Sep 12, 2014

Key witness in Bodhi Tree case on booked for attempted robbery

According to jail records, Sean Butler-Smith has a bench warrant issued yesterday for california pc 664/211 which is attempted robbery. I hope there is more to the story and I will try and find out more.

He made a sincere effort to change his life around. It would be unfortunate if this step would set him back further in his effort to change his life around.

Bench warrant could simply mean he did not show up for an old case. Which was one of his old cases. There should be a separate report titled Bench Warrants, booked is misleading.

Not showing up for court happens frequently for many different reasons. One of which is not having your court date listed accurately in the computer or court calendars. Attorneys and public defenders usually ask for a hold on the warrant so they can check with the client.

Updated: Just spoke with a family member. He did indeed not show up for court which is a violation of probation, this is not a new charge.

Redwood Acres executive director recognized by Humboldt County Office of Education for youth focus

The Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) recently recognized Redwood Acres and Executive Director Cindy Bedingfield as an official “Rising Stars Partner” for their support of the Rising Stars Foundation’s Industrial Technology Fair (ITF).

“We were very pleased to be able to recognize Cindy and Redwood Acres for their wonderful focus on our community’s talented youth,” said Colleen Toste, Managing Director of the Rising Stars Foundation. “Because the Foundation no longer receives federal funding, community support is vital, which is why we were delighted and appreciative when Redwood Acres invited our middle and high school students to be part of the Fair.”

According to Bedingfield, Redwood Acres offered to host the student technology expo as part of an increased emphasis on supporting local youth activities.  The organization provided the Home Ec Building at no cost during the annual fair, providing the youth with a built-in audience of thousands.  During the event, approximately two hundred students presented hundreds of projects in categories such as wood, metal, drafting, and machinery.  Most projects were individually crafted, like furniture, cutting boards, and bowls, but many student groups also worked together to create trailers, folding chairs, and BBQ grills.

“Prior to this year, the (ITF) has been at Bayshore Mall but the event was unmanned, didn’t offer significant interaction with the community or the opportunity for students to sell their products,” noted Toste.  “This new venue was a resounding success on all levels. Teachers and students had the opportunity to share their projects directly with the community, fairgoers had the pleasure of viewing the kids’ craftsmanship, and without exception, fairgoers walked out of the building overwhelmed and impressed with the quality of the students’ work.  Students gained confidence and skills regarding displays, pricing, and interaction with potential customers. During the fair, students sold nearly $3,000 of handcrafted merchandise, with one hundred percent of the proceeds going directly to the students.”

According to Bedingfield, approximately one hundred and fifty youth aged nine to nineteen also participated in the junior livestock sale, where they earned over $90,000 selling everything from rabbits and poultry to beef and swine.

“All these activities offer a wonderful opportunity for our youth to work hard and see the rewards,” Bedingfield observed. “Many use their proceeds to help fund a college education, purchase first cars or even help them save to buy a house.  Our focus on youth also gives the community a chance to see how poised, confident, productive and professional our young people can be and we plan to increase our focus on youth moving forward.”

For more information, visit

"California Cannabis Legalization" forum hosted by Eureka Rotary to include DA elect, Sheriff, EPIC and Bay area attorney

Sheriff Mike Downey, DA Elect Maggie Fleming, EPIC's Natalynne DeLapp, Matt Kumin who is a Bay area attorney specializing in cannabis and Luke, who identifies himself as a SoHum grower.

This forum will take place September 15 at the Elks Lodge at noon and is hosted by the Eureka 's Rotary club. Call Matthew Owen at (707) 599-9110 for more information.

Please help locate Holly Ann Dickens who is missing

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s assistance with any information about a missing adult reported to this Office.

 On September 11, 2014 at 7:12 PM, a Deputy received information about a missing person that was believed to be traveling through Humboldt County and possibly in the Shelter Cover area.

Holly Ann Dickens left the Washington State area and was going to travel to the San Diego area of California, to stay with her sister.  Dickens last called her sister on Monday, September 9, 2014 and reported that she was going to be camping in the Shelter Cove area for the next couple of days.  That was the last telephone communications from Dickens, which is out of character.

 Dickens is traveling in a black, 1992, Toyota, 4 Runner with Washington license plate AEU3042   Dickens is described as a white female, 20 years old, 5-06, 120, strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.

