Oct 2, 2014

Quentin Williams history of lewd act with a minor, choking his girlfriend and false imprisonment revealed on the stand

If you believe Quentin Williams, he is an informant for the Humboldt County DA's office trying to help fellow inmates he befriends and get justice for victims of heinous crimes with his connections. In a courtroom, he performs and is very entertaining.

The defense in the Eddie Lee trial painted him as a dangerous predator who rapes and hurts women.

Today he exited stage left, maybe his swan song as an informant, after Eddie Lee's attorney, Mr. Darryl Stallworth, was done examining him on cross. Williams testified yesterday that Lee confessed to aiding in the murder of William Reid and that "he bbqed" Reid's body.

Mr. Stallworth asked Williams where and how he was raised. Williams answered by a single mother, his grandmother and "aunties and uncles." Williams said he had some physical impairments fron when he worked at Schmidbauer in response to Mr. Stallworth's questions. He balked at Mr. Stallworth's question regarding mental health evaluation while incarcerated and said he had no drug use in his past. He is 41 years old.

Then Mr. Stallworth mentioned his having to register as a lifetime sex offender. That was the start of William's defensive responses to no avail and Mr. Stallworth painted a picture of Williams that had the jury's attention.

Williams reluctantly admitted he was charged with a lewd act with a female minor under the age of 14 when he was 15 or 16. He claimed he was never convicted and gave aninteresrung answer to why he served time in the California Youth authority. Mr. Stallworth said the charge was penetration with a foreign object. Williams said "it was his hand" and the accusation came from the girl's mother and the victim and he continued to date even while he was servingtime.

Then he explained away apossession of cocaine charge and a felony conviction by claiming he was visiting a crack house but had no idea of the nature of what washapening until the police showed up.

Then he claimed another girlfriend who accused him of killing her and battery. Was bi polar; the mother of his son who he was charged with stalking and choking, was doing drugs and he violated the court rrstraining orders to protect his son.  With each incident, Williams blamed someone else.
"So these are all misunderstandings?" asked Mr. Stallworth. "So you are not going to take responsibility for that either?" said Mr. Stallworth when yet another incident was mentioned.

When he brought up a fraud charge and later said that Williams lost his son because of meth use, stalking and domestic violence, Williams lost hist temper at Mr. Stallworth.

Pacific Seafood and other businesses future in Eureka will be impacted by Measure R

I would like to thank Rick Harris, general manager of Pacific Seafood in Eureka, for agreeing to comment on Measure R. Many businesses feel the same way but to date very few have spoken out.

The rumors about Pacfic Seafood closing doors and moving north are not true, said Mr. Harris. "Are we concerned about Meaure R? Yes. Will we reassess a move in the future? Yes. What business wouldn't?"

"We are not for Measure R. We are for a minimum wage increase as long as it is equally applied across the board and across the towns, not one city."

Pacific Seafood is a local as well as regional, global business. Those for Measure R do not realize the impact on a local business because they fail to see it's effect on the average Joe or Jane.

Other local businesses depend on a thriving local economy. Losing local businesses like Pacific Seafood affects local workers, affects small businesses like me that make a living that depends on a thriving local business environment.

Another local business, a food/retail that employs more than 25 workers cut hours for employees already with the California minimum wage increase. Further cuts will occur with the passage of Measure R. "At least I was getting 40 hours when I was making $8 an hour," an employee told me.

In the second case, this is the kind of employer we do not need. Yet that kind of person will stay. A good employer like Pacific Seafood will leave.

This is what happens when people who do not work, have never owned a business plan a Measure that backfires.

You want more empty storefronts, listen to the Fair Wage folks and candidates they support. Then be forced to depend and fight for resources from the government dole and barely get by.

Elect a pro business candidate and you create an environment for businesses to stay. Jobs do not get created overnight. California regulations are exhausting and expensive and unreasonable.

So who is stiffing the working class? Those who claim Measure R will put more money in your pocket from the unlimited pot of gold they seem to think businesses have.

"People in the African American community believe I am a snitch who sold out niggers..."

"...for these peckerwoods."  Quentin Williams rattled by Eddie Lee's defense attorney on cross responded with this statement when Mr. Stallworth presented him with evidence from Melvin Matthews and Williams own interview with a HCSO deputy which confirmed Lee's account and what he has been saying consistently since he was arrested.

