

The headline of the story is: Once a crusader against big money, Gov. Brown is collecting millions

So big money is not limited to Republicans, or developers; it is a part of anyone who wants to influence politics these days. To blame just one side for it, in local politics, is hypocritical.

Talking about being for the working class is one thing, representing them is another. Living their struggle is another. And once in power, any one can be influenced.

Activists from one side like to paint certain elected officials and all people who support them as being flush with the money. Don't just take their word.

Oct 30, 2014

Media shame causes sexual battery suspect to turn himself in

This kind of update after media posts a press release does happen quite a few times. The local media seems to be an effective tool in capturing some fugitives. Sometimes more effective than anything else.


Daniel Wiggens turned himself  in to the Fortuna Police Department at 11:50 a.m. this morning after learning he was wanted by law enforcement. He was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked. His bail is set at $50,000.00.

Previous press release:

On 10-29-2014, at approximately 5:00 p.m.  the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a  sexual battery which just occurred at Murrish Market, Hydesville.  A deputy responded to the market and met with the 18 year old female victim. The victim told the deputy she works at the market and she recognized a customer known to her as Daniel Jerry Wiggins, 21 years old, from Scotia. After he entered the store she saw Wiggins enter the store restroom, where he stayed for approximately 45 minutes. The victim noticed when Wiggins exited the restroom he was acting bizarre. He came up behind the victim, hugged her and made sexual comments to her.  The victim told Wiggins to get away. The victim went back to work. When the victim was working at the cash register, Wiggins came to her line to purchase his groceries. Wiggins repeatedly asked the victim for her telephone number, and the victim repeatedly refused. Wiggins then grabbed the victim on her buttocks on his way out of the store. The victim told the investigating deputy she knows Wiggins from high school, but has never had any relationship with him..

Deputies checked the area for Wiggins but could not locate him. A be-on-the-lookout has been issued for Wiggins who is wanted for sexual battery.

Anyone with information for the Sheriffs Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Oct 29, 2014

GO-Biz Launches New Web Page - Breaking Through Barriers to Doing Business

Building on the state’s efforts to streamline the permitting process and make it easier to business in the state, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) today launched a new web page to highlight the best practices of business groups and state and local permitting agencies that are making their programs more user friendly for businesses.

“GO-Biz and our partners are working to improve California’s business climate by streamlining permitting and incorporating efficiency measures developed by the private sector,” said GO-Biz director Kish Rajan. “The Breaking Barriers to Doing Business web page captures those efforts and encourages more state and local agencies to follow our lead and improve their process.”

Those highlighted in the program are recognized as B³ Champions. “B³ Champions” are recognized for their hard work and innovative efforts to help the business community start up, grow and expand in California while at the same time upholding state standards.

Over a dozen cities, counties and state agencies have been recognized including City of Elk Grove, City of Turlock, City of Anaheim, City of Rancho Cordova, CA Department of Industrial Relations, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, CA Department of Business Oversight, North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, CA Department of Toxic Substances Control, Department of Resources, Recovery and Recycling, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, State Water Board.  The Los Angeles Building & Safety Department has implemented to a program to help businesses navigate through the building and construction permitting processes quicker and improve customer service relations. Applicants have given high praise to this improved process.

“It saves a great deal of time over the standard, non-expedited, plan check process,” said  Christian Kienapfel from Architekt Germany. “On scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, my experience with the program has been a 10.”

“Through our new B³ program, GO-Biz is able to shine light on the good work that is done within California state and local agencies that improves the permitting and regulatory climate for businesses,” said GO-Biz permitting specialist Poonum Patel. “The program will not only give our team the opportunity to share improvement plans with government agencies but will also encourage those interested in making changes to lead by example.”

GO-Biz is actively working to improve permitting at all levels of government. Earlier this year, GO-Biz partnered with the Government Operations Agency to offer Lean 6-Sigma Training to state agencies to specifically address process-based issues within state departments that were causing delays in services to both internal and external stakeholders. Over a 6 month period, participants received training on complex analytical and statistical tools that identify waste and inefficiencies in processes. In July, GO-Biz announced that 26 state officials across various agencies and departments completed the Lean 6-Sigma training program.

More allegations of child molestation forthcoming against Randy Cook

Randy Cook, who recently finished serving time for a plea of child endangerment against his own grandaughter will be facing new allegations of child molestation. The orginal charge against his own granddaughter was child molestation.