If anyone has information about Dickens, please call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251.

Sep 11, 2014

Chet Albin and business community get on board to make Eureka a destination for cruise ships

Let's get a basic fact out of the way. I am supporting and endorsing Chet Albin. I have known Chet since I moved here. I knew him as a person and businessman caring about his community long before he was appointed to Eureka City Council.

Ships and harbor seem to be a theme this week. Chet has been busy for two days meeting with local officials and business people. They have been meeting and inquiring with a man who has 10 years experience in marketing cruise ships. He may be hired as a consultant to get cruise ships to Eureka and Humboldt Bay.

Invincible from Kodiak, Alaska visits Eureka

Before visions of a Hulk Hogan look alike cross your mind, let me clarify. City Manager Greg Sparks along with Linda Hildebrand and Ken Bates were looking at an squid seiner that is docked in Humboldt for a couple of days.

The crew is from Kodiak, Alaska. Thank you to Council member Marian Brady for her help. I will be posting an update with more information on why this is relevant to Eureka and the economy.

Homeless man starts dumpster fire in Redway in effort to stay warm

On Thursday, September 11, 2014 at about 3:51 AM, CalFire responded to a dumpster fire reported in the area of Redwood Drive and Empire Lane, Redway.  The fire had spread from the dumpster to a stack of wood pallets that were adjacent to the dumpster.  There was also reported to be a single male subject in the area trying to extinguish the fire.

Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the fire and were notified while responding that an off-duty California Highway Patrol Officer had a suspect detained as possibly being responsible for setting the fire.  Deputies from the Sheriff's Office arrived at approximately 5:05 AM and began an investigation into the cause of the fire.  The Deputy met with the subject detained, Dylan Sky Baker (33, homeless), who admitted to starting the fire in the dumpster in an effort to stay warm.

Property damage was limited to the pallets adjacent to the dumpster with the fire being contained to prevent further damage.  Baker was arrested for violations of PC 452(d), unlawful fire, PC 1203.2(a), violations of terms of probation and H&S 11364(a), possession of drug paraphernalia.  Baker was booked on the above charges at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility, where he remains in custody.

Sep 10, 2014

Thanks to Jon and HCDCC members but Linda Atkins needs to learn basic civility

I took Jon Yalcinkaya up on his invitation to attend a HCDCC meeting. I had expressed some concern to him in my comments that he might want to check with his fellow HCDCC members about me attending. The HCDCC, like the local Republican group, has by laws.

The HCDCC meeting is only open to Democrats. I found this out last election cycle. At that time, the rest of the HCDCC members were polite, it was Linda Atkins who pitched a fit. I was registered as independent at that time. I left voluntarily.

Fast forward to today. The members politely inquired whether I was a registered Democrat. Jon invited me, stood up for me, explained I was his guest and he just wanted me to observe a meeting. He wasn't aware I am a registered Republican. I was there as his guest, not for political purposes. The members graciously agreed to let me stay for this one meeting. I checked before I went into the meeting. Linda Atkins raised objections after the meeting had started. When she did not get her way to get others to get me to leave, she stomped out and threw a hissy fit. Rather than cause a scene, I left.

I was planning to leave but Linda had to press the issue and cause dissension.

I have barely said a few sentences to Linda over the years. Whatever her beef is with me has to do more because I do not fit in her little box and I support people in elected office she opposes due to her own issues.

This is the same woman who has screeched at fellow Council members at public events for no reason. Until now Linda, I haven't called you out. You deserve to be exposed for the prejudiced, petty drama queen you are.

 What you are Linda is a bully. On a technicality, you tried to exert power.

You have attacked me in print when I have expressed my opinion. Nothing personal against you. You chose to make a scene today because you did not get your way.  You break rules. As Lisa Ollivier's treasurer, you had a My Word published yet I have been told I cannot on any topic just for the appearance of neutrality. The local media has double standards when it comes to publishing views.

Linda, you disrespected your fellow Democrats today. This would have been a entire post on how today the HCDCC showed real democracy. They did. It is you Linda and your personal agenda of exclusion and vindictive actions where you have used the local Democratic party for your personal gain.