Towards the end of the day after Mr. Stallworth had shaken Williams on the stand and had him on the defensive, Mr. Stallworth read a statement which was a conversation between Lee and Williams wearing a wire.

Williams claims he tried to help Lee who he befriended in jail when they were in general population together. "I didn't want to see this innocent kid spend time in jail."

Williams confirmed that Lee told him he had no idea Limmie Curry was going to kill Reid, that he heard "bop bop bop", the shots when Curry killed Reid, who was a father figure to Lee. Williams confirmed that "Eddie was afraid Limmie would kill his sister and his family if he told law enforcement what happened.

Williams asked Lee why he did not run when he heard the gunshots. Lee's response was, "Where would I go, he had a gun."

Williams is African-American, so is Lee's attorney and Lee is biracial. When Williams was talking about Curry threatening Lee's sister who Curry was dating, a family member, I think Lee's dad teared up. He had just walked in moments before into court.

Plea reached in human trafficking case before third trial

After the case being scheduled for the third trial,  David Anderson agreed to a plea deal in the human trafficking case. 9 years 4 months. He plead to human trafficking, statutory rape and false imprisonment.

The case was prosecuted by DDA Luke Brownfield. The first two cases were presided over by Judge John Feeney. The third trial was scheduled before Judge Dale Reinholtsen. The first case was dismissed due to failure by People to provide discovery, in the second trial, a People's witness violated a motion regarding evidence being prohibited.

Anderson had a private attorney appointed and Mr. Ben McLaughlin represented him each time the case was tried.

Mr. McLaughlin's comment today was: "I am satisfied with the outcome. I've never been
involved in a case that was as thoroughly litigated and investigated as this.  Mr. Brownfield and Investigator Baxley did a great job preparing and presenting the People's case. The defense investigation was equally as thorough, and cast into doubt some of the allegations.  This disposition is fair and comports with what I believe the facts support."

Eddie Lee's defense attorney accuses Quentin Williams of lies and lying in Tree case

The fireworks in the Eddie Lee trial for the murder of William Reid this morning were during cross of prosecution witness Quentin Williams, an inmate who claimed Eddie Lee confessed to him.

Lee's attorney Darryl Stallworth ripped Williams credibility and as we broke for recess he accused Williams of paying Melvin Matthews another inmate for information to lie in the Tree trial.

Oct 1, 2014

Allard Avenue incident not quite as portrayed in comment sections of blogs

I did not go to the EPD press conference because I had a previously scheduled appointment. Chief Mills gave this statement and answered questions from the press.

Lost Coast Outpost has a audio, Times-Standard has an article up on the website.

There was a gun, there were commands given , and more to the story than what was alleged in LOCO comments. In a situation like this, eyewitnesses that are not objective or held to any accountability commenting and fueling the emotions in LOCO or any other blog do a disservice to the victim and the police.

Thank you Chief Mills for sharing what you can while an investigation is ongoing. It is not easy to be law enforcement in this county. For people who constantly criticize and second guess the police, do their job for 1 day, I guarantee you will not be as calm and professional as they are.

Chief Mills statement:

The events that took place in the early morning hours of September 17 are tragic. I have spoken to Thomas’ mother and I feel for her; my sympathies are with her.  These events will have a life time of impact for the family, our officers and the community.  Decisions made in seconds have a lifelong impact.  Such is the nature of policing.

Society places our young men and women in dangerous situations, and expects them to make difficult decisions and be right each time. I have the same expectation. Then we evaluate their decisions in the bright light of day and inspect their actions with time, a controlled environment and the calm of a controlled setting.  As police officers we expect scrutiny.  In fact we welcome it, because that is what a just society does.  It is part of policing in a free society.

There are those who would seek to disparage Tommy McClain or vilify the police for their own selfish purposes.  This is unacceptable.
Reasonable people seek to build civility, improve government service and advance the quality of life in Eureka.

The purpose of this briefing is to provide you with information that is transparent and open. This Investigation is conducted for two purposes: to provide a report for the DA to review and for the community to make a sound, rational judgment based on facts, not speculation.

As Chief, I want the community to have confidence that this investigation by the Multi-Agency, Critical Investigative Response Team (CIRT) is being handled thoroughly, objectively and professionally.  I am confident the ongoing investigation is reaching each of those goals.  I am also confident the facts of this case support the actions of Eureka Police officers in this incident.