His son and daughter in law are currently in process of divorce and in midst of custody proceedings. Since the last trial, family members that supported him and accused his daughter-in-law are having some change of heart.

He is not currently living home with his wife. At the next hearing, there will be information provided about allegations that he molested his adopted daughter and niece.

I received quite a few calls and emails during the last trial from women who claimed he molested them but due to statute of limitations and other reasons, they did not pursue justice.

Cook's last trial, which was never covered anywhere in the media. He is a prominent figure in the business community and past allegations never made it to trial.

Previous posts:

Field's Landing Boat ramp dedicated to former Supervisor Jimmy Smith

Right now, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors are at the Field's Landing boat ramp launching facility, which is being dedicated to former CountyvSupervisor Jimmy Smith.

Jimmy is still just as popular and loved as he was in office. Private donations are covering the cost for signs. This dedication will be approved as a part of the Board of Supervisors meeting next week.

Wine Spot in Eureka to fundraise and donate 100 % for the Wounded Warrior Project on November Arts Alive

The Wine Spot in Eureka, located  at 234 F St, Eureka is hosting a fundraiser on November 1 for Arts Alive. They will donate a 100 percent of the ticket sales to the Wounded Warrior Project that are sold this Friday through Sunday. Tickets for the fundraiser are $3.

On Arts Alive, Wine Spot will have music by local favorite Michael Dayvid and the November local artist featured is Jackson Falor-Ward.

The WWF ticket also entitles you to  a drawing held on November 2nd; you don't have to be present to win. In addition, when you buy a drink at the Wine Spot, they give you a free ticket to put in for their monthly drawing which usually is for four free bottles of wine and candy.

Wounded Warrior Project is to honor and empower wounded warriors. WWP's purpose is to raise awareness and to enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured servicemen and women aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs. WWP is a national, non-partisan organization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, visit

The Wine Spot has a facebook page and their phone number is (707) 497-6236.

County to pay $700 one time money to employees instead of pay raise; Will Measure Z be used for public safety or for union contracts?

We have a County tax measure Z on this November's ballot for more money.

I heard something to the effect that the County just negotiated with their employees that they would not get a pay raise next year but they get a $700 bonus this year and the day after Christmas as an extra day off instead.

So I called Dan Fulks, the Personnel Director for the County. He clarified that the $700  is one-time money being paid to all members of the bargaining unit instead of ongoing raises. They do not have the money to commit to ongoing raises. This does not apply to extra help. This negotiation expires June 30 of next year.

So the question is do we need Measure Z? Is Sacramento taking away the money the problem or union contracts? People are paying hoping for better response time which means it should go towards extra "boots on the streets" not for raises for employees that have a pretty good job in a County where many people are unemployed or struggling.

When do the unions negotiate a contract where raises go to the employees that are struggling instead of an across the board. Some people can afford to stay at the pay scale they are at present. If you are making $100,000 a year, you can forego a raise or two.

Oct 28, 2014

Salzman column not nixed, that rumor untrue

Just got answer from Hank Sims. Lesson of the day, check first before posting because sometimes rumors are too good to be true. However, this was from two sources very reliable, usually.

LOCO nixes Richard Salzman's column ?

Great decision by LOCO, if it is true.

County Counsel says "expedited abatement" for small parcels is almost 1 month

In response to concerns brought up by CLMP's Bonnie Blackberry, Deputy County Counsel Davina Smith said "expedited abatement" means 1 month.

She reiterated that this is a complaint driven ordinance, which means the County is not going out to enforce or inspect unless a complaint is filed.

Breaking down the timeline from when the complaint is filed and the procedure of notification and abatement, it can take up to 26 days.

There was discussion about appeals, vindictive neighbors, show of good cause, Board discretion in an appeal.

The County posts documents, minutes, there are attachments regarding this ordinance on the County website. You can also watch the entire discussion on Access Humboldt.

Medical Marijuana ordinance on small parcels passed with unanimous vote

Two and half hours later, it passed. The gist of it is in the response to the comment below.
There was one modification to the draft.

Supervisor Rex Bohn asked for clarification and was told by staff that this is a "complaint driven enforcement program."

In response to some of the speakers comments, Supervisor Sundberg said, "The goal of this is not water quality or to reduce marijuana on the landscape. The only goal is to have a tool for code enforcement for a neighbor towards a neighbor who is not acting inappropriately."

"This is a big issue for a lot of people who do not grow and are impacted by it," said Supervisor Bohn.