It is tainted only by your self centered actions, Linda.  I am more Democratic than you. Unlike you, I am not afraid of diversity and I do not box people into labels I define and approve.

I have volunteered on many Democratic campaigns because I liked the candidate as a person. Today, I got to see some of the people who supported Susan Adams.

I gained respect today for Jon Yalcinkaya and a few other HCDCC members. The local elections could have been different Linda, if you would let true Democrats and progressives in the local parties be the voice.

Other than sound bytes against the Chamber of Commerce, what have you done Linda that had a practical impact for the poor or working people? You blew off many events for the Betty Kwann Chinn Center until a photo opportunity was conducive. I had an acquaintance, a business client in your Ward, whose calls you did not return for months until I emailed and cced the entire City Council. Other council members responded before you. That is one example.

Since the local media gives you a pass, Linda, from now on, every opportunity to show your true colors that I let go because of decency, I will provide that information and example to the public. You complain about being outnumbered at City Council? Isn't stacking up opponents to run against your fellow City Council members and working on their campaigns, the pot calling the kettle black?

And let those reading see how you will respond. Will you now attack or do you have the manners Linda and the maturity to apologize and admit you were wrong. You like to point out other's flaws. Look in the mirror.

Ben McLaughlin collapses in courtroom but regains consciousness

Medical personnel and ambulance were heading to the elevator from Courtroom 2 this afternoon with ADA Kelly Neel and DDA Luke Brownfield accompanying them. Ben McLaughlin, who is prosecuting the David Anderson case  and Silverio Sanchez case, among other high-profile cases and recently moved to a new office,collapsed in a courtroom, according to reports. He did not collapse, Ben said, just sat down and felt poorly.

 He was walking to the elevator on his own, minutes later. He walked out of the courthouse on his own.

Hoping some fresh air and rest today will work wonders.  Ben looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and wishing a healthy and speedy recovery from today's temporary and minor mishap.

I have spoken briefly with Ben. Many people were concerned and so I did decide to post, Ben is well-liked.

Ferrer cases joined back again!

Judge Reinholtsen granted the People's request to join all three cases citing Penal Code 1098 as the reason. "The risk is being taken by the DA's office" of trying the cases together if certain statements and evidence will not be admissible at trial.

Issues with discovery, motion to dismiss the case against Sophie Rocheleau will be heard Dept 17 at 2 p.m. The case has been scheduled and there has been back and forth about joining the case or severing it with Mr. Gallegos not being present at hearings. He is still making excuses for discovery that has been requested several times.

Defense attorneys brought up several points including that before this case can go trial, there will be several arguments before the trial Judge to revisit these issues.

Mr. Gallegos referenced a Supreme court ruling and citing Penal Code 1098, argued that the motion to sever should be undone and the cases need to be consolidated. He acknowledged that he had only provided the Court with "bulk of the redacted transcripts and not all the transcripts."

"All three individuals engaged in one incident and all witnesses were identical," said Mr. Gallegos. He said all three defendants were together.

"We will subject the witnesses and the (victim's) family  to three different trials because of speculation of time, " said Mr. Gallegos. This was in response to Rocheleau's attorney Benjamin Okin saying that the edited statements cannot be "adequately redactedand we are going to spend time arguing what is and what is not admissible before the trial can even start in order to protect the defendant's rights."

Mr. Okin said that the Court had previously granted the motion to sever. "Primarily we are at this point because of the defendants' right to confront evidence accurately. What is interesting is the DA's
theory that Ms. Rocheleau is charged with assault and great bodily injury because of what other people did."

He also said there are issues with the redacted statements because with consolidation, certain statements put his client in a position of "confrontation" with Nicholas Stoiber and Juan Ferrer.

He said that the one statement that Mr. Gallegos had not submitted was Stoiber's statement at the Arcata Police Department. Both Mr. Okin and Ms. Jennifer Dixon, Stoiber's attorney said that "if the DA would say he would not introduce that statement," that they would withdraw their objecdtion to consolidation.

Mr. Gallegos dismissed this requestn and said that defense counsel is bringing this up "at the last minute" and they should have told him this before.

Mr. Reavis called the redacted statements "hurriedly and haphazardly " prepared. He also called Mr. Gallegos out on still not providing X-rays of the autopsy, despsite several requests made and which he needs to provide to his expert witness.