Humboldt's lovey dovey crime duo are getting married and request sentencing be postponed

If you have been following the tale of Lance Borgner and Christina Higgins on this blog, breaking rules, blowing kisses in court and ignoring admonitions from the bailiff is par for the course.

Higgins managed to get out of custody but Borgner is still in custody. Today when Higgins came to see her man, she was all dressed up for him and while they were subtle about kisses, loving, lingering glances were exchanged and they mouthed their undying love silently.

After being admonished and asked to leave the courtroom to which she complied with for once, Higgins stepped back into the courtroom.

Borgner was to be sentenced today for one of his many cases but before sentencing, his attorney Kaleb Cockrum asked Judge John Feeney that sentencing be postponed for 30 days because Borgner and Higgins want to get married.

Not wanting to stand in the way of blossoming love, both Judge Feeney and DDA Roger Rees agreed to the sentencing being postponed.

At least Higgins stands by her man. This unlike Borgner and Higgin's crime cohort William Hillegeist, who was dumped while in prison by his ex Sara Balke.

The couple that does crime together, stands together.

Fr. Eric Freed's trial rescheduled for January 26

 The defense motion to continue the jury trial for Gary Lee Bullock, who is charged with the murder of F. Eric Freed was granted by Judge John Feeney. New trial date is January 26, 2015. Defense attorney Kaleb Cockrum is in another high profile trial in November 2014 and once again "investigation" was the reason given.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, Bullock has gained weight since he has been in custody and looks healthier. Before each trial, Mr. Cockrum goes and talks with him and since he has been in custody, Bullock seems to be very involved in his defense and completely coherent. He kept nodding at what Mr. Cockrum was conveying to him, saying, "sure", "okay" and "allright."

Why is a guy making $65,000 + complaining about minimum wage?

The following is 1 comment on Matthew Owen's latest column in LOCO. The comment section has many responses with opinions all over the place and good discussion.

So why single this comment out?

Kris Wibbenhorst • a day ago

A cost of living increase every year?! Wow wouldn't that be nice. I work for the county of humboldt and when we asked for raises this year we were told by the board to "live within our means!" We declined the contract for many other reasons and are working with an arbitrator. The arbitrator didn't even offer a raise, I haven't got a raise since 2008. Let me tell you, gas, food, and other amenities have increased every year and we get told to live within our means?! But wait, the people working for minimum wage want a cost of living increase every year? Why not ask for a company car while your at it?! Lmao

According to his facebook page and the transparent california site: Kris is a Correctional Officer employed by Humboldt County. He got a pay raise last year, and he is complaining about minimum wage workers?

Kristopher M Wibbenhorst

Regular pay: $64,713.05

Overtime pay: $21,374.33

Other pay: $714.92

Total pay: $86,802.30

Total benefits: $22,385.86

Total pay & benefits: $109,188.16

Here is the problem with Measure R, Measure Q, Measure Z. Same group of people paying taxes, no compromise or pay cuts from unions, department heads, and no guarantees that the funds will go to "boots on the streets" or more job creation.

The minimum wage Measure is well-intended but poorly thought out. The same energy certain people put out creating a hostile climate for businesses to invest would be better used encouraging job creation.

We need more jobs so more people are working and can chose to work one or more job. Taxing the same group of people will result in benefitting no one.

Crazy chick who stalked me in Tree case disrupts proceedings in Eddie Lee case

For months this crazy chick followed me around and harassed me in the Bodhi Tree case. She does not know me except from my blog. I avoided her, did not engage her, the bailiffs were aware of her behavior and it was obvious she had mental health issues.

Not wanting the jury to see anything, I kept away from her and the bailiffs were very patient with her despite her crazy behavior daily in court which eventually escalated into her disrupting and stomping during closing arguments for the Tree case.

The media and other members of the public were aware of her behavior and every one was patient with her.

Despite her daily antics, she was allowed to be in court. After the Bodhi Tree trial concluded, she threatened me, I considered filing a harassment order against her. I had enough documentation and witnesses. I chose not to do that because she clearly needs help.

She left and I thought maybe her obsession with the criminal justice system and her conspiracy theories were being addressed professionally, Through some attorneys she approached, I found out she has family.