This ordinance has been discussed and redrafted over a year and was the result of complaints and feedback to the Supervisors from constituents all over Humboldt. Today, there were speakers from Fortuna, Shelter Cove, Willow Creek, Redway and Supervisor Estelle Fennell said she had received complaints from Shelter Cove, Redway, Scotia and Garberville.

"We are trying to balance the needs of medical marijuana users with the needs of their neighbors."

I rememember a year ago being the only one covering and reporting on the meeting discussion when this was proposed. Today, only myself and Times-Standard reporter Will Houston were present.

How refreshing to have our District Attorney elect attend Board of Sups meeting

This was at the medical marijuana ordinance discussion today. Thank you Maggie.

Medical marijuana ordinance "highly flawed" and is a "medicinal and civil liberties " issue

The Medical Marijuana Outdoor Land Use Ordinance for outdoor cultivation on small parcels Oct 28th draft version was presented to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors this afternoon. Public hearing going on now. So far lot of opinions. No one happy but for different reasons.

Only 14 people are in the audience including Richard Marks, consultant and cannabis organizer representing California Cannabis Voice Humboldt. District Attorney Elect Maggie Fleming attended and listened. Local attorney Kathleen Bryson also attended.

One speaker from Fortuna said his major concern was "impact on kids". Another speaker who said he is from Redway and 25 years in marijuana business. He called the ordinance "highly flawed" and said this was a "medicinal and civil liberties" issue. He spoke and laughed while other speakers were at the podium.

Speaker from California Department of Fish and Wildlife objected due to "impact on natural resources" and called for greater regulation. Said this ordinance "was step in the right direction."

Another speaker, from Willow Creek, said he spoke a year ago, and"here we are back now." He said he represented seniors "who are afraid to come out of their house before noon and after dark." He said people have to go get medicine because "the stench is making them sick. We are not against 215 or people who are seriously ill, we are against those making a profit."

Another speaker said he "did not care if people grow" but 40 feet was not enough. His issue was odor. "If Iit up in this room, everyone would go, Can you smell that?"

A speaker from Cannabis Voice said, "This is a step in the right direction, the problem is the intent behind this is phony."

Humboldt County CAO and Board of Supervisors take a needle in the arm on camera

To promote flu vaccination. Supervisors Bohn and Bass had already had their flu shot. You can watch Access Humboldt for the Public Health presentation and visuals.

Voters have a choice in a week, is it an informed one?

Every election, this is said, every election it needs to be repeated. Voting is a basic right, available to all citizens, rich or poor. It is the one time, every person is equal.

Local elections dialogue is polarized, due to a small minority of voices on both sides. And lost in emotion are facts. Take away social issues, endorsers on both sides, what are you left with?

I have been here for several years, involved in local politics, more actively, since 2010. I won't address accusations, especially anonymous, of my motives, because to me the opinions that matter are those in the community that know me and what I have invested of my time and my money. And those without an agenda.

I do not vote or support candidates I do not know personally. These are people I have seen out and about the community and I have seen how they treat average people. Then I got to know them personally.

I knew Mike Newman before he was elected to City Council. There is more to Mike than what you see on Access Humboldt or read on the blogs and the media. Chet, same thing. Chet and Mike are successful in their businesses in Humboldt County. Mike rebuilt a business. That is not easy in Humboldt. They do understand the struggles of jobs and housing. They cannot fix a nationally broken system. They can use their qualifications to improve the situation if they are allowed to continue the work they have started.

They are involved in their community.

To be an elected official in this County, of small towns, is to endure insults, lack of gratitude, and to be judged by people who do not know you based on talking points thrown out there by who?

As an elected official, you have to deal with complex issues, have financial acumen and know you are responsible for the future of your voters.

So when you vote next week, have you done your research? Have you weighed the endorsement and support of people supporting candidates? Are you deciding on emotion or facts? Have you met all the candidates personally?

Vote for who you want. I will. Make an informed decision.

AT and T Director of Communications responds to my question about outage cause

John – the following is our statement and all I can provide currently:

Due to a fiber issue, some customers in the Humboldt County area may have experienced issues with their wireline, wireless, and U-verse services. AT&T technicians worked diligently to resolve the issue and service is currently running normally. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Alex Carey
Director of Communications and News Relations
California and Pacific Northwest

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to vote on Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance this afternoon

Public comment is at 1:30, then there are two other items. If you have an opinion about this ordinance, which affects small parcels, read the attachments, show up and speak.

What action will be taken depend on your participation or lack thereof.