Sidebar conversation heard between Paul and Juan Ferrer's attorney

Will they reconsolidate? Has all discovery finally been provided?

How many times do the defendants have to go on a roller coaster for the case to be tried?

Typical busy court afternoon. While waiting for the Ferrer case to be called, attorneys for Nicholas Stoiber and Sophie Rocheleau were tied up in other courtrooms. Paul Gallegos was in Courtroom $ and Ferrer's attorney Marek Reavis was present. They had a brief impromptu and passionate discussion, privately.

 I oveheard Mr. Reavis say to Mr. Gallegos, "How scared do you have to be to defend yourself? How many punches do you have to take before you can defend yourself?"

Paul in his typical fashion, grinned and whispered something unintelligible.

Silverio Sanchez preliminary hearing for murder case set

October 14 at 8: 30 a.m., Intervention on October 8 at 3 p.m. This preliminary hearing is only for the attempted murder case.

Transient drives away with vehicle in Trinidad; arrested later for heroin

On September 9, 2014 at about 6:17 PM a Deputy with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office noted a male subject acting suspiciously at the City of Trinidad Chevron Station.  The male subject entered a vehicle that had been parked at that business and drove away from the service station with noted mechanical defects to the vehicle, a 1999, blue, Volkswagen, 4 door, CA#5DJN531.  The Deputy conducted a vehicle stop on the vehicle near the Ocean Grove Bar, Patrick’s Point Drive, and determined the driver to be Michael David Waters (31 year old, transient) who was accompanied by an female passenger.  Waters was determined to be an unlicensed driver and upon search of the vehicle, several items were located that the Deputy suspected might be stolen but were not verifiable as stolen by serial numbers or known thefts (laptop in case, jewelry and an iPad, among other items).  Also located in the vehicle was a small amount of loose leaf marijuana (less than 26 grams) and three key ring sets.

A search of Waters person resulted in locating small amount of suspected tar heroin.  The vehicle was towed and stored due to the unlicensed status of Waters.  Waters was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for violations of being an unlicensed driver, possession of less than 28.5 grams of marijuana, possession of a suspected controlled substance (heroin) and driving a motor vehicle with an obstructed front windshield.

Attached is the booking photo of Waters and the three key ring sets found in the vehicle.  The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is seeking identification of these three unique looking key rings for possible identification as stolen and/or lost.  Anyone that may have information about these key rings is asked to call Deputy Dennis Gagnon at 707-445-7251.

Most of us already treat Maggie as DA; buzz of excitement in the air at the Courthouse every time Maggie is on the second floor

Nothing much to report on the Eddie Lee trial. While Paul is prosecuting that case in Courtroom 1, today there were smiling faces on the second floor hallway and outside Coutroom 2.

Since the June election, every time Maggie is on the second floor, there is buzz of excitement among the various departments that work with the Humboldt County District Attorney's office. Maggie is still in courtrooms doing her work for County Counsel but most of us are already treating her as our DA.

Today from what I could gather, there was a mental health competency hearing in Courtroom 2. Maggie was talking to a DHHS representative who had invited CR students, and from their conversations, it seemed like there were social workers or students preparing to work in the mental health field.

They got to observe this proceeding. The DHHS employee and the student's trainer were gushing about Maggie. One of them said, "This is the first time I know someone who is a DA that I feel positive about." Maggie came out greeted the students and took them into the courtroom herself after checking if they could observe.

Such training is a preview of Maggie's term, the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office is already seeing positive changes. Many people are anticipating Maggie taking over, with the exception of criminals and some defense attorneys.

Billing scam by company representing themselves as Humboldt fire department service

Humboldt Bay Fire has learned that various communities throughout Northern California have experienced a billing scam by a company representing themselves as the community’s fire department billing service. The company is “RMZ Fire Safety” and has been distributing false invoices for inspections to businesses. The invoice indicates “Annual State Required Fire Safety Equipment Inspection” and bills for the amount of $413.11. So far this scam has been reported in Napa, Sonoma, and Redding. None have been reported in Humboldt County.