I saw her at the Eddie Lee trial yesterday and the familiar feeling, "oh no, here we go again." Yesterday, while the jury was listening to a transcript, she approached the bailiff mid proceedings and demanded a transcript. The baliff tried to calm her down and said he would help her later. That was not good enough for her so she lunged at the attorney table and had to be led out and was put on a 5150 hold.

She was out two hours later. She has filed a complaint and will continue her persecution theory until she gets the help she needs. This woman is obsessed and has paranoid theories but is intelligent enough to take copious notes and drives a car! Does she need to run someone down before she is held accountable for her actions?

This is just one example of what law enforcement and the public deal with on a daily basis. This woman will not listen and will confront no matter what is said to her, even nicely.

Rights and help for the mentally ill and well-meaning intent has crossed the line. We have many delusional people out there with potential for violence. At some point, if you are a danger to yourself and the public, you need to take your meds and be compelled because you are not sane enough to make that decision when you are not healthy.

 At what point does the public's right to be safe and places of business and court proceedings deserve to be free of behavior that could impact someone's life.

Where is her family in all this? Attorneys who know her family have tried to get her help. We, the public, strangers have been more compassionate.

The fault lies with those who refuse to invest money into much needed mental health services, easy access to those who provide drugs to the mentally ill which worsens their trauma and liberal advocates and lawyers who cry out for rights be protected but their concern does not help people like this woman.

Shooting on McClellan Mountain in Bridgeville being investigated

On 10-01-2014, at approximately 4:45 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call regarding a shooting that just occurred on McClellan Mountain, Bridgeville. The reporting party told the 911 dispatcher someone just shot his friend. The reporting party said he believed there were two suspects, both with long hair, both armed, who were still in the area. Deputies and medical personnel were dispatched to the scene. While deputies were responding to the scene, the reporting party left the scene and drove the victim to a local hospital.

Deputies and detectives are currently at the crime scene on McClellan Mountain. They are being assisted in the search for the suspects by a California Highway Patrol Helicopter. Detectives met with the victim and the reporting party at the hospital and are taking statements.

Sheriff’s Office Detectives and Deputies are currently investigating the crime. Further information will be released as available and appropriate.

Bodhi Tree motion for new trial will be heard October 8

The October 6 date has been vacated and it will be heard on October 8 at 3 p.m.

Sep 30, 2014

Will Judge Feeney grant defense motion in Bullock case to continue the trial again?

The defense has filed a motion to request a continuance for the jury trial in the Fr. Eric Freed case.

Again. Gary Lee Bullock is charged with the brutal murder of Fr. Eric, former pastor of St. Bernard's church. A pre trial is scheduled tomorrow afternoon so we will find out the People's position tomorrow.

Attempted burglary and battery but victim denies medical attention

Who opens the door in the middle of the night without checking unless they are expecting someone or know them? Then she doesn't slam the door but fights with the intruder and after locking the door calls the police. Then denies medical attention.

Does not sound like a random occurrence. Why didn't she check who was outside and call the police if she believed she was in danger and keep the front door closed?

This sounds as plausible as the victim who claimed he was stabbed in the middle of the street but had no idea why.

If you want the police to investigate, tell them the whole truth.

"Jury trials cannot be made perfect..."; U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments about juror statements and motions for a new trial

"On October 8, in Warger v. Shauers, the Court will hear oral arguments on whether, in support of a motion for a new trial, a juror may testify about statements made during deliberations which show that another juror gave misleading answers to questions asked on voir dire."

This is the first paragraph in the link from the U.S. Supreme Justice blog below.

This is another quote from the same post;

"Thus, testimony about statements during deliberations that show a juror’s irrationality, preconceptions, or misunderstanding of the law is banned. Jury trial cannot be made perfect, and the rule’s drafters opted to protect jurors from embarrassment and preserve the stability of verdicts."


Private defense attorney Allan Dollison sent me this link. he further commented on the relevance of the decision in this case and how it may affect the Timothy Littlefield case. A mistrial was declared by Judge John Feeney for the second trial in which Littlefield was found guilty of eight life sentences for charges of child molestation. A third trial is on hold while the DA's office appeals the decision in the second trial.

This is a different case scheduled for US Supreme Court argument. Now from the outset it is interpreting a Federal Rule, so it might not be exactly on point. Most states typically adopt their standards from federal decisions or rules. It appears that the issues that the court will be grappling with are at the heart of the Littlefield case in terms of what is allowed. The rule decidedly prohibits what our Court did."