Item No. 3: Zoning Ordinance Revisions. Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance Phase II - Regulation
of Neighborhood Impacts from Outdoor Cultivation on Small Parcels. Case Number
OR-14-001 Applies Countywide

That the Board of Supervisors introduce the Modified Ordinance No. _____ by
title and waive further reading [Attachment 1]; open the public hearing, receive
and consider the staff report and proposed determination of exempt status under
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and accept public comment;
deliberate on the Recent Modifications to the Draft Ordinance; accept the recent
modifications to the ordinance performed by staff pursuant to prior Board
direction; approve Resolution No. _____ [Attachment 2] adopting the proposed
Zoning Ordinance changes and making the CEQA findings. Approval of the
proposed changes to Chapter 4 of the Zoning Regulations (Outside the Coastal
Zone) will become effective 30 days from the date of its passage. Approval of
the proposed changes to Chapter 3 (Inside the Coastal Zone) will become
effective upon certification by the Coastal Commission; adopt Ordinance No.
_____ [Attachment 1] amending sections 313-55.1 and 314-55.1, and adding
sections 313-55.2 and 314-55.2 to Title III of the Humboldt County Code,
regulating the Outdoor Cultivation of Medical Marijuana on Small Parcels;
direct the Planning & Building Department Current Planning Division to
transmit the Local Coastal Program Amendment to the California Coastal
Commission for certification in accordance with the Coastal Act; direct the Clerk
of the Board to publish a Summary of the Ordinance within 15-days after
adoption of the ordinance by the Board, along with the names of those
Supervisors voting for and against the ordinance [Attachment 3] and to post in
the Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors a certified copy of the full
text of the adopted ordinance along with the names of those Supervisors voting
for and against the ordinance; direct the Clerk of the Board to record in the
minutes of the Board meeting that the ordinance has been duly published and
posted, and to give notice of the decision to any interested parties; close the
Public Hearing.

These two attachments can be found on the Humboldt County website:
Medical Marijuana Outdoor Cultivation on Small Parcels.pdf
Public Comment on Medical Marijuana Outdoor Ordinance.pdf

Oct 27, 2014

Service restored just as I published last post

I am still switching to Verizon. For people who need cell service and internet to make a living, it is more than a matter of incovenience.

Unconfirmed citizen tip regarding cell service being down

I do not have phone service, text or internet but for a few minutes that I have wifi, thanks to a nice local business, I got an unconfirmed citizen tip that adds fuel to my hunch.

Why were there fire trucks, ambulances and cellular service vans near the AT and T tower near Arcata?

When I lost all service around 4, the first thought that came to my mind was cell tower down. Second thought, very similar to the Christmas when this happened. Third thought, is this an act of vandalism?

I can only use the internet, no phone or text. So can't confirm my hunch tonight.

As soon as I can, I am switching to Verizon. AT and T, Sprint, US Cellular, can you hear me now?

"Always read the second press release, it is usually accurate"

HCSO's Lt. Steve Knight to retire, effective November 8.

I knew this was in the works for a while but Steve is such a fair guy, that he would not let me scoop it before he sent it out to all media. That is the kind of guy Steve is, fair and kind.

Thirty years of serving the public. Anyone who can work in law enforcement for that long and still have smile on his face is one of a kind. So Steve, I will let the rest of the media do the bio. You know I have been working on some quotes from those who really know you.

Here is one quote:

"Always read the 2nd press release it is usually accurate.  Great guy with a sense of humor to back it up."

It is from Rex. The rest of the roast, I mean tributes, will follow soon.

Mckinleyville churches vandalized, damage estimated over $1,000

On 10-24-2014, at approximately 7:00 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was notified by two passing motorists who reported witnessing a vandalism in progress at the New Hope Church of God, 2202 Sutter Road, McKinleyville. Both motorists described the suspect as a white male wearing all black, riding a bicycle. When deputies arrived on scene they saw red spray painted graffiti covering several exterior walls and the windows of the church building, along with several areas of the building that had been written on with blue ink. The graffiti stated, “Zero down”, “Zero” and “Down on walls”.  Sheriff Deputies and California Highway Patrol (C.H.P.) Officers checked the area, but they were unable to locate the suspect.

Deputies also discovered the Abundant Life Center at 1947 Sutter Road, which is directly across the street from the New Hope Church had been vandalized also. The graffiti was the same and in red paint.

The estimated damage to both churches is estimated to be well over $1000.00.