Humboldt Bay Fire and the City of Eureka do not bill for inspections of commercial businesses, nor do they use billing services. The only billing associated with Humboldt Bay Fire is related to false alarms and mandated multi-unit apartment complex inspections. Any invoice received on anything other than City of Eureka letterhead should be questioned. If in doubt, please contact the Humboldt Bay Fire Department at (707) 441-4000.

Sep 9, 2014

Shane Goodrich, "Bodhi Tree's bud" busted again for drugs in Arcata

The meth heroin bust in Arcata today had a familiar name. Shane Goodrich owned the Marilyn Street house where Bodhi Tree was hanging out the morning he fled from law enforcement. Later that day Tree was arrested.

Goodrich was one of the witnesses who had an attitude on the stand, could not recall much, because in his words, he had taken pain medication. Currently on probation, Goodrich was busted.

Maybe he could claim memory loss again? This is how his interview could go :Officer, I have no idea how these drugs and paraphenelia ended up with me? The five people I am busted with, I don't recall how they got here? Who they are?

Public invited to 911 tribute on Thursday

Humboldt Bay Fire and the Eureka Police Department will be holding a joint tribute to honor those who were lost, the heroes, the families left behind, and the survivors of the events of that fateful day in September 2001. There will be a bell ceremony at 12:00 P.M. at Humboldt Bay Fire Station #1 on September 11, 2014.

The public is encouraged to attend and show respect for the fallen. On that day, thirteen years ago 2,996 persons lost their lives in the attacks. Of the lives that were lost at the World Trade Center, 343 were firefighters, 60 were police officers, and 2 were paramedics. They were killed in the line of duty as they tried to rescue thousands of civilians from the towers that collapsed.

We ask that everyone keep the memory alive of those lost on 9-11-01 in New York City, the Pentagon, Shanksville, Pennsylvania and the military service members that have been killed in action defending our freedom and way of life.

Thumbs up to Sheriff Downey for dedicated patrol strategy

Good development. Will the naysayers quit whining and give Sheriff Downey a well-deserved thumbs up?

Press Release:

On August 17, 2014, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office began a new and unique deployment strategy for its patrol resources.  Utilizing a "compressed schedule" that consists of a combination of 12 and 10 hour shifts, the staffing levels allowed for an "overlap day" in which all patrol shifts are scheduled for the same day.  The result is an increase in the number of Deputy Sheriff's that can be deployed for that day and still allow for the normal staffing of assigned beats during the 24 hour period of time.

This overlap day has allowed Sheriff Downey to address certain geographical areas within the County of Humboldt that require a dedicated presence and enforcement action.  The most recent dedicated enforcement occurred on Monday, September 8, 2014.  Between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM; seven (7) Deputy Sheriff's, one (1) California Department of Fish and Wildlife Warden, one (1) Humboldt County Animal Control Officer and two (2) Program Workers with the Department of Health and Human Services were in the Garberville and Redway areas of Humboldt County.  The group spent the listed hours walking the sidewalks of Garberville and encampments of the Redway and Garberville areas, for the purpose of addressing an increase in vagrancy, illegal camping and general loitering in those areas.  The Department of Health and Human Services assisted in providing information on services that were available to those in need.

Approximately six (6) citations were issued to dog owners for various violations of rabies license needs and general dog licensing violations.  There were no arrests made during the contacts, but in excess of thirty (30) people were spoken to and admonished of vagrancy and trespassing issues.  Multiple warnings were issued with notice of the Sheriff's Office returning to the area at a later date with possible arrests being made if continued violations were noted.  The persons contacted were interviewed by the Deputies and they discovered the majority of those persons were in the Southern Humboldt area for the purpose of seeking employment in the processing of cultivated marijuana.

Sheriff Downey is committed to continuing these random and regular additional patrols in all areas of the County of Humboldt to address specific needs that normally cannot be addressed with daily dedicated Deputy Sheriff Deployment strategies.

False alarm or something up in the Eddie Lee trial?

Courtroom 1 was supposed to open at 9 for the Eddie Lee trial to resume. The baliff just came out and said, "it will be a while." Each juror is being called in one by one.

Trial resumed. Nothing to add.

Sep 8, 2014

Attorney for human trafficking suspect opens his own practice; from prosecutor to defense attorney, Ben has a winning record

Ben McLaughlin, who has his own private practice near the Courthouse, is currently defending David Anderson, the defendant in the alleged human trafficking case, which is being tried for the third time.

Ben has experience with federal case, he worked at the Humboldt County District Attorney office, then joined a local law firm and now has his own practice.

I wanted to do a post on Ben because there are a handful of lawyers I admire as attorneys and people and whether he is a prosecutor or a defense attorney, Ben works very hard for his clients. Attorneys who branch out on their own, in a very competitive field, locally and build a business are to be commended.

Cases Ben McLaughlin successfully as a Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney:

People v. Kevin Scott Walker - Rape

People v. Rodney Groh - Murder

People v. Juan Pedro Guevara - 3-strike case

People v. Michael Woody - Drug sales and eluding

Federal case that Ben prosecuted United States vs. Combs.

Ben's client was looking for a sentence anywhere from 5 to 40 years.

Post from Apr 16, 2014:

From DA's office to Clanton Law Firm, now Ben McLaughlin has his own practice
Ben McLaughlin just started his own practice about a month ago. He will be taking cases as a criminal defense attorney as well as family law and some personal injury in the future.

Congratulations Ben!

Contact information:

McLaughlin Law Office
1036 Fifth Street, Suite B
Toll free:  888-242-6998

Fieldbrook homicide suspect arraigned today; special circumstance affects penalty

Fieldbrook homicide suspect Jason Michael Arreaga was  arraigned in Courtroom 2 today. Due to the three special allegations added to the murder charges, it can affect his penalty. People have not made a decision yet about what penalty to seek.

Visiting Judge William Lamb read the charges against Arreaga.

DDA Roger Rees was present for the People for arraignment and from the Public Defender's office Heidi Holmquist represented Arreaga.

Arreaga with glasses, dressed in orange and cuffed sat and listened to Ms. Holmquist as she talked to him before the arraignment. The 10 day waiver for preliminary hearing was waived and when Judge Lamb asked Arreaga if this was with his consent, he said, "Yeah."

When the Judge was reading the charges, Arreaga looked down at the floor. Arreaga is charged with two counts of murder, CA Penal Code 187 (a) with special allegations of personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; great bodily injury/death; and a special circumstances under 190.2 (a) which if proven true would result in life without parole or the death penalty being sought.

Ms. Holmquist, on behalf of Arreaga said, OR bail hearing is waived without prejudice." Mr. Rees said the Peoplde request no bail.

Press release on case:

On 09-03-2014, at approximately 5:07 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call regarding shots fired and a deceased female at a residence in the 4400 block of Fieldbrook Road, Fieldbrook. Deputies and medical personnel were dispatched to the scene. While deputies were enroute the Sheriff’s Office received additional calls with the callers saying the female was deceased near a trailer on the property and there was a male yelling for help in the driveway.

The first deputy arrived on scene at 5:17 p.m. The deputy immediately learned there were two victims, an adult male, later identified as Harley Wayne Hammers Jr. 37 years old, from Eureka and an adult female, later identified as Angel Robin Tully, 37 years old, from Eureka, both whom had been shot. Hammers was located by the deputy across the street from where the shooting had occurred. Medical personnel treated Hammers for gunshot wound injuries and transported him Mad River Community Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.  Tully was declared deceased at the scene.

Sheriff’s Office Detectives responded to the scene, and the California Highway Patrol, and Humboldt County Public Works assisted with closing Fieldbrook Road, from Anker Lane to Wagle Lane, which had become part of the crime scene.

EPD shooting at Del Norte and St. Joseph's is not gang related

EPD is investigating if there is any connection between Billy Rutherford and Eugene Fulton, both who were shot today, with minor injuries. The victims are not cooperating. Chief Mills said "it is definitely not gang related."

Press Release:

September 6, 2014, the Eureka Police Department (EPD) received a citizens report of shots fired in the green belt just south of the foot of Del Norte.  Officers went to that location and found Billy Rutherford with a head wound.  Rutherford refused medical help and would not cooperate with investigating officers.

A short time later officer's were dispatched to Saint Joseph's Hospital where Eugene Fulton reported being shot in the leg.  He too reported being shot while in the green belt area and refused to cooperate with investigating officers.  Neither of the wounds was life threatening. Police are investigating if the two shootings are related.

Anyone with information about these shootings should call EPD at (707) 441-4